Cowboy Spanking

Did that get your attention?

I’ve started my new WIP and I’m having a little trouble so I figured I’d come to my Wild and Wicked Cowboy blog readers for help.

This is the first committed ménage book I’ve written, while I’ve written menage’s before this is the first one where all three will be a committed threesome.

My two hero’s who of course are both dominate, Ry is my Sheriff and Jed is my Rancher/Cowboy.  Now these two play off each other really well, but what I discovered in talking to my characters.  Yes, I talk to them but that’s a different story.  Jed likes to be spanked, he gets off on it.

Would it turn you off as a reader to have one of the hero’s like to be spanked, and want to be spanked by the heroine?

I’m walking a fine line here and I want everyone’s opinion on how they would feel about this.  I want to know if you’d read it or not.

On that note, I sold another book to The Wild Rose Press.  His For The Weekend is not a cowboy book, but a story about two people who have denied their attraction to each other, and the hero challenges the heroine to spend one weekend with him, if she can walk away at the end of the weekend, he won’t bother her again.  This is set slightly in the future as both characters work for a sexual fantasy company and the laws around sex and sexually harassment have changed.

I’m looking forward to your answers on my new WIP.

About marietuhart

I'm an erotic romance writer currently published with The Wild Rose Press under the Scarlet Rose line.
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26 Responses to Cowboy Spanking

  1. Marika Weber says:

    Morning. I have never read a book about a hero that likes to be spanked by the heroine. You mentioned that both Jed and Ry are dominant but wouldn’t Jed be more of a submissive in the relationship with the heroine? That’s what I’m reading but I my be way off base. I’ve read a handful of male subs and most of them I liked. It was interesting to see the male not being so alpha in the bedroom. Also, are Jed & Ry bi or just like to share a woman? I know, its early but that’s what is in my head at the moment.

    • Marie Tuhart says:

      Hi Marika, that’s my dilemma, it would make Jed a little more submissive in the relationship. Jed and Ri like to share a woman, so far they’re not bi. Thanks for the comments.

  2. Heather says:

    To be honest, I like the men to be dominate, to take control and hand out the spankings. Now if you wanted Ry to give Jeb spankings, then yes I can get into that. And even if you don’t want the story to be a m/m/f then thats as far as Ry and Jeb take it. Maybe have Jeb banging the heroine while Ry is spanking him or anything along that. Good luck with the book.

  3. Kathy B says:

    IMO, you should go where the characters are taking you. Otherwise, the story might feel contrived if you force it to go where it shouldn’t. Not much if off limits for me :D!

  4. books4me says:

    Is the heroine a sub? I don’t know if a sub would be able to spank her dom. Now if it’s not a dom/sub story, then I think a woman would spank her lover. And yes, I think folks would read it…I would!

    • Marie Tuhart says:

      Hi Books4me, yes the heroine is a sub. That’s why I’ve been struggling because you wouldn’t have a sub spank her dom. I appreciate the comments.

      • 12/29/2013 3:38am Marie Tuhart
        WIP: Cowboy Spanking :Was this published?
        I’ve looked around for this story. Corriea

        • marietuhart says:

          Hi Corriea, the story hasn’t been published yet. I’ll let you everyone on the blog know when it comes out. Thanks for asking. Marie

          • 12/31/2013 8:42pm Marie Tuhart
            Thanks for the reply. I look forward to the story.
            Does it have a final title?
            “Cowboy Spanking” says it all!

          • marietuhart says:

            Hi Corriea,

            The title I have right now is called “Their’s Forever” but I don’t know if that will be the published title. But I will let everyone know via the blog what the final title is and the release date. I’m happy you’re excited about the story.

  5. workout2day4evr says:

    I have read other erotica menage stories with that theme in mind…and i loved it…lol! But die hard erotica reader here! 🙂

  6. I don’t see how a committed 3-way would work if the lovin is not spread around equally, so the 2 guys never touching each other just doesn’t work for me. But, big but, they are your characters and will lead you where they want to go, don’t be afraid to follow wherever they go.

    • Marie Tuhart says:

      Hi Nancy, thanks for your comment. I should clarify, they guys do touch each other, but at this time don’t have sex with each other. I say at this time, because when I start writing the actually story, I know they’ll do what they want 🙂

  7. Gail S says:

    I think you should go the way your characters are taking you. I don’t see anything wrong with Jed wanting to be spank, maybe he just wants to try something new. Go for it. I’m already interested and can’t wait till you finish and share it with us:-)

  8. Kim says:

    My thoughts are on track with everyone elses on this spanking. (when I can keep them from jumping the track thinking about said spanking!) 😉 I like the idea and I would read it. Someone commented about the Sophie Oak book, I remember that part of that book and it was smokin hot! I love to read erotica and enjoy a good menage story. What I don’t like is for one dominate to be viewed lesser or unequal to another dominate in my menage. Especially if they are truly sharing just the herione. I don’t know if I can buy a dominate spaking the other while he is inside the herione. I could however buy one dominate (Ry) get off on watching how turned on she gets by giving the spanking (to Jed).Ok there is my 2 cents worth. I’m sure I’ll love the story no matter what direction the characters say they want to go.

  9. Marie Tuhart says:

    Hi Kim, Thanks for your comments. I’ll let everyone know what direction the character take when I get this book done.

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