Music and New Release

Hello all! Wow it feels like forever since I’ve posted here.  Today I’d like to talk a bit about something that inspires me no matter what I write, music. Everytime I sit down to write I turn on my radio to let the music flow while the writing flows. Sometimes a song will come on the radio and a line in it will inspire a scene in the book I’m writing or will inspire the entire book. Yesterday I had my first paranormal romance release. While Untamable, my first in my Moonlight Cravings Series, does not have a single cowboy in it, it does come from a country song.

I remember sitting down to finish edits on Riding Double and hearing Jake Owens song, Don’t Think I Can’t Love You, play. I love Jake Owens and several of his songs have played over and over while I write, but this one gained a special place. I had been toying with an idea about a man who is in love with his best friend, the young woman who was the one person he could always depend on. So as I’m flushing out the conflict between the two, I realize that his struggle will be whether she can deal with him going from a nobody werewolf to being the Alpha of all American werewolves. For his part, he is the man in the song, trying desperately to convince the herione that he can love her no matter what is changing in their lives.

So while Untamable is not a cowboy story like my others, it did get it’s start just like my cowboys, through music. For more on Untamable please visit

And just for eye candy here is Jasper, my hero:

Now, I’m always interested in knowing what inspires you. I’m not just talking about if you’re a write, but when you are feeling down, angry, or hurt what do you find that inspires you to move forward?



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I love capturing sweet southern memories. My goal is to capture your family in portraits that showcase their uniqueness. I try to capture your memories that represent your family.
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10 Responses to Music and New Release

  1. Terri says:

    Well, I can honestly say, not music. I seldom have it on. I’m not sure exactly what inspires me. I know I can look over the local fields seeing them being worked and feel a peace and a readiness to make something happen. Taking a walk along the water or through the woods, can get my imagination going. Sometimes, it’s just talking to friends and suddenly I’m ready for anything. I will admit that I can listen to music and visualize a story. Yet, I enjoy the peace without it.

  2. Marie Tuhart says:

    I’m not sure what inspires me. Sometimes a song will spark an idea, but usually my characters just pop into my head and start talking to me. I usually have music or the tv on but it’s white noise, unless something comes on that catches my attention, I rarely even hear it.

  3. Maria D. says:

    Congratulations on the new release…what inspires me to move forward is to either listen to music or read a good book….just spending some time by myself to let myself decompress and relax

  4. Sherry James says:

    Music is usually a very good motivator for me. But aside from that, getting on the back of a horse and riding for hours, enjoying the beauty of the animal and nature always get my mind turning. I love being outside and watching the sunset, or seeing the tall grasses, or cornstalks hustling in the wind.

    And, oh, there is just something about rainy days and the running water of a shower that gets the cobs out of my brain and the creative juices flowing.

    Congrats on the release!

  5. JackieW says:

    My inspiration to get me going starts with color…looking at beautiful , colorful things…fabrics (I’m a quilter). paintings,flowers, colorful magazines…anything that is bright and colorful can jump-start me and give me energy.

  6. I like music, too. And sometimes my friends inspire me…either with a ‘it’s okay’ or a kick in the shin. 🙂

  7. Tiss Treib says:

    Spending time at the barn with the horses, especially in the spring, the new foals. That is my time away from everything and everybody.

  8. Jen B. says:

    My kids can always bring me out of a funk. If I’m alone, it’s loud, LOUD music. Usually something with a wicked beat.

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