Guest Mia Ashlinn is at the Wild and Wicked Bar

Hi all you readers out there. I’m Mia, and I love Wild & Wicked cowboys who know how to ride their women as well as they ride their horses. (gasps) I know that has to shock you. Goodness knows that it shocked me. I would never say such a naughty thing out loud. No, I’m an angel.

Shew, I am glad you can’t see me right this very second. I might give away my dirty-minded ways as I smile sinisterly and rub my hands together. But you never know…I might not be. Yep, that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

So I’m getting away from the topic…as usual. I have serious blog ADD. You’ll have to excuse me. I’ll probably do it at least three more times before I finish. Now back to the hot, juicy stuff that makes a woman’s panties vanish into thin air—cowboys.

Hmm…what should I say about cowboys? I can use a lot of adjectives to describe their bodies—those “Oh yeah baby, I want to bang you up against the barn stall” bodies. I could say luscious, smoking, sexy, drool-worthy, lustable (Take that Merriam-Webster, not all words have to be inside you – Blog ADD example #1)…Okay, I’ll stop there. Otherwise, I’ll go on for days and days and you guessed it—days. Or I could calmly discuss (*coughs* BS) their demeanor and cocky attitude that make me melt from the inside out. But I think I shall take the road less travelled or the horse less ridden and throw us all into a scenario that will get us hot and bothered. Or at least, it’ll do that for me. I’m easy like that (BLOG ADD example #2).

* * *

A cowboy walks in a bar…No, it isn’t a joke. I swear. He enters the Wild & Wicked Bar alone. I’m sitting in a round booth with three of my friends—Tina, Luna, and Sheri. We are on our best behavior or as good as our best gets. We’re chatting and laughing about random things—the good, the bad, and definitely the dirty. As the door opens and Mr. Luscious Cowboy steps inside, we all react in our own special way. For those of you who don’t know us, Tina chokes on her Sex on the Beach, I spew my soda all over the place, Luna giggles, and Sheri drops her drink onto the table without spilling it. (Now that is impressive, girl. Blog Add #3—See I told you!)

“Oh my f*!@$%# God! Do you see all that deliciousness,” Tina inquires between harsh pants.

Calling a halt to her hysterical giggles, Luna asks, “Damn Tina, do we need to turn a hose on you?” She pauses. A heartbeat later, she smiles. “You’re right, though. He’s all that and a dozen fresh-baked cookies.”

Fanning myself with the plastic menu, I sigh. “Shew, is it hot in here or is it just him?”

Predictably, Sheri is trying to reign us in so we don’t get arrested for jumping the cowboy in a bar. “Before you attack, let’s find out if he’s meeting somebody,” she says reasonably.

Mr. Luscious and Lustable Cowboy scans the interior of the dimly-lit bar, obviously perusing the patrons—especially the one’s ogling him. He pauses his eyes at our table and with a shy smile, he nods his head. Sauntering over to the bar, he orders a drink. The bartender quickly serves him. Turning around, Mr. Luscious and Lustable makes his way to a table and sits down in our direct line of sight then takes off his hat and places it on the table next to him.

“Dom, sub, or switch?” Tina asks, playing one of her favorite games, before his sexy bottom hits the seat.

I grin and say, “Dom. Even if he’s not, my mind is totally going Dom with him.”

“Dom,” Sheri replies, agreeing with me.

“Switch,” Tina and Luna answer at the same time. Then before anyone can get a word in edgewise, Luna adds, “Because I can totally see him tied to my bed.”

“I could see me tied to his bed,” Tina quips.

I snicker at Tina’s bawdy reponse. “Don’t you mean your St. Andrew’s Cross?”

Sheri laughs. “Let’s not go there.”

“Oh, it’s way too late. We’re going there now,” Tina tells Sheri.

“Yeah, that train has already left the station, and we have to discuss his royal hotness,” Luna says with a mischievous smile.

“Boxers, briefs, or commando?” Tina inquires as she continues her favorite game.

At the same time, we all say, “Commando,” then dissolve into laughter.

“With jeans that tight, there’s no way he’s wearing anything under them,” Luna declares once our amusement abates.

“You want me to go ask?”

By the time Tina finishes her question, she is shoving at Sheri to get her out of the way. In turn, Sheri grabs hold of the table and looking at Tina, she gives her a firm look and says, “Sit down. You are not going over there.”

I giggle madly but don’t say a word. Deep down, I’m so hoping Tina will ask.

“Come on, Sheri. Let her,” Luna urges.

Finally giving in, I say, “Yeah Sheri. Let her go.”

“I don’t have enough bail money,” Sheri counters.

Mr. Luscious and Lustable cowboy pulls his cell phone out of the pocket of his denim snap-down shirt. He dials an unknown-to-us number and whispers into the receiver.

“Look at those hands,” I say, practically moaning at the sight of his big, strong fingers. “I’ll bet he knows just what to do with them.”

“I totally went somewhere wrong with that, Mia,” Tina informs me.

Me too, Tina. I think I’ll keep that to myself or we’ll go to hell in a handbasket.

Luna giggles maniacally. “Oh, you mean to chocolate sauce, Tina?”

Sheri just shakes her head. “Oh look, girls. Darn, he’s leaving.”

Mr. Luscious and Lustable Cowboy returns his phone to his pocket and gets to his feet. He takes one last, lengthy gulp of his drink then picks up his hat and puts it on his head. He turns to us and gifts us with a shit-eating grin before winking and swaggering away.

“I need to get home to my hubby now,” Sheri announces as she slides out of the booth. With a smile, she leaves us behind.

I glance at my watch. “I need to get home, too. I know exactly who I’m going to be writing about tonight.”

“I think we’re going to hang out here a while longer,” Luna says.

As I stand up to leave, Tina looks over at Sheri walking out of the bar and passing another luscious and lustable cowboy coming in. “Gay, straight, or bi?” she asks.

And I plop back down into my seat. Here we go again.

* * *

Now you know about the inner workings of my naughty brain. If you wish to learn more, check out my website at or friend me on Facebook. Until we meet again…in the Wild & Wicked bar. XOXOXO!

Love and cherries,

-Mia Ashlinn

Mia Ashlinn writes exclusively for Siren Publishing.  She lives in East Tennessee with her wonderful, loving husband and their drama queen daughter. She loves to read anything she can get her hands on, cook whatever crazy recipe comes to her mind, and chat with everyone on the social networks.  All three books in her Sweet Serenity series are available now at

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17 Responses to Guest Mia Ashlinn is at the Wild and Wicked Bar

  1. i love to play that game, but it is usually just with myself that i am asking the questions as i tend to people watch alone. 😀

    tammy ramey

    • Mia Ashlinn says:

      Hi Tammy! I love to play the game with my friends and by myself. Although, I have to admit that I’m a people watcher, too. So I am playing by myself a lot. 🙂

  2. I play this everywhere I go, and if my girls are with me then usually its with a lot of laughter too. Great post, I was cracking up at Luna tying him to her bed! Yeehaw!

    • Mia Ashlinn says:

      Thank you Lori! I’m so glad you enjoyed the post. Whenever I get together with these three girls…it is a laugh a minute. Keep in mind, they were on good behavior for this blog. LOL.

  3. christina says:

    LOOOVVEEE Me some cowboys!!

  4. Randi Alexander says:

    Thanks for being our guest today, Mia! Can I go to the bar with you next time? Yee-haw!

    • Mia Ashlinn says:

      You’re welcome, Randi. Thank you guys for having me. It always thrills me to be here with this particular group of authors. You guys are great!

      p.s. You can totally come to the bar next time! 🙂

  5. christina says:

    LOL I would def go to a bar with Mia! lol

    • Mia Ashlinn says:

      All right! We’ll have to go to the bar together, Christina. As they say, ‘the more, the merrier’. 🙂

      • christina says:

        HAHA I just realized it says me as Christina LOL. Wow normally only see that with bill collectors 😛 On FB Im the Chris Noone 😀 I need to go buy me some cowgal boots so I can fit in oogling the men 😀

        • Mia Ashlinn says:

          Hey Chris! Sorry that I didn’t recognize you on here by that name. LOL. I’m so glad that you came by to read the blog…and yes, you get on your boots and we’ll be good to go! Hmmm….what shall I wear? I’ll have to think…that is dangerous. 🙂

  6. Mia, that was great and I enjoyed the hell out of reading it. You know I love the Sweet Serenity series. Happy writing and thank you for sharing.

    • Mia Ashlinn says:

      Yay! I am so glad you enjoyed it, Rana. This was a fun blog to write. LOL. I always love to put myself into scenes. Actually, I think this is the first time that I included non-fictional friends. It was a hoot!

  7. SheriV says:

    Dude, Why am I the reasonable one? Oh wait because I am. lol Unless it’s a ginger nerd in a kilt and then you ladies are on your own. 😛

  8. Maria says:

    Fun guest post Mia….lol…I usually do all the commentary to myself though…lol

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