Guest Brenda Whiteside – Phoenix Rodeo Days

When I grew up in Phoenix, Arizona, Rodeo Days were anticipated all year long. At school, we were allowed to wear western garb during rodeo week. This was back when girls had to wear dresses. We’d go shopping for a new western outfit every year to wear on the day of the parade and to the rodeo. At the end of the week, a school holiday, the Jaycee’s Rodeo of Rodeos Parade marched down Central Avenue. The parade would be led by the Arizona State Sun Devil band. We oohed and ahhed at the Rodeo Queen and the hunky television cowboy who would ride next to her on the float. The rodeo provided overload for hunky cowboys – the real kind. For a city girl like me, cowboys were the ultimate fantasy prince charming, with the right amount of rugged that a prince didn’t possess.

The Honky Tonk Hearts series from The Wild Rose Press, provides plenty of cowboy ruggedness and melt your heart stories.

My book, The Morning After, will release July 4th.


Can there really be love at first sight?

Abigail Martin doesn’t think so. Unless the sexy redheaded stranger she wakes up with the morning after her best friend’s wedding is telling the truth.

Bobby Stockwood fell cowboy-hat-over-boot-heels for the brown-haired beauty, and married her in an impromptu wedding ceremony.  Now he just has to convince his new bride that the morning after can be the first day of the rest of their lives.

But just when Abigail starts believing the fairy-tale is real, she finds out exactly who Bobby is, and the walls of make-believe start crumbling down.


A moan.

The man rolled to his back, kicking off covers.

Abigail gasped. Her gentleman visitor wore only a bow tie and black socks.

She crept to the edge of the bed. His face was turned away, further hidden by red curls hanging down the nape of his neck and onto his cheek. A visual sweep of the attractive body brought a smile to her face when she paused on his more than ample endowments. A true redhead. An encounter of this magnitude should be easy to remember.

Abigail smiled in spite of her throbbing temples. Inching closer, she nudged his boots aside with her foot and leaned over to see his face. Mmm. He smelled good, like rich leather and fresh cut wood. As she bent to get a closer look, Kirby, her sixteen-pound Siamese cat, entered her room and announced his hunger.

The visitor stirred, grasped her arm, drawing her down across his hips.

He rose up on his elbows and looked at her. “So, Abby, you’re a morning person, are you?”

Abigail launched off the bed, trying not to come into contact with anymore of the warm body than she already had. Tripping over the boots, she ended up sprawled on the floor. “Who…” She gulped. “Who the hell are you?”

Brenda Whiteside

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19 Responses to Guest Brenda Whiteside – Phoenix Rodeo Days

  1. Maria D. says:

    Congratulations on the upcoming release! The Morning After sounds like an interesting cowboy romance:)

  2. Thanks, Maria. I’m excited.

  3. tiss81 says:

    Congrats on the upcoming release! That’s my wedding anniversary/ Another new author for my TBR pile. Looking forward to reading it. Thanks. And we will be spending our anniversary at a rodeo.

  4. lynnemarshall2 says:

    I love that picture, and the Honky Tonk Hearts Series sounds fantastic. I’ve got a soft spot for real cowboys as well as those crooning Country singers who like to wear the hats! 😉 I’ve had the opportunity to attend some portions of the Calgary Stampede rodeo (In Canada) Only saw the barrel races. then, several years ago when RWA Conference was in Dallas – I went to a rodeo/BBQ hosted by the Dallas chapter of RWA. It was great! Man, those guys get beat up. I like that aspect of cowboy romances, where the hero is living with old injuries or feels insecure because of a scar or something. Best wishes on you July release – The Morning After

  5. Randi Alexander says:

    Brenda, what a great book cover. Thanks for being our guest today. I loved hearing about the rodeo.

  6. CF Yankovich says:

    How long has it been since the Rodeo of Rodeos ended? At least we still have Scottsdale’s Parada del Sol!

    I like the premise for your novel; it sounds like fun.

  7. janninegallant says:

    Nice way to meet a guy! Love that excerpt.

  8. Rainbow Brite says:

    red-headed cowboy! there just arent enough of them =)

  9. Stacy Holmes says:

    As I’ve mentioned on the other blogs, I love humour and this was a romantic comedy….great story.

  10. Sharla Rae says:

    The Book sounds darling. Can’t wait to ready it.

  11. Can’t wait to read it! Sounds great from what I have read from this blog so far 🙂

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