Victoria Vane’s Hot Cowboy Nights

HCN-seriesbanner-Text1200x4001-1200x400Hi Everyone!

Since I am the new kid on the blog, I thought I’d use my first post to introduce myself. For those who don’t know me yet, I am a multi-genre writer with two published titles in historical fiction (The Highest Stakes and Fortune’s Son) writing as Emery Lee and eleven hot historical romances writing as Victoria Vane. I have worked with five publishers to date in addition to indie pubbing, and now have seven contemporary Western romances coming over the next 12 months to include Hot Cowboy Nights from Sourcebooks and my Hotel Rodeo series coming from Kensington.

2014 marked my entry into contemporary romance with Hot Cowboy Nights. There are currently four books in this series that features some damned hot cowboys! Book #1 in this series is SLOW HAND, featuring a damsel in distress and a sexy-as-sin Montana rancher-cum-lawyer who comes to her rescue. This book was recently chosen as a finalist for the Red Carpet Awards for Best Contemporary Romance.



In rural Montana…Wade Knowlton is a hardworking lawyer who’s torn between his small-town Montana law practice and a struggling family ranch. He’s on the brink of exhaustion from trying to save everybody and everything, when gorgeous Nicole Powell walks into his office. She’s a damsel in distress and the breath of fresh air he needs.

Even the lawyers wear boots…Nicole Powell is a sassy Southern girl who has officially sworn off cowboys after a spate of bad seeds-until her father’s death sends her to Montana and into the arms of a man who seems too good to be true. Her instincts tell her to high tail it out of Montana, but she can’t resist a cowboy with a slow hand…

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ROUGH RIDER, the second book in this series, just released February 4th. It features Wade’s older brother, Dirk, a former Bull rider and Marine who’s now fighting tooth and nail to hold onto the family ranch after losing a leg in Afghanistan.


ROUGH-RIDER-COVER-200x320Two loves …Janice Combes has two loves, bucking bulls and Dirk Knowlton. But Dirk only has eyes for a dazzling rodeo queen. How can Janice ever compete while mired ankle-deep in manure? Exchanging playful banter with Dirk is all Janice can expect-until the stormy night he knocks on her door dripping wet and needing a place to crash.

Different Dreams…Dirk Knowlton is living the cowboy dream. Life should be good-roping, branding, backing broncs, riding bulls, but there’s a void he can’t seem to fill. After getting hung up by a bull, he wonders if this is really the life he wants. Restless and rebellious, he bolts…but there’s a certain cowgirl he can’t forget.

When a battle-scarred Dirk returns to his Montana ranch he’s determined to hang on at any cost. Janice has come back home to lick her own wounds. When old dreams turn to dust, can two wary hearts take another chance on love?Amazon  B&N  Indiebound  Indigo  Books-a-million

SHARP SHOOTIN’ COWBOY  is the third book in this series and will release June 2nd. This book is truly unique in that it features wolves as a central part of the storyline.


Sharp_Shootin’_Cowboy-3001-548x900TAKE YOUR BEST SHOT, COWBOY…

A Weary warrior…After eight years as a Marine sniper, war-scarred Reid Everett is back in his native Wyoming. He knows and loves this rugged land, so working for wildlife services to reduce the booming wolf population suits him to a T.

A Caring crusader…Wildlife biologist Haley Cooper is desperate to make a difference. Leaving the world of academia behind, she accepts a position as a wolf advocate to protect the animals she loves.

Raw attraction…Their jobs set them on a collision course, but chemistry sparks like wildfire between Reid and Haley. They’ll have to brave some rough territory if they hope to reconcile their polarizing views with a passion that won’t be denied. (Coming June 2015)

I hope you enjoyed the book trailers and will click my links to read the excerpts.


Enter my Rafflecopter giveaway for a chance to win a signed paperback copy of SLOW HAND and a really cool hand made book marker!

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Not Quite Cowboys, but Close…

In addition to my Lone Star Cowboys series, I write in several other genres. One of those is Romantic Suspense. Even in that genre, I can’t quite let go of my western theme. The Southern Justice series is set in East Texas, near where I live. My heroes are country boys, in law enforcement, and they live on ranches. So, almost cowboys, right?

I just released book two in the Southern Justice series–Rookie Justice.

Rookie justice meme 2

Deputy Cody Wills likes his job with the Greendale County Sheriff’s Department, even though things are getting more dangerous in the small, East Texas county. But when Sheriff Rand McCade hires a few new deputies and changes some of the rules in response to the increasing crime rate, Cody finds himself saddled with a partner. And not just any partner–a female, straight out of the academy. If he has to have a partner, he’d at least like one who can watch his back.

Charlie Booker is excited about her new career in law enforcement. She’s recently returned from several tours of duty in Iraq, and still suffers from nightmares. But she’s an expert sniper, and she can watch Cody’s back just fine, thank you very much. And she doesn’t mind a bit. He has a very nice backside to watch.

As they work together to fight crime and investigate a threat to the local high school, they figure out they have to learn to trust each other. Before they know it, their relationship heats up as quickly as a Texas summer day.

I know the cover looks like a thriller, but it’s not. It’s pure romantic suspense. I couldn’t find another picture that really worked for me. Do you think it’s too intense for romantic suspense? And why is it so hard to find good cowboy/country boy pictures?

I’m excited to finally have a new book out. It’s been a long time since my last one. My plan for this year is to put out three books in a new series and another book in the Southern Justice series. The new series will be set on a ranch in Northwest Texas, somewhere along the Red River. As soon as the weather finally clears, I’ll be taking a day trip to find the perfect location. In the meantime, I’m getting to know my characters and writing out their backstory so I’ll be ready to dive in as soon as I have the location scoped out.

In other news, it’s ebook week on Smashwords. Blame it on Texas is free on both Smashwords and Amazon, so if you haven’t tried the Lone Star Cowboys series, you can try it out with the first book free. I’ve also put Superstition and Satisfaction Guaranteed free on Smashwords for ebook week. Now’s your chance to try a new-to-you author without having to invest hard-earned money to do so. You can find the coupon codes here.



0001-48814190 A Romantic Times Magazine Top Pick for

Have a happy March! It’s the month for rebirth, renewal, and Spring, glorious Spring. Good-bye winter. Don’t let the door hit you in the backside on your way out.


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Nirvana and cowboys!

I love cowboys. I love writing about them. After all, who can resist a man with an unshaven jaw, hat and worn jeans? I’m working on the second book of my series Cowboys of Nirvana. When I started writing this series I had a clear vision in mind–a place where I’d like to go for rest and relaxation. The ranch hands have landed at the Nirvana Ranch because they’re running from demons. The last thing these men want is to get close with the guests, or to find love. But you know how it works…sometimes love finds us when we least expect it.

Do you love cowboys as much as I do? Let me entice you with a FREE ecopy of any one of my books, your choice. Leave a comment below telling me why you love a cowboy  and you’re entered to win. I’ll choose one winner randomly.

CowboyParadise2500 (451x704)


Ah…sweet Lord.

A cowboy stood on her step, his back facing her, and what a nice back.

Gorgeous had come knocking.

She inhaled deeply and sucked up soap and leather. Gorgeous smelled good too.

The blue flannel stretched forever across wide shoulders, and she followed the brawny masculine line to lean hips, wide belt and…oh dear, all that is holy…the jeans fit like a worn glove on his tight buns. So this was what a real cowboy looked like?

Her breathing quickened to a pant while her heart played a rhythm of pleasure. She’d been right… the treehouse was only the tip of the iceberg. Whatever she’d done in life to be rewarded with hot and sexy waking her up, she was grateful.

She’d even forgotten for a moment that she was standing with only a sheet wrapped around her torso—her trembling torso.

He turned and she held her breath. Oh yes, she most definitely was in paradise. The proof was wearing a cowboy hat and worn boots. Their eyes met and her knees weakened. What color were they? Green—blue maybe? And his facial features were delectable, as if he were molded with clay by an artist’s hand, then brought to life. A smile curved his beautiful lips and dizziness washed over her.

She knew that smile. She’d had sweet dreams of those lips.

But it couldn’t be possible.

He couldn’t be the hero that came along and saved her at the vending machine.

“Are you the man from the hotel parking lot?” She forced the words through quivering lips.

“Yes, ma’am.” He dipped his hat.

“Am I dreaming?” She didn’t realize she’d said the words aloud until he answered.

“Call it whatever makes you happy. I’m Ben.” His smile widened to a magical width.

She held onto the doorknob until her knuckles popped and she eased her grip. Her knees wobbled and she stilled her body by leaning into the door.  She didn’t think she’d ever see him again, except in her dreams. Clearing her throat, she hoped her voice worked. “I’m—I’m Cara.”

“Yes, I know who you are.” He didn’t have the deep twang like Dade, but there was a slight accent that teased her ears. He slipped a steady gaze down the sheet and her nipples hardened. Wow…how did he do that?

“Did you know who I was at the hotel? Were you watching me?” Heat spread from the roots of her hair to the tips of her toes.

“No, I wasn’t watching you. It was mere chance that I spotted you across the parking lot at the very moment you needed me.”

Her cheeks stung and she guessed she blushed ten shades of red. She clasped the sheet tighter and took a step back, opening the door a little more. She concentrated on his eyebrows because all she wanted to do was gawk at tanned, sexy flesh. What had come over her? This man had come over her, that’s what. Then her gaze dipped to his kissable mouth. Wow…just wow. “I…I wasn’t expecting anyone. I mean, I was expecting you, not you, but Dade told me you would be here. I overslept. I’m sorry.”

“No apology. Most guests tend to sleep late here.  Your first visit with Sofie is soon, then a riding lesson if you’d like. There’s fishing, too, since you said you wanted to learn, or rather what you told the operator. You probably should eat breakfast, keep up your energy.”

“I don’t eat breakfast. And who is Sofie?” More strangers. Her stomach did a loop.

“Whatever your pleasure, Cara. Sofie is Nirvana’s life skills coach. Part of the package.” He winked. “We like to give every guest what she needs”.

Sparks of awareness tackled her veins. She was no longer dizzy but there was a new tight feeling between her legs. “What I need?” She pushed the words through trembling lips.

His smile warmed her bones. “That’s right, ma’am.”



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My concentration is shot to hell these days. I’m not sure if it’s because I have too much to do or if I’m coming down with some degenerative brain disease (this thought comes from the fact that I’ve been watching Private Practice and Grey’s Anatomy every night when I get through writing – this is not a good idea for a hypochondriac to do). Anyway, I started out to write about a custom made boot shop down on South Congress that makes boots by hand for movie stars and singers like Willie Nelson, Lyle Lovett, Jerry Jeff Walker and Jimmi Vaughan. And other famous Austinites like Tommy Lee Jones, etc. I thought it would be cool if I wrote the boot place and its owner Lee Miller into my next book ROGUE – part of The Sons of Dusty Walker series. Let me show you the cover:


And it’s going to be good! The series is about four brothers, from different parts of the country (Rogue is from Texas) that have no idea the other brothers exist! They meet in Kansas and find a purpose, a family and LOVE of course! In my book, Rogue loves his boots, he wears this custom made pair and his newly found brothers give him a hard time about them – toward the end of the book, he gives each of them their own pair that have been made especially for them that reflects their own life. Just a minor detail, but I love those little touches!

So today, I drove from west Austin to South Congress just below downtown and LadyBird Lake hunting Texas Traditions,



even told Ryan I was going and the girls that are doing the series with me – – – but guess what? I COULDN’T FIND THE DAMN PLACE! I drove over there, wiggled around, turned around – looked both sides of the street, scoped everything out, I thought. Finally, gave up cause a front was coming and I wanted to get back to the house before the rain came. When I got home, I looked it back up and discovered I drove by it a couple of times, it was just in the back. I didn’t look close enough. Didn’t look in the back! That’s how I ended up dating that guy with no butt! I need to pay more attention.

When I sat back down to figure out what I was going to do, I got to thinking about boots and my life wearing boots and I thought I would just tell you a couple of pitiful Sable stories because then you know how totally weird I am.

When I was wee, my mother desperately tried to make a girly-girl out of me, and I do have some of those tendencies, I’m just not a pure frou-frou. I used to have really long hair, down past my ass long hair and I had it a long time. Just imagine, my mother would put bows in my hair and she would dress me in these frilly dresses that had petticoats underneath them that made them stand out – sorta like little girls wear to pageants but Mother dressed me like that to go to church and the grocery store. I could live with the bows and the petticoats – but that wasn’t all…she would buy these little patent leather shoes and frilly thin socks. Gag! She used to tell me that she would dress me up so pretty and I’d be looking like an ad for a Little Miss Priss magazine and then I would start to cry – – bitter, loud, holding breath, kicking, screaming and Mother would say that I would yell – “It’s all right but the Socksies!!!!!”

So, she’d take them off and I’d pad off barelegged looking like I’d just come out of the cotton field I guess.

That trait, refusing to wear socks of any kind continued…and that’s hard to do when one loves cowboy boots!


I remember one traumatic incident…

Every summer my family had a tradition that we carried forth with an uncle and an aunt and two cousins of mine. We’d go to Six Flags over Texas near Dallas and this was an important day for me. I took my amusement park excursions extremely seriously. And I was hard to control – once they let me through the gate I would run rampant, not stopping to eat or drink or rest – I just wanted to ride as many rides as many times as possible. But one year I didn’t choose my outfit appropriately and I guess Mother wanted to teach me a lesson.


She’d dressed me in this pair of culottes, you know those things that are part skirt, part shorts – skorts maybe and I insisted on my wearing my cowboy boots (sans socks of course) and a pair of bug-eyed sunglasses. From the moment I stepped under that big arch, I attacked the amusement park with the same zeal and energy that I attack everything else. From sunup to sunset, I rampaged, uncaring of how hot it was or how uncomfortable I became – it just didn’t make any difference. At the appointed time, I showed back up at the designated meeting place with my standard speech. “I’m not ready to go! Let’s stay a little longer! Just one more ride! Please!” Now, look at it from my family’s point of view. I was walking spraddle-legged because the material of my skorts had rubbed me raw between my legs. And I was limping cause my cowboy boots that I’d worn without socks had rubbed blisters on my heels. My uncle, God rest his soul, walked up and put his finger through the hole in my sunglasses where my lens used to be because I’d been running so hard and fast trying to squeeze every ounce of this goodtime out of the day that I could, I hadn’t even noticed my glasses were now mere rims with no lenses at all. I must have looked like a retarded raccoon!

Such was Sable’s Vacation when Country came to Town.

While we’re on the subject, let me tell you about the first time I cut my hair. I was young, probably six and my mother went into the hospital to have part of her colon removed due to cancer. I was an only child at the time, good old days, and my father was in charge of my care. He was all thumbs and couldn’t do a thing with my hair… Now, let me digress. I had a boyfriend. Yes, I did. His name was Keith and he lived about a mile from me. I would see him when we would go visit friends of my parents named Bert and Cecil (Bert was the woman). Keith and I would play outside with his dog and he thought I was pretty, he said so. We’d hold hands and take walks and chunk pinecones. Anyway – – – when my dad couldn’t take care of my hair while mother was in the hospital, he took me to the hairdressers and had it cut off. CUT OFF! Honestly, I don’t think I cared. He took the decapitated ponytail tied with a red ribbon to the hospital and my mother cried. Still, didn’t bother me…. But what did bother me was that when I went to see Keith – he didn’t know me! He swore I wasn’t me because my hair was gone. I mean, I had hair, shoulder length bouncy screwy curls but the long Rapaunzel locks were long gone. Another bout of tears! Looking back on it, I’m sure I was better off without Keith – he either only liked me for my looks or used my new-do to get rid of me for some other reason.

During my life, I’ve had an odd relationship with my hair and my footwear – both are symbols of femininity and I’ve never really been traditional about either.

My hair grew back but I didn’t rehook up with Keith. And the boots…well, I always wore boots. My favorite pair was ones I had in college, cream colored with multi-colored stitching. I remember wearing them on a date to the rodeo with white jeans, a purple cowboy shirt and a good looking dude in a cowboy hat. (I still had on no socks, but I think I just pulled my boots off and enjoyed making out in his truck.)


Today, I still have boots, but I’ll have to be truthful – I’m not that into shoes. I don’t own anything over a 100.00 a pair. And those TEXAS TRADITIONS boots? They start at 1000.00 and go up to 8000.00 and they probably wouldn’t let me in the door if they figured I’d wear them with no socks!

Oh well, I never claimed to be normal – – I walk to a different drummer – – or limp – – since I have on no socks with my boots…




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My Southwest Visit by Donna Michaels

I’m back in northeastern PA freezing my boots off, but I had a great time in Nevada. Here’s a shot of my daily writing view.


While visiting an author friend for a writer’s retreat, I had some wonderful writing achievements. The Cowboy 12-Pack boxed set released and we hit the NY Times & USA Today Bestsellers lists, and then I got official word that one of my novellas with The Wild Rose Press was picked up by Amazon Publishing and they will market it under one of their imprints!! Cowboy-Sexy will get a new cover and new title-Cowboy Fiancé! I’m stoked. So, not only is my cowboy/SEAL going global, hopefully, he’s going to get in front of more readers!

Writing military cowboys is one of my favorite type of books, but sometimes I enjoy writing a military hero from a northern state. Like my own. Last week, Book 2 in my Citizen Soldier Series (A Harland County Spinoff) released and has garnered some wonderful reviews! A big thank you to those who left reviews, and to those who sent me such wonderful emails. I’m so glad you’re enjoying my northeastern hero, even if he’s not technically a cowboy.

WyneAndChocolate 500x750NYUSATODAY

Jill is a chocoholic with a big heart, a flair for baking and confection, and a knack for getting into predicaments, including the one where she was almost financially ruined by her ex. Now she’s in a new town, with a new business, and is determined to stay away from trouble. Especially, the gorgeous guardsman with the haunted gaze, brooding expression and miserable attitude. Her days of helping people were over. She was tired of being taken advantage of and was looking forward to getting back on her feet. Too bad her new business venture puts her in daily contact with the sexy man.


Who would’ve guessed chocolate penises would lead her on a path to financial freedom?

A loud knock reverberated through the silent car. Jumping straight up, she hit her head off the roof. Pain radiated across her face, again. “Ouch.”

Unable to make out more than shadows, she twisted the key and pushed the button to roll down the window. With her heart hammering in her throat, she prayed an axe murderer wasn’t on the other side.

“Are you okay?” a familiar voice asked, and it took her a second to focus on the handsome man in fatigues.

Her mind registered the National Guard uniform with the name WYNE on his chest, while her body registered just which of the four gorgeous Wyne brothers stood outside her door.

Mason. The grumpy one. Serious one. Cute, drop-dead gorgeous one. The one whose mere presence always interrupted her pulse and sent a tingle to all her neglected good parts.

But he was a man. And she was off men. For over a year-and-a-half now. So, her body was just going to have to starve because she was still fasting.

“Jill?” Another face appeared. Another Wyne brother. The youngest. The friendliest. Keiffer. “Is that you? Are you okay?”

“Yeah,” she finally answered, pushing at the air bag. “I got in a fight with this and lost.”

“What the hell are you doing out here?” Mr. Grumpypuss asked, withdrawing a huge knife from his ACUs—Army Camouflage Uniform—and stepped closer. “Turn your head and close your eyes,” he ordered before she even had a chance to answer his question.

A second later, she heard a huge pop, and felt a burst of air. When she opened her eyes and turned back around, the airbag was deflated, and she could breathe a little easier.

“Well?” Gaze dark and narrowed, Mason stared down, handsome face creased with aggravation as snow blew all around him.

“Thank you,” she replied.

Muttering under his breath, he shoved the knife back into his pocket. “No, I mean why the hell are you out here? The interstates are closed.”

She glanced at Keiffer, who was wearing a strange expression on his face as he stared at his grouchy brother. Then he transferred his gaze to her and a slow smile slid across his lips.

Whatever the younger Wyne was thinking, she knew she didn’t like it. Nor did she appreciate his brother’s tone.

Lifting her chin, she stared right at the irritated man. “What does it look like? I drove out here so I could hit a pothole, lose control of my car and ram a tree because I had nothing better to do than aggravate you.” She tilted her chin higher. “So, are you going to rescue me, or should I wait for another patrol to go by?”

If they were out on the roads in uniform, then the National Guard had definitely been activated, and she was more than happy to wait for the next team, even if her chattering teeth balked at the idea.

And to show she didn’t care for him or his attitude, Jill pushed the button and rolled the window back up. There. Let Mr. Grumpypuss deal with that.

A second later, she heard Keiffer’s laughter disappearing in the distance, and she blew out a breath that frosted in front of her. Okay, so she put one Wyne in his place and made the other laugh…but she was still stranded. And cold.

…And stuck in the snow with a broken car, and probably a broken nose.

A shiver, that had nothing to do with the frigid temperature, raced down her spine. Thank goodness she had been going slow. Hitting a tree at a high rate of speed usually ended much worse.

The passenger door suddenly swung open and a very handsome, very pissed off Guardsman folded his large frame into her car and slammed the door.

“Wh-what are you doing?” she stammered like the idiot she was.

“Waiting with you.”

“Why?” She blinked, and sucked in more air from a car that suddenly felt very cramped. Mason’s hot body took up the front seat while his presence filled the back.

“Because our Humvee broke down up there, and we were waiting for another to arrive with some parts my brother needed when we spotted your lights,” he replied, his voice aggravated, his gaze cold and intense as he leaned closer. “You’re stuck with me until they arrive. Keif went back to toy with it some more. You got a problem with that, sweetheart?”


WYNE AND CHOCOLATE is available at Amazon


I’m having some fun with the titles to the Wyne brothers’ books, since some great things go with wine. What are some of your favorites? I am partial to chocolate, although, for me, chocolate goes with most everything. :-)

Thanks for reading,


If you’re interested in keeping up with my news, and exclusive contests, please sign up for my newsletter here:

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Cowboy Chivalry – by Cynthia D’Alba

Is chivalry dead? According to Merriam-Webster online dictionary, chivalry is:

  • the system of values (such as loyalty and honor) that knights in the Middle Ages were expected to follow
  •  an honorable and polite way of behaving especially toward women

Well, first…I hope not! But when most people think of the word chivalry, the mental picture that comes to mind is usually a knight. And for some odd reason (probably too many historical romances in my younger days!) I also picture a man throwing his cape over a puddle for the woman to walk on!

But alas, there just aren’t that many knights in shining armor these days…or are there? Does a knight have to be wearing armor or might he be wearing Wranglers, boots, and a cowboy hat? And does someone being chivalrous have to throw a cape over a puddle?

Western romance has been, and still is, one of the hottest genres for readers and I think it may be because today’s knight is the cowboy. Strong in body and spirit. Protective of people and animals that he cares for. Loyal to his family and friends. Trustworthy.

And, like the knight of old,  the cowboy can come riding in on a horse to save his lady (or in a beat-up truck, 4-wheeler, or limo as the case need be.)

So here’s my challenge to you today…Give me examples (from books or real life) of a chivalrous action you’ve seen or read from cowboys. Show me how today’s cowboy is today’s knight.

Be sure to leave a message to be in the monthly $25 gift card drawing!

ElleJames_Cowboy12Pack_2D_1400AND if you haven’t picked up Cowboy 12-pack for $0.99 (99 pennies!), then you might want to hustle on over and do that before the price goes up! (Shh..I’m letting you in on a secret.)

Grab a buy link below!

Amazon | iTunes | Barnes & Nobles| Kobo

The sixth book in the Texas Montgomery Mavericks is available for pre-order NOW! It’s already be picked as a TOP PICK from Night Owl Reviews.


He plans to take the wander right out of her wanderlust.

Texas Montgomery Mavericks, Book 5TexasBossaNova72web

Magda Hobbs’s job as ranch housekeeper—and its daily dose of cowboys—wreaked havoc on her libido. Especially one certain cowboy she couldn’t resist. Scared of going down the same path as her mother, Magda jumped on her motorcycle and hit the road.

Five months later, her father’s mild heart attack has forced her back to Whispering Springs. While she’s grateful for the cleaning job at one of the Montgomery ranch houses, she’s not so thrilled one of the cowboys she’s looking after is the one she fell for last spring.

Reno Montgomery’s parents hiring a housekeeper for him and his brother is a nice surprise, but he’s shocked to discover it’s Magda, the woman who up and left just when things were getting serious between them.

When a freak snowstorm cuts off the outside world, the isolation rekindles their desire. But when the weather and the roads clear, Reno has to work hard and fast to keep the woman of his dreams from accelerating right out of his life again.

Warning: Contains a woman born with a bad case of wanderlust, and a cowboy determined to show her that life’s a dance that doesn’t have to two-step her out of his life.

Grab a pre-order link below!

Amazon | Samhain | Barnes & Nobles | iTunes

So show me today’s cowboy being chivalrous!

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Yeehaw! It’s the flu.

Hello Awesome Readers,

I would have loved to pen an amazing post here today, but I’m going off the cuff. As you probably guessed, I’ve been down with the flu. I tried to pretend it was a mild cold. That I was just tired from late nights watching Breaking Bad marathons.

But no, it was the flu. I called for hot cowboys to bring me soup and hot cocoa. None came, so I had to write them (I am on deadline, after all). Cowboys always warm me and deliver the escape I need. I’m sure you feel the same.

But I’ll let you in on a secret. Cowboys aren’t the only hot, hardworking men who pull my chain. I’ll leave you with an excerpt of my upcoming March 31 release Fevered Hearts, featuring 2 hot loggers.


When faced with a challenge, it’s best to pool your resources.

Liam Mattson used to play his wife’s body like a fine violin. Until a logging accident dampened his fine motor skills and rendered his legs—and the most important part of his below-the-waist playground—useless.

If only Liam would throw himself into therapy with the same vigor he used to throw her into bed, Ivy is sure he’d fully recover. But lately she’s felt adrift, while he’s stuck in self-pity and pre-occupation with a serious threat to his logging business.

When Ward Bose returns from the backwoods, Liam isn’t blind to the heated, guilty glances between his best friend and his wife. And he takes a step he never could have taken if his legs were working—ask Ward to service Ivy in bed.

The moment the three come together, Ward’s heartstrings are tied in knots, and Liam holds them in his fist. But secrets they’re each keeping could tear them all apart…unless they can find a way to share their burdens as easily as they share their love.

Warning: Men who wield big saws know how to take care of business—in bed and out.

Excerpt of Fevered Hearts:

Lord Jesus, these men were trying to kill her.

Ivy stopped dead in her tracks, half in the front door, as she set eyes on the big shoulders in her living room. Liam was kicked back on the sofa, as ruggedly beautiful as the day she’d met him, and Ward Bose was with him. Every hunky inch taking over their recliner.

They both looked up at her not-so-elegant entrance.

“Ivy.” The sound of her name falling from her husband’s lips after so long caused a shiver to snake down her spine. It kept going, sinking deep between her legs.

Ward stood to greet her. “Hi. We sort of met the other night at Juls’ house. I’m Ward.”

She looked over his shoulder at the photograph of him and Liam on the mantel. If he had the face and body of a Greek god in that picture, she didn’t know what she’d call him now. There were no words.

Extending her hand, she met his. Palm to rough palm. Heat shot through her arm and into her shoulder. From the side, she felt Liam’s heavy stare on her. She fought to control her reaction to Ward. What she was feeling was wrong.

Still, those sparks of awareness felt good. It had been too long.

“I’m Ivy. We haven’t met, but I feel as if I know you already.” She attempted a smile but was afraid it barely passed as a grimace.

Ward’s blue eyes sent sparks to her belly. If Liam turned a similar look on her, she’d come on the spot without anyone touching her.

She pulled her hand free of Ward’s and turned to her husband. She wrapped an arm around his solid shoulders and brushed her lips over his as she did several times a day. But she’d long ago given up hope that he’d kiss her back. She was always met with his slack lips and bland expression. This time was no different.

When she shifted away from him, he caught her around the nape. Held her there.

She stopped breathing. Up close, his gaze drilled into hers. Was it accusing? Did he realize her nipples had bunched up at the touch of Ward’s hand? That just the sound of her name on Liam’s lips had made her instantly wet?

Liam’s breath washed over her face, smelling of beer and a trace of mint.

Her heart hitched. “Liam…” Her low voice wobbled.

He released her.

Straightening, she smoothed down her skirt in an attempt to regain composure in front of company. But her mind was spinning. She wanted to ask Liam what the hell that was. Part of her was angry that he’d finally chosen the time Ward was present to touch her, when she’d been begging for him to do so for months.

Was it some kind of alpha male display? Chest-thumping, she’s mine?

Fevered Hearts available for preorder

on Amazon

on Samhain

on BN

Thanks for reading!

Em Petrova

~hardworking heroes–in bed and out~



Amazon Author Page

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Street Team

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Rodeo and a Boxed Set

Happy (late) Valentine’s Day! There are so many exciting things happening in my world right now – and my ticket to the PBR event this coming weekend is one of them.

I don’t remember how old I was the first time I experienced a rodeo, but I can tell you, I was young. My hometown was small, but it hosted the county fair each year. Being involved in 4H and going to the rodeo were a right of passage. Some of my earliest memories were walking the barns, checking out all the show animals (and helping with those my cousins always presented). Fast forward to my mid-teens, when my family moved to Colorado – and I got my first taste of Cheyenne Frontier Days. The rodeo there put my hometown to shame. And so, my love affair with all things “cowboy” began …

In honor of Valentine’s Day and my trip to the PBR event, I’m offering my Shadow Maverick Ranch Series Boxed Set for $0.99! This is for a limited time, so get it while you can! Regular price for this set is $6.99. Here’s what you’ll get…


Hard workin’, hard lovin’ cowboys. Welcome to Shadow Maverick Ranch.

White Collar Cowboy

Gavin Mathis is ready to settle down. He’s quit his job and come home to Shadow Maverick Ranch to do just that. Too bad his decision caused his beautiful former colleague to lose her job.

Lauren Delgado is a no-nonsense businesswoman. She’s had a crush on Gavin for years, but has a strict “hands-off” policy with the men she works with. When her life takes an unexpected turn, there’s nothing to stop her from accepting his invitation to Galveston Island, where the policy is definitely hands-on.

Borrowed Cowboy

Paxton Mathis is committed to bachelorhood. One failed marriage was more than enough to remind him of the dangers of getting too close. He has his work on the ranch; he has his family. He has everything he needs.

Event planner Reese Jameson accepted the job at Shadow Maverick Ranch for one reason: to face her biggest regret. Paxton Mathis was her first love, her first everything. And ten years ago, after a night of unbridled passion, it all came crashing down.

The moment they see each other again, it’s clear the years haven’t doused the heat between them. On the contrary, their flames burn hotter than ever. Despite Paxton’s attempts to keep things casual, old feelings emerge alongside a fierce hunger to keep Reese in his life forever. Reese willingly accepts Paxton’s need to keep things casual, but she’s worried her heart won’t get the message.

When Paxton is forced to face his fears, will history repeat itself, or will he take a chance on a whole new future?

Cowboy Redeemed

Unlike his brothers, Clayton Mathis isn’t looking for the woman of his dreams. He works hard, plays harder, and enjoys every minute of it. And with his family preparing to expand Shadow Maverick Ranch, settling down is the last thing on his mind—until a sexy blonde makes him an offer he can’t refuse.

Of all the men in the bar, Ainsley Russell has to go and proposition the one man who will cause her nothing but trouble. The Mathis family has been persistent in their bid to buy her property. Inheriting her uncle’s ranch has given her the first home she’s ever known … along with a mountain of debt that threatens to take it all away.

After learning Clay’s identity, Ainsley can’t run fast enough. Or far enough … since the gorgeous cowboy shows up on her doorstep the next morning, looking to pick up where they left off the night before…

All three books – $0.99 FOR A LIMITED TIME!

Buy Links


Barnes & Noble:


Have you been to a rodeo before? Leave me a comment about your favorite moment – or potential favorite moment, if you’ve never been – and I’ll select one, random commenter to receive a digital copy of The Shadow Maverick Ranch Series Boxed Set. Winner will be announced on February 18th.

Until next month …


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Cowboy Mardi Gras – Contest and Excerpt from Pretty Face

Doesn’t look like those words should go together, does it? Not true! I have such an affinity for both the Lone Star State and the Pelican State, there is no chance they can remain completely separate. in my mind. Because of my self-set, hard-line, ryan-monitored deadline for One Man’s Treasure, I can’t go to New Orleans this year for Mari Gras- so I’m going somewhere closer – to Bandera! In Bandera, a beautiful town close to Austin, they have a Cowboy Mardi Gras celebration at the 11th Street Cowboy Bar. By the time the liquor starts flowing and the band starts play – I can guarantee the good times are rolling! It’s the best Mardi Gras celebration in the Texas Hill Country.

The 11th street Cowboy Bar doesn’t appear to be much more than a local bar, but if you step inside you’ll be surprised. They have the largest outdoor dance floor in Texas, with two stages, four fire pits, four serving bars and lots of room to dance up a storm – a hurricane – if you’re a mind. For us who live in the Hill Country but have roots in Louisiana, this is a thrill. I also love to go to Louisiana Longhorns, a restaurant in Round Rock that I swear makes gumbo,  jambalaya and red beans and rice – almost as good as I do – ha! So, if I can’t get to the bayou or the Big Easy, that’s two good places to go.

One good thing about the Cowboy Mardi Gras is that its more than just dancing and drinking – not that I don’t like dancing and drinking. They make an all day party out of it – early that morning they put on a big pot of gumbo and about noon the parade starts. It includes not only floats, but motorcycles and horses and people marching down the street in full fledged Mardi Gras regalia. Not too many years ago there were 24 Elvis impersonators from Texas Tech. There’s a costume contest, a gumbo cook-off and plenty of Cajun and Zydeco music which makes my cowboy boots wanna dance! So if you can’t get to New Orleans, or Mobile, or New Roads – head to the Cowboy Capital of the World – Bandera, TX!

Look at this pair of boots! Imagine doing some Texas two-step while wearing these! This item is for sale at South Texas Tack – a good place to get outfitted. gclid=CMCQwefw5MMCFU8vgQodnFgAjg&Click=2988&utm_source=googleshopping&utm_medium=shoppingengine



And look at this hat! Now, I could go for this. This item is for sale on ebay, you can find anything there –


mardigrashatAnyway, I’m in a strange mood. I wish that Valentine’s Day wasn’t so close to Mardi Gras, I need to spread my good times out a little farther. But Valentine’s was good and Mardi Gras is coming, so we shall just eat drink and be merry! I had new books come out for both holidays. Pretty Face is out for Mardi Gras under the Red Hot Cajun Nights collection and Be My Love Song is out for Valentine’s in the Beau Coup Windswept collection. Let me show you.

prettyfacebragginbemylovesongBe My Love Song can be found under this cover – on amazon. Since its part of a collection.

windsweptSince Mardi Gras is tomorrow, let me share a sexy excerpt from PRETTY FACE and ask you a question for a chance at a free copy of either one of these – your choice –

On of the neatest things about the Mardi Gras parades is seeing your favorite celebrity on a float – Here’s the question: If you were going to suggest to the Krewe of Orpheus or Bacchus what celebrity would you most like to see on a float – who would it be?

And now the excerpt – – fan yourself –

Hunter was tempted to pick her up and stride out with her like a scene from a romantic movie. An overflow of memories threatened to consume him, shared moments of desperate desire, whispered words of love over the miles. “I thought you’d never ask.” When Sage smiled and tugged on his hand, Hunter thought he was going to break his neck getting to the elevator as fast as he wanted to go.

Together they laughed, both so full of joy and hope that they were about ready to pop. “Come here.” He pulled her into his arms as the doors closed, his lips hovering over hers. “I’m going to love you so good.”

Cody drew back, staring into his eyes, praying she wasn’t making a mistake. “You always have. Don’t you know you’ve become my life?”

Hunter followed her as she pulled back, his mouth so close to her that his warm breath caressed her skin with every word. “Why do you think I’m here? Why do you think I came to find you?” He moved his head, brushing his lips back and forth over hers with careful deliberation. “Fantasies of teasing you, making you whimper as I give you pleasure have haunted me for years. I want you, Sage. I want to make you mine. I want to worship you with my body the way I’ve dreamed of doing for so long.”

Her nipples were so erect, the pressure of them scraping against the lace of her bra made her gasp. “Did we push the button?”

“No!” He laughed. “What floor?”

“Six.” As the lift began to move, Hunter slammed his lips against her and her heart pounded as he took her bottom lip between his teeth and sucked on it. Cody wanted to pinch herself, this perfect man wanted her. She let her eyelids flutter close and she gave herself over to the wonder of his kiss. He was so much more potent than she’d ever thought possible. Her pulse escalated, her fingertips dug into his shoulders as she surrendered.


“Finally.” This time he didn’t deny his impulse, he placed a hand beneath her knees and one behind her back and lifted her. “You belong to me, Sage Donovan, and I’m about to prove it.”

“Room six-eleven.” She held up the key. His eyes were hooded and dark with desire.

“Put it in.” He instructed.

“Isn’t that my line?” She quipped and Hunter’s eyes widened and Cody giggled.

The sound was so sweet and so familiar. He loved it. When the lock clicked, he used his foot to push it open. Once inside, he sat Sage down, his eyes never leaving her face. “Let’s take this off.”

He reached for her mask and she panicked. “No, no,” she backed away. “I need to leave it on. Please.”

“Why?” Hunter was at a loss. He didn’t understand.

“I just have to.” She felt him pulling away. Cody couldn’t let it happen, not since they’d come this for. Remembering Nana’s words, remembering her power, she pushed on Hunter’s chest until he yielded and came to rest against the door. “I’ll remove it on the third night. I just need this time to be more than I am.”

Hunter allowed her to hold him still, but he wouldn’t allow her to build unnecessary barriers. “I don’t want you to be more than you are. I just want you. I always have.”

“Hush, let me love you.” She tangled her fingers in his hair and pulled his head down to meet her mouth. Sage’s kiss sent him a message. She was giving of herself and asking him to want her. Her lips slid over his, her tongue requesting entrance and when he responded by kissing her back, opening his mouth to accept her invasion, she ate at his mouth with a hunger that sent his senses reeling.

When she withdrew to catch her breath, he followed, kissing her again. “I’ll let you have your way about the mask, but you’re gonna owe me.”

“I’ll pay gladly,” she said between nips at his neck as she began working on his clothes, undoing his tie, unfastening the buttons on his shirt.

One popped off and Hunter didn’t care. He’d buy the damn tux if it meant she’d keep touching him. Her little mouth was hot and her tongue on his skin was like laps of fire. “You’re just as wild as I knew you’d be.”

Cody was delirious with need. She was making love to Hunter, the man she’d craved for years, the only man she’d ever truly wanted. And he was here…her lips was on his skin, his heartbeat beneath her fingertips. “Can’t help it, I wanted you so much, so long.”

“You’ve got me baby. I’m right here.” She had kissed a trail down his chest and now she was on her knees at his feet. “God, you’re beautiful.”

Cody felt beautiful. “I want to show you what you mean to me.” She undone his pants. “Help me.” She begged, tugging on them.

Hunter pushed his pants down to his knees. His cock was hard and throbbing, the anticipation of her mouth on him was enough to make his knees weak.

“I think I can take it from here.” She looked up at him through her eyelashes, as she slipped her small hand inside his briefs to close her fingers around his throbbing erection, feeling the weight of him in her hand for the first time.

Hunter took the initiative and pushed the underwear on down past his thighs as she placed openmouthed kisses on his abs, all the while stroking him up and down. “Can I take you in my mouth?”

“Fuck, baby,” was all he could say. Forgetting what she’d said about her hair, he wrapped it around his fist. In the bright overhead light, he could see the dark strands mixed with the auburn curls. She didn’t realize that he would cherish the reality of her much more than any false embellishment.

Taking the expletive as permission, Cody took the thick base of his cock in her hand. She had no talent at this, having only had a couple of awkward encounters with inexperienced boys before she’d been attacked. It had been years since she’d touched a man, so all she could do was follow her instincts. Leaning into him, she opened her mouth and sank down over the head of his cock. Hunter let out a strangled cry as she used her tongue, teeth and lips to taste every inch of him. The barometer she used to determine her success was the increased rate of his breathing and the encouraging growls coming from deep in his throat. His grip on her hair guided her whether to savor or incite.

Cody couldn’t get enough, she licked his shaft, swirling her tongue around the head, taking him deep, sucking him until the sounds of pleasure he made kindled her own fires and caused liquid need to drip down the inside of her thigh. Flashing her eyes up to his, she saw that he was looking back at her. Wanting to make him feel good, Cody moved her tongue up and down his length, tracing a bold vein with her tongue. His lips parted and she knew he was unaware of the low grunts coming from his mouth. He was completely focused on her and the pleasure she was giving him.

Hunter was on the edge of losing his control. His thighs were jerking. Sage, his wet dream, was on her knees giving him head. Even on the brink of orgasm, he kept wanting to pinch himself to insure this was really happening.

But it was. The velvet heat of her mouth was heaven and soon he had to have more. He tightened his fingers on her scalp and clenched his hips as he thrust his cock repeatedly between her lips. “Feels so good, Sage.” When he praised her, she closed her eyes and groaned and he came apart, the pure erotic miracle of being with the woman he’d longed for too good to comprehend. “Sage!” he cried out as he climaxed, his whole body tightening, thrusting helplessly as she held him between her lips, her tongue bathing the tip as it jetted down her throat. Just as he dreamed, she swallowed. Then, Sage proceeded to do to him as she’d promised over and over, she licked him clean, massaging his balls until he was hard as a rock again. “I want to be inside you.”

“I’m on the verge of cumming,” Cody confessed as he pulled her to her feet. “I can’t wait.” She was desperate, her whole body throbbing with arousal. “Let’s get your tux off before I completely ruin it.” Slipping his jacket from his shoulders, she hung it on the back of a chair, the same with his shirt. When she turned around, he was there, drawing her into his arms. He was naked and she wasn’t, but they couldn’t wait. He drew her down on the bed, astraddle him.

“I’m crazy for you.” Together they drew her skirt up high enough so he could reach her panties, pushing the crotch out of the way so he could fit the head of his cock to her small opening. “Sage, this is happening, isn’t it?”

“Oh, yea.” Cody held onto his shoulders as he held her body to his with a big hand on her back, his other reaching between them to part her wet folds. Fixing her eyes on his, they stared at one another behind the shield of their masks. “Hold me, Hunter.”

He was sitting up, she on his lap, joined to him in the most intimate way possible. At her request, he wrapped his arms around her. The pleasure he’d received by being in her mouth paled as she accepted him inside of her.

Cody wanted this so much. She held his shoulders, steadying herself. “You’re so big,” she whispered. He was thick, so much bigger than the dildo she was used to. She wasn’t a virgin, but this was her first time in years.

Hunter massaged her back through her dress, kissing her neck, relishing the feel of Sage working her way down his cock. “You’re so tight, God, you feel like a dream.”

Closing her eyes, Cody let herself luxuriate in the moment. She was with Hunter, in his arms. She turned her head and crashed her mouth against his, her body gradually relaxing enough to accommodate his cock.

Groaning, Hunter just let himself feel as he rocked his hips against her, kissing her, their tongues mating together. He didn’t have to do much of the work, Sage seemed insatiable, her hips tightening and rolling as she rubbed against him, riding his cock faster and faster. Breaking the kiss, he gasped for breath. “Feel good, baby?”

“Yes, yes,” she whimpered, her teeth scraping the cords of his neck. “I can’t stop, too excited,” she gasped as she came, her whole body convulsing, trembling. Hunter felt her pussy clamp down on his cock and he exploded again, filling her with his seed. Over and over, she clenched her muscles, milking every drop from his body.

They stayed in the same position for a few more long minutes, panting in one another’s arms. Hunter’s body was damp with sweat and he felt contented, complete. “Lay with me,” he muttered as he pulled her down with him, still joined. Sage kissed his throat and let him hold her. “I’ll shut my eyes, just for a second and then we’ll do it again.”

Hunter knew no more till the morning light filtering through the curtains roused him. He reached for her and found the bed empty, no one beside him. Like so many times when he’d awoken from a dream, she was gone.

Thanks for reading – Sable



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Brand new release!

Hey all,

Who likes a mix of alpha cowboy bull riders and some MM romance?

Then you’ll love Falling Hard (Eight Second Ride Book 1).

This is my brand new release now up for preorder. Release date is 2/25/15 and it is available on Amazon, B&N, Smashwords, Ibooks, Kobo, All Romance Ebooks, and Secret Cravings Publishing.

Check out this sexy cover!

Falling Hard  Cover


Levi Bond is a professional bull rider. Eight seconds on the back of a two-thousand pound bull gets the adrenaline pumping, his heart racing, and makes him feel like a million bucks. When he gets it in his mind to check out fellow bull rider, Curt Walsh, he is reminded how easy it would be to fall hard for the rugged cowboy.

Curt Walsh has the career he’s always wanted—professional bull rider. He’s good—more than good, he’s one of the best, but he’s off his game at the moment. Confusion about his sexual preference is running him ragged. He likes both men and women, but what he really wants is Levi Bond, his friend and fellow bull rider.

What happens when two macho bull riders fall for each other? Riding bulls is only eight seconds, but sharing a life together outside of the arena is an even bigger challenge. Are they ready to face it together?

Excerpt 1

Curt watched Levi from the corner of his eye as he tried to keep his focus on the sports program playing on the television. He wondered if his friend was in a lot of pain. He didn’t appear to be, but he knew Levi well enough that, like any other rider, they hid their pain well. If Doc thought they were in too rough of a condition to ride, he made it well known they would be doing it against his advice.

He drained his beer and signaled for the waitress to bring him another. Tonight he wasn’t in the mood for company of any sort. Thus, the reason he’d blown off the brunette who’d sat down with him. Not that she wasn’t pretty or anything, but tonight he didn’t feel up to entertaining.

His ride this weekend earned him a little cash. The big winner was Levi. He’d taken home the first prize for the week. If I’m going to make finals, I need to get my shit together and ride.

He hurt all over. His body telling him he needed a break. With only a few weeks left to qualify, he couldn’t afford to stop. None of the riders could if they wanted to be in the finals. Vegas was coming up fast and furious.

Man, he wanted to go home for some rest. Texas called to him. The family place called to him. A break sounded wonderful and he knew his parents would like to see him. The finals screamed his name this year though. The ranch could wait. He had a good foreman and friend watching the place for him while he did his thing.

His heart felt heavy. Someday he wanted a partner, a spouse to run the place with him, but he knew that would be a long time coming. His preference in sexual partners made it difficult to settle down. He didn’t want just one, he had a mind for two.

Curt didn’t know Levi’s sexual preferences, but he had an idea. They’ve never discussed it like so many men do on the circuit, but he’d also never seen Levi with a woman. Not that he couldn’t be married or something and just didn’t pickup buckle bunnies on a regular basis. Curt was almost sure Levi liked cock, funny thing was, so did he. He liked both actually. Pussy was nice on occasion too. There weren’t too many women who got off seeing two guys together though. Any woman like that would be special, he knew. Oh well, he would know when the time was right if there was to be a woman in the mix. Right now, he wanted a nice tight asshole to plunder.

His gaze swung to Levi again as his friend leaned against the bar. Levi glanced his way and did the chin tip thing guys do as he raised his beer in salute. Curt waved him over. If nothing else, they could share a beer or two and go their separate ways at the end of the night, never knowing which way things might work should they actually discuss their sexual preferences in detail.

Levi pushed off the bar and sauntered toward him, his hips doing a slow shift as he walked. The man was built and ready for a ride if Curt knew anything at all. Tall at about six foot, broad in the shoulders and lean in the hips, he had the perfect body for a bull rider. His dark hair hung barely below his ears and his green eyes made Curt think of new sprouts. He wasn’t sure what Levi’s nationality was if anything other than white. His features didn’t support any specific nationality like American Indian, African American or anything besides good old Caucasian.

Levi was good. He’d been on the circuit quite a few years, longer than Curt had been by just a few though. Curt joined the professional tour about five years past now and Levi had been one of the best even then. This year Levi had a chance at the world finals and so did Curt. They both were hoping for a string of good rides to keep them in the running for the title.

“What’s up?” Levi ask, coming to a stop next to the table.

“Not much. You?”

“Nothing here either.” Levi tipped his chin up. “Did you want me to join you?”

“Yeah. I figured you looked lonely over there all by yourself. I’m just sitting here chilling until my body unwinds from the adrenaline rush. Drinking a beer. Checking out the pickings in the bar. You know.”

“Yep.” Levi brought his beer to his lips, taking a couple of long swallows.

Curt swallowed hard as he watched the other man’s Adams apple bob with each sip. His groin tightened uncomfortably behind the fly of his jeans. Thank God, the table is hiding my hard-on.

“You did awesome today on the back of that final bull. Great ride.”

Levi set his beer on the table. “Thanks. You got a good score on yours too.”

“Not good enough to beat you though.”

Levi smiled, showing off a gorgeous grin. Curt had the insane urge to bite Levi’s lower lip. The growl rumbling in his chest almost came out between his lips, but he managed to suppress it before he gave himself away. He wasn’t sure he wanted to reveal his attraction to the other man, just yet. He’d have to be careful. Gay action on the circuit could ruin a man’s career if it ever got out. The other guys might be a bit weirded out if they found out one of their riding buddies was gay or bi-sexual as in his case.

Excerpt 2 (Adult over 18)

Curt pushed his plate away and leaned back in the seat. Levi got the impression he was totally relaxed in his element. “If I’m totally off base here, let me know, but I get the distinct feeling you are into me.”

Levi swallowed hard. What the hell is he getting at? “I’m not sure what you mean, Curt.”

“I mean you want to fuck me.”

Aw, hell. Levi blew out a breath, hesitating several seconds to gain the nerve to admit his sexual preference to the man across the table after keeping it a secret for so long. “Okay. Yes, I’m gay. I like men. I like you, but I get the feeling you are into women.”

“I am.”

“Then no worries. I won’t try anything with you. I’m okay with it.”

Curt leaned in toward the table. “Easy man. I’m bi.”

“You’re what?”

“Bi-sexual. I like both men and women depending on my moods. Today, I like men. Yesterday, I was into the two women in my room, but it ended up being a lady-fest so I watched. I got off on that too.”

“Wow. All right then.” Shock did a little dance down his spine. Curt did like men. Did he like him enough to want to fuck though? “So what exactly are you saying?”

“I want to be balls deep in your ass tonight,” Curt whispered loud enough only he heard him. “Got a problem with that?”

Levi shivered in anticipation. “Nope.”


Levi wanted Curt’s full lips wrapped around his cock more than anything in the world, but if he would actually have his fantasy man deep in his ass, he couldn’t wait for the night to come.

After they paid their bills, they walked casually across the street to their hotel. Their steps grew rushed as they approached the door to their room. Levi pulled out the key card to open the door, but before he could slide it in, Curt grabbed him by the shoulder, spun him around and crushed his mouth against Levi’s. Teeth gnashed, lips melded, and tongues danced as Curt pinned him to the door.

When Curt finally moved back, their breaths came out in ragged pants of desire and need.

“Let me open the door.”


Levi’s hands shook as he tried to slide the key card into the lock. It took a couple of tries to get the card to work.

“Easy, cowboy. We got all night.”

Levi glanced over his shoulder as he opened the door. “Anticipation is gonna kill me.”

Curt gave him a crooked little smile that made his balls ache.

The door no more than banged shut before Curt was all over him, pulling at his clothes, unzipping his pants, and pushing both his shorts and jeans down.

“I want this cock.”

“It’s yours. Suck me.”

Curt dropped to his knees in front of Levi. “I’ve wanted to suck this for months.” Curt dove in, taking Levi’s entire cock in his mouth. Levi wasn’t necessarily a big man as far as cocks go, but having Curt deep throat him was enough to drive him up on his toes.

“Easy there,” Curt whispered against his flesh as he licked his cock from base to tip. “Such a beautiful cock. You are one gorgeously endowed man.”

“I want to see you.”

“In a minute. I’m worshipping this magnificent piece of flesh here first. You’ll get your chance.” Curt sucked, licked, and swirled his tongue around and around Levi’s cock.

Levi’s leg shook from trying to hold back his orgasm. He need to come so bad, he felt like his head was about to explode out the end of his dick. “Please. I can’t handle it anymore.”

“Your turn, but first, in the shower,” Curt said, getting to his feet as he began working the buttons on his shirt.

Within seconds, his clothes lay in a heap near Levi’s shirt as he worked his boots and jeans off as well.

“I plan to fuck you clear into tomorrow.”

Levi headed for the bathroom, hoping the shower was big enough for the both of them, but if not, they would have to migrate to the bed. He didn’t care, either way. He leaned in to turn on the shower. Curt grabbed his hips, rubbing his hard cock along the crack of his ass.

“Are you ready for me?”

“Hell yeah. I’ve been ready for months.”

“Me too.”

“Why didn’t you say something sooner?” Levi asked, turning to face him. “We could have been fucking already.”

Curt kissed him lightly on the mouth. “I wasn’t sure about you. I’d heard rumors, but nothing solid. You keep to yourself very well, so I had to make double sure before I approached you.”

Once the door was open on the stall, they both stepped in under the spray of the hot water. Curt opened the soap and lathered his hands until they were slick. His hands were everywhere on Levi’s body, smoothing over his chest, down between his legs, around to his ass, washing every inch of his body before he murmured, “Rinse.”

Levi turned toward the water, letting it cascade over his face, neck, and chest as he felt Curt kneel in the shower stall and bite at his ass. He’d never felt anything so erotic in his life.

“Such a nice ass to fuck.”

Curt spread his cheeks, kneading the twin globes in his hands as he licked and bit at the flesh of his butt. One finger rimmed his back hole, pushing in to the first knuckle. “You are tight, my friend.”

“It’s been a while.”

“You’re going to feel magnificent around my cock.” Levi clenched his ass around Curt’s finger. “Oh yeah. You like the sound of that, don’t you?”


“We will do that too.”

Levi closed his eyes as he pushed back against Curt’s fingers. He thought back, realizing it had been several months since he’d had sex, and man, was he primed to go off in seconds after Curt penetrated his ass. He wouldn’t be able to hold back for very long even though he wanted to ream Curt’s ass, too, before the night was over.

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