May Happenings

May went faster than a blink for me.  It’s been an up and down busy month, and that always makes the days go really fast.

Good news – I’ve signed a 2 book contract with the Wild Rose Press for my Doms of the Silver Screen books.  I don’t have any dates on them yet, but I’m happy to be under contract for them.

The other good news is back in March I was writing my little finger off for a call – Harlequin put out a call for their Desire line.  Now I’ve always wanted to write for them so it gave me the opportunity to dust off an old cowboy book, polish up three chapters and send it to them for this call.  I had to wait until the end of April to see if they wanted to see more….and they do.  Happy dancing.

This is very exciting for me.  So I need to finish polishing up the original manuscript since I’ve learned a lot since I wrote the book originally.  So we’ll see how it goes, but it does feel good to get back to some cowboys.

And lastly, I’m still working on my Real Men Wear Kilts book – this is a call from the Wild Rose Press.  I’m calling it my book that will never end, it’s over the word count I thought it would be, but its fine.  I have plenty of room to write it as long as I want.

I’ll report back at the end of June.

The other exciting news is I released a short story His Game, His Rules.  Its available right now only on Amazon for .99 cents or you can get it on Kindle Unlimited for free.

So I’ll leave you this month with a little cowboy eye candy.


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Donna Michaels – Cowboy Lawe released this month!

Howdy! It’s Donna Michaels, and I’m excited about the release of my contribution to the Cowboy Justice 12-Pack as a single! Some of you may have already read COWBOY LAWE in the 12-Pack, which hit the USA Today list! Thank you! For anyone who missed it, or wants to have the single, it is now available at all outlets, and even in print!

Cowboy Lawe is the fourth story in my Dangerous Curves Series, a series featuring strong, former military heroines, and the alpha men who capture their hearts. These stories are hot, with a dash of danger, and a hint of humor!

cowboylawe 600x900

More than curves make these women dangerous…


In order to keep close to an alpha cowboy her boss wants protected, Knight agent Tara Lynch draws on her acting skills to play a scared schoolteacher who witnessed the murder of a hitman, and on her restraint to resist falling for the sexy cowboy.

Former SEAL Callahan ‘Rook’ Lawe agrees to help his old commander, but with his hands already full investigating accidents on his training ranch that put his brother in the hospital, his attraction to the beautiful woman is a distraction he doesn’t need.


“I’ve got another job for you.”

Tarah’s head jerked back. Knight was sending her back out into the field?

Steel blue eyes narrowed briefly, but he passed her and TJ a file without acknowledging her surprise. “Brooke is coming in to fly you to Texas to help Rook.”


She frowned. “I thought he was on leave or something.”

A former SEAL, Rook was a buddy of Sam’s who’d recently joined the agency, but, so far, he and Tarah had yet to cross paths. Last she’d heard, the cowboy had headed back to Texas to help his brother.

“Sort of.” TJ drummed his fingers on the file. “He went home because his brother took an unexpected swan dive off the barn. Right, bossman?”

Knight nodded. “Yes. The two of them own a ranch that trains agents from all walks of law enforcement. His brother Remy runs the place, and last week, he suffered a broken shoulder and concussion when someone knocked a ladder out from under him.”

That would explain her brother’s unexpected remark. She flipped open the file and stared at a snapshot of a handsome man with brown hair and an easy grin that never reached his brown eyes.

Remy Lawe. Rook’s brother.

Former Green Beret. Former CIA. Thirty. Single. His features were almost chiseled. He’d obviously been through hell. She flipped to the next page, and breath caught in her throat at the photo of the Knight agent she had yet to meet.

Callahan “Rook” Lawe.

Damn, Rook was handsome. Jet black hair, high cheekbones, gorgeous blue eyes, and a strong jaw she’d wager always needed a shave. Former SEAL. Thirty-two. Single.

A fact she’s already known, but it still sent warmth to her heart.

Stupid heart.

He was her coworker. And judging by the width of his shoulders and set jaw, he was a force to be reckoned with.

If someone was targeting Remy, then Rook was more than qualified to protect his brother. The former SEAL’s presence, even in a photo, was imposing. It didn’t quite make sense why Knight was sending her, unless…there was more.

“What else has happened, sir?” She raised her chin.

A slight twitch to Knight’s lips was an indication he appreciated her astuteness. “Besides missing mail, power outages, and kittens mysteriously showing up at the ranch, yesterday, Rook’s truck blew up.”

TJ lurched forward. “What?”

“Is he all right? Was anyone injured?” she asked, her heart strangely lodged in her throat.

Knight shook his head. “No one was inside. It was parked in the driveway.” A line etched between his brows. “I offered help on several occasions, but the stubborn fool turned me down. I was prepared to let him handle his family’s business, but not now. Not when one of my agents is threatened. That’s why I’m sending you, Tarah.”

She straightened in her seat. “Yes, sir. What do you want me to do? Help him investigate? Protect him and Remy? Does he have a list of names I can start on?”

“No.” Knight stared at her. “He doesn’t know you’re coming. Exactly.”

She cocked her head and frowned. “What do you mean?”

Instinct told her she wasn’t going to like the answer.

“Rook doesn’t want any help, but he’s getting it anyway.”

“I don’t understand.” But she tensed her shoulders because she had a sinking feeling she did.

“I got him to agree to help me with a protection detail.”


“Today, at noon, he’s expecting Tarah Swanson, witness to a mob hit.” He thrust his finger toward her file. “It’s all in there.”

“Oh, look, sis, you’re a schoolteacher from D.C.” TJ flashed her a grin. “Wow, you really are tough. Some of those districts are rough.”

She ignored her brother and skimmed the next page in the folder. Her page.

“Memorize your profile,” Knight said. “Rook has never met you, and you need to lay low until we can assess the fallout from Serrano, so this is a win/win.”

TJ’s snicker echoed through the empty warehouse. “No, bossman, it’s priceless. Rook thinks he’s protecting Tarah from mobsters, when Tarah is actually there to protect Rook from this unknown bomber.”

“Protect, and investigate.” Knight sat back in his chair and steepled his fingers. “I need you to equip Tarah with a burn phone, and one of those bracelet communicator things you gave Nikki.”

“Will do.” TJ sprang to his feet and disappeared into his pit.

She was thrilled to have an assignment, but hated being dishonest to a fellow agent. With determination setting her shoulders, she turned back to her boss and opened her mouth.

“No, Tarah. It has to be this way.”

Damn man was a mind reader.

He leaned closer. “Rook made it very clear he didn’t want help. But he’s getting it anyway.”

“Surely, once I arrive and introduce myself, he wouldn’t turn me away.”

Knight’s lips split into a grin as he barked out a laugh. “The man is stubborn as hell. And a former SEAL used to relying on himself. He’s damn good. I trained him that way. So, no, he would not think twice to toss you over his shoulder and carry you back on the plane.”

She’d like to see him try.

But kept the comment to herself.

“I’m sorry to put you in this position, Tarah, but you’re going to have to pretend to be that schoolteacher, do what Rook tells you, all while guarding his six.” His brows drew together. “Can you do that?”

She lifted her chin. “Of course, sir.”



Amazon | iTunes | B&N | Kobo

Dangerous Curves Series:
Book1 : Knight’s SEAL (KW)
Book2:  LOCKE and Load
Book 3: A Daye with a SEAL (KW)
Book 4: Cowboy LAWE (Intro’d in Cowboy Justice 12-Pack)

Thanks for reading,


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Eight Second Ride-oldie but goodie

I was browsing through some of my books this past weekend and realized I hadn’t pulled this one out in a while. Don’t know why not. Ut’s one of my favorites. So I thought I’d share it with you and hope you fall in love with it the I have.

Leave me a comment. One lucky person will win a copy of this book.


Jessie Wade is a tough as nails sheriff until bull rider Kyle Mitchell ends up in her jail. With his bone-melting good looks and seductive voice, he knocks Jessie’s defenses down one by one and awakens the sensuous woman she’s hidden beneath her uniform. But Jessie can’t afford to be soft. Or allow herself to fall for a cowboy who’s never in one town longer than it takes to ride a bull. Kyle never backs down from a challenge, but after a passionate night with Jessie, he realizes there’s a hell of a woman behind the handcuffs and badge. Can Kyle convince Jessie he can take her for more than an eight-second ride?


Kyle Mitchell wanted to pry his eyes open but someone was pounding a drum inside his head so hard he was afraid to see daylight. Not only that, but whatever he was lying on was harder than a concrete floor and killing his back. He needed aspirin and coffee in large supply. He tried to raise his hands to press them against his aching temples but something jerked his right hand and prevented him from lifting it. Now he opened his eyes. And wished he hadn’t.

Unfortunately this wasn’t the first jail cell he’d been in, but he was pretty sure it was the worst. And he was pretty sure it hadn’t been modernized in the last fifty years. One wall consisted of the usual arrangement of bars with a portion of it hinged for a door. The sleeping arrangement, rather than a crummy cot that would have been a vast improvement, was a flat piece of wood with a mattress on it so thin he was sure he’d be able to see through it. And it was the kind that pulled down from the wall on chains.

And speaking of chain, he yanked at his right hand again and discovered he was handcuffed to one length of chain.

Damn! What the hell had happened? What had he gotten himself into now?

Squinting against the brightness of the light from the ceiling lights he looked down the length of his body.

Boots. Check.

Jeans. Check.

He clapped his left hand over his waist in a sudden panic.

Champion belt buckle! Okay! Check.

Shirt. Check.

He rubbed a hand over his square jaw, feeling the stubble of yesterday’s beard growth. Testing everywhere on his face he discovered his nose was tender but not broken, but the rest of his face felt as if a bull had stomped on it.

Wait. Was that what had happened? The last thing he remembered was lasting the full eight seconds on Sodbuster before landing in the dirt of the rodeo arena. Everything else was a blur.

“Well. It looks like you’re finally awake.”

The voice was pure music, soft, with a faint drawl. Squinting through the bars he thought for a minute his heart was going to stop beating. In the hallway looking in at him was about five-foot-four of the most breathtaking woman he’d ever seen. Dark blonde curls tumbled down to her shoulders, framing a lightly tanned face with emerald green eyes peeking out from thick, thick lashes. The stiff fabric of the uniform shirt she wore couldn’t conceal the lush ripeness of her breasts any more than the pants hid her mouthwatering curves.

But what really shook him up was the star gleaming from its place of prominence on her shirt, right over one of those nicely rounded breasts.

Holy hell! This was the sheriff?

He looked at her and something inside turned over. He had an urgent need to see this woman naked in his bed, but not the way he did with the usual women he rolled in the sheets with. Not an eight-second ride and done. No, even in his pitiful condition he could imagine making slow, soul-searing love to her. Everything from his balls to his brain went on instant alert.












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Meet in Alabama! By Cynthia D’Alba

Cyndi Headshot #4.jpgHi All!! Welcome to end of May! I don’t know about you, but I can’t believe we are five months into the year. WOW. As most of you know, I spent most of this year doing chemo for breast cancer so no surprise it passed fast for me. Because of the chemo, I had to cancel all my reader events for the spring EXCEPT for the 19th annual Heart of Dixie Readers’ Luncheon. I’ve been waiting to go to this luncheon for a while so when Kim Lang invited me, I jumped at the invitation. Of course, I had no idea (at the time) whether my health would allow it but I’m doing great AND my doctors have both said, “Go! Enjoy!”

I figured I would need an assistant to give me a hand setting up my table. I had TONS of swag for the lucky readers sitting with me. In yesterday’s mail, I got these goodies….Pink hat Coke-Glass

And this is JUST the start!

I am also putting together a basket as a door prize. Not sure what going in that yet.

IF you will be at the luncheon, leave me a message. I’d love to meet some of my internet friends.

What are you reading this month? I’m looking for some great romances to add to my TBR pile!

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Guest Blogger Leigh Smith – What is The Cowboy’s Code?

Thank you, Randi, for allowing me to the privilege of showcasing my latest western tale.

Cowboys and westerns have tugged at me since I was a little girl. Nothing’s changed. To me, they always represented what was good and wholesome and boy do they do sexy better than most.  There is something about a cowboy that stirs my blood, and some of the ones you have on this site are definitely drool worthy.

While researching this book I came across something called the Cowboy’s Code.  Cowboys of the old West had an unwritten code that included such things as being courteous, always saying “howdy,” never riding another man’s horse without permission, and  always helping someone in need.  I’d like to think it also included being gentlemanly to ladies, but holding them accountable when they stepped over the line.

In Finding Love at the Trail’s End, the cowboys, especially Johnny Billings, all adhere to the cowboy code. It is a little different from my other western books.  This is a period piece and details the adventures of the hero and heroine in a cross country trip along the Oregon Trail.   Adventures, misadventures, love, romance, and heartache, accompany them on their journey to a new life.



Lily Rose Cochrane grew up the spoiled daughter of a prosperous midwestern couple. That is until she was fifteen.  Then her life changed dramatically.  Her mother passed, and her father turned to the bottle leaving her to pick up the pieces.

Feeling the weight of too many burdens placed on her young shoulders, she is looking for a way out.  She thinks she may have found it in Johnny Billings.  Johnny Billings, a scout for a wagon train, is smitten with her and Lily tries convincing him to take her with him when he leaves on the next journey. He’s not ready to make a commitment to a prickly spoiled girl who has his head spinning, but Lily is determined to get out of Sweet Grass and to find a way to get on the wagon train.

What follows is the story of young love, loss and finding love again.


“I’m John Billings.” He extended his hand to the man.  “I’m here to call on Miss Lily Rose Cochrane.”  The man ignored his hand and was about to close the door in his face when Lily Rose arrived.

“It’s okay Pappa.  Mr. Billings invited me to dinner over at the hotel, and I’m going.” She started out the door.

“You’re too young to go out with a young man without a chaperone.  You don’t have my permission, and I won’t allow it.”

“Pappa, I’m not too young to go into the saloon and escort you home when you’re too drunk to make it on your own” She hissed at him. She wanted to embarrass him the way he was embarrassing her.  “It’s still daylight, and we’re only going to the hotel.”

“No, you’re not,” he said and tried to pull her back inside.  Lily Rose jerked herself out of his grasp and continued out the door. She looped her arm into Johnny’s and started to walk off.

Johnny stood firm.  “Miss Cochrane, we’re not goin’ without your father’s permission.”  He turned toward her father,  “Mr. Cochrane, I would like the pleasure of your daughter’s company at dinner.  Since you don’t feel comfortable with her accompanyin’me unescorted, perhaps you would like to join us?”

Johnny watched as the color crept up Lily Rose’s neck.  He wasn’t sure if it was embarrassment or anger, but he was about to find out.  Her father, on the other hand, seemed shocked into silence.  When Mr. Cochrane finally found his voice, he acknowledged the invitation and accepted.

“This young man understands propriety,” he said to his daughter.

Lily Rose sent an evil look to her father.  “You’re  a great one to talk about propriety. You’re a drunk, and everyone in town knows it.  How dare you treat me like a child? You’ve turned over all your responsibilites to this child, and now you’re acting like a pompous ass.  Go find your bottle and drink yourself into your nightly stupor.”

Johnny watched Mr. Cochrane shrivel under the caustic barrage of his daughter’s words.

No matter the truth of the situation, he was appalled that Lily Rose would treat her father with such disrespect, especially in front of others.  She needed a damn good hidin’, and her mouth washed out with soap.

“You owe your father an apology.”

“Not a chance in hell.  Shall we go?”

“To coin your phrase, not a chance in hell.  You don’t need dinner, you need a soaped mouth and a trip to the woodshed.  If I were your father or your husband, that’s what you would be getting’.”

“Well, it’s a good thing you’re neither.” She raised her hand to slap his face.  He grabbed her wrist.

“I would think twice about that Ms. Cochrane, or you just might get what you so richly deserve.

“The hell with you, Mr. High and Mighty Billings” and she raised her hand again.  Her hand almost reached his cheek when she found herself hauled over his hip getting her bottom spanked.  Her dress and petticoats didn’t provide much protection from his heavy hand. He rained down spank after spank in a pattern that would leave her bottom sore for a bit. The louder she wailed, the harder he spanked.  She was raising such a fuss that people began running out to see what was causing the commotion.  When they realized it was just Lily Rose Cochrane getting spanked, applause broke out.

Johnny finally released her.  Her bonnet was all askew, and her tear streaked face was probably as red as her bottom.  She picked up her skirts and ran into the store, slamming the door behind her.  The crowd kept applauding and saying things like  “ she had that coming,” or “didn’t  happen often enough.”

The throng started to disburse as Johnny stood there wondering what to do. He rang the bell – waited and then rang the bell again.  There still was no response.  Turning the handle, the door swung open. To prevent anyone else from coming in, he closed and locked the door behind him, and he walked through the curtain to the back of the shop.  There, on sacks of flour stacked on the floor,  Lily Rose sat whimpering.

She looked so forlorn, he went towards her thinking she needed some cuddling.  She looked up and when she saw it was him, yelled at him to get out.

“I only want to apologize, but I’m not really sorry.  I warned you and you didn’t listen.”

“Get out, I never want to see you again,” and she chucked an apple at him, barely missing his head.  He wasn’t a fool and left before she threw something else at him.


LSF Publications:


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Plot This Story For a Chance at One of Two Prizes!

I’d love to send you a super-cute The Sons of Dusty Walker notebook (signed by all the authors plus a cover model and the hero of my stories in the series) and a Randi stylus pen, and I’m also thrilled to name a character after you. All you have to do is help me plot this book.


Here’s the setup – it’s book 3 of the Heroes in the Saddle Series, and we have Clint Black (yes, he’s often teased about the famous name) as our hero. He’s a cowboy, a rancher in Wild Oak, Texas, and works as a paramedic for the town’s fire department.

I’d like the plot of this book to revolve around his being a paramedic. That’s all I’ve got.

If you’ve read Book 1 of the series, Hot in the Saddle, you know that Treven met Delta on Wild Oak’s racetrack, and in Book 2, Rex met Mina when she appeared on his doorstep. Clint appeared in both books. Remember him?

Heroes in the Saddle2

Our hero… Clint is kind of cocky and quite the ladies’ man. Here’s a sample picture of a blond cowboy (extra points if you actually know who this is!)

blond cowboy

Our heroine… she can be anyone from anywhere, so grab a cup of coffee or a caffeinated soda and let your imagination go wild!

Everyone who leaves a comment will be entered in the random drawing for the notebook, but if I use your plot for Book 3, you not only will get a notebook and pen, but you get to name the heroine – and it can be your name if you’d like!

Thanks for your help! I’m crazy-excited to see what you come up with for me!
“Rode Hard and Put Up Satisfied”

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Coming this Fall – The Men of Sweet Water Ranch

Hi everyone! Maddie James here today. I thought I’d share a sneak peek of a fall release in my new Sweet Water Ranch series. This title will be released initially as part of the Renegades boxed set with several more of your favorite cowboy authors! (more on that soon!) Here’s the book description:

ETHAN: Black Sheep Cowboy, Sweet Water Ranch, Book 2
Tag line: Her heart is still vulnerable; his still beats like a renegade.

sweet water-ethan -2aNavy SEAL Ethan Mackay returns to Sweet Water to manage the family South Dakota ranch with his identical twin brother, Evan. But at thirty-four, he’s been gone nearly fifteen years, and he’s not the man who left the ranch all those years ago. Not by a long shot. His body broken, and hopefully not his mind, he prays what they say is true—that cowboy runs deep in your blood—because this black sheep cowboy could sure use something familiar to hang his hat on.

But being back home at Sweet Water is almost more of a challenge than heading up a special ops mission in Libya. Especially when something familiar turns out to be the main challenge—his ex-wife, Brandley Mendoza.

Brandley returns to Sweet Water for the first time since she and Ethan divorced. Their marriage quickly unraveled when Ethan headed into SEAL training, and by the time of his first deployment, their relationship was fatally severed. Hired under the pretense of fixing the ranch’s accounting books, Brandley questions Evan’s motive. Why he thinks she is the person to help Ethan get his head back on straight, she doesn’t know—but she risks coming down from her Black Hills safe haven to find out. Only to realize her heart is still vulnerable, and that Ethan still possesses the soul a renegade.

Can she tease out the real cowboy in Ethan’s black sheep heart, and rediscover the man she once knew and loved? Or is Ethan too far over the edge, to let her back in again.

And a teaser! 

Brandley Mendoza swallowed hard and glanced into her rear view mirror at the dust billowing up behind her. It had been a very long time since she’d driven up this dirt road toward the main house at Sweet Water Ranch, and truth be told, she’d never thought she’d ever be driving up it again. If it hadn’t been for that fact that Evan MacKay had cornered her at his father’s wake a few weeks ago, and asked for her help, she wouldn’t have caved. But Evan had always been nice to her and his sweet talking didn’t hurt much either.

If she hadn’t known he’d just gotten engaged, she would have thought he was flirting with her. Which would have been weird, too, since she was once married to his brother.

And that fact was what made her say yes. Eventually. She’d had to think on it for a while. But Evan and his family were like her own. Had been for many years and even though she and Ethan had parted ways a long time ago, she felt she owed it to them.

Especially now, with Hap MacKay gone.

“I’m forever grateful for your help,” Evan told her the other evening on the phone. “Just a lot on my shoulders right now.”

She nodded. “I’m sure of that, being the oldest. I know your younger brothers help but I also know they are busy with their own lives and careers. It’s too bad Ethan can’t dig himself out of some desert hidey-hole somewhere to come home and help you.”

Evan’s voice took on a stoic tone. “Ethan is off protecting our country and I’m damned proud of that fact, Brandley. You should have been too.”

She’d immediately felt remorse at her words, and purposely avoided his last comment. “I know you’re proud of him, Evan,” she said quietly, “and I meant no disrespect. Whatever bumps in the road Ethan and I had, he was always loyal to his country and his men. They came first, no matter what. Always.” And fifteen years ago as a young, teenage bride, I had a hard time understanding that.

But all that was water under the bridge now, and there was no reason why she couldn’t help out the MacKay’s in their time of need. That’s what people did around here.

As she pulled up to the house and parked, though, Brandley was beginning to doubt her reasoning—and her sanity. Seeing the old house again felt like coming home, in so many ways, and there was a huge void in the pit of her stomach that ached with the nostalgia of it all. But she was here now, and this was business. Lord knows she could use the cash. She had a job to do, and she would just have to push any thoughts of the happy, earlier times with Ethan MacKay, and his family, out of her head.

She was a grown woman, now. Not a silly, love-struck teenage girl, in love with the idea of being in love. And in love with the idea of being Ethan’s wife. The young girl who would have been perfectly happy barefoot and pregnant, and running the ranch from her perspective—from home and hearth. The kitchen. And the bedroom.

She’d wanted that like nothing else. Then Ethan joined the Navy.

She shook her head to rid herself of her thoughts as she exited her truck and headed up the porch steps. She had work to do.

And seeing that she was not the kind of person to back out on a promise, putting Ethan out of her head was what she had to do. Ethan MacKay, the black sheep of the family, was long gone from her life, and she doubted she would ever see him again.

Brandley raised her hand to knock on the door but before her knuckles hit the wood, it swung open slowly. Evan stood in the doorway.

“Hi, Evan.” She took a step. He stood solid in her way, blocking the entrance. Brandley glanced up. “Evan?”

No. Wait. Shit.

Her heartbeat kicked at her breastbone, and her head suddenly went a little dizzy. She leaned against the door frame. The hair—too short. His chest—too broad. His eyes?



She took a breath. “Oh my God. Ethan.”

ethan graphic 1a

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Hello! My name is Daire St. Denis and I just want to thank the folks here at Wild and Wicked Cowboys for allowing me to guest blog today.


As the banner says, I’ve got Cowboy Fever! Not only do I have a brand new book from Harlequin Blaze out this month (Big Sky Seduction), but I’m giving away the first book in my Tessa Savage series (How to Choose a Cowboy) for FREE!

But, before we get to that stuff, I want to talk about three things I love.

Cowboys, Country Music and Quizzes!

Let’s start with Cowboys…

Why do I love to write about cowboy heroes, you ask? Well, I suppose it’s because there’s a certain amount of raw masculinity that is paired with a kind of traditional chivalry that is so incredibly appealing in the cowboy hero. They are strong, stoic and rugged.  Plus, let’s face it, they have rope and know how to use it!

I also love country music. Like many authors, I create a playlist of songs that inspire me while I write and Big Sky Seduction and How to Choose a Cowboy both have country music playlists. Some of the songs are fun and upbeat while others are poignant love ballads. For Big Sky Seduction, I asked my readers to tell me what their favorite songs are and a couple of those titles found their way into the book, which is always fun!

As mentioned above, I also love quizzes. So, to celebrate both my release of Big Sky Seduction and my FREE book, How to Choose a Cowboy, I’m doing a quiz on the music that inspired the books. Click on the link below to go to the playbuzz quiz and try your hand at it. Leave a comment afterwards to let me know how you did. Scoring perfectly doesn’t matter, what matters is that you leave a comment as I will be giving out a $10 Amazon Gift Card to a random participant who will be chosen on May 31st.

It’s totally fun and easy. Play by clicking here!

And now on to the books…


Here is the blurb for my latest release, Big Sky Seduction from Harlequin Blaze. Below that, is the blurb from my super-hot, cowboy ménage, How to Choose a Cowboy. Enjoy!

~ Daire

Big Sky Seduction:

The best mistakes are worth repeating…

There’s no room for chaos in interior designer Gloria Hurst’s life. Everything in order, everything under control. No exceptions. Well, aside from one wicked, messy, incredibly passionate night with rodeo rider Dillon Cross. He’s macho, overconfident and sex appeal incarnate. He’s everything Gloria despises…so why is he the secret star of her wildest dreams?

Now her control is about to be seriously tested. Dillon has hired her to help him sell a ranch he’s inherited. Gloria can’t escape him, or the way he ignites a delicious hunger in her for more than just his body. Dillon Cross is a mistake Gloria wants to make over and over again…until she loses control and all hell breaks loose.

Available in stores and at the following e-retailers:

Amazon  B&N  iTunes  KOBO  Google Play


How to Choose a Cowboy:

Fall in Love with Tessa Savage and read the hottest MMF around…

Tessa Savage loves sex…and lots of it. When Tessa Savage is forced to choose between two hunky cowboys while vacationing at the Lazy L Dude Ranch, she finds herself at a loss; the Marlboro Man look-a-like or the fun-loving, exhibitionist. All she knows is it’s an impossible decision and she wants them both. What’s a girl to do?

Help Tessa decide in this smokin’ hot alternative ending story!

Available at the following e-retailers for FREE for a short time!

AMAZON  NOOK  iTunes  KOBO  Google Play


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Gem Sivad’s Eclipse Heat

eclipseheatbanner 1

Hi everyone. *waving*  Thunder/lightning bolts/wind/ and heavy rain hit early last night and because I’m a procrastinator to the core, I hadn’t posted before we lost electric. Power just came back on, so I’m here to talk about my historical western romance series I’m republishing this year.

I’ve posted release schedule below. If you haven’t read any of the books, this summer would be a great time (and price) to begin.

When I began writing this series, the original story was a short, unpublished diary I’d titled, The Journal of Lucy Quince. I had no idea it would lay the foundation for an eight book (as of now) historical western romance series set in the Old West and titled Eclipse Heat.

Although the stories all ultimately end in a Happy Ever After, my characters follow a dark, treacherous journey before they arrive.

Three families–Quince, McCallister, Hawks–All fighting for survival.

Here’s a gif displaying all my new covers created by cover artist Kris Norris.  (Gif by FB friend Beckey White).


How the Old West was really won!
Award winning romance… Eclipse Heat
Series Release Schedule
Quincy’s Woman Digital / Print
Intimate Strangers  Digital / Print
Wolf’s Tender Digital / Print
Tupelo Gold  Digital   (NEW)
Five Card Stud May 24th release!! Pre-Buy Now
Trouble in DisguiseJUNE 7
McCallister Boxed Set-JULY
Breed TrueAUGUST 16
Whispering Grace SEPTEMBER 20. (NEW)
Five Card Stud: Pre-buy 99¢.

Five Card Stud: Chapter One: First Lines:

After weeks of sober silence on the trail, the drunken laughter and raucous voices inside the saloon suited Sam McCallister just fine. It had been a long hunt, the McCallisters had brought in a string of outlaws, and judging by the sound of hammering coming from outside the Lucky Deal, the gallows was already under construction.

Sam chugged his beer, using the mirror over the bar to scan the room behind him for trouble. When he saw the lady gambler at the poker table, he forgot to swallow and frothy liquid spilled down his chin like drool.

“Who’s the woman?” he asked, wiping off the beer.

“That’d be Eden Pace,” the bartender answered and grinned. “She’s in the process of separating every man in the poker game from his week’s pay. You gonna see if you can best her?”

Five Card Stud © Gem Sivad 2016

Digital edition of  Five Card Stud available May 24th: Pre-buy 99¢.

You could be the owner of this awesome ($15.99 value) print copy of Five Card Stud.  It’s hot off the press and I’m soooo in love with the cover. I think Sam has the sexiest hands ever *sigh*. Leave a comment and tell me what makes you take a second or third look at a guy. And if you’re in a committed relationship, why did you choose your mate? (Contest ends on May 20th.Winner will be chosen by from comments.)

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The mother’s of the DIRTY DENIM crew…

By Sidda Lee Rain


Since Mother’s Day was just this past Sunday I figured I’d introduce you to the many mama’s from my DIRTY DENIM Series. Not one of their stories is a like and not all of them have had an easy road to nor on motherhood. But, each has found their way to happiness with their little ones in tow.

The FINAL book in the DIRTY DENIM Series *Saddled, Straddled and Cinched* will bring us a brand new mommy-to-be and another papoose to an experienced mama.

#1 in the DIRTY DENIM Series *Quick On the Trigger* brought us divorced mother of four girls…Miss Siri.

“You are what I want. I’m ready to move on from the bulls. I am–no doubts,” Jamie declared. “I don’t think you realize how much I mean what I say. I’m gettin’ to damn old for this-not just the aches and pains but I’m gettin’ to old to wait any longer to start my life outside the chutes. I wanna go on to the next stage of my life and you’re the only thing I absolutely see clearly when I imagine what’s next. Do you get that?”
“Jamie, I just can’t make promises that I’m not sure I can keep,” Siri said. “I think you need to live your own life for a while after stepping away from the rodeo after so many years. You might change your mind and head back. I can’t casually bring a man into  my girl’s lives if it’s not for the long haul-I won’t do that to them…I won’t do that to myself.”
He sighed and pulled her tighter in his arms. “That’s what I’m sayin’ Shug. I want to be there for the long haul. I’ve been on my own for years I don’t want to live my life alone anymore. I want it with you and your girls and eventually maybe one or two of our own. Damn if we wouldn’t make some cute kids.”

#2 in the DIRTY DENIM Series *Steel Horse Cowboy* brought us Chelsea. A mother to a baby that was never to be. After suffering silently through a miscarriage alone she realizes that she wanted that baby more than she ever would’ve guessed.

“Ahh, it happened huh?”
“What the hell you talking about, Jamie?”
“You looked at her sittin’ there holdin’ my daughter and then your brain started showing pictures of her pregnant with your kid or her rockin’ your baby to sleep.” Scotty was shocked.
“How in the hell would you know that?”
“I’ve been there, done that. I think it happened the second day I had known your sister. I was by the chutes waitin’ on a ride when I looked over and saw the most beautiful picture I had ever seen at that time. Siri sittin’ on the bleachers, swaying, holding Cody and Monica’s daughter, Shandy. I bet I had the same visions you just did.”

#3 in the DIRTY DENIM Series *Roping Him In* brought us Carly. A single mother to one little girl who she was raising completely on her own. She’d been in love with Shane since she was a child herself but with his indecision Carly was careful to keep her daughters heart safer than she’s kept her own.

Damn, that little brown-eyed girl sure could grow on a man awfully quickly. How the hell Isabella’s birth father could walk away from her was something Shane would never understand. Some men just didn’t know what they had until it was gone; hell, even then they still didn’t. Shane would give the world to have a little girl like that. The way she looked at him, the way she followed him around the farm, the way she acted like he hung the moon when he handed her a stupid little barn kitten. All things a father should cherish…just like her mother.
The woman was far more than he ever deserved. How she made it this far in life without being snagged was beyond his understanding. Carly was a grown woman and had been on her own for years. Handling life alone, raising her daughter alone, and doing a damn fine job of it. All Shane could think was she didn’t need him in her life. Especially, the man he is, the man she didn’t know existed in him.

#3.5 Christmas Special in the DIRTY DENIM Series *Hard Candy Christmas* caught us up with the whole DIRTY DENIM crew. One couple receives their own little bundle of joy during the holidays. And, even a mother of grown children knows her job as mom is never done.

To be fair, she’d come from a different generation, a much different time. She had become stuck in that era’s way of thinking. Being raised a devout Christian, her daughter’s divorce was so much more than a fresh start for Siri and her children. To Janet, it meant a failure both in life and in her faith. Questions at church from some of the ladies of the congregation had humiliated her. Working part time at the library in her small town many of the gossips came in and even more queries about the state of Zack and Siri’s marriage bombarded her.
More than her Lucille Ball hair had changed recently. Her whole realm of thinking had been reworked. Others’ expectations of her had been weighing her down; that is when it hit her like a brick that she had been doing the same thing to her children.
Her eyes stung with unshed tears.
The time to heal was now. Going forward was the only way to get over the past.
Gentle arms circled her waist from behind and from the scent of almond and sugar, she knew it was Siri without even seeing her.
Resting her chin on her mother’s shoulder, she asked, “What are you doing over here by yourself?”
“Just thinking.”
“Care to share?”
 Turning around, she took Siri’s face in her hands and, for the first time since she had been a child, she really looked at her. Not at the beautiful woman she had become—the perfect combination of her father’s good looks and her own feminine features, but the actual woman she had become.
“You really are truly amazing,” she squinted her eyes at her. “You do know that don’t you?”
Janet interrupted her. “No, let me finish please.”
Siri gave her the slightest nod.
“I don’t think I’ve ever told you how proud I am of what you have become. It’s taken me time to understand that it wasn’t you who that broke your vows; it was Zack, and you were merely on cleanup duty, weren’t you?” Janet had viewed Siri walking away from Zack as a failure. She had seen it as Siri breaking her vows taken before the Lord. Wrong.
“You have given me so much.” She closed her eyes and let the emotion take her away. “I never would have imagined the passel of grandkids you’ve given me.” She laughed quietly through the tears. “You’ve been there for your brothers when I should have.” She stopped talking and just looked at her again a new revelation struck. “I should’ve been there for you, and I wasn’t, was I?”
Siri said nothing. That was her answer. She would never intentionally say something that would cause her mother pain—even if it was true.
“I’m so sorry,” the barely audible words still hit like a cannonball.
Dropping her hands, Janet wrapped her in a hug that should’ve happened years ago—when Siri had needed it instead of the grief and recriminations.. It was hug that should’ve happened when Siri remarried and a hug that should’ve happened a million times since.

#4 in the DIRTY DENIM Series *Saddled, Straddled and Cinched* will be bringing you a new expectant mother who not only has to deal with a broken heart, a new life, but also the thought of becoming a single parent in just a few short months.

Excerpt: (Name of the father and soon-to-be-mama have been removed.)
“That bag has a bag of diapers, a few bottles, some bubble bath for you and a box of Whoppers—”
“Just one box?”
“You are an absolute angel, woman, I’d swear by it.” NO NAME kissed her cheek.
Even though she’d only been in South Dakota for two weeks her Whopper craving was well known. Before she found herself pregnant she could care less for the candy but suddenly chocolate covered malted milk balls haunted her dreams and called to her daily.
Running her fingers down the terrycloth sleeper covered in rubber duckies it hit her. “This is really happening.” Laying the garment over her protruding tummy she looked at Siri and this time she didn’t try to hold the tears in. “There’s really a baby in there. I’m really gonna be a mom.”
“Yes, you are. You’re going to be a great mother, NO NAME.”
“Am I?” She wasn’t playing coy she honestly wondered sometimes.
Siri squeezed her hand. “Of course you are.”
“How do you know though?”
Setting the bags on the table, Siri turned towards her taking both her hands in her own. “You loved a man who at some point didn’t deserve your love anymore. You cared for a man you no longer recognized until his dying day. You…” raising her chin with a single finger, “never stopped trying to save him no matter what he did…to himself and to you.”
“I loved him so much Siri—”
“And you will love this baby—the baby you and NO NAME created.” Siri pulled her into her embrace and held her as she cried. “You will love this baby more than you ever thought possible. You don’t have it in you to be anything but an amazing mother because NO NAME? You’re simply an amazing woman with an amazing heart.”

*The DIRTY DENIM Series will be receiving NEW COVERS shortly.* (here’s a sneak peek of the all new look for the bestselling series)


All the DIRTY DENIM books are available on Amazon-except the FINAL book *Saddled, Straddled and Cinched* which will be released later this year.

*Quick On the Trigger* is ONLY .99 NOW!

*Steel Horse Cowboy*

*Roping Him In*

*Hard Candy Christmas*

*Saddled, Straddled and Cinched* COMING LATE 2016!

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