A Cowgirl’s Gotta Eat

A cowgirl’s gotta eat, right? That’s what I’ve been telling myself. But like many writers I spend a lot of time sitting in a chair, deal with high stress levels, and have a true love affair with chocolate. 🙂 I love what I do, unfortunately I don’t love the butt spread. So I’ve decided to hook up with a trainer who has made it her personal mission to change not only my exercise habits but my eating as well.

What am I saying to myself right about now? What the heck have I gotten myself into? LOL

The first thing she said was to strike all processed food from my diet. I was wary but on board. How hard could it be? HAHAHAHA

In years past I’ve enjoyed cooking a lot of foods from sort of scratch but over time as schedules got busier and busier we came to rely on short cuts. I doubt I’m alone in that. What I didn’t realize was just how much of my diet consisted of processed food. Lean Cuisines for lunch, Diet Dr. Pepper to wash it down, lots of frozen and boxed dinner items to supplement our meals and save time… So for the first month I would eat what I thought would work and every time I saw her she’d get out her little orange highlighter and start striking out the things I wasn’t allowed to have. *cries*

Gone is the cheese. Whaaaaat? Seriously no cheese.

Gone is the mayonnaise. Not even a smidge allowed on that Turkey Sandwich. 😦 (although now I grill ham, turkey and mustard on some Ciabatta bread and it’s awesome!)

Gone is all artificial sweeteners. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do without my source of caffeine. (she gave in and allows me a small 10 oz can of regular soda a day with restrictions of course. And I feel guilty for drinking regular soda because I can’t get past thinking if I want to lose weight I need diet soda)

So I started eating a lot of salads. I love a good salad. Out comes that little vicious highlighter to strike out ALL ranch dressing. No regular, no light, no fat free. NO.

At this point I got angry. Mainly because I didn’t know what the hell to do or cook. Nearly every meal needs to be high in protein, low in fat and I can’t have cheese. I’ve done diets before. I’ve lost and gained the same weight so many times it isn’t even funny. This was like nothing I’ve ever done before. She tried to convince me that I needed to go back to old fashioned natural cooking like my mother did. I laughed. Where did she think I got the habit of eating convenience foods? Oops.

It’s been a couple of weeks since I got really upset. I’m working out about 3 days a week (need to get to 5) and I’m doing a little better with the food. I’ve found a few easy things to make but I’m still struggling to get more creative so I’m not eating the same five foods over and over.

I’ve had to stop following some of the cowgirl blogs I love so much because I don’t need to be checking out those high fat recipes. Or the cheese. LOL Instead I’m reading Clean Eating magazine and following cowboy picture blogs. Those make me very happy. 🙂

I think I’d trade some cheese for him. How about you? Are you a clean eater? Or have you ever thought about trying Au Natural?

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Writer of erotica, former Marine, work at home mother, and sexy wife to my very own military man.
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9 Responses to A Cowgirl’s Gotta Eat

  1. acm05 says:

    I’d much rather read a blog with a picture of this non-fat guy than one with recipes any day.

    Here’s a pat on the back for trying hard. I’ve been calorie counting for two months with some success, maybe 10 pounds, but Nov. 1 I’m starting Joel Fuhrman’s Eat to Live diet, which is vegan for the first 6 weeks and no added fats, sugar or processed foods. I’ve already started cutting back on my diet soda habit cause I figured going through soda withdrawal and the diet changes would kill me. I’m trying to follow Yoda’s words: Do or Do Not, there is no Try.

    Thank goodness I just have furry roommates cause I think I’m going to be unbearable to be around.

  2. Leni says:

    I mix it up and have what I want to have and don’t worry myself about it. There are quite a number of things that I don’t have in my diet because of taste, but dessert is the big thing that I do like. I exercise everyday and figure that a nice balance will come into play.

  3. mirriamsmyth says:

    I did vegetarian for almost four years. My fam thought I was crazy (we’re Samoan – everything’s high fat, high salt, high sugar, etc.) but, to be honest, I’d never felt better. Fell in love with tofu, water and wheat bread. Learned to really, really hate red meat, dining out, and fast food. Got married, though, and I adjusted to my hubby’s eating habits – which includes eating out, lol. Still love veggies and fruits and tofu. 🙂

  4. Au natural? Yes when swimming but that was years and years ago. My husband’s family ranch (no longer a working ranch) in the mountains of NM had no plumbing nor electricity so bathing was done in the creek. Needless to say this was a weekend retreat, at most 2 weeks. As for food, at this point in my life I don’t care much. If it tastes good I’ll eat it. Do like salads a lot but don’t even think of touching my dressing!

  5. Eileen says:

    Oh I am trying to go with moderation and portion size with consistent exercise in order to lose weight. It isn’t as easy as you would think when it comes to time to cook good meals. It is so much easier to go out! I’m feeling your pain believe me.
    Nice photo! I would love to trade cheese for him.

  6. I’m a vegetarian, and I do like to eat healthily, but I have to confess that there are times when the processed foods creep into the diet. Sometimes it’s easier. Try a little lemon juice on the salads. Homemade soups are good too. Remember, the crockpot is your friend – a very handy item to have when time is in short supply. Good luck with both your diet and personal training. Starting is half the battle.

  7. I have been trying to get away from the processed food too, but in this busy world it’s hard unless you hire a cook.

  8. Heather says:

    I will excerise as much as it takes, I will jog in place when I eat my cookies but never will I give up my fave foods b/c they have a lil’ extra calories, lol. Plus when I look at hot cowboy pics like the one you have up there, I think to myself ‘hmmm, how skinny do I have to be before I can snag me a cowboy like that?’ Then I go for a long walk =)

  9. I don’t eat much in the way of processed foods, and haven’t for years. I only wish I could get a hold of more organic foods, cheese included. Actually, a low fat diet is very bad for you!!! Because your body requires what are called ‘good fats’ in order to lose weight… like Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Flax Oil, Hemp Oil, Safflower Oil… *none* of the horrible plasticized hydrogenated fats they use in processed foods. I used to work in a health food store and I saw so many people stupidly go on a low fat diet. In fact, some of them ended by being brain damaged because the brain depends on good fats to work properly and be healthy. Also, low salt is a BAD IDEA! Yes, Morton’s table salt is poison. However, a good sea salt, and Himalayan Salt, for example, is your body’s friend. For one thing, it has the minerals the body needs to function properly. The minerals have been stripped out of table salt.
    Good luck!

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