Celebrating-Cowboys & the Olympics

Ever since watching Nadia jump and swing and land to those amazing 10s in 1976 (yes, I was very young at the time 🙂 but I do remember), I’ve been a big fan of gymnastics.

Mr. Lyons and I live in the sticks where the only television reception is via satellite. We choose not to have live TV in our home. This means fewer hours in front of the set (yay), no commercials — ever (double yay!) but also no Olympic or gymnastics coverage (hiss-boo-hiss). Back in 2009, when we stopped subscribing to satellite, I always planned to reinstate our Dish Network account just for the Summer Olympics, but as 2012 marched from spring into summer, I decided I could do without it.

Thumbs down on me!

I’ve been an Aly Raisman fan for a while now, following her in elite gymnastics for two years or so and boy am I regretting not getting to watch and enjoy all this Olympic goodness as it unfolds. But alas, I did discover the bleacherreport.com and their “live” blog post coverage [NOTE — this link takes you to the announcements of Tuesday’s women’s team competition; don’t click on it if you don’t want to know what happened, though I’m thinking by now *everybody* knows!] While not as satisfying as seeing it happen, these live posts have at least provided some great updates and some good buildup and tension. (Like a good and sexy Western/romance — it’s all about the tension :-).)

(right to use photo purchased by Larissa from Bigstockphoto.com)

As we all hopefully find cool stuff to enjoy as summer winds down, whether it be the Olympics, family vacations, or simply fun times with friends and a lazy afternoon or two with a good book (and don’t forget to attend a local rodeo!), I hope you enjoy my enthusiastic (if a bit goofy) cowboy — he sure makes me smile! >^..^< Larissa


When she’s not wishing she was in London watching Aly and the gang flip and spin, Larissa’s still working on her sexy Regency romance, Mistress by Morning


Larissa Lyons loves all things historical and feline. She also has a soft spot for hard cowboys. Currently “hard” at work on finishing her current sexy Regency romance, she’s eager to turn her pen back to cowboys soon. Learn more by visiting LarissaLyons.com.

About Larissa Lyons

A lover of all things historical and feline, author Larissa Lyons also has a soft spot for hard cowboys. Visit LarissaLyons.com to learn more.
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10 Responses to Celebrating-Cowboys & the Olympics

  1. Clare O'Beara says:

    I just commented to my husband that gymnastics are a good idea for kids because they don’t have to buy much gear or make up a squad. Of course it could be harder to train outside of school time and most PT teachers are not going to push to get one child entering competitions when they could be training a whole team for another sport. My school didn’t care about anything but team games even though we had all the gym equipment, which got used a couple of times a year.

    • Larissa Lyons says:

      Ooooo, that’s a good idea, Clare. We never did gymnastics in school either, nothing after the elementary somersaults. I bet things change now!

  2. Terri says:

    While I enjoy watching the gymnastics, I really like watching the kayak, rowing and equestrian sports. Unfortunately, they aren’t on in the evening but in the wee hours of the morning which is fine if I’m not working but not so good when I have to go to work.

    BTW I remember watching the Russian gymnasts around 1976 in an exposition in DC. I couldn’t believe how skinny those girls were. Someone needed to feed them!

    • Larissa Lyons says:

      Hey Terri! Yeah, years ago (2000 maybe???) I was having a bad bout of insomnia and watched tons of that middle-of-the-night coverage one summer. It surprised me how much I enjoyed it, learning about the lesser-known Olympic sports.

  3. Rainbow Brite says:

    I’m more of a swimming fan. Well, mens swimming to be exact. I just love the tight suits, the bulges, the bodies…..yea….I watch for all the shallow reasons. ^_^

    Unfortunately though I have to watch at work in the morning since NBC, in their infinite wisdom, refuses to show the entire even when it airs live. And when they do air it primetime they don’t show everything and cut out on all the good stuff, like Camille Lacourt. Yummy French Swimmer. BBCONE for the gold! LOL!

    • Larissa Lyons says:

      The “bulges” – hahahahahah!

      I’ve been surprised and disappointed as well — about the NBC coverage. It amazes me they aren’t airing everything when it happens. The only good thing I can think of is I know tons of people are complaining and upset about them not airing events live. I’d like to hope something might change between now and 2016.

      2016. Now doesn’t saying that make me feel weird?

      • Rainbow Brite says:

        hope you caught diving bc those boys are practically naked. those speedos are just there to keep their junk in place. hee hee hee =)

  4. TIFFY says:


    • Larissa Lyons says:

      Hi Tiffy! Glad you like that cover; I think it’s shaping up to be one of my favorites ever. I hope you can find yourself a cowboy — maybe a good one who can put his arms around you while you sit there and read. 😉

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