Cats, Quilts and Cowboys – My Three Obsessions

photo by Larissa’s friend 😉

As those who’ve been following the blog from the beginning know, I’ve always had a particular fondness for cats and cowboys. What you may not know is that I also like to quilt.

After a several-year absence, I’ve recently gotten back into the quilting groove so imagine my delight when I came across this hunky cowboy fabric:




(photo by Larissa)



In addition to shirtless men, this awesome Alexander Henry fabric features what I’m deciding is a classic 1950s red Chevy stepside! Oh — the possibilities!

Any erotic romance, cowboy loving quilters out there? Speak up! Does this little swatch of 100% cotton cowboy goodness inspire you as it does me?


🙂 On the writing front, Tied Between Two Lovers is out in print! If you enjoy emotional, sex-riddled menage stories, check it out.


When Larissa isn’t poring over quilting magazines, she’s writing. Her next release will be a novel-length, super sexy Regency romance. Stay tuned for more Bottoms Up cowboy books too!

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About Larissa Lyons

A lover of all things historical and feline, author Larissa Lyons also has a soft spot for hard cowboys. Visit to learn more.
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17 Responses to Cats, Quilts and Cowboys – My Three Obsessions

  1. ELF says:

    That should make a wonderful quilt!

  2. Eileen says:

    Well 2 out of 3 isn’t bad. Don’t quilt but I do cross stitch and knit. Working on any project these days means cutting into my reading time. I try and stitch or knit while the news is on and then when that is done I read. Get a little of both in to satisfy both endeavors.

    • Larissa Lyons says:

      I hear you there — I’ve been reading all those quilts magazines during TV time with Mr. Lyons.

  3. YES!! I love quilting. I quilting, cross stitch, and sew. I wish I knew how to knit and crochet. Just haven’t gotten the hang of it. Not into cats, I am more of a dog person. But ccowboys….OH YEAH!!! I love cowboys! This fabric is amazing. Not only could you have hunky cowboys on the quilt, you could get one to go under it too! 🙂

    • Larissa Lyons says:

      Howdy Melissa. I actually started quilting when my wrists protested crocheting. And yep, I like the way you’re thinking… lots of cowboys on the quilt, and another beneath it with you! 🙂

  4. tiss81 says:

    I don’t quilt, but I have a problem buying western fabric to make pillow covers. I just spent a bunch at the local quilt shop. LOL. and NO, I didn’t see any fabric that the one you showed us. LOL. I do crochet and I have cross stitched, just not in awhile. My hands are getting arthritis in them and painful when I crochet. Bummer. But looking forward to your books!

    • Larissa Lyons says:

      Hi Tiss. I find if I crochet for only 10 minutes, maybe 15, in a day, I can usually handle that. It’s not as much fun as whiling away an entire evening, but maybe with pacing you can still enjoy it too. Pillow covers — now that’s a great idea! Maybe I should turn these cowboy hunks into kissable pillow covers? Hmmm…

  5. Larissa, that’s great that you’ve gotten back your passion for quilting. I love this fabric and have to ask where you found it? As for me, I attempted knitting and crocheting and, well, maybe my hands just weren’t meant for it. So maybe quilting will be my next creative endeavor. Fun post and thanks for sharing! Chris

    • Larissa Lyons says:

      Hi Chris. I’m afraid fabric shopping, like researching Regency slang, has quickly become an online addiction for me. I stumbled across these gorgeous cowboys while looking at some other fabric by the same designer, Alexander Henry, in his “Pin Ups” line. Here’s the link to everything, but be warned… it may start you on an obsessive journey. 🙂

  6. Crystal says:

    I don’t hand quilt but I do sew and that material definitely inspires me to make something with it…maybe a pillow case and sheets 🙂 maybe some other crafts…i think i need to go searching for that material!

    • Larissa Lyons says:

      I’d love to hear what you come up with. I did find someone who made oven mitts out of it, one muscular chest fits over each hand!

  7. Love To Read says:

    OMG I love that fabric! can you imagine curling up with a good book and lap quilt with those shirtless cowboys covering you? I guess I am a cowboy, dog, and horse loving quilter. Need to head to the quilt shop and find that fabric….

    • Larissa Lyons says:

      I just checked — I can’t believe there’s not a horse in there! I’m surprised the designer didn’t tie a horse to the back of the truck and stick a dog in the cab. 🙂

  8. Nancy S says:

    I knit and crochet some but read more. I have made a few crazy quilts out of old blue jeans, backed with canvas they make good picnic and beach blankets. Would love to have that fabric on my bed, think of the dreams it would inspire.

    • Larissa Lyons says:

      I love that your blue-jean, crazy quilt idea. I never thought of using something that durable as a quilt for outside or the beach — thanks for the great suggestion!

      • Nancy S says:

        If you leave pockets in strategic places they are very handy, especially the bib part of overalls. This started with my grandmother, that woman let NOTHING go to waste. She could make all the “green” people today green with envy. Have you ever tried to dry a paper pie pan that has been washed to reuse again? Not easy!

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