Nightstand Round-up

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What are you reading?

My entire life, I have rarely read one book at a time. (Maybe this helps explain why I don’t write one book at a time either!) Just a few months ago, I learned about Adult ADD. It came up when I did a Google search on “cluttered, messy” to my utter surprise at the time. Since then, I have definitively been diagnosed so at least now I have a reason, if not an excuse, why I’m always surrounded by clutter, tend to be working on 1500 things at once, and read more than one great book at a time. Even though I didn’t take home a prescription as ye olde diagnosing doctor wanted, it sure has been comforting to realize there’s a reason I do all the things that drive myself (and Mr. Lyons) bonkers.

I’m curious to learn about the reading habits of other book junkies. Sooooo…Calling that book (or pile of books) on your nightstand, Kindle, Nook, phone, near the tub or in your purse, backpack or CD player…  Audio, paperback, hardback, magazines, etc., and of course e-books — they all count! Share what you’re reading and how much you’re enjoying it.

The rules: it has to be something you have actually started reading (no TBR) and something you plan to finish. That’s it!

Here’s what I’m currently reading right now:

Heart of the West by Ann Jacobs – erotic romance, western, BDSM.

Into the Storm by Taylor Anderson – historical sci-fi (Mr. Lyons has read the first three books in the series and just purchased book four; this stuff is a trip!)

Lady Rogue by Suzanne Enoch – historical romance.

Iceberg by Clive Cussler – action/adventure, a Dirk Pitt novel.

The Missing Heir by Gail Ranstrom – Harlequin historical. (I am loving this!)

A Heart for Adam…& Rick! by Larissa Lyons – contemporary ménage erotica (yes, it’s mine! I’m proofreading it prior to uploading the final ebook versions and putting it on sale.)

Well there you have it. I’m reading 5-6 stories at the moment, and this is fairly typical for me. So what are YOU reading and would you recommend it?  Do you fly through a single book at a time? Or drag out your favorites to make them last?

About Larissa Lyons

A lover of all things historical and feline, author Larissa Lyons also has a soft spot for hard cowboys. Visit to learn more.
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28 Responses to Nightstand Round-up

  1. Leanne says:

    I was reading a bunch of books but I was beginning to get them all mixed up so I’ve read 1 at a time to try and get rid of some lol. What I have left now is The Emerald Talisman by Brenda Pandos, Pale Demon by Kim Harrison and Moon Dance rj rain.
    I had 2 others that I just finished for review, so I finished them and did the review lol

    • Hi Leanne! I’m thinking by the cool titles you listed you’re a paranormal fan?? I used to get my books mixed up too and would make it a point to only read one in each genre (one Western at a time, one Regency, one contemporary… etc.). Since I’ve started writing, I avoid reading what ever genre I’m currently writing a story in, so maybe that’s why I’m going crazy on the Regencies right now. I just finished Lady Scandal and I’m about to dive into writing Lady Impostor, so I guess I’m feeding the muse. 🙂

  2. gigi says:

    My husband thinks I am crazy because I read 2 or 3 books at a time 😉 I am reading Eternal Rider by Larissa Ione, Boyfriend in a Bottle by Shona Husk and Cats Cradle by Bianca D’Arc right now.


    • Gigi – you are not alone! Mr. Lyons is a one-book man and just sort of shakes his head when he sees the piles of what I’m reading spilling out next to our bed (on my side of course!). I like that title “Boyfriend in a Bottle”. That alone has piqued my interest…

      • gigi says:

        Just finished it…short but good story.

        I have to say I agree with Tammy….A Forever Kind of Love by Shiloh Walker is really good.


        • Well as that makes two “thumbs up” for Shiloh’s story, I think I’ll give it a look-see as well. Hmmm…when I started this post I didn’t plan on adding to my list of great books to read, but it least with the electronic versions, I’m not adding to the bedside clutter. 🙂

  3. tammy ramey says:

    Okay so i usually am reading several things at once. a couple print books and 1 or 2 on the computer. so here is my list for right now,i just finished a few so it is a bit short.

    1)Eve by Iris Johansen:romantic suspense and would highly recommend
    2)Killed at the Whim of a Hat by Colin Cotterill:suspense/thriller just started so unsure yet if i will recommend;
    3)Seduced by Magic by Cheyenne McCray:paranormal romance just started so unsure if i will recommend
    4)Knockout by Catherine Coulter:her FBI series would highly recommend
    5)A Forever Kind of Love by Shiloh Walker:contemporary romance would highly recommendas this is the 2nd time i’m am reading it.
    6)Piper’s Fury by Rachel Firasek:1st in a new series an awesome book that falls under so many different genre catagories i’m not sure where to put it so i’m going to say UF/paranormal/erotica? would very highly recommend.
    7)not sure but will probably finish at least 1 of these today and start something new.

    • Hahaha, Tammy, you cracked me up with this: “i just finished a few so it is a bit short.”

      Thanks for such a great list — I appreciate your opinion comments on each one. Two or three look interesting but based on what you said, I’m definitely going to look up Piper’s Fury. Thanks!

  4. Larissa, I started laughing out loud at your clever graphic. You’re so creative! I’m reading the Romance Writer’s Report in paper copy (that’s the Romance Writer’s of America’s magazine), Echo Bodine’s Unlock Your Psychic Abilities also in paper, I’m listening to Lori Wilde’s High Stakes Seduction as an audio book, and as an e-book, I’m reading – for the third time – Amber Leigh Williams’ Blackest Heart, which is a wonderful cowboy romance that I would recommend highly.

    • Thank you, Randi! I thought about having Mr. cowboy man roping a nightstand, but decided to let the horses shine through. 🙂 Echo Bodine’s book sounds interesting… I have a lot of energy healing and holistic books, and wonder whether this one might fit right in my collection. Also anything you’re reading for a third time warrants a check out IMO, so I guess I’ll be looking up Blackest Heart too. Thanks for the input!

  5. Terri says:

    Okay, shall I shock you???? I’m actually not reading any book at this exact moment. I finished your short story yesterday afternoon prior to heading to am adult toy party. By the time I got home, it was time for bed. I got up in time to read some of my email and head to work. I’m at work now and forgot to bring a book with me….so, I’m not reading any. I have two reviews to write up when I get home and then, I’ll see what strikes my fancy. I have an aweful lot of books on my TBR pile and a few needing reviews.

    • Mission accomplished — you did shock me! And don’t you just hate it when you leave the house and forget to bring a book with you? That drives me nuts! Okay time to dish the dirt: I want more information on this adult toy party…

      • Terri says:

        The adult toy party is by Slumber Parties. I have so much fun at them even if I am usually older than everyone else. The consultant shows you stuff you can rub in, spray on, eat and then comes the toys! Toys that are battery operated or not but all make you feel good. Here’s a website you can check out….. That’s the young woman who gives the party’s site. I really need a bigger pay check so I can spend more at these things. There are usually a few things that I’d like to check out!

        • Great! A new place to shop-heh, heh. Mr. Lyons just informed me he spent 99 bucks at the music store this morning so I figure it’s my turn. I clicked on the Slumber Party link and put “glass” in the search field. Because, well, I’ve developed a fondness for glass…um…toys. Anyhoo, up pops up a hot pink shot glass with a penis in it. Too funny!!!

          • Terri says:

            Have fun shopping. There’s another real nice toy….one side is feathers and the other a type of whip. Which will he choose?

  6. Tiss says:

    I am another who reads more books at once. But I just finished 2 last night and this morning and can’t find one of my books, I think I lost it. LOL.

    I just finished:
    Reluctant Father and Will of Steel by Diana Palmer
    SEALed with a Kiss by Mary Daughtridge
    McKettricks Choice by Linda Lael Miller
    TROUBLE by Sable Hunter
    Now I have to figure out what to read next. LOL.
    And, I have to find the book that I lost, it was a Harlequine by Christine Rimmer, and I was close to the end, but I took it with me to read when I’m watering horses and now I can’t find it. I have my Kindle to read at work, but a paperback at bedtime and another paperback or Kindle during the day.

  7. Bridget says:

    I read one paperback at a time. I read at least a book a day. I just finished Lorie O’Clare’s GET LUCKY. I love the bounty hunting family.

  8. Nancy S says:

    Currently reading on my nook Cut & Run by Madeleine Urban & Abigail Roux, mm police procedural; in paperback Homeward Bound by Harry Turtledove, part of scifi alt history series; also in paper My Trip Down the Pink Carpet by Leslie Jordan, hilarious memoir. I am something of an eclectic reader and always have at least 1 paperback for emergencies, you when the nook battery is low. That’s why I carry a large handbag, well that and snacks.

    • “that and snacks” – haha! I’m with you there! I never leave the house without at least a spiral notebook and several pens (my characters tend to clamor most when I’m in the shower or on a long drive), a book and a Larabar or some nuts. Gotta have the snacks! 🙂 Larissa
      PS, sci-fi alt history sounds good. I may recommend that one to Mr. Lyons. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Kathy B says:

    I am a one book at a time gal. I’m reading Breed True by Gem Sivad. I recommend anything by her if you like historical romances =)

    • Larissa Lyons says:

      Hi Kathy. I adore historical romances and have never heard of Gem Sivad. I’ll have to look her up. (My list is growing!)

  10. Read one book at a time… who can do that…LOL I have three “open” on my Nook, and two paperbacks working–all different genres.

    And I write more than one at a time. My crit partners cannot understand how I do that, but I have to have more than one WIP at a time–when I get stuck or something, I switch to the other one… keeps me motivated/going

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