Fifteen Sexy Cowboys For You!

The digital format of Cowboy Lust is now available now at Amazon and Barnes and Noble! (Available in paperback, too!) The book blog tour has begun, and you can win prizes just for commenting. Check out the list of great things we’re giving away and find the list of blog stops at the Cowboy Lust website.

Here are the stories in the Cowboy Lust anthology:

“Riding Double” by Cari Quinn These gorgeous twins are up to double trouble, until a sexy cowboy makes a move neither expects

“Under the Southern Cross” by Cheyenne Blue An American in the Witness Protection Program plans a dalliance with a jackaroo in the Australian Outback

“Banging the Cowboy” by Randi Alexander A drummer in a country band surrenders to her craving for some rough lovin’ with a big, wicked cowboy

“Ladies Love Country Boys” by Cat Johnson Fate and car trouble lead a workaholic city girl into the arms of a rodeo cowboy

“Drought” by Michael Bracken After a wealthy rancher rescues the town’s new schoolteacher, he puts an end to her sexual drought

“Roped” by Charlene Teglia A Christmas wish brings an ex-rodeo star a second chance to tie down the one who got away

“Rough Stock” by M. Marie A fallen rodeo star struggles to regain her confidence and her buckle with the help of a sexy ranch hand

“The Ranch Hand” by Sedona Fox Bucking against being married off to a stranger, a ranch owner’s daughter falls for the new help

“Small Town Famous” by Lissa Matthews Iron bars stand between a girl with a shot gun and the cowboy who made her the talk of the town

“The Storm” by Tahira Iqbal A rescue from a near-fatal car wreck during a storm reignites the desire between a woman and the cowboy she loves

“Caught Unawares” by Nena Clements The cowgirl next door finally gets her man’s attention after one hapless dunk in a pond exposes her desires

“Some Like It Dirty” by Kimber Vale Her designer dress is no match for his rough-riding hands

“Raney’s Last Ride” by Chaparrita The fastest shot in the territory has a big secret—and he’s out for revenge

“Runaway Bride” by Delilah Devlin After leaving him at the altar, a headstrong bride is captured by her cowboy and taught the pleasure of sensual discipline

“She Don’t Stay The Night” by Anna Meadows A vaquero famous for riding wild horses shares a secret of the Mexican plains with his employer’s daughter


Excerpt from Banging the Cowboy:

Annie fumbled the door keys, then got the damn thing open, and he slammed it shut behind them. The space was small, just a landing with steps that lead up to her apartment.

He pulled her into his arms and his kiss devastated her. Overwhelming. She had to remember to breathe as he explored her mouth, touching, tasting everywhere. Biting her lips gently, then she bit him not as sweetly.

Her pussy quivered, juicing and contracting, every thought in her brain centering on how to end the torture, how to get him deep inside her. Her nipples pulsed with her racing heartbeat, needing his touch, his lips, his teeth.

Then he stepped back, panting, his eyes nearly black with passion, his jaw set and his lips narrowed. “Are you sure, Annie. I can stop now, but once I get you naked—“

“I’m sure,” she breathed, then pulled her top up and off, not caring how wild that made her look.

Rafe ripped at the snaps of his cowboy shirt, yanking it off to reveal a perfect chest, a sprinkling of dark hair across his pecs, over his taught abs, and down lower where his jeans strained with his erection.

She reached a hand and stroked his chest, then down lower, cupping his cock through the denum.

He jerked and howled and she felt the power of his desire surge through her. Unbuckling, unsnapping, and unzipping, she freed him, and in her hand, The Big Cowboy became massive.

“I want you inside me,” she groaned, looking into his eyes and seeing fierce, untamed lust. She pulled his jeans down, kneeling in front of him to take off his boots, render him completely naked. Then she moved her face closer to his cock.


Hmmm, wonder what’s going to happen next! 😉 In Banging the Cowboy, Annie’s had a crush on Rafe, “The Big Cowboy” for a long time, but she never acted on it. Have you ever had a crush on someone? Did you go for it? Or did they? I’d love to hear your stories.

Have a great day!
Randi “Rode Hard and Put Up Satisfied”
Turn Up the Heat, Chase and Seduction, and Her Cowboy Stud are available at The Wild Rose Press and Amazon
Cowboy Bad Boys is available in digital format at Smashwords and Amazon
and in paperback from Createspace and at Amazon
Cowboy Lust is available in digital and paperback formats at Amazon and Barnes and Noble

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7 Responses to Fifteen Sexy Cowboys For You!

  1. Maria says:

    Thanks for the spotlight on this book – sounds like a book I would enjoy reading. I have acted on a crush once and it didn’t end well but at the same time nothing was really lost and it was a good learning experience….lol

    • Randi Alexander says:

      Hey, Maria, I acted on a crush once, too, ended up with a kiss, but nothing more. He was a senior, I was a sophomore, but high school crushes are so much fun!

  2. Donna says:

    Wow! So many great authors! And they’re cowboy stories, too!
    I had a crush on a cowboy when I was in high school. He was Mr. Cool and never knew I existed, but he sure did offer fodder for wonderful bedtime fantasies for a couple of years. And there has been a lasting effect, Thirty-some years later and the thought of a man in chaps still revs my engine. lol
    Please enter me in the drawing.

  3. Wow!! Great authors and lots of stories. I love books that have a collection. Makes me feel like I won the Jackpot. Especially a cowboy jackpot.
    bournmelissa at hotmail dot com

    • Randi Alexander says:

      Hi Mel, glad you dropped by. Hmmm, cowboy jackpot. I think I could use that for a story title – a menage in Las Vegas?

  4. TIFFANY M says:


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