Guest Sherri Thomas Shares Lost Memories


When your past is a blank, it’s hard to trust the future…

A car accident leaves Darcy Brooks with amnesia, but she’s determined it won’t ruin her life. She finds a job on a dude ranch—hiding her brain trauma to get it—and falls in love with her work. Now if she can just avoid falling in love with her boss.

Nick Matthews knows his new employee is hiding something, and he’s determined to discover what. He’s failed to protect his family from disaster in the past and won’t let it happen again. Now if he can just keep his attraction to Darcy from clouding his judgment.

Nick soon comes to value Darcy as an employee and a friend—even as the heat between them builds. But when a man claiming to be Darcy’s husband shows up, Nick realizes just how much he wants to keep Darcy for himself.


Nick cursed under his breath the whole way to the barn. He was right in keeping his distance from Darcy yesterday. Too bad his judgment failed him today. While he found her mishaps slightly amusing, he grew worried over her safety. Yet, though the animals got the better of her on occasion, she never quit and continued to tend to the rebellious creatures with a caring hand. He admired her spunk and determination more than he wished to admit.

Running a hand threw his muddy hair, he fought the desire to turn around and haul her into his arms again. At thirty-two, he figured himself capable of controlling his urges. What he hadn’t counted on was the intensity of the pull. His body had responded to her in a millisecond when she landed on top of him, and he’d wanted more than his next breath to raise his head and kiss those luscious lips.

He groaned inward, recalling the way her breasts pushed on the pale green cotton shirt tucked into the small waistband of her jeans. She turned his blood hot with one glance. Damn.

Nick grasped the hose and twisted the nozzle, spraying his face with cold water. The blast knocked the air right out of him. Nothing like a cold shower and a dose of priorities to get his mind straight.

He held the hose over his head and doused his heated body. Monday needed to get here fast. The business meetings he set up out of town should help snap his hormones back into place. The magazine companies who agreed to meet with him were widely known and great advertisement for the ranch. Many folks were interested in vacationing at a dude ranch, and his job was to convince the families to vacation at the Matthews Dude Ranch. Thinking about business was a whole lot safer than thinking of the sinful body standing next to him.

He shook the water from his hair, rinsed his arms, and opened his eyes to find Darcy not two feet from him. Even with clumps of mud in her hair and smudged on her face she was a sight of beauty.

“Your, uh…” His voice croaked like a gangly teenager.  He forced his throat to clear and, raising the hose, stepped toward her.  “Your turn.”

At the first blast of the water, her eyes widened and a gasp escaped her lips. The sound arousing him more, bringing about images of her lying beneath him panting as he explored her body.

She laughed then tipped her head forward, pulled the band securing her hair, and ran her fingers through the curls.

Nick followed her movements, catching a glimpse of her cleavage from the bent angle. Her nipples hardened before his eyes, and he imagined rolling the tight beads in his fingertips.

She lifted her hair and turned. The water cascaded down her back to her firm, tight ass.

He sucked in a breath. Lusting after an employee was not one of his better ideas, but he couldn’t turn away.

Rotating in a circle, she stopped and stared in his direction.

A piece of him melted. Those big brown eyes could buy her the moon. His feet shuffled closer even though his brain told him not to. He touched the skin above her jaw.

“You missed a spot.” Using the side of his wet thumb, he rubbed the dirt off her cheek. Her cool skin was smooth and soft.

When she licked her lips, he zeroed in on the movement. Adrenaline rushed through him.

Unable to stop himself, he tucked her hair behind her ear and noted the pulse twitching at the base of her throat. His fingers found their way to the back of her neck, nudging her closer.

The hose fell out of his other hand as the thought of tasting her had his mouth lowering to hers.

Cold water spurted up into their faces and Nick sprang back, noting through the mist the hose had landed on the trigger of the sprayer.

About Randi Alexander

Writer of Erotic Romances - "Rode Hard and Put Up Satisfied"
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7 Responses to Guest Sherri Thomas Shares Lost Memories

  1. Maria D. says:

    Love the cover for Lost Memories! Thanks for the excerpt! I’ll have to add this book to my wishlist

  2. sherri says:

    Thank you. I’m glad you like it.

  3. Susan W. says:

    Nice excerpt! I want to know more about Darcy and Nick!

  4. ELF says:

    Enjoyable excerpt, thanks for sharing!

  5. suzyrph says:

    What a great excerpt! When is the book due out? I keep a collection of The Honky Tonk Hearts, it will be a great addition.

  6. tiss81 says:

    Love the Cover. Love the excerpt. Looking forward to reading it. Thanks.

  7. Clare O'Beara says:

    Gorgeous cover. Now I’m wondering what they’d done to get so dirty…..

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