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Whether you love it or hate it, books being turned into movies is an old tradition and one not going away anytime soon. While some of my favorite movies are from books that I’d read some of the worst movies ever are also. Recently I watched The Hunger Games. Now, I loved the books. The world the author built was unlike most I’d read before and had just enough adult content and science fiction to really hold my interest throughout the entire series. So, I was pretty excited to see the movie out on DVD.


With that being said lets talk about a few other books made into movies. The Twilight series for one. I LOVED the books, and I can say I was one of those middle aged women waiting in line to see a teen flick without shame. Then reality hit, I HATED the movies!! They were awful to me, now don’t get mad with me, it’s just my opinion!! But I really did hate them.

Another one was One for the Money. LOVED LOVED LOVED the book but the movie fell a little flat for me. It wasn’t horrible, it just didn’t have it for me.  Pride and Prejudice is of course a favorite book and movie.

But my favorite will always be The Sookie Stackhouse series and True Blood. With that being said I’ll explain why:

The books were written magically, connecting me to the characters and their world. They just pulled me into that world and I loved it. The television show did the same, BUT and this is a big BUT, the writers of the show veered off the books just enough to keep my attention and never truly knowing where the show would go next. The writers gave my imagination a chance to think of new plots, new what ifs, and new ever afters! I love that!

So back to The Hunger Games, I was told this was not a good movie, it was boring. I didn’t find it boring. I found it to be a little flat but because I didn’t feel the writers dived deep enough into the backstory between all the characters. It felt rushed and missing emotion to me.

So with all of my opinions I have to wonder about movies that are scheduled to be produced from books. The next big thing I’ve read about is The Fifty Shades of Grey books being turned into  a movie. Yes, I’ve read them and I can honestly say there is something about them that compels you to read more however as I’ve read like a million books in this genre I can recommend more that are better. And I don’t mean that as a cut on the author but there are hundreds of better books. Yet, she hit the market at the right time and now is all the sensation. So I’m curious to see how Fifty Shades of Grey is made and how I will feel about this movie.


What are some movies made from books that you love or hate?


Stay safe everyone and have some fun thinking of books you would love to see in the movies!


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9 Responses to Movies from Books

  1. Hi, Sayde,
    I loved Rawhide Angel!! Ty
    I am with you on the Twilight movies.
    I was so disappointed in them., Loved the books!
    As for 50 Shades of Grey,I liked them and am curious how the movies will turn out.
    But ,I’m with you on there are better out there.
    Cherise Sinclair , Masters of THE Shadowlands
    Now ,I would love to see these turn into a movie or a series!! Oh yes!!!
    Also the Hunters series by Shiloh Walker,
    I would like these books turned into a series..

  2. Eileen says:

    Time Traveler’s wife was a great book and an okay movie. Look at all the Nicholas Sparks books that have been turned into movies. Two of my favorites are Gobe with the Wind and An English Patient. Both great movies based on really great books.

  3. TIFFANY M says:


  4. Maria D. says:

    I loved Pride and Prejudice and Persuasion – both movies based on Jane Austen’s books.
    I liked the Hunger Games movie but haven’t read the book yet. I also liked The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo though I read that the foreign version of the film is better and much closer to the book. I don’t care much for the Twilight books or movies but I can’t seem to stop watching the movies when they come out…it’s like a train wreck…lol

  5. Rainbow Brite says:

    I would suggest Battle Royale which is what Hunger Games is pretty much based off of even if the author did deny every seeing it (way too many similarities to be just a coincidence). It was supposed to be released in the US in 99/00 but Columbine happened.

    My favorite book to movie is and will forever be Jurassic Park

  6. I too love True Blood but didn’t enjoy the Twilight movies. Gone with the Wind is great but also different than the book. Love the foreign version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I haven’t seen Hunger Games yet. I love the book and movie Water for Elephants.

  7. Clare O'Beara says:

    Well, We Can Remember It For You Wholesale is just released for the second time. A short story which was made into Total Recall, for those who don’t read SF.
    Jumper was filmed but the filming added copious material and an extra character, Griffin, who later got his own book, and paladins and “welcome to the war” as the film just needed far more material. I suggest readers just read Griffin’s Story as it incorporates the new look world, whereas the original book Jumper falls flat after seeing the film.
    Earthsea was made into a series for SF channel drawing on LeGuin’s first three books, and they changed a lot, but some of the original scenes are still so good and so precious.
    I could keep this up all day.
    Shane I guess is the best cowboy book / movie I can think of.

  8. The worst was Twilight. The books were so great and they ruined the movies. The actors suck, they took the best parts out of the movies and mood just isn’t the same as the books.
    When I was younger I read The Horse Whisper and the movie was just as good.
    Are they going to make 50 Shade of Grey a movie? I’m almost done with the first book and I love it! Great topic 🙂

  9. Randi Alexander says:

    Great post, Sophie! It brings up the question, should you read the book first, or watch the movie? I agree with Rainbow Brite. Jurrassic Park was an amazing book, and reading it before watching the movie really made the movie much better.

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