Sneak Peek–Rhonda Lee Carver

February finds us with lots of snow and cold temps here in Ohio. I hope you all are staying warm. I’m here to lend a hand…or rather a book! My new series, Tarnation, Texas, is releasing on Feb 5 with Book 1, Hitched. This is a sweet, hometown romance with a splash of naughty cowboy. Read below with links, details, and a sneak peek at my newest sexy cowboy…


Love blossoms in the unlikeliest places…Tarnation, Texas.

Buzz Colt was a liar, cheat, and a scrooge but the one thing he did right was father five sons.
Growing up without a father, Baxter Colt learned how to be a man on his own. He’d written Buzz out of his life until he passed and left a few surprises and secrets—and hoops to jump through.

Fury wasn’t a strong enough word to describe Baxter’s feelings when he heard the stipulations of his father’s will. Five brothers who are strangers are given the choice to live together for six months and work the Grinning Spurs Ranch or give up everything they’ve worked for—including their homesteads.

However, that’s only the beginning. All five must be married before time is up.

Since her mother was diagnosed with early onset Parkinson’s Disease, Abriella Craig was responsible for the family bakery and her little brother. Financially she was strapped and emotionally and physically she was alone, but when a brooding, handsome stranger strolls into town he might be the answer to her prayers.

Abriella is as sweet as the cupcakes she creates and would make the perfect wife, but as secrets start to unfold Baxter realizes he wants more than a marriage of convenience. But is he too much like his father to ever find love?

The Colt brothers will each take a journey in finding love, brotherhood and forgiveness in the small town of Tarnation, Texas where love blooms in the unlikeliest places.

preorder here !


Tapping away at the keyboard, she brought her chin up just in time to see a flash of a white hat and blue eyes before she slammed into a rock-solid body that smelled like leather and sunshine. Her phone shot out of her hand, flying through the air as she squealed in protest. She awkwardly tried to catch it, but it bounced off her fingers then landed in the street.

“Oh no!” She scrambled off the sidewalk to snatch up her phone when she heard a loud honk about the same time she felt a strong arm circle her waist to drag her back against a broad chest. The car continued to beep as it passed, crunching her phone under the tires. Abriella couldn’t believe her eyes. “Oh no, no, noooo!” She slumped her shoulders, staring at the broken phone.

“You should watch where you’re going, lady,” a rich, husky voice with a prominent Texas drawl said next to her ear.

She’d almost forgotten the strong arm that still held her.

Pivoting on the heels of her sneakers, she met the gaze of the tall, broad shouldered cowboy with clear blue eyes that were upon her in irritation.  He was irritated? “Excuse me?”

“Your nose was in your phone and because of that, it’s now trashed. Not to mention you almost got yourself killed trying to save it.”

Trying her best not to focus on his nice lips or that firm jaw covered in a layer of dusky whiskers, she gritted her teeth against the wave of awareness in her body. “Maybe you should try and watch where you’re going, buddy! The sidewalk is plenty big enough for the both of us unless you count that ego of yours. Why were you walking on my side? You destroyed my phone!”

He chuckled. “Lady—”

“My name isn’t lady!” she snapped.

“Fine. What should I call you?” He pushed back the rim of his white Stetson, showing off the fringe of dark, silver-peppered hair around his ears. Her gaze naturally fell to his neck and the unusual looking fleshy mark.

He cleared his throat and she lifted her eyes.

Did she really want to tell him her name? Probably not. “I assume you’re one of the Colt men, aren’t you?”

Some of the creases on his forehead disappeared and he shook his head. “News travels fast here in this three-stoplight town,” he said with notable agitation.

“Actually, there are five lights.” She tilted one hip and turned her attention back to her smashed phone. Now what would she do? “You owe me a phone, Mr. Colt!” She crossed her arms over her chest and held her chin high.

I owe you a phone?” His gaze dropped to her bakery shirt, then came back up. “Bluebonnet, I’m afraid you’re sadly mistaken.” He settled his hat lower on his forehead, shading those amazing eyes. “My advice is to invest in a smash resistant cell if you plan on keeping your nose buried in it.”

“I didn’t ask for your advice. I asked for reimbursement of my phone that you demolished. Where was your head buried, Mr. Colt?”

“It’s just a phone, ma’am. Not the end of the world. You should be thanking me that I saved your ass,” he smirked.


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Christmas has passed, but there’s more to celebrate!

Sidda Lee Rain

Perfect novellas for this time of year! Just because the Christmas holiday has passed us by doesn’t mean there isn’t more to celebrate. Join the Casual Curves characters in FOUR of my favorite holiday reads.

“Sidda Lee Rain creates quirky, gritty, keep it real characters that make her books a real pleasure to read!”    ~Amazon Reviewer 

Trick or Tryst

Thirty-something, curvaceous, single and a…witch? 
Piper hadn’t expected to be practically swept off her feet by a six-foot-three banana—yes, a banana, but that’s pretty damn close to what happened.

When Zander saves her from the one man more sexually forward than the original Willy Clinton? He does more than save her a dry-cleaning bill and a stained dress. 

A drinking game revolving around the movie Sixteen Candles leads them to an entertaining erotic encounter. 

A Casual Curves Halloween meet and greet may have brought them together but it’s the cheesy 80’s movie that will take them to cloud nine.

Champagne and Candy Canes

1st Lt. Dusty Miller had been fairly successful keeping himself away from Sunshine Valley Hospitals spokeswoman Julianna Korentino. 

That is until now…

The curvaceous woman drew him in and that’s a rarity since his injury. A year was more than enough time of denying his attraction to the green eyed beauty. 

But, just when he made up his mind to act on his attraction? She was gone. Her and that sexy as hell red dress she wore to the hospitals Holiday gala.

It would take his own little Christmas miracle to get her luscious body against his own before the night was through.

Lust, Leather and Love

Blaze…even her name is hot as hell.

Sometimes it takes a hard@ss woman to handle a garage full of men, hell, to handle me.
She’s been a godsend to my business but complete torture to my body. 
I’m done watching her from afar-oh there’s no doubt Blaze runs the show. 
That paired with a hilarious personality, curvy body that won’t quit and that don’t screw with me attitude? Has me fully torqued and revving…just waiting for her green light.
Sure, I may be her boss but there’s no question who’s the one in charge.


Trista’s life has revolved around Casual Curves the past few years. A voluptuous girl herself, she’d seen a need for a dating site that catered to curvier women and the men who adore them. 

Her brainchild has been a complete success…her love life, however? Not so much.
She’d been making love connections and setting up meet and greets for all of her members but never joined Casual Curves herself.


Maybe because she’s been waiting for him. Tanner.

Green beer, Irish Pubs, shamrocks everywhere, and the only shade of green he sees are the emerald eyes that haunt his dreams. His Triss.

One night of getting exactly what he’s wanted for so long has panic setting in.

Tanner’s going to need a helluva lot more than a little luck on his side to make things right again.

“Love Love Love! Sidda’s books are my all time favorite and this one does not disappoint. The attraction and sexual chemistry makes you need a cold shower!”                                                 ~Amazon Reviewer 


Trick or Tryst (Casual Curves Holiday Shorts Book 1) by Sidda Lee Rain via @amazon

Champagne and Candy Canes (Casual Curves Holiday Shorts) by Sidda Lee Rain via @amazon

Lust, Leather and Love (Casual Curves Holiday Shorts Book 3) by Sidda Lee Rai… via @amazon

Kismet Kisses (Casual Curves Holiday Shorts Book 4) by Sidda Lee Rain via @amazon

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Sidda Lee Rain via @WildandWickedCowboysBlog

“If your knees ain’t dirty…

                    You ain’t doin’ it right!”

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New Series. New Cowboy. New Year.

Happy New Year! I can’t believe 2019 is here! No better time to start a new series.

Tarnation, Texas!


Bo Colt was a liar, cheater and scrooge but the one thing he did right–or rather the five things–he fathered sons. Yet, he wasn’t a daddy…

Growing up without a father, the five Colt sons learned how to be men on their own. They’d written their “seed donor” out of their lives, until they learned that Bo passed and left a few surprises and secrets–and hoops to jump through.

Five brothers who are strangers are given the choice to live together for six months and work their father’s ranch (and businesses) in Tarnation, Texas or lose everything, including their homesteads.

However, that’s not even the beginning. All five must be hitched before the time is up…

Now how does a cowboy, five at that, find a wife in a small town like Tarnation, Texas? Join the Colt brothers in their journey in finding love, brotherhood and forgiveness.

A sweet & sexy, small-town romance .

COMING soon!


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Happy New Year from Marie Tuhart

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday if you celebrate.

It’s time for the New Year to roll around and I’ve been busy getting my goals set up for 2019 and looking back at my goals for 2018. The writing has been getting there, I took some detours this year due to calls by publishers, but that’s okay.

I already have the books I’m going to write next year planned out. I’m trying to squeeze in a cowboy series, not sure if it will make it in 2019, but for sure in 2020.

Everyone have a safe and wonderful New Year.


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Time for Zeke by Beth Williamson

I’m  republishing the DEVILS ON HORSEBACK series. Book 1, NATE, and book 2, JAKE, are both available in ebook for your reading pleasure. Book 3, ZEKE, releases on December 11. The other two will follow 2019.

The Devils are survivors, men who lost who they were and need to find out who they are now. Each has a journey to make, sometimes full of pain, sometimes full of joy, but each ends with finding the woman who will be a partner and lover. These books are gritty, sometimes violent, and intense. This was the first time I explored issues that veterans have, even those who fought in the Civil War.

I’ve priced NATE at $.99 everywhere – have you picked up your copy yet? If not, why not give the Devils a ride?

Kindle US:


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How would you like a signed poster of a Naked Cowboys cover?

Want a poster of the cover of Naked Hunger signed by me? Read all about how cowboys got their name, the jokes they tell and leave a comment below. Winner receives A signed copy of the poster below.And be sure to pick up all the Naked Cowboys:



Version #1

The word “cowboy” appeared in the English language by 1725. In the early 1700’s it simply referred to a ‘boy who tended cows’. Later the word described a man who tended cattle on a ranch and went about most of his work on horseback. These skills were then connected to rodeo riders known as cowboys

“Cowboy” appears to be a direct English translation of vaquero, a Spanish word for an individual who managed cattle while mounted on horseback. It was derived from vaca, meaning “cow,” which came from the Latin word vacca.

Version #2

The word “cowboy” (“cow-boy”, “cow boy”) was little seen in the U.S. in the decades before the great surge in cattle drives—prior to the 1870s. The word most commonly associated with America’s greatest folk heroes actually got its beginning in Ireland, and was commonly used in Britain from 1820-1850 where its meaning was quite literal, applying to the young boys tending the cows owned by a family or community. An earlier use by Jonathan Swift in 1725 also refers to nothing more than a boy tending cows.

Cowboy Jokes

What Do You Call Someone Who Wears Cowboy Clothes? Ranch dressin’

What Do You Call A Happy Cowboy? A jolly rancher

Why Did The Cowboy Ride His Horse? Because he was too heavy to carry.

A cowboy rode into town and stopped at a saloon for a drink. Unfortunately, the locals had a habit of picking on strangers, which he definitely was. When he finished his drink, he found his horse stolen. He went back into the bar, handily flipped his gun into the air, caught it above his head without looking, and fired a shot into the ceiling.

“Which one of you sidewinders stole my horse?!?!?!” he yelled with surprising forcefulness. No one answered. “Alright, I’m gonna have another beer, and if my horse ain’t back outside by the time I finish, I’m gonna do what I dun in Texas! And you don’t want me to do what I dun in Texas!”

Some of the locals shifted restlessly. They knew not to underestimate the word of a Texan, especially one who had a few too many beers. The man finished off a few more beers and walked outside where his horse had been returned. He saddled up, and started to ride out of town. The bartender wandered out of the bar and saw the man stumbling to get on his horse. “Say, partner,” he said, “before you go…what happened in Texas?” The cowboy turned back and said, “I had to walk home.”


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She’s his boss Can he handle her? Rhonda Lee Carver

Kiersten Cade takes her lead as the heroine in the Lawmen of Wyoming series. In the story, Taken by the Lawman (6), she will reveal a softer side and all her beliefs about love. compassion, desire will be put to the test. And of course, there MUST be a hunky lawman who’s more than ready, and willing, to help a woman in need. Deegan Bronx is your man. He’s rough and tough, doesn’t have a problem saying what’s on his mind, but there’s an itty bitty problem. He’s in love with his boss…

Things are about to get messy.



She’s his boss. Can he handle her?

Kiersten Cade has always been skilled at catching criminals, bur finding Mr. Right not so much. Lately she’s been feeling a void that work no longer fills. Not getting any younger, she decides to steer her trajectory toward motherhood. She’s ready to take the next step into single parenthood, until a dashing, green-eyed Lawman sends her life compass all out of whack.

Agent Deegan Bronx is known for his cool-hand and polished skills, but why is it that every time he gets around Kiersten he’s a blubbering idiot? Not only is she his boss, but she thinks he’s incompetent. When they are partnered to find the monster wreaking havoc in Wyoming he’s hell-bent on proving his capabilities. He finds outs she wants a baby and he sees the perfect opportunity to show her he’s the best man for the job.

Together they’ll face peril and deceit, but what neither of them expect is the danger brewing inside their hearts.

Pre-order Here!






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Happy Halloween by Marie Tuhart

It’s fall and almost winter here in the Pacific Northwest and Halloween is upon us.

While I don’t decorate or hand out candy (there are not enough kids in my area), it’s fun to watch movies like Hocus Pocus, Witches of Eastwick, and The Addams Family. I’m not a horror fan so won’t watch them.

I’ve been busy writing and attending a few local conferences, thank goodness that is over for the year. I have lots of writing still to do.

I signed a contract for books 3 & 4 in the Desert Destiny Series to be published in 2019. Plus I’m working on Legal Temptation book 2 in the McMillan Passion series, and I’m also working on a book for a call my publisher put out. So I’m keeping super busy.

Have a happy Halloween


Halloween design – Forest pumpkins

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Happy Halloween & New Release – Marie Tuhar

It’s October which means Halloween. I hope everyone has a happy one and enjoys the holiday.


I have a new release this month: Her Desert Doctor Desert Destiny Series book #1

I’m so excited to have book 2 released, book 3 & 4 will be coming out next year. And book 1 Her Desert Prince is on sale right now.

Her Desert Doctor Blurb:

Sara Fairchild arrives in the small middle eastern country of Bashir to visit her best friend. She’s left her job as a nurse and is looking forward to some down time. But when she’s met at the airport by a handsome, sexy man she wonders if maybe this trip will bring more than relaxation. When she finds out he’s part of the royal family and a doctor, sparks fly.


Hassan al-Hakim is intrigued by Sara from the moment he sees her. As the minister of health and a doctor, he takes his job seriously. Sara challenges him on more than one level and as they spend time together, he finds she enjoys a little kinky bedroom play. Together they explore their attraction in and out of the bedroom.


While external forces try to pry them apart,  they know together they can weather the storms and find their way to love.


          Sara barely hid her surprise at seeing Hassan in the family room. She hadn’t realized he would be here tonight. Catherine had mentioned tonight would be family only, but he must be an extended family member. She was about to ask him when two more men walked into the room.

She bit her lip to prevent a gasp from escaping her lips. Did Anna and Jamal breed gorgeous children as a hobby? All boys, too.

“That is Khalid and Rafi,” Anna said.

“Well, hello there.” Rafi crossed the room and plucked her hand from Hassan’s. “Aren’t you a surprise?” He grinned at Catherine. “Do you have more friends like her?”

“Don’t mind him.” Hassan took her hand from Rafi’s.

Heat flooded Sara’s body Where Rafi’s touch had been pleasant, Hassan’s was like an electric current. Oh, this was so not good. Sara needed to keep her head about her.

“Rafi is the family flirt,” Catherine said.

“Family.” Sara glanced from Hassan, to Rafi, to Malik, and then to Jamal and Khalid. All the men had dark hair anddark eyes, except Hassan, whose eyes were deep blue. “Who are you?”

“Hassan.” Catherine stepped forward, a frown marring her forehead. “You did introduce yourself when you picked Sara up from the airport, right?”

“I did.” His blue gaze captured hers. The heat radiating from his deep blue eyes singed her skin. “But I didn’t tell her I was a member of the royal family.”


Everyone have a great Halloween and enjoy yourselves.

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See what happens in Montana when…

🔥🔥 See what happens when a one-armed bounty hunter falls for the last person on earth that he should… 🔥🔥

HOOK is here!

Yes! My baby is out in the world! I’m excited for me and for you! I can’t wait until you read it, because I can’t wait to hear what you think! I loved the story, so I’m hoping the things that sparkled for me will be the same for you. Let me know! And if you have time and inclination, I would love it if you told a friend about the story or wrote a review! Reviews are key to readers taking a chance on a story. They won’t believe my hype, but they will take the word of another reader, so…if you can…post a review!

I hope it doesn’t take forever for you to read this one. I can’t wait to hear! 🙂 Also, for now, Hook is on Amazon, exclusively, so that I could offer it through Kindle Unlimited. If you are a KU subscriber, you can read it for free! It will be available in print as soon as Amazon completes its internal review, so if you must have a physical copy in your hands, don’t fret! It’s coming, maybe today!


MONTANA BOUNTY HUNTERS: Authentic Men… Real Adventures…

Former Army Ranger, Dylan “Hook” Hoecker, has a new job along with a new prosthetic arm. Being a bounty hunter is the closest career field he could find as a civilian that gives him the adrenaline rush that is his addiction. So, when his first solo assignment is to keep an eye on a flight risk the boss bonded out of jail, he’s not thrilled. However, he soon discovers a fresh addiction—one mouthy, nerdy redhead, who resists his attempts to keep her out of trouble.

Felicity Gronkowski is grateful for the bone the head of Montana Bounty Hunter threw her. She didn’t have the money to pay for bail, but he has a soft spot for former military, and she bartered to install a new computer system in his satellite office in Bear Lodge. Being on the outside of jail was her first imperative because she has to figure out who framed her for a series of high-end robberies while she worked installing home security systems. However, her bounty-hunting babysitter isn’t giving her any slack. Every time she thinks she’s given him the slip, he’s one step ahead of her. Either she has to find the perfect method of distraction to escape him or she has to enlist his help to clear her name.

Get your copy here!

Wolf is coming!

In just a month, the next installment of Montana Bounty Hunters will be here! And you can pre-order it now!

Wolf (Montana Bounty Hunter)

MONTANA BOUNTY HUNTERS: Authentic Men… Real Adventures…

Former Marine “Wolf” Patterson is working with a team of MBH bounty hunters in the densely forested Kootenai Forest to bring in one Reese Tobin, a man wanted for arson, who escaped from jail just before his trial. When Wolf catches up to him, Tobin draws a gun, telling Wolf he can’t return to lock-up or he’s a dead man. Just as one of his teammates is about to lunge toward Tobin to take him down, a shot rings out, and Reese is dead.

Former Army Military Police Officer, now Deputy, Meg Henry, was the officer who arrested Tobin, and nothing about that night sat right since. After hearing he was killed, she heads to Kootenai, hoping to talk to the men who were with him last, hoping Tobin told them something that might help her figure out the mystery surrounding him. Because handsome bounty hunter, Wolf, was the last to talk to Tobin, Meg offers Wolf a ride back to the sheriff’s department. They barely begin their conversation when they find themselves running for their lives. Meg doesn’t know who to trust, but she instinctively trusts the tall, intensely attractive Wolf. Together, they work to unravel the mystery while staying one step ahead of someone who wants them both dead.

Pre-order your copy here!

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