Making My Way Back

I’ve not been online much for several months now mostly because my life went careening off the busy track into down right chaotic. But despite that, I have not stopped writing. My output might not be as high as I like but it’s still pretty steady.

I have a second m/m cowboy book I am in the process of editing, then there is the current WIP, Wild Country. While Wild Country is the continuation of my military port of call series, it takes place in a country bar. Just because you join the military doesn’t necessarily mean you leave the cowboy behind. 🙂 So it will have a flavor of both. A little bit country and a little bit military. Now that I think about it, I’m not sure a finer mix could be made.

What I realized with this book is that I REALLY like writing stories about second chances. Life is messy and people screw it up all the time. I know I’ve made my fair share of mistakes. Thank God for second chances.

In the military, much like a small town, the community is incredibly tight knit.(I’ve lived in both) When someone does something bad or is perceived as having done something bad it’s an uphill battle to recover. That’s what is going on with my heroine and I’m finding it incredibly fun to discover her story as I write it. (yep I am a total by the seat of my pants writer)

Since I’ve got to get back to my story today before we head off to the rodeo tonight, I’d like to hear from you about some of your favorite second chance stories. What did you love about them? Leave me a comment and I’ll check back later to read your thoughts.

About evecassidy

Writer of erotica, former Marine, work at home mother, and sexy wife to my very own military man.
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One Response to Making My Way Back

  1. Leslie says:

    Ms. Cassidy, I hope your life is back on track. And hope upon hope that second chances are still out there! I have yet to ask (other writers like yourself) what goes on in your mind or mindset that spills out onto a page? Is it a rush of thought that must be released or is it a thought out process? I do hope you don’t think this is a stupid question. I truly would like to know. Thx for your time..:)

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