Cowboys, cowboys, and more cowboys!


The Reluctant Virgin (Ride ’em Hard, 6) releases July 30th. I expect it will be available on pre-order very soon. A while back I had a contest here and the winners chose the name of my heroine and two of the heroes. They also chose what imperfection my heroine would have, so she has a physical disability.

I enjoy writing imperfect heroes and heroines as it brings another layer of realism to the book. Whether we’ve experienced what the characters have or not, emotion is universal—love, hate, fear, insecurity, jealousy, etc.

I’ll be having another Name That Cowboy Contest early next month to name some heroes in my brand new western menage series. The winners will be in the dedication and win Strandbucks! Stay tuned…


Cindy Taylor has reinvented herself after a childhood she’d rather forget. It’s seven years later when she’s forced to return to her hometown on business. She’s a new woman with the same deep seated vulnerabilities thanks to her disability.

Her regular client, Josh, and two men from her past, Matthew and Chance, are all hell bent on making her theirs. But Cindy can’t bring herself to reveal her secret, choosing to live a lie instead. She wants nothing more than to experience the sexual fantasies these men promise, but her fear of rejection is just as strong.

Cindy will have to overcome her personal demons if she’s to experience the happily ever after she was certain would pass her by. It’s a race against time because the men won’t wait around forever, and Cindy is the most reluctant virgin.

More Cowboys…

Earlier this month I had a very special release. My western menage romance, Cowboy Outcasts, features a hero with Tourette Syndrome. My husband and son have this disorder so it was a labor of love. Of course, you still get all the romance and naughtiness you can expect from one of my books. I hope you will check this one out.




Callum O’Shea has segregated himself from a world that rejected him since childhood. His older brother, Arden, protected him from life…but even he can only take so much of the isolation.

When a young university student offers to help with Callum’s hog problem in exchange for room and board, he’s not in a financial position to refuse. He’s surprised when she doesn’t judge him for his Tourette’s Syndrome. But he’s learned that good things rarely last.

Hailey Watson tried to prove her parents wrong by being the best scientist she could be. When her research funding is cut off, her world spirals out of control. With the help of Callum and Arden, the reclusive Irish cowboys, she learns there is more to life than success at her job. But are the two hardcore cowboys capable of real love?


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5 Responses to Cowboys, cowboys, and more cowboys!

  1. Maria D. says:

    Both books sound great Stacy and I love the cover for Cowboy Outcasts! Belated Happy Release Day:)

  2. I can’t wait to read them both. i’m a Huge fan of your books and always look forward to the next one. these both look wonderful.

    tammy ramey

  3. Did you say Cowboys?!? That’s all I needed to hear! I love the premise of Cowboy OutCasts. It isn’t often to find a story with the characters having to deal with a physical trait that is often misunderstood. I will be checking this one out for sure.

  4. Clare O'Beara says:

    Great to be more inclusive with writing outdoors stories. Often we see a character with a disability stuck in an indoor situation.

  5. TIFFY says:


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