Colorado Cowboys

I write a lot about Texas cowboys, but I also love the cowboys of Colorado. It’s a different feel in the mountains. The air is cool, even when the work is hard.

I set my latest cowboy romance around the tradition many small towns in Colorado have of the winter festival. You can find these festivals all over the west. Imagine the smell of popcorn and funnel cakes and the watching boys play hockey while sipping hot chocolate. These festivals celebrate the beauty of winter and the mountains. They are filled with sports and fellowship. And in the case of my book, One to Keep, the Russian mob makes an appearance. Not exactly the tourists a town wants to show up, but hey, this is Bliss. Please enjoy the following PG excerpt from One to Keep (Nights in Bliss, Colorado 3.)


Stef slammed out of Rye’s truck. He stalked around the horse trailer and slammed that door open. All around him the festival was starting up, and heads turned at the noise he was making.

Rye Harper’s eyebrows rose to the brim of his hat. “You are as touchy as Max today, Stef. You want to talk about it, or should I say her?”

The amusement in Rye’s voice irritated him. “I’m not touchy.”

Rye’s twin Max walked up from the small corral he’d been putting up. There was a carousel wheel to attach the ponies to. That was where he’d made his mistake. He should have tied Jennifer up before he turned his back on her.

“That’s not what I heard. I heard there was a lot of touching going on last night at Trio,” Max said, smirking.

Rye slapped at his brother’s chest. “You stop that. Rachel said to go easy on him.”

Max snorted as he pulled out the ramp and stomped up. “Yeah, I got the lecture last night. Stef is confused, and we need to give him space and crap.”

“I am not confused.”

Rye’s hand came out to grasp his shoulder. “You got woman trouble, man. We’re all confused about women. Even after you marry ’em and get ’em pregnant, it doesn’t get easier.”

Max led a pony down the ramp, one hand on the rope, the other gently patting its head. “Hell, no, it gets harder. And he doesn’t even have a brother to hide behind when the going gets tough.”

Rye’s lips quirked up. “I have to plead his case from time to time, keep him from sleeping in the barn with Q. Sharing has its advantages.”

Max hooked up the pony, giving her a little pat. “Stef isn’t going to share Jen.”

“Why not? He’s always shared before. I heard James was sizing her up last night. From what the grapevine says, James is very open-minded.”

“His mind is going to be opened by my fist if he tries it again,” Stef said before he realized he was being baited. “You two suck.”

Stef picked up a heavy coil of rope and turned from his friends, preferring to get to work than stand around and listen to their juvenile teasing.


Sophie Oak is the author of the Texas Sirens series and the Nights in Bliss, Colorado series

Siren Enslaved (Texas Sirens 3) and One to Keep (Nights in Bliss, Colorado 3) are available now. To read the first chapter of either for FREE, click on the covers below.


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9 Responses to Colorado Cowboys

  1. Terri says:

    Very nice tease when I really don’t have time to read for fun. So, I’ll add this series on the list of when I have time and money…… Dang, that list is getting long!

  2. Eileen says:

    I am so looking forward to reading this book! I am making time this evening to start it once I get down all the things I need to do today. It’s suppose to snow tonight so its perfect I have something to read all snuggly in bed!

    • Sophie says:

      This is a good book to read in the snow, Eileen! It’s gotten hot here in Texas. It’s hard to believe that I wrote this book during the winter.

  3. Sheri V says:

    Dang, I really need to start One to Keep. This tease just makes me need to hurry up and finish the book I’m reading now so I can read all about Stef and Jen. Thanks for sharing this tease. I would love to see a Winter Festival in Colorado, sounds like a lot of fun.

    • Sophie says:

      I can’t wait to hear what you think of it, Sheri! At some point in time I’m going to write about one of South Fork’s great summer traditions, too – the Big Game Dinner!

  4. Marie Tuhart says:

    Great sounding book. More to add to my TBR.

  5. Tiss Treib says:

    Sounds like a very interesting book, that I’ll have to add to my TBR pile. Thanks for the tease.

  6. Junegirl63 says:

    I’m going to have to move this series up the list to read:) Thanks for the tease!

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