Top Ten Things To Do With A Bandana

We all know that the bandana is an official part of the cowboy uniform but have you given much thought to all the different things you can do with it besides the obvious? I’ll bet some of you have. 😉

On a recent out of town trip I came across a neat little gift in an airport gift shop. It was a cowboy bandana wrapped with cardboard and on the inside of the cardboard it had a list of 35 different things a cowboy could do with his bandana.

I’ve listed ten of my favorites below.

1. A cloth to clean your gun. Oh yeah. Cowboys need a good gun.

2. A mask to disguise your face. Uh huh. So many possibilities there.

3. A flag to signal for help. Safety first. 🙂

4. A towel to dry with. Oh yes please. Can I watch?

5. A polish rag for that large silver belt buckle. Mmm hmm. That shiny silver does draw my eye. 😉

6. A measuring tool since we know that a bandana is 22″ x 22″. Whatcha wanna measure cowboy? 😉

7. A blindfold. Now we’re talking.

8. A short rope for leading something around. I like where this is going.

9. A gag to keep someone from talking. Whimpers.

10. And last but certainly not least… A tie for attaching wrists to a headboard.

Of course this wasn’t an erotic store so I might have embellished a few of those.

I bet y’all can come up with a whole passel of other uses. Any ideas spring to mind?


About evecassidy

Writer of erotica, former Marine, work at home mother, and sexy wife to my very own military man.
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7 Responses to Top Ten Things To Do With A Bandana

  1. Patrice says:

    Oh man, my mind is working overtime with delicious scenarios. I do wonder how much “whip” appeal a bandana has.

  2. leanne says:

    A stylish bracelet and a collar or a dog. Also, used as a headband.

  3. Terri says:

    I’m not sure if I could add anything to the list but I volunteer to let him try any of the ideas out on me. (Don’t tell hubby though, okay!)

  4. One bandana no, but tie some together and you can make a homemade Bikini top and bottom!

  5. Eileen says:

    Love that list!! I still see older gentlemen use them as hankerchiefs and my neighbor’s dog has one as his collar.

  6. SheriV says:

    I need to go get a bandana so I can try out several of these. I like the way you kinked up the suggestions. I guess I never though about how useful a bandana could be in a kinky sense. 😉

  7. Tiss Treib says:

    It’s not kinky, but I use one as a neck scarf. If you get cold from the wind blowing down your neck, if you tie it around your neck, it keeps the wind out.

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