Branding Time

Spring in Nebraska means branding time. This is a time where neighbors gather to help neighbors to sort, brand, immunize, dehorn, if needed, the new spring crop of calves. It’s hard work, but when everyone pitches in the job gets done in record time and folks get to enjoy some social time as they work and then feast on some of the best home cooking around.

If you’ve never been on a branding, let me tell you, if you have a problem with getting dirty this is one place youdon’t want to be. It’s hard, dirty, smelly work. But if you don’t care if manure gets on your boots, then go branding and enjoy the view of some real cowboys at work. I was thrilled to see the Omaha World-Herald give some recent brandings in Cherry County, Nebraska front page coverage. Pretty cool for a big city paper to acknowledge its state’s western roots. Be sure to check out photographer Alyssa Schukar’s photo blog to enjoy the view! Some truly awesome shots!

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When Sherry James isn't writing, she's busy wrangling two kids, six horses, two dogs, and an assortment of barn cats. She's knows if horse manure was money, she'd be rich, rich, rich! During the summer she spends romantic hours with her husband in the hay fields laboring to feed those six horses. Currently, she writes for three publishing houses, Prairie Muse Publishing, Ellora's Cave, and The Wild Rose Press. She's a founding member and past president of her local RWA chapter, The Prairieland Romance Writers. Check out her web site at
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6 Responses to Branding Time

  1. You;ll laugh but we used to do that for the sheep, dock their tails and give shots ,no branding.

  2. Maria says:

    I have never been to a branding….I know I would enjoy the food and socializing though….lol

  3. Always good when neighbors get together and help each other out. I say now is the time for everyone who is able-bodied to get back to their western roots. Help out ranchers and farmers, and learn. Get back to the land. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Susan C says:

    The rancher I get my hay from was roping and branding his calves in 40mph wind. He said roping was a little tricky in that kind of wind! I was in awe since I was busy staying inside during that wind storm reading one of my books!

  5. tiss81 says:

    Friends gathered together here Sunday to brand our calves. My husband was in the hospital and taken by ambulance to a bigger city hospital, and since we had already made arrangements to brand, I called a few more people and we even had people standing around. Which is ok, cause if someone had called off, we were covered. There was enough people to wrestle, but we have a calf chute, so used it. Feels good to have it done.
    I miss roping and dragging to the fire, but we use electric irons now, with a generator, so can do it anywhere, but can’t find enough people to wrestle anymore. And we’re not getting any younger. LOL. Hope your branding went well.

  6. Rainbow Brite says:

    my first and last image of branding was on Jackass 2 where Bam got branded. my bf at the time dragged me to see it and i spent 75% of the time gagging or closing my eyes and plugging my ears. yea. fun times.

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