Damaged Cowboys


Callum O’Shea has segregated himself from a world that rejected him since childhood. His older brother, Arden, protected him from life…but even he can only take so much of the isolation.

When a young university student offers to help with Callum’s hog problem in exchange for room and board, he’s not in a financial position to refuse. He’s surprised when she doesn’t judge him for his Tourette’s Syndrome. But he’s learned that good things rarely last.

Hailey Watson tried to prove her parents wrong by being the best scientist she could be. When her research funding is cut off, her world spirals out of control. With the help of Callum and Arden, the reclusive Irish cowboys, she learns there is more to life than success at her job. But are the two hardcore cowboys capable of real love?


Okay, it’s true, I love writing about damaged cowboys. They’re so much more appealing than a perfect hero. As women we want to fix them, are tormented by the things they’ve had to live through, and are attracted to the bad boy outcome.

In the above book, Cowboy Outcasts, one of the two heroes has Tourette Syndrome. It makes him more damaged than my average cowboy, and I loved writing Callum.

I do have a book actually called “Damaged Cowboys” that features three brothers trying to keep their family together and pick up the pieces after tragedy strikes. In honor of all my imperfect heroes, I’m giving one commenter a FREE copy of Damaged Cowboys, a stand-alone western menage. Good luck!


Emily returns to the country after a ten year absence. She’s almost twenty-two and very much a woman. Her first priority is getting into the pants of the three Macintosh brothers that she’s never stopped thinking about over the years. They’ve sure grown up and have to be the hottest cowboys she’s every known.

All three men easily fall in love with her, but aren’t willing to share. With such strong feelings for each of the Macintosh brothers, she could never choose between them. Her mission is to change their minds and convince them that sharing isn’t so bad after all. In fact, it could be down right amazing!

Stacey xo


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21 Responses to Damaged Cowboys

  1. Love your books!! Can’t wait to read this newest one.

  2. reginamayross says:

    I loved reading Cowboy Outcasts but haven’t read Damaged Cowboys but it sounds good. 🙂


  3. Shelley says:

    Well shoot! Who doesn’t love to read about these sexy guys!! Count me in!

  4. Angie West says:

    Looks like a good read! Love the cover for your new one 🙂

  5. Angel Shaw says:

    Sounds like 2 awesome reads to me..thanx for the freebie!!!

  6. WOW! Tackling Tourettes Syndrome in a story sounds difficult. That is not something you see often in an erotic romance. I love reading about characters that have some type of damage. Cowboys especially.

  7. I have Cowboy Outcasts and I’m really hoping to be able to get to it soon! I haven’t read Damaged Cowboys yet, but it’s going on my wish list!

  8. Clare O'Beara says:

    Sounds like a very interesting story. I recently read The Rancher’s Secret Wife which is about a cowboy who is injured in Afghanistan – blinded, some spinal damage and PTSD. That was such a good story, showing how he rebuilds his life. Sometimes we think we have challenges in life and then we read about people who really do have them!

  9. Susan W. says:

    I love reading about damaged heros who deserve a good woman to support them. Both stories sound really good! Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. Tamara Hoffa says:

    This sounds so good! I love heroes and heroines who are “special”

  11. kaylynd says:

    Oh I hadn’t heard of Cowboy Outcasts! It sounds great! I love damaged heroes.

  12. mathlady68 says:

    I don’t think I have ever seen Tourette Syndrome in a book much less as something the hero struggles with. Great idea! Thanks for the chance to win Damaged Cowboys. It’s another interesting twist. Usually it’s the men trying to convince a woman to try a multiple partner relationship. It’s nice to see the woman as the master architect.

  13. Gail S says:

    I’ve just added your Damaged Cowboy stories to my must read books. I love cowboys damaged or not. 😉

  14. staceyespino says:

    Thank you everyone! I loved all your comments 🙂

  15. SheriV says:

    I want to read Cowboy Outcasts. I love all of your books. Damaged Cowboys was very good.

  16. Carin W says:

    mmmmm hot cowboys! Don’t you just want to fix any hero that is broken in some way. I think its a woman’s natural instinct. Thanks for a chance at your book, Carin
    mawmom at gmail dot com

  17. Ya gotta love a Hot Hard Cowboy! Having three? Wheeee! Haw! Love your books Stacey

  18. TIFFANY M says:


  19. Loved Cowboy Outcasts~one of my favorite books!!! I am a huge fan of yours. Damaged Cowboys sounds so good!! Thanks for the chance to win!! Have a great day!!

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