For The Love of a Cowboy?

For the love of a cowboy. What would we do?

Cowboys are the ultimate hero to me. To some people, it’s the military hero, businessman or someone else. What makes cowboys the ultimate hero? Is it their selfless attitude? Is it their how they take care of everything including their woman or women in some cases? At least in our fantasies. J

We all have our fantasy man. A man in jeans, western shirt, cowboy hat and dusty boots does it for me. Add a pair of chaps and I’m all there and drooling.

What about the sexy words coming from their mouths? Darlin’. Honey. Babe. Lordy, I love when those endearments drip from their lips. And a southern drawl? *swoon* I’d do just about anything from the love of a cowboy, but unfortunately,  my husband isn’t one. We do have horses though so I can fade off into day dreams about a ruggedly handsome cowboy working the horses as the sun starts to fade over the horizon. Hmm…

All the authors on this blog write kick ass cowboys and I’m proud to be a new member.

I hope you’ll enjoy the blog posts each of them put out there and please pass the word about the us to your friends if you’re a fan of cowboy romance.

Until next time

~ Sandy

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6 Responses to For The Love of a Cowboy?

  1. Eileen says:

    How about sugar? And I definitely agree with the southern drawl! This is one of my favorites sites to read and I look forward to it. Thanks for all your posts.

  2. Clare O'Beara says:

    I’m all for horses and outdoors! Cowbos and cowgirls are going to be very practical people and capable of handling many situations, so that confidence comes across. Looking forward to your books.

  3. makayla says:

    John Wayne is the ultimate cowboy! He may not be the most handsome or sweetest talking man but his ability to make a person feel safe, secure and loved comes across in spades!…and to me that is what the cowboy represents the ability to take charge, resolve or handle whatever is happening and take care of their woman/family…whoever….the ultimate man ….whos butt looks dang good in jeans!….LOL..

  4. Tiss says:

    My hubby doesn’t do endearments at all. Mostly he yells, so when I’m around some coworkers who are from OK, and they use endearments, it makes me feels soo good.
    This also is one blog that I check out every chance I get, it might not be on the day posted and I might not always respond, but it’s one of my favorites. You girls do an excellent job. Keep up the good work. Have a great day. and enjoy the COWBOYS!

  5. Randi Alexander says:

    Sandy, I agree! Being called Darlin’ with that sexy drawl is such a thrill. Thanks so much for jumping into the Wild and Wicked corral!

  6. Welcome! Sandy, it is nice for you to joins us. I am a mixed bag; I love cowboys and I love military men, SEALS, Rangers, Delta Force, Air Commandos and Marines. For the most part all are polite, gentlemanly and depending where they are from all sorts of accents. It’s the body under the clothes, that make me drool and sigh(even when I just imagine in my mind(>

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