Cowboys Rule

This is a *totally unscientific* observation, but… Cowboys kick pirates and knights butts. I was bored yesterday so I started playing around on Amazon looking up books—I do this often to pass the time, have even found a couple of auto-buys this way. After a few minutes of perusing my normal books I simply typed in “Cowboys” under the romance genre and to my wondering delight a list of 2600+ came up. I started reading through the sub-subgenres and it got me curious as to how it stacked up against other books. (Hence the chart below. )

Naturally, I had to plug in Knights and Pirates—aren’t knights and pirates the very first thing you think of after Cowboys. Kind of like peanut butter and dill pickles (don’t knock it—it’s pretty good! Smile with tongue out )

The only one that really surprised me out of it all was the low romantic suspense list. I would have thought there were a lot more—and none of mine were listed and I have two or three that would/should fall under that so some of the numbers are skewed by how the books were uploaded/catergorized in Amazon.

  Cowboys Pirates Knights
ALL* sub genres 2661 878 2123
Contemporary 1343 111 508
Rom/Suspense 84 22 122
Western 608 2 17
Erotica 550 188 381
Vampire 10 7 68

It was fun to see a few different sub-genres too, like the vampires (it’s cool when a book crosses over so many boundaries). I did look up a few others too but didn’t go down the line with them: Cops & Police = 1990; Sheriffs = 1008; FBI = 412; Black Ops & Military = 1468. Still, the cowboys have the strong lead there—not that any of us are surprised, right!?! We know the men in their tight jeans and hats hung low get our blood going.

I will say, going through everything, my TBR grew substantially! I love reading just about anything (though I will always gravitate reading and writing back to my cowboys—but truth be told, I tend to picture most men with at least a little cowboy in them, just like I look for the romance in just about every book I read!). Have you read any of the subgenres listed above with a cowboy in it? What’s the most interesting subgenre/crossover you ever came across? What subgenre/crossover do you want to see that hasn’t come out yet?

About Denise McDonald ~

Denise Belinda McDonald started her writing career at the tender age of eight. Her stories have changed over the years, but not her love for telling tales. An overactive imagination and a propensity to embellish have kept her books rich with lovable characters and interesting twists. Denise lives in Texas with her husband, four boys and three dogs where she juggles her time between writing, carpool, sports galore and a multitude of crafts. If you'd like to learn more, please visit her website: or you can e-mail her at
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15 Responses to Cowboys Rule

  1. Clare O'Beara says:

    CJ Box has written some good Western crime tales of a lawman on a horse – Blue Heaven was the last I read but his books are getting increasingly violent and out of my comfort zone. Tony Hillerman of course writes great mysteries set in Arizona, not too many cattle though. How about My Friend Flicka, series of books for young people set on a cattle ranch? And JT Edson wrote some very readable Western mysteries especially with his keen young lawman Waco as the star.

  2. Denise! LOVE this chart… so much fun! Clearly you\’re just like Tess from Working Girl… You have a head for numbers and a bod for sin! Thanks for sharing! Ande Lyons

  3. Jenny says:

    I loved the chart. Who would have thought. Cowboy vampires now there a combination. Haha

  4. Maria D. says:

    Fun chart but I think the numbers are probably skewed by both how they are uploaded by Amazon and how customer’s tag them too….either way there are a lot of romance books with cowboys:)

  5. What a great chart! Like you, I’m a fan of seeing things this way. My recent cowboy release falls into the third most popular. But I do a pirate too 🙂 Knights, not so much.

  6. I even went back in and looked, there are 4 more cobwoy books today than there was yesterday (and I wanted to check out the vampire books… very interesting, I may have to try and get one or two)

  7. Nancy S says:

    I think Alzheimer’s has set in today because I can’t remember authors or titles. I remember reading a book about a gay vampire cowboy and it was really good. There is a series of mysteries set in the area around Las Cruces, NM that I remember being really good as well. The vamp was a really old Spanish Don in the present day Texas, I think. If anyone knows about these books please refresh my faulty memory.

  8. Lynne says:

    I would definitely go along with the cowboy/vampire two faves in one!

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