Conversation hearts & Valentines SALES!

Sidda Lee Rain

I see so many people posting (via social media) that spring is finally coming-making itself known. And, all I can think is, WHAAAAAT? Here in Minnesota there have been no signs of warmer weather nor spring blooms. As I type there’s a slight snow falling outside the window and a weekly high of 12…far from spring like temps.

Spring may not be in the near future but Valentines Day certainly is! And, I may or may not be on my second bag of conversation hearts 😉 One of those candies from my childhood that I just somehow never outgrew, I guess.

I’ve been taking a break from most social media to focus on my writing. I’m hoping 2018 will bring a close to a few series that have been (not-so-patiently) awaiting their final reads. As well as bringing my readers some new characters. I may have started in western erotic romance, but I’ve spread my wings a bit more with every passing publication. It’s exciting–I’m excited! Though I’ll never abandon my western roots, I’m looking forward to other genres as well.

In celebration of the upcoming holiday I have a couple SALES on Valentines Day!


Lust, Leather and Love

(Can be read as a standalone or as #3 in the Casual Curves series)

Blaze…even her name is hot as hell.

Sometimes it takes a hard@ss woman to handle a garage full of men, hell, to handle me.
She’s been a godsend to my business but complete torture to my body.
I’m done watching her from afar-oh there’s no doubt Blaze runs the show.
That paired with a hilarious personality, curvy body that won’t quit and that don’t screw with me attitude? Has me fully torqued and revving…just waiting for her green light.
Sure, I may be her boss but there’s no question who’s the one in charge.


Also on SALE! HATE Sex…definitely not your mama’s romance. 



(Please read warnings before reading-HATE Sex does have a HEA but it’s quite the trip getting there!)

I Skye Briar Blake am simply a girl trying to make her way in the world. Corny enough for ya? Well, it’s true though.

Working part time at a diner where most of the patrons are drunken frat boys with an unending appetite for chili cheese fries and the gift of quoting the worst pickup lines known to man and beast. But, at night I make my way to part time job numero dos at Pinkies. Yep, you guessed it…a strip club—rather a gentleman’s club featuring exotic dancers. Better? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Serving drinks and stocking baskets of stale pretzels was never my life goal or anything but it pays better than the diner and I don’t come home reeking like deep-fried crap.

I’ve actually found a family at Pinkies and that’s something I’m severely lacking.

For the most part I can’t complain…that is I couldn’t until Jaden came into my life, insulted me about my weight, then, screwed me until I couldn’t see straight. Jerk.Makes no sense, right? Try being me.

As if on cue enter Rhett, panty-melting Rhett and he likes me, no, like really likes me.

With two men knocking on my door *heh-hum* so to speak I’m more confused than I’ve ever been and quite honestly I just don’t know what to believe anymore.

This is my story. The good, the bad and the downright wrong—it’s all me and I’ll have to live with the repercussions of my decisions and hope in the end I don’t HATE myself.

Warning: HATE Sex will tick you the f*ck off. Homicidal thoughts may cross your mind revolving around a certain arrogant s.o.b. And, by the middle of the book? You’ll want to dish out a bitchslap of epic proportions to my heroine. GOOD! Hand me a lollipop because all that means is that I succeeded in sucking you into this twisted vortex of sex, hate and possibly love whether you wanted to be sucked or not.

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“If your knees ain’t dirty…

                    You ain’t doin’ it right!”



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Look what’s coming out in print!

All the naked cowboys will soon be a bailable in print!

Keep your eyes peeled for the release date! Yes, you can soon take them home and hold them in your hands!

Check them out!

Naked Cowboys

Stark Naked

After Reenie bumps into her friend’s very sexy, very naked brother, she decides to keep her distance, but he shows up at her door the next morning asking she doesn’t let first impressions ruin what could be a whole lot of fun.

Matt quickly realizes none of his usual lines will work on Reenie, which only adds to his desire to get her to lower her defenses around him.


Buck Naked

When a cowboy stops to help Amy change a flat, she’s convinced her run of luck isn’t going to change any time soon. Buck is far too confident and cocky for her. Buck made his mark on the rodeo circuit, but the lifestyle left its on marks on him. He knows he should tell Amy about his past before she hears it elsewhere, but every time he opens his mouth, all he can do is kiss her…


Stripped Naked

Jinx thought moving from New York to Rowan Country would mean an end to reporting on murders and dealing with grumpy police who see her as a nuisance. After only a few weeks on the job, someone finds a dead body in a ditch, and Sheriff Dillon Cross is butting heads with the sexy local reporter. They get on like two angry hornets trapped in an upturned glass, but soon it’s more than heated barbs they’re exchanging.


Bare Naked

Georgie invests everything she owns in a dilapidated B&B in Saddle Wells, Texas, so when a rough-around-the-edges cowboy offers his handyman services, she accepts his help in exchange for room and board.

Cade’s a down-on-his-luck cowboy with a reputation so bad no one will hire him. Luckily for Cade, newcomer Georgie doesn’t know anything about the man he used to be. But not everyone is ready to give Cade a second chance, and their newfound happiness could disappear like smoke.


Naked Desire

All Cynthia has left after her divorce is her grandfather’s secret barbecue-spice-rub recipe. She’s determined to start over in Saddle Wells, but she’s totally unprepared for her reaction to the carpenter her new friends recommend.

Jesse is more than happy to renovate Cyn’s storefront, but what he’d really love to do is tackle that self-doubt he sees lurking in her eyes, but first he has to convince her to give them a chance despite their age difference.


Naked Flame

On a night out, former cop Charity notices the brooding bar owner needs help, so she steps in and ends up right in his arms.

After two tours in Afghanistan, Liam now runs his dad’s bar. Having Charity around is a distraction, but he can’t seem to deny whatever there is between them.

When a criminal comes looking for revenge, Charity knows it will be better for everyone if she leaves town, but leaving Liam is more difficult than she thought.

Naked Heat

Andrew “Mac” McDaniel is on a mission to find the drunk driver who killed his twin sister, and his latest lead has brought him to Saddle Wells. When realtor Nida hands over the keys, something sparks between them. But even as undeniable interest turns to hot nights together, Nida is not sure she can stand by and watch him destroy himself when his investigation sends him on a path toward a potentially disastrous act of revenge.


Naked Hunger

Raising livestock in Saddle Wells isn’t as exciting as the pro circuit for local rancher Ryan, but the sweet new vet in town certainly livens things up. Sable claims she has no time for a relationship, so Ryan suggests they have some friends-with-benefits fun while he convinces her she doesn’t have to choose between career and love. But when a costly mistake puts her career in jeopardy, Sable could lose everything.


Watch for promotions in the Desiree Holt Readers Group special for that group only.

Giveaways, announcements, early release information, contests.

You can collect all eight (8) Naked Cowboys in digital for just $6.93. They’ll keep you warm this winter.

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Plum Creek returns

In case you hadn’t heard the news, my Plum Creek series is returning to bookshelves starting in February. This trilogy was originally published about 10 years ago and I got my rights back. Now I’m sharing them with everyone again!

The trilogy began with book 1, THE EDUCATION OF MADELINE. I wrote Madeline to be a tall, curvy, thirty-two year old spinster in Reconstruction era Colorado, 1872. She’s rich, hated because of her wealth, and needs to learn how to experience life.

The hero, Teague, is a big man with a dark past who enters Madeline’s life. She grabs hold of the opportunity with both hands and they begin an adventure together, with many twists, turns, and unseen dangers.

I loved Madeline – she embodied what I struggled with as a curvy woman with low self-confidence. She discovers she’s fierce, courageous, and unwilling to settle for what the world has planned for her.

I’m happy to say THE EDUCATION OF MADELINE releases on February 27 in both ebook and print. The cover is beautiful and I can’t for y’all to meet Madeline and Teague. Book 2, THE REDEMPTION OF MICAH, is coming on April 10 – more on that next time!

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Lawman! Rhonda Lee Carver


To Serve. Protect. And desire.

Special Agent Zander Cade discovers his stunning neighbor and realizes she has a handful of secrets that could put him in a difficult situation. He has a job to do, but her beauty and spunk deter his every intention to abide the law. If his instincts are right, she’s a whole lot of trouble…and in danger.

Wynn Makelti has no other choice but to move into her grandmother’s neglected house, at least for the time being. Anything is better than going back to her ex whose criminal activity is catching up to him. The Wyoming scenery isn’t too bad, considering her neighbor has caught, and keeps, her attention. But can he be trusted? She believes he has a few secrets of his own and she makes it a priority to find out what he’s hiding behind his hat, beguiling smile and bad-boy tattoos.

Little by little the secrets begin to unravel and turmoil shows up on her doorstep. As safe as his embrace feels, can she stay and possibly put him at risk from someone from her past? If she leaves, she could lose everything she has come to love.

As risky as loving Wynn is, Zander can’t let her go, even if it puts his career on the line. It’s time she finds out what a real man has to offer and he’s the one to do it. Together they can face the danger closing in…unless she runs before he can prove that he can be trusted to protect her and love her.

Pre-order here!


The hat. The gun. And the will to protect.

Showing up to investigate a double homicide, Sheriff Phoenix Cade almost comes out of his boots when he sees the blonde–the only witness to the crime–covered in blood. He’d danced with her a few nights before and had every intention of getting her number until she threw up all over his shoes. Hell, his shoes would wash…

Ria Portman has spent the better part of six years convincing her family and friends that she could take care of herself. The accident took her sight, but it didn’t take her independence. There were a lot of things she’d learned over the years, especially regarding men. They said they could handle her disability, but truth was, they lied. When her assistant and client are murdered in her studio she will have to rely on one man—the one man who makes her want to trust again.

Phoenix is over his ex, but since he caught her cheating he’s compared relationships to playing with fire. It’s only a matter of time before a man gets burnt. Yet, Ria is different. She’s beautiful, smart, challenging, and doesn’t need him…even when she does. He should keep his head on straight because the killers want her dead and it’s his job to keep her safe. However, he’s realizing, a man in love becomes a giant. He’ll protect Ria with a force unlike any that has ever been seen before.

Buy here!

Let’s connect!













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The Writing Life

I hope everyone is having a great New Year.

I thought I’d share a little bit today about my writing life.

For about the last year, I’ve been concentrating on trying to get more books written to get more books out. I’m going to call it a 75% success rate.

I’m now writing for two small presses and trying to break into New York. My self-publishing has fallen to the side, because its hard to do everything. And I realized I can’t do everything.

But I have a cowboy book that was making the rounds everywhere, but wasn’t being sold. I finally took the book, gave it to an editor and copy editor and let them have at it. I’m happy to say Billionaire Cowboy’s Conquest looks to be released around the end of March.

I’ll have my cover in February and I’ll be happy share it with this group.

As for my two small presses, The Wild Rose Press and Trifecta Publishing house. I will have one book coming out with The Wild Rose Press later this year called Highland Dom Book 1 in the McMillan Passion series.

From Trifecta Publishing House in February 19th Master Cole releases (cover down below), in June: Her Desert Prince Book 1 in the Desert Destiny Series, and in December: Her Desert Doctor Book 2 in the Desert Destiny Series.

I am still trying to break into NY publishing, I have 3 chapters of a book with a NY publisher now, waiting to hear if they want the rest of the book.

In the line up for the rest of the year, I have to write book 2 in the McMillan Passion series, Book 3 & 4 in the Desert Destiny Series. And maybe just maybe I’ll be able to start another series that is 9 books long, it all depends on how the rest of the year goes.

Everyone have a great Valentine’s day.


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A Box set of Cowboys! by Paty Jager

I’m excited to continue the stories of the families connected to the Tumbling Creek Ranch.  The novella, Love Me Anyway, in the box set, Cowboy Charmed, has Brett Wallis no longer able to hide his feelings for his housekeeper.

Love Me Anyway

Melanie Trask ran away from an abusive husband and is hiding at a remote dude ranch. When she and the ranch owner can no longer deny their feelings, he offers to help her divorce her husband. But she has one more secret she hasn’t revealed…

Brett Wallis has fallen hard for the quiet, competent woman who landed at his ranch when he was making it into a dude ranch. But will he be able to choose between Melanie or the ranch when he discovers the truth behind her secrecy?

This story along with five other contemporary western romance stories can be found in Cowboy Charmed for $.99 or FREE if you had Kindle Unlimited.

Fall in love with six incredible tales of men who know how to treat a woman… 

Stephanie Berget – Sugar Pine Cowboy

Marlene Clegg discovers that rekindling a lost love is the hardest task of all. Especially when she’s burned every bridge on her journey to find riches and fame

Allison Merritt – Cowboy Kind of Trouble

A wreck stole his bull riding career, but one special woman can give him something greater–love.

Danita Cahill –  Cowboy, Convince Me

A cowboy shattered Shay’s heart and her dreams. Does she dare trust another?

RaeAnne Hadley Double Numbers

They were the inseparable ones, practically from birth. Jathan, Valerie and Hudson did everything together, ranging from homework to horse roping to mischief making.

As an adult, Valerie yearns for making a name for herself in the roping industry and finding happiness with the only man she’s ever loved. Can she get Hudson to see her as a woman or will she always be a little girl in his eyes?

Paty Jager Love Me Anyway

Melanie Trask is hiding at a remote dude ranch. When she and the ranch owner can no longer deny their feelings, he offers to help her divorce her abusive husband. But she has one more secret she hasn’t revealed…

D’Ann Lindun – Branded

Cordero Ybarra holds his secrets close, refusing to open up about the night racial prejudice almost killed him. Aspen O’Hare refuses to trust Cord—or any man—because she’s been abandoned one too many times. Can Cord and Aspen see through the pain to find love?



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A New Pre-order, Plus a .99¢ Book from The Men of At-Ease Ranch Series by Donna Michaels

Hi, it’s Donna Michaels, and I’m so excited to bring you the latest news and sales related to my Men of At-Ease Ranch Series, where veterans run a ranch for other vets to transition into civilian life. A series near and dear to my heart. ♥

First off,  Book 4: ARMY RANGER WITH BENEFITS is up for Pre-Order!!


Rel. 3/12/18
Pre-Order Now!

Amazon | iBooks | B&N | Kobo


Their sexy scheme so doesn’t go as planned

Emma Roberts is done losing her heart to military men who don’t stick around. Desperate to shake up her love life, she launches a plan to get her handsome, dependable crush to finally notice her. And her neighbor’s sexy older brother that just arrived in town is the perfect man for the job.

But there’s a problem. Emma’s ridiculously attracted to her fake boyfriend.

Former Army Ranger Vince Acardi dropped everything to help his stubborn brother after he’s injured in the line of duty. Instead, he somehow gets stuck helping the adorably hot girl next door land a date with some doctor she’s interested in. Not that fake-dating her is a hardship, and soon, he’s holding her, kissing her, touching her…

There’s nothing fake about the chemistry between them. But Vince is leaving in two weeks, and Emma refuses to risk her heart on another military man. Worse, the good doctor she’s been after is finally standing up and taking notice…

I’m excited for you to read Vince’s book! He was a ton of fun to write. And it also includes Jovy and Stone’s wedding at the end. And yes, Lula Belle is there, causing trouble as usual. lol Can’t wait for you to see what she does. hehe


Next, Book 2: HER SECRET ARMY RANGER is on Sale for only .99¢!!
Each book in the series is written as a stand-alone, so you can jump in any time!


Only .99¢ until 1/30
Hurry! Grab it now while it’s on Sale!

Amazon | iBooks | B&N | Kobo



In case you haven’t already noticed, my titles have changed slightly in this series. My publisher decided to add ‘Army’ to my titles. Here’s a look at all the hotness side-by-side! ♥ (I’m so in love with these covers!) Aren’t they great?♥



And finally, don’t worry, I didn’t forgot about Leo. His book will finish out the series. Book 5: THE ARMY RANGER’S SURPRISE, releases July 9, 2018!

Hum…I wonder what that title means… ☺

Have a great day, and thanks for reading,


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They all hunger for the Night Wrangler

The consumate cowboy, he brings the earthiness of the ranch to the exclusive Texas BDSM club, Rawhide. The latest Ibn the exciting, popular Rawhide series.

Computer programmer Risa Channing craves a man who can take her to levels she’s never reached. Dark, erotic, demanding, the Night Wrangler promises that and more with his seductive eyes and hard muscles. The sexy Dom handles horses by day, but at night, he finesses women who want his delectable brand of BDSM pleasure. As Risa steps into the unknown of Rawhide’s private dungeon, she takes one look at the Night perf5.000x8.000.inddWrangler and prepares to take a journey that will change her life forever.


Risa stood waiting for instructions while Master J walked slowly around her. She could feel the impact of his gaze on her as he studied her from every angle.

“Before we begin, Clint gave me the specifics of your request,” he told her. “Look at me, Risa.” His voice was softer now.

She raised her eyes, questioning. “Yes, Master J?”

“Clint takes his requests very seriously. He wants to make sure that those he pairs together are a suitable match.” He brushed a stay strand of hair back from her face. “For what we are about to do, especially to take you to levels you’ve never reached before, there must be complete and absolute trust. I promise you that you have nothing to fear from me. That you can trust me only to satisfy your desires and to stretch your limits but not push you beyond them if it becomes too much for you. Do you understand?”

She nodded.

“Did Clint tell you what they call me, besides Master J?”

“No.” The word came out as a soft whisper. She swallowed and repeated it, louder. “No, Sir.”

“I’m known as the Night Wrangler. On a ranch, the wrangler is the one in charge of the horses and other livestock. Here, where I only play at night, I am in complete charge of the subs who come to me. Or who I choose for myself. Complete control.” He studied her with those intense eyes. “Can you accept that?”

“Yes, Sir.” She licked her bottom lip with her tongue, then decided to be a little bolder. “That’s exactly what I want.”

“Tell me exactly what it is you’re seeking tonight. I want to hear it from you.”

Risa swallowed. She forced herself to keep her gaze on him while she answered. “I have discovered that I want to explore greater levels of pain, to reach that point where the pain itself is a pleasure. To be helpless, except to do as you command me. To achieve the intense orgasms possible at that level. I—I’ve discovered that pain increases my pleasure, that it takes me to a place where things could be ever so much sweeter. And to please you because of that.”

His lips twitched as if he was holding back a smile. His gaze had softened, but there was still heat flaring in them. Risa’s breath caught as the heat of his gaze seared her, sending shivers skating over the surface of her skin. She’d only wanted this one night, but suddenly she wanted much more than that. From him. With him. And the intensity of her need frightened her. She’d spent her entire life being careful not to let her emotions rule her mind so how had this even happened?

Because she’d never met the Night Wrangler before. There was something so compelling, so intense, so demanding that she just wanted to fall into whatever it was he had planned and never come up. She could understand why he had the name.








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Bargain Anthologies–Limited time only!

Last Chance to Snag these Anthologies!

Last year I published a LIMITED TIME collection of Hot Alpha Heroes and Hot Dominant Heroes. These books are available on Kindle Unlimited for free, or at a bargain price of $5.99.

I wanted to let you know that in February 2018, they will disappear forever.

If you are interested, snag them now!

Hot Alpha Heroes includes a collection of shorts and novellas that are steamy and snarky. This is a great collection for readers who are new to my work.

Hot Dominant Heroes includes my HOTTEST stories (featuring couples exploring sugarkink and BDSM). This collection is not for the faint of heart, and a great choice for readers who discovered me after some of these books disappeared from the marketplace, and for readers who really like a super steamy romance. As I said, many of them are not available anywhere else.

Both collections will only be available on Amazon. They will be on sale for a short time.

The price for each collection is $5.99 which is less than $1 a story!


Hot Alpha Heroes: A Sabrina York Anthology

Like a box of yummy chocolates, these hot shorts include a delicious selection of some of Sabrina’s hottest alpha heroes. Award winning historical and contemporary romances in a variety of lengths.

This anthology includes exclusive content, not available anywhere else and will only be available for a limited time.

Get it now!


  • Luscious: Indulge in a naughty Regency romp where his thirst for revenge could destroy everything.
  • Rebound: A scorching friends-to-lovers contemporary romance! This fun and flirty novella is the first installment in the Tryst Island Romance Series featuring an alpha hero and a spunky heroine who have known each other forever…but never hooked up. Yet!
  • Whipped: Dane Coulter is determined to avoid love at all costs…until he meets a woman he can’t resist. It’s a damn shame she is the one woman he can never have. A scorching contemporary romance.
  • Pool Man: This luxurious contemporary romance romp features exotic locations, a steamy flirtation and a hilarious twist that will have you laughing out loud. A scorching contemporary romance.
  • Man Hungry: Blind dates can be a crapshoot, but for Jessica and Justin, it’s like winning the lottery. The lust lottery at least! A scorching contemporary romance.  Exclusive content, not available anywhere else!
  • Dark Fancy: Running away from an unwanted marriage, Helena unwittingly runs directly into the arms of the most dangerous man in Regency England. And he refuses to let her go. A scorching Regency romance.

Don’t miss Hot Dominant Heroes as well…if you dare.

hot-dominant-heroes-e-readerHot Dominant Heroes: A Sabrina York Anthology

Enjoy a delicious selection of some of Sabrina’s hottest romances featuring hot, dominant heroes and loving couples exploring spanking, bondage, sugarkink and more—featuring award winning historical and contemporary romances in a variety of lengths.

This anthology includes exclusive content, not available anywhere else and will only be available for a limited time.

CAUTION: Not for the faint of heart.

Get it now!


  • Adam’s Obsession:  When Adam Trillo discovers his buttoned-up co-worker is actually Wildcat, his kinky online lover, he is determined to seduce her in real life, even though it’s strictly against the rules. Book One of the scorching Wired Series!
  • Pushing Her Buttons: Tangling with a blazingly handsome stranger in an elevator leads to a dark passion Samantha cannot resist.  Exclusive content, not available anywhere else!
  • Her Royal Comeuppance: Furious at the betrayal of her once-loyal woodsman, Queen Cressida intends to make him pay. But Nicholas turns the tables, determined to thaw his Ice Queen with the heat of a passion she cannot resist.
  • Training Tess: When hardcore Dom Jared Mittlebank discovers sweet Tess’ curiosity about his, ahem, lifestyle, he cannot resist the opportunity to…instruct her. Exclusive content, not available anywhere else!
  • Trickery: Tricked into seducing a yummy mortal, young witch Willow has no idea what is in store for her—magical domination by one of the most powerful wizards in the witching world. And he will use all his powers to win her.
  • Extreme Couponing: Imagine receiving a coupon book for kinky explorations. Would you be brave enough to redeem them? Exclusive content, not available anywhere else!
  • BONUS CONTENT! Dark Duke: Edward Weyth is notorious for his hedonistic lifestyle, but everything turns upside down when his cousins come to stay with him. Until he notices his cousin’s mousy companion isn’t mousy in the least. He cannot resist introducing her to his dark desires. From Sabrina’s scorching Noble Passions Series.
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What’s better than 1 cowboy? Why, 6 cowboys!

Falling For a Cowboy

Love with a Proper Rancher by Judith Rochelle
All Paige Cavanaugh wanted in life was a fairy tale romance. Too bad she kept getting frogs instead of princes. When she finds herself stranded, she meets let-me-drag-you-into-my-bed rancher/attorney Ryan Cutter. When they least expect it, passion explodes between them. But then Paige’s past shows up. Will her happy ending elude her once more?

Love With a Welcome Stranger by Lynnette Baughman
She doesn’t remember that the handsome Montana rancher was once a poor cowboy who loved her. He can’t forget that she left him and never looked back.
Mandy McCay’s life as a Hollywood starlet ended with a bullet from a deranged fan. She returns home with gaps in her memory. What happened the summer before she left Montana?
Campbell West remembers every moment of their past together…their passionate love, her betrayal, and his pain. Can he risk forgetting it all–and hoping she’ll never remember?
Loving Luke by Jenny Andersen

Luke Stone has spent ten years in prison for someone else’s crime. The last thing he wants when he gets out is to return to the town whose people falsely accused him, but a man with no possessions, no home, and no future has little choice.
Hannah Bluefield always believed in his innocence. Now Luke needs a job and her struggling ranch needs a strong back. She also needs to know if she’ll ever mean as much to him as he does to her. Can they find love in Stone’s Crossing?

A Convenient Cowboy by Shari Thayn
Nina Randall ad exec career is in shambles. She has one last chance to prove herself—a soda pop commercial in a Western setting. The thought of rough, rugged cowboys sounds like the change she needs.
The only reason Jon Carver is at the family ranch is to help his brother hold on to the Crooked C. Now he’s ready to leave. After all, he isn’t a cowboy anymore.
But for Nina, he’s awfully convenient.

Banned in Texas by Sylvie Kaye
When the local bad boy meets a bad girl, gone respectable, who will come out on top?
Cole wants to add Angie to the notches on his bedpost, while she wants respectability. He’s the serial dating bad boy of the RFD singles while she’s new in town and seeking a fresh start. Will she tame the bad boy or will he shame her?

Something To Talk About by Julie Harrington
Born-to-be-bland meets born-to-be-wild…
Annabelle Leahey is ready to be bad. But going from bashful to bold won’t be easy. Ann needs a guide, and rancher Mitchell Black is the perfect candidate.
The last thing Mitchell needs is more trouble. He hasn’t lived down his bad boy days yet and he has no intention of resurrecting them now. But when Ann asks for his help, he can’t refuse. Especially since the preacher’s daughter has suddenly become a fireball of temptation.
Being bad with the right person can be o-o-o-oh so good.



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