Cowboys and leather go together

Cowboys and leather go together like ham and eggs, cereal and milk, ice cream and chocolate syrup. Think of a cowboy and what comes to mind? His leather boots, whether the sturdy ones for work or the special hand tooled ones for dress. High topped boots are made with high heels to keep them from slipping through saddle stirrups and as a brace in roping. Soles are usually slick leather to keep them from catching when dismounting.
Roper boots with flat heels are used especially in arenas and for walking. Packer boots
are laced and generally made of heavier leather for cold weather, hiking, and hard riding.
Chaps (pronounced “shaps”) are another staple of cowboy gear. Derived from the Spanish las chaparreras, or chaparejos, are leggings worn by horse people as protection against the brush and weather and are of course made of leather. There are shotgun chaps, thight-legged which can be pulled on as trousers having no snaps or rings but often having full length zippers. And the more common batwing chaps, which are long flaps of leather. These chaps usually fasten with rings and snaps.
Then of course there is the “piggin’ rope” used to hog tie calves. The braided whip. The lariat. The bull whip. And a wide variation of those.
So when I was plotting out my Rawhide series for The Wild Rose Press, I figured at least one of my heroes, a member of the exclusive bondage club, should have a fancy for leather and its uses. In Slapping Leather Alex Wright trolls the club dressed in tight leather pants and hand tooled boots. In his BDSM arsenal, among other things are a short whip, a leather flogger and leather cuffs. When he meets Liz Gillibrand he feels an instant connection, both emotional and sexual, and he cannot wait to get her into a private room and show her just how erotic leather can be.
Here’s a little taste for you:
Leather slid around first one thigh and then the other. Thigh cuffs were cinched tight and Liz heard metal clank of narrow chains as they were locked into place on either side of the bench. Next were cuffs that encircled wrists and upper arms. Liz felt the tension in her limbs as he locked them into place. When he was finished her arms were secured n such a way that she could neither lift them nor bend them in any other fashion. She effectively restrained in that position, open to whatever he chose to do.
“You know this sets the tone for future play,” he drawled.
Future? Did he plan for them to do this again? Did she want to?
Damn right. She was reacting to him more intensely than she had to any other Dom since…
Don’t go there. Pleasure. Think pleasure.
The very thought of more sessions with this man made her pussy throb even more. While she was still digesting the possibility, the flogger hit the bottom of her ass with a hard thwack! Pain rocketed through her, but the bite of it brought so much pleasure she was sure her cunt was gushing. Her inner walls quivered.
Thwack! The flogger struck again. And again. The multiple suede straps each kissing her skin with a sharp bite. Heat surged across the globes of her buttocks, down her thighs, and into her cunt.
“Your ass is looking very hot,” Alex commented as he continued to deliver the strokes.
They came in no particular rhythm. Sometimes in quick succession so she barely had time to catch her breath from one before the next one struck. Other times the pattern was irregular. Just when she was sure he was finished, here came the next one.
Then they stopped, and his hand caressed the burning skin. Fingers probed her dripping cunt, and he gave a murmur of satisfaction.
“Oh, yeah. Your flesh nearly scorches my fingers, and your cunt is plenty juicy. I think we are ready for the next stage.”
Liz tried to imagine what the next instrument delivering delicious pain would be. While she was turning the possibilities over in her mind, she felt something hard and smooth pressed against the backs of her thighs. A crop! Oh, sweet heaven. She’d had a Dom whose favorite instrument was the crop, and he knew exactly how to wield it to arouse her beyond the point of reason. Would Alex have the same talent?
Please, yes. Please, please.
“Let’s see how this arouses you, sub.” His voice was thick with barely controlled lust.
She jerked when the crop bit into the bottom of her ass, and she had to bite her lip to keep from crying out. She had no idea if Alex was the kind of Dom who was turned on by the reaction to pleasure/pain or not. But in the next moment she found out.
His hand cupped her chin. “Don’t stifle your sounds, Elizabeth. I love the cries and whimpers. Let it go.”
Yes. It was as arousing to him as it was to her.
When the crop fell again, she didn’t hold back, crying out, rocking as much as the restraints allowed. Again there was no rhythm to strokes. Fast, three in succession, then nothing. Then two. Nothing again. She had no time to anticipate, to prepare. She had tumbled down into subspace, the place where the pleasure overrode the pain and her body wanted nothing but to achieve maximum orgasm.
After one particularly loud scream, he stopped and caressed her cheek. “Enough? Should I stop? I usually like to apply ten, but…”
She shook her head rapidly. Even though it had been so long for her, if she stopped him now he’d probably make her dress and leave, and that was the last thing she wanted. Past rejection still festered in her soul. “No. Please, Sir. I want all ten.”
“Are you sure? This is the first night for us. Besides, it’s been quite a while for you.”
“Please, please. If you want me to beg, I will.” It had been so long for her that she had to know she could take whatever he had to give, now and in the future.
He bent down, turned her face, and kissed her mouth. “No need to beg. I won’t stop. You are going to be such a good sub, Elizabeth.” He stood up. “Ten it is.”

I hope you will read more about Alex and Liz. You can find them at The Wild Rose Press and all online book stores. And you can find me at

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I'm an author of erotic romance, a lot of them with very hot cowboys.
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2 Responses to Cowboys and leather go together

  1. Eileen says:

    Great blurb!! Got to get me some Alex!

  2. Marie Tuhart says:

    Wow, Desiree. I’m off to get this one, very hot.

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