A Long Road Home

Sometimes I get an idea in my head. It can come from a dream, a TV show, a conversation—but most often it comes from a song.

When I get stuck, the best thing I can do is get into my car and put on some music. There’s something about driving down the highway, the miles flying by with music blaring that sets my brain free. If I’m lucky, the story unfurls in my head, like a movie playing. I will often come home with my face red and tears coursing down my cheeks because, let’s face it, I like tortured souls and the “love sets them free” stories.

I hadn’t planned on writing Siren in Waiting. I really hadn’t. The next book after Siren Beloved was supposed to be a book about Leo. But I was driving down the road, and I heard a song. The House that Built Me by Miranda Lambert. Yes, most of you know what I’m talking about. It’s a damn three hanky song because almost every single one of us have felt the aching need to go back to the simpler time the song evokes.

And on the third or fourth play, I saw Trev McNamara standing outside a ranch house, his battered truck at his side. He stared at that house where he grew up and his whole soul longed for it. He longed for a place where he hadn’t screwed up, where he was still young and the world was wide open.

I had to write it. Siren in Waiting is about a Texas family dealing with loss and the way the world can chew a person up, spit him back out and how family and love and finding a place in the world can put a man back together. Oh and there’s some pretty kinky sex in there, too.

I thought it would be a good time to talk about this book. It’s Thanksgiving weekend. In the last several years most of my family on my mother’s side has passed away. It was the first Thanksgiving I spent without my family. It was just me, my brother and his family, my mom, and the two best friends a girl could possibly have. It was an amazing Thanksgiving. Just because one family is gone, lost forever, doesn’t mean we can’t build a new one. Happy Thanksgiving to all of the families—those of blood and those we’ve cobbled together and to everyone still trying to find the way home.

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19 Responses to A Long Road Home

  1. kbranfield says:

    OMG, no fair making me cry, Sophie! Hope you are having a nice Thanksgiving!

  2. HI Sophie I just want to say I love your books I cant wait to here more about Tev Bo and Beth I hope Thay Love living in bliss

    • Sophie Oak says:

      Hi, Sandra! They will love it in Bliss. I assure you, they will be so much happier in Bliss than they were in Deer Run. And they won’t be throw away characters. Trev and the gang will feature heavily in a book called Pure Bliss which is going to be set on the ranch Trev bought into.

  3. Karen H says:

    I’m so blessed that my parents are still with us, so I have a family. My husband does not and around the holidays he always gets a bit melancholy as he misses his parents. My family does all it can to make sure he knows he is still part of a family group.
    What a neat way to get inspiration for a book!

    • Sophie Oak says:

      Hi, Karen. I lost my dad at a fairly young age – I was thirty-five. He’s been gone for six years now, but in those six years we’ve lost all my aunts and uncles and grandparents. This was supposed to be the first year without a huge gathering and then my two best friends came over. Shayla Black and my amazing PA – Chloe Vale filled my house with their families and it really was the best. That sense of friends and family is what I deeply want to impart in my books.

  4. Luna says:

    You plan to write one book and hearing a song gets to to take another path. Gotta love those inspirations and how/when they hit and the stories that come about from them. 🙂

    • Sophie Oak says:

      Hi, Luna! Isn’t that what makes it so fun? Frustrating sometimes, but fun. You never know exactly where the story is going to lead you.

  5. Kathleen Charles says:

    A wonderful post, Sophie. I own but haven’t read the latest Siren…even if it is part of one of my all time favorite series. I feel that if I read it right away, it will be such a long wait for a next one. So I’m holding on to it for awhile. I’m glad you got to spend time with such wonderful people on Thanksgiving. I have lost an entire generation of loved ones in the last decade, and for the first time sat at a supper table as one of the “elders”. It was strange indeed, but wonderful to see the upcoming generation laughing and joking at the end of the table. Thank you for sharing.

    • Sophie Oak says:

      Thanks, Kathleen. It’s seems like yesterday that I was sitting at the kiddie table. It’s bittersweet to move forward but pure joy to watch my kids take their own places.

  6. Amy Braden says:

    I love the Bliss series! I always go back and read the last one before the new one. It feels like catching up with old friends.

  7. Ande Lyons says:

    Sophie! I confess it took me several attempts to read your post – I was distracted by the photos! La la LOVE all your stories – looking forward to the latest Siren – and Pure Bliss – MMM MMM MMM. I feel your pain re: loss of loved ones and holidays. My family was unable to join the usual suspects this T-day, so we shared our gratitude and full bellies with our family of choice – our Shayla and Chloe, so to speak. It was absolutely divine! Thank you for sharing your glorious writing gifts with the world – we are truly grateful. With deep appreciation, Ande Lyons

    • Sophie Oak says:

      Hey, I am always distracted by hot cowboys. I wouldn’t have it any other way! Thank you so much for the kind words, Ande.

  8. Sophie i love that your books are full of love, HUMOR, obstacles, and yes hot kinky sex. Your books do make the reader feel something. I remember the first book i read of yours was Small Town Siren. I just fell in love. I have loved all your heroines and heroes. They have all been so different. You cheer for the characters.

    I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving with your family. I have friends that I consider family and i thank God everyday for bringing them into my life.

  9. Traci Caplan says:

    As I said on Facebook, I love the ending! Although i am waiting patiently for Leo, I loved trev’s story. These are 2 of my favorite series and can’t wait to go back to Bliss. Thanks!

  10. lisagk says:

    Love Miranda. Love the song. Love that Blake, her new husband, was supposed to record the song, but gave in and gave it to her. Love your visual inspiration and when I’m upset or mad, I love driving down the freeway with the radio up loud to clear my thoughts. Sorry about your family, but I understand as well. Both my mom and dad are gone about ten-twelve years now and the holidays are the hardest. But my INLAWS are like my own parents, so it is easier for me than for some.

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