Oh, yeah, Red Boots!

How much trouble can one woman get into wearing a pair of bright, red boots, a pair of chaps and dancing for three randy Kiowa Cowboys? After reading BOOTS AND CHAPS, you’ll want your very own boots, chaps and cowboys!

Read Audrey Anderson’s story. She’s the owner of the UGLY STICK SALOON, a place I visit often in other stories. Come meet the cowboys, set a spell and enjoy the ride!

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Boots and Chaps
by Myla Jackson


She gave up stripping to go legit…until three Kiowa cowboys bring on the down-and-dirty.

Jackson Gray Wolf is turning thirty, and what does he have to show for it? A ranch. No wife, no kids, no dates. He’s had his eye on the pretty owner of the Ugly Stick Saloon, but their one accidental encounter was interrupted before he could get her out of her take-me-now red cowboy boots.

Audrey Anderson isn’t in the market for a man. Been there, done that, has the scars to prove it. She retired her pole-dancing boots after purchasing the Ugly Stick Saloon, and now manages a stable of strippers. When she winds up one stripper short for a private party, she’s forced to slip on a mask and into the role of the mysterious Kiki.

Jackson didn’t want the birthday bash his twin brothers are throwing him, but his vow to ignore the rented stripper goes awry when she shows him exactly how far she’s willing to go—for all three of them.

Audrey can’t forget the sizzling heat between her and one sexy Kiowa in particular. Jackson. Trouble is, she’s not sure if he wants the bold, brassy Kiki, or if he’s ready for the wounded woman underneath.

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Books visiting the Ugly Stick Saloon:
Sex Ed
Boots and Chaps
Dirty Tricks: One Up On You
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Dirty Tricks: Four Play

About Myla Jackson

Twenty years of livin' and lovin' on a South Texas ranch raising horses, cattle, goats, ostriches and emus left an indelible impression on Myla Jackson, one she likes to instill in her red-hot stories. Myla pens wildly sexy, fun adventures of all genres including historical westerns, medieval tales, romantic suspense, contemporary romance and paranormal beasties of all shapes and sexy sizes. When she's not wrangling words from her computer she's out snow-skiing, boating, riding her ATV or spending time with her family. She lives in the tree-covered hills of Northwest Arkansas with her husband of 20 years and her muses— the human-wanna-be canines—Chewy and Sweetpea. To learn more about Myla Jackson and her stories visit her website at www.mylajackson.com.
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26 Responses to Oh, yeah, Red Boots!

  1. Love the red boots! 🙂

    Great excerpt. HOT book!

  2. katemckeever says:

    Wow! Gonna definitely check this one out. Love the cover!

  3. Regina Ross says:

    Great Looking Boots 🙂


  4. Fedora says:

    Ooh, I love this kind of story, Myla! Looking forward to reading about Jackson and Audrey, and his getting to know the woman behind the mask 🙂

  5. Eileen says:

    sounds like a good one for the series! Thanks!

  6. This sounds like it’ll be a steamy hot read 🙂 and the boots look awesome, kinda reminds me of the boots the girl wore in ‘footloose’ (the kevin bacon movie not the new one lol). Can’t wait to read jackson and audrey’s story.


  7. Jen B. says:

    I have been boot shopping recently. It’s hard to come up with the perfect pair of boots. I think the red boots are perfect for this post. This book is on my wish list. I love the Ugly Stick Salloon and I plan on getting caught up with the series this year.

  8. Leni says:

    Lately I’ve been on a red kick and these boots would fit right into my wardrobe 🙂

  9. Crystal says:

    I can’t wait to read this book! I’ve had it on my wishlist for a little while!

  10. TRACIE says:

    Smokin’ hot excerpt way to hook’em. It’s been added to my to-do list. Probably to the very top because I can’t resist a hot cowboy read.
    Good luck and happy writing!

  11. Shadow says:

    This sounds so dang good! And i have to agree with you Tracie, who can resist a hot cowboy read? I love ’em! 😀 Thanks for sharing Myla! I cant wait to read this!

  12. PassionEros says:

    I am going to go check my ARe library right now! To see what i have not read of your Ms. Myla…thank you for the red boots…i bid on a pair recently (wanted them bad..but alas i lost out)! lol!

  13. leann says:

    Looking forward to reading this. My daughters new favorite color is pink, but these red boots sure got her attention. Thanks for the idea!

  14. vampedchik says:

    Added to my wishlist! 🙂 I’ve been on a cowboy kick lately so this is right up my alley. Thanks,

  15. Lindsey E says:

    Like visiting the Ugly Stick Saloon and meeting the patrons and the employees.
    linze_e at hotmail.com

  16. I’m not a fan of red and don’t enter me in the contest, I already have all the books, but just let me say they are HOT!!!!!!!!!.
    waiting for the next books in the series……..


  17. Carol W. says:

    Loved the excerpt. Can’t wait to read the book.

  18. Gail S says:

    I’ve always wanted a pair of red cowboy boots. 🙂 I had to buy the book, I plan on reading it this evening. 😀

  19. I really enjoyed reading about Audrey & her red boots in Boots & Chaps. Would love to read more of the Ugly Stick Saloon stories.

    drainbamaged.gyzmo at gmail.com

  20. Angela says:

    Hmmmm Hmmmmmmmmmmm yes!! lol

  21. chrisbails says:

    Love the boots. Great cover and title. This sounds like a great read. Would love to win and read it. Thanks for the chance to win.

  22. Renee' S. says:

    Hello Myla,
    Thank you for taking the time out of your day to spend with your Fans & share about yourself & your Book, “BOOTS AND CHAPS: UGLY STICK SALOON”. I’m already such a BIG Fan of yours & Love your writing.

    OMG where should I begin??? Whewwww, do you want all of us to take cold shower with a HAWT Teaser like?? LOL Although I am definitely NOT complaining, Bring It ON!!!! 😉 One question though…..Can you get me into the UGLY STICK SALOON???? Pleassseeee!!!!!!! 😉 LOL

    I can’t wait to read Audrey & Jackson’s Story, when I’m finished I’m sure I’ll be wantin’ more then Red Cowgirl Boots (although their pretty darn Sexy) & Chaps…..I’ll be wantin’ to meet those Cowboys!!!!!…….& shhhhhh a little secret 🙂 I know I’ll enjoy the RIDE while I’m there!!! LOL 😉 I am just sooooo BAD!!!!!!

    I would very much appreciate a chance to be entered for a chance to win a download of
    “ONE UP ON YOU”. Thank You Myla.

    Take Care & Wishing You the Best of Health,
    Renee’ S.

  23. Renee' S. says:

    PS: I Absolutely LOVE your Cover Art for “BOOTS AND CHAPS: UGLY STICK SALOON”….that is one Smokin’ HOT Cover!!!!
    Fanning Self,
    Renee’ S.

  24. Becky Ward says:

    Love the red cowboy boots. I love the cover too. Great excerpt, I’m looking forward to reading this story.


  26. Myla Jackson says:

    The winner of the download of ONE UP ON YOU is Lindsey E. Congratulations!

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