Navy SEALs, Texas Cowboys–A Firestorm of Desire!

I am scrambling this morning! I have two new releases! I hope you’ll buy both of them! One features a Navy SEAL, the other a Texas cowboy. Really, how can you choose? But here’s the scoop. Be sure to pop into both parties–chat with me or the other authors, win prizes!

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Through Her Eyes


Ex-SEAL and expert sniper, Wolf Kinkaid, is taking a little downtime while he considers his options. Being wooed by two elite black ops groups, he’s enjoying Charter Group’s beach house while he considers his options. A loner by nature and occupation, he wonders if he’ll ever really be able to connect to people around him. Afraid his loner nature will sentence him to spending his life alone, he’s not even sure he wants to continue looking down a scope, even if the pay’s good.

Bounty hunter Piper Ames loves the adrenaline rush she gets from her high-stakes hunts, but now, she has time on her hands as she waits for her collar to pop up his head so she can take him down. While she’s waiting, it doesn’t hurt that a big, buff, ex-military type is staying right next door. Not the least shy about going after what she wants, she’s surprised when he’s equally as aggressive. Their chemistry is off the charts, and the sex is the hottest she’s ever had.

While Wolf and Piper connect in the only ways their independent natures allow, danger lurks. When, at last, her target arrives, guns blazing, Wolf and Piper have to pull together to make it out alive.

Purchase here for just $1.99!

Read an excerpt at the bottom of this post!


Join all the authors: Cat Johnson, Kennedy Layne, Olivia Jaymes, Becky McGraw, Sabrina York, Elle James, Paige Tyler, Marissa Dobson, Desiree Holt, Geri Foster, Donna Michaels, Susan Stoker, J.M. Madden and Siobhan Muir! There will be book snippets and prizes!

WHEN: All Day!

WHERE: Cat Johnson’s Kindle Worlds Launch Party

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12-Alarm Cowboys

12 Alarm Cowboy_640

AFTER THE FIRE by Cora Seton
When a series of fires keeps bringing him to her door, a firefighter must uncover his ex-girlfriend’s secret or risk losing her forever.
WHERE THERE’S SMOKE (A Cowboy Way Novella) by Becky McGraw
Cowboy Austin McBride follows a herd to a new town, but firefighting is his passion, so he applies at a local station. Standing between him and the job is a blonde bombshell who thinks she’s a shoe-in.
SADDLES AND SOOT by Cynthia D’Alba
Rancher and volunteer firefighter extinguishes a grass fire accidentally started by the town’s sexy temporary veterinarian but there’s something about her that ignites a fire inside of him.
CONTROLLED BURN (Cowboys on the Edge, Book One) by Delilah Devlin
Rancher and volunteer firefighter assigns himself to watch a reformed firebug during a controlled burn but she lights the fire inside him instead of the dead grass around them.
HIS FIREFLY COWGIRL by Beth Williamson
When an arson investigator returns to her hometown she clashes with the firefighter cowboy who broke her heart. Embers turn to sparks between a cowboy and his firefly cowgirl.
HER VOLUNTEER COWBOY (Book 6: Harland County) by Donna Michaels
Sparks reignite when one-nighters reunite. Can the firefighter/Guardsman convince the reforming bad girl she’s worth fighting for, or will she leave before he finds the courage to volunteer his heart?
When a cowboy firefighter works a fire at a nudist resort, he’s sure his ex-girlfriend, the bookkeeper, is to blame. But as he investigates her, his gut tells him he’s going to get burned.
A Cowboy-Volunteer Firefighter helps a runaway city girl put out a car fire only to find himself embroiled in a hot little mess of ex-boyfriend persuasion.
REKINDLED (Dallas Fire & Rescue, Book One) by Paige Tyler
A hunky firefighter rescues his best friend’s sexy sister from a hotel fire set by her psychotic ex-boyfriend who’d rather see her dead than with another man.
TEXAS WILDFIRE by Sable Hunter
Honored VFD hero is no angel. In love with his Captain’s wife, all hell breaks loose when Titan learns Makenna is abused. The firestorm their love ignites is so intense no one will emerge unscathed.
HOT IN THE SADDLE – Randi Alexander
When a rancher/volunteer firefighter is injured saving the life of a female stockcar racer, she stays to pay her debt of gratitude. Will he regret risking his life when he learns why she came to Texas?
When offered a second chance to seduce his high school crush, cowboy/fireman Cade Silver cannot resist. Despite her resistance, he is determined to win her, come hell or high water.

Purchase your copy here!

Read an excerpt here!


You know who will be there! See the list of contributors above!

WHEN: 1:00 to 9:15 PM Eastern Time

WHERE: 12-Alarm Cowboys Release Party

Excerpt from THROUGH HER EYES:

What had started as sexy fun for Piper quickly became intense and complicated. Like the steady thrusts delivered by the powerful dude who now quivered over her. He wouldn’t last long, she knew it. Saw it in the corded muscles of his jaw. But she didn’t really care. She was right there. Ready. Primed by her imagination, by their dirty game, by his intensity.

He held her close, so close she could feel his heart beat against her chest. Their bodies writhed together, her breasts flush against him, her legs clamping tightly around his hips as he surged into her, his cock grinding against sensitive nerves inside her channel and her rigid clit. Even their faces touched, every single moment, cheeks rubbing, lips sliding then connecting. This fuck was more personal than anything she’d ever experienced, and the intimacy scared her just a little. Which oddly shot her arousal through the stratosphere.

“Jesus,” he whispered in her ear before her bit her lobe. “I want to crawl right inside your body. You feel so fucking good—hot, tight.”

“You’re there. All the way up. And I’m close,” she said, nipping his shoulder. “Don’t wait on me.”

Huffing out a hot breath, he gave her a long glide, then several shorter, sharper thrusts. “I wanted to do everything right. Had it planned in my head—all the things I’d do.”

“We’ve got a week,” she said, clawing at his back then pinching the muscles framing his spine. “Give it to me hard.” She scissored her legs, sliding her calves along his sweaty skin, trying to climb him, trying to pump her hips to urge him to move faster, harder.

He pulled his arms free, then grabbed hers, sliding his hands until he manacled her wrists and drew her arms high above her head. “Loosen your legs, baby. Let me move.”

Ooh, I like how growly his voice is. She opened them wide, toes curling, as he got his knees beneath him and began to power into her body.

Inside, her channel convulsed, rippling along his big shaft. Pleasure curled in her womb, tightening, tightening…

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Hotel Rodeo Sneak Peek #2 by Victoria Vane

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HELL ON HEELS (HOTEL RODEO #1) by Victoria Vane

Place Your Bet… The Hotel Rodeo in Las Vegas has seen better days, but managing partner Ty Morgan has come up with a way to return it to its former glory. His plan looks promising until the unthinkable happens. Suddenly Ty is working for the boss’s daughter. And Miss Monica Brandt, hot as she may be, doesn’t share his vision…

Roll The Dice…She left a fabulous career and a frustrated fiancé in New York to move to Vegas and save her father’s investment. But now Monica is locking horns with a sexy cowboy-turned-businessman. What does Ty think he can do that she can’t? All Monica knows is that she doesn’t dare trust him—or is it herself she doesn’t trust?…

And Win…The battle lines are drawn. The stakes are high. And the attraction can’t be denied—especially the more closely Ty and Monica have to work together. Some odds are just meant to be played, and with chemistry this electric, it may be time to grab life by the horns…

PRE-ORDER NOW:  Amazon, B&NGoogle PlayKobo 



Her gaze was even with his chin, requiring her to crane her neck. She hated the advantage his height gave him. It was the reason she always wore heels—to level the playing field. She was five foot seven. Her stilettos made her close to six feet, which allowed her to stand nose to nose with most men, and even gave her a slight advantage over Evan who was only four inches taller than she was, but Ty had her by half a head.

“The twenty grand you refused?”

“No, the ten I accepted along with the—”

“Okay,” she blurted. “You already called my bluff. I’ll give you the twenty. Half now and the rest in three months. I’m being square with you here, Ty. Let’s make this happen.” She almost groaned as Evan’s favorite words spilled from her mouth. She’d been his protégé for five years. It would probably take as many for the stink to wear off.

Ty cocked his head in thought.

She waited, fighting the urge to tap her heel.

“All right,” he said at last. “I can accept that deal… on the provision that I still have the last word on operations.”

“Absolutely not! I’ll make all the final decisions.”

“That ain’t gonna fly with me, Sugar. Tom let me have free rein. If you want me to stay, you’ve got to let me handle things my way.”

“Equal say,” she countered. “Partners. Just like you and Tom.”

He shook his head. “Tom and I are like-minded but you and me? We’re never going to see eye to eye on anything.”

“Probably not,” she agreed.

“Look, Ms. Brandt, one of us has to wear the pants in this relationship.”

Wear the pants? What chauvinistic bullshit! I can’t even believe you said that!”

“Told you I’m old fashioned. ‘Sides,” his gazed roved slowly and suggestively down her body, “you look mighty fine in a skirt.”

She fought a ridiculous surge of satisfaction that he’d taken notice. “Don’t you know I could call you out for sexual harassment?”

“Could you now?” He stepped into her space. “Maybe you need a bit of sexual harassment, Ms. Brandt,” his voice was suddenly low and smooth as silk. “As a matter of fact, I think you need a whole lot of it.”

She retreated a step.

He advanced two.

“You see,” he continued, backing her up to the desk, “I was raised in the belief that anything worth doing, is worth doing right.”

His hands came down on the desk, braced on either side of her. His musky masculine sent washed over her, sucking the air out of her lungs. Evan wore outrageously expensive Clive Christian 1872. Ty Morgan wore “pure cowboy” vintage 1982, earthy, tangy, and tantalizing.


PRE-ORDER :  Amazon, B&NGoogle PlayKobo 

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Magic Mick and a GIVEAWAY! Rhonda Lee Carver

Okay, first, I’m not saying I don’t like watching sexy men undress, but I don’t go out of my way to watch male strippers. Maybe because I’ve been to a few bars where a group of men got on stage, clumsily undressed down to a dirty bikini bottom, sloshed their package around a bit and the ladies all screamed. Just not my thing. It’s okay if you do..but trust me, none look like Channing Tatum. Not even close.

So, it just so happens a friend had her bachelorette party at a bar on best girls night–Magic Mick Night.

We chose a table. I ordered a Sex on the Beach ( ever had one?) and was busily talking to a friend about a Sam Smith concert when I heard, “Ooh, we have some action going on.” I looked around and everyone was staring at me. A half-dressed, long-haired, brute of a guy was standing on stage, pointing at me. What did I ever do to him?

With a smile that showed off white teeth against tan, he lowered his gaze to where I had my hand wedged in between my thighs. Now let me explain. It’s not what you think. I had my hand…well…there. Jeans on. No sexual thoughts. Just my hand tucked up nicely between my inner thighs….Okay…you get the picture. I quickly dragged my hand away and I thought that would be the end of the joke. But noooo…

He came out into the audience and whisked me up on stage. Remember I did say this wasn’t my thing? I was led to a chair in the middle of the stage and not one, not two, but three half-dressed men came out and did a Magic Mike on me…except this was more of a Magic Mick.  ‘Nuff said.


I will give away one ecopy of PRESSURE POINT (Book 3, Rhinestone Cowgirls) to one lucky winner! Comment below and you’re entered.


Buy link: Pressure Point

Secret Pressure, Book 4 Rhinestone Cowgirls, is now available!


Here’s an excerpt! 18+ ONLY!

Reaching the hotel, he led her into the elevator and the second the doors closed, he was next to her dragging her close, pressing her body against the mirrored wall. Her purse dropped to their feet and she wrapped her arms around his neck. Her firm breasts pressed his chest and their lips met in abandoned need. Tongues dueled, hearts raced and he gripped strands of her hair in his palm. He moved his free hand to the hem of her skirt, sliding his fingers upward as heat grew against his knuckles. He skimmed his thumb along the cotton covered seam, met with a warm, sinewy moisture. She was wet, just as he suspected.

He slipped his finger along the elastic and pushed it aside, dipping his fingers in the sweet nest. Yes, she was ready alright. Spreading her moist lips, he found the pearl tucked in her silken sheath and flicked it twice. She trembled and a long deep purr fell off her lips.

The bell dinged, warning them.

He pulled back, both panting, chests heaving and he stepped across the small space of the cubicle. The doors opened and a couple stepped in, the woman offered a smile to Jobe. He dipped his hat in greeting.

Across the space, Ruby met his gaze. Her cheeks were perfectly pink and her lips were swollen. He brought his hand to his nose and inhaled her musky scent, smiling. Pure heaven. He couldn’t wait to dip his tongue into the treasure.

Buy link: Secret Pressure







Street Team

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Leah Braemel on Staycations

Mount-TremblantSummer has finally arrived up here in Canada — we’ve had a cool wet spring that went clear into the middle of July. Hot weather has made me long to take a vacation, something we’ve not done in…ages. The last time I took a vacation was about 6 years ago, and was a long weekend where we visited Mount Tremblant, a ski resort in Quebec. Okay, so we went midsummer and there was no skiing but the Laurentian Mountains are green and verdant, similar to those in Vermont, and the French know how to cook! It was probably one of the most relaxing trips I’d taken in a while.

The trouble is these days we can’t afford to stay at a hotel or at least can’t justify an expensive trip plus we have a dog and cat to think of. So we’re been considering what we can do as part of a staycation. However ,whenever I think of having my husband home for two weeks straight?  I think “ooh, I have a ton of chores that he can help with — like painting the living room.” Which, as much as it needs doing, isn’t exactly a vacation for either of us.

So I figured I’d ask here — when you can’t afford to get away but need that downtime, that mental and physical break, what do you do? Got any suggestions?

Oh and for those who wonder about it —  yes, even when I’m in Quebec, I still wear my cowboy hat. ;) Leah-at-Mount-Tremblant

By the way, today’s the last day that you can pick up my No Accounting for Cowboys for just 99 cents. (Only on sale in North America.)

No Accounting for Cowboys

No Accounting for Cowboys by Leah BraemelJake Grady loves Bull’s Hollow ranch and all the challenges and hard work it entails. But the past year hasn’t been easy—his father’s good name has been tarnished, and new financial problems are threatening to destroy everything the Gradys have built. Performing live under a stage name has become his escape, a way of blowing off some serious steam.

Accountant Paige Reynolds found Jake’s guitar-playing alter ego intriguing, but her connection with the real Jake sends her attraction into overdrive. When she’s summoned to make order out of the chaotic paper trail at Bull’s Hollow, he sets her world a-rocking—both in bed and out. But Paige has a plan; she’s determined to create her own path for the future, but is soon left scrambling for firmer ground.

Good news about Jake’s potential singing career is followed by the revelation of another family secret, one that has him questioning whether he belongs at Bull’s Hollow at all. But leaving the ranch would mean leaving his family…and Paige. How much is he willing to give up for a real shot at fame?





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Cover Reveal by Marie Tuhart

I’m so excited.  I finally got my cover for my new book Bound & Teased.

The book has a sheriff and a cowboy in it and is set in a small town.  I have a tenative release date of 8/14.

Here’s the cover:


And here’s the blurb:

Eight years ago, a naive Katie Crane ran from Ry and Jed, warned their brand of love would ruin her life. Now she’s all grown up and returning home with a better understanding of the BDSM lifestyle. After the betrayal she’s faced at her father’s hands, she worries she won’t be strong enough to submit to the men she gave her heart and virginity to at eighteen.

Jed Malloy and Ry McCade are surprised and thrilled by Katie’s return to Felton’s Creek. They’d been heartbroken after her departure and had turned to each other, embracing the BDSM lifestyle without her. Katie’s homecoming sparks hope and worry. Ry isn’t sure he can keep his dominant side under control, and Jed fears Katie will see him as less of a man by being a switch and Ry’s submissive.

Having Katie back could mean the beginning of everything   they’ve ever wanted or the end to the only family they’ve ever known.

Here’s an excerpt:

“Welcome home.” Jed’s breath skimmed her neck before his lips touched her skin.

“It’s been too damn long.” Ry didn’t hesitate, his mouth closing over hers.

Her heart pounded as Ry’s mouth devoured hers. Jed nipped at her skin with little bites where her neck and shoulder met and she let out a gasp, allowing Ry to slide his tongue past her lips.

Two sets of hands roamed over her body. Ry cupped her ass, pulling her against his hard cock. Jed teasing the underside of her breasts, making her nipples pebble while he pressed his equally hard erection against her ass.

“My turn.” The words barely registered before Ry released her lips. Strong fingers cupped her chin, her head turned, and Jed took her mouth.  His lips were softer, but his kiss was as hard and demanding as Ry’s, but less urgent.

Two men, two different kisses. Her brain grappled with the way they tasted. Each different. Ry, metal and coffee, Jed, mint and the outdoors. Oh, God. They tasted the same as they had when she was eighteen.

Her body was melting between them. She curled one arm around Jed’s neck, and the other hand began caressing Ry’s chest. Her helplessness to resist these two men was starting again. And did she care? At the moment, no, but she’d come home knowing they weren’t going to play it safe, not this time.

So what do you think?

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BY SABLE HUNTER: Stop and look at the title of this website for a second. What does it say? WILD AND WICKED. We all have some dreams about fulfilling those two words, even if it’s only in what we read, or we wouldn’t be here. Would we?

Being good is highly overrated. Just think about it. You follow the rules, stay between the lines, do without that THING you want or the WHO you want and what happens? You live to regret it. I’m already sorry for some decisions I’ve made, just trying to be good and doing what was expected of me. You know, Mark Twain said at the end of the day (your life) we won’t regret the things we did, what we’ll regret are the things we didn’t do. Now, I could go back and rehash the mistakes I’ve made in the past, the times that I did what other people wanted me to do instead of what I longed to do, but that would be fruitless. It’s water under the bridge. I’ve always tended to try and please people, even when fulfilling their expectations of me causes me to lay my own desires aside. BUT NO MORE!

I want to start a movement, a wave, a revolution of people who choose to take steps to make their own dreams come true! Now, ‘being bad’ doesn’t necessarily mean – lol – breaking the law or getting shot by a jealous wife. Most of the time things we consider bad are things like spending money on ourselves, or maybe binge watching a show when there is ironing to be done. You might want to take that dream vacation you’ve been putting off because spending money on yourself is not something you’re inclined to do. You know what I mean. Take a chance – ask that guy out that you’ve been speaking to in the grocery produce department for the last six months – or be brave and tell your husband you’d really like to have more oral sex. Ha! Be bad!

My Dad always ate dessert first, just in case. I’m not sure what he was worried about happening so he would miss dessert – choking, running out of sweets or the rapture (ye old Baptist religious reference) but I’ve seen him skip the entrees, salads and vegetables and fill his plate with coconut pie and chocolate cake. After he’d had his fill of the good stuff, he’d go and eat something else, if he wasn’t too full I guess. When he died, that was one of the things I thought about, I’m glad he got to eat all of the dessert he wanted.

So join me, my fellow do-gooders. Those of you who have lived by the rules of always doing what’s expected, of putting others first, of letting what you want take a back seat. Let’s take a stand and decide we’re going to be bad for once – – or twice! Every day I want to get up and say, “what can I do that will make me happy today”. Believe it or not, I have spent years ignoring that very thing. When you live for others instead of living for yourself, you tend to get lost in the shuffle. And losing yourself is one of the saddest things in the world.

So, here we go. These aren’t New Year’s Resolutions, these are NEW LIFE Resolutions! I resolve to take more bubble baths. I will go to a convention next year, even if it kills me – ha! I will bring more flowers inside my home. I will kiss my dogs. I will buy an expensive pair of shoes. I will go out to eat more. I will take walks to see the sunset, even when my word count isn’t completely finished. Do you get my drift?

Now, let’s try not to go bankrupt, get arrested or cause a riot. ROFL. Instead, let’s WEAR MORE JEWELRY, DRINK MORE CHAMPAGNE, WINK AT MORE GUYS, HAVE MORE SEX, EAT MORE CHOCOLATE and make MORE DREAMS COME TRUE. To enter this month’s contest for any ebook of mine you’d like to choose – tell me how you intend to put yourself first – for a change.

Here’s an example of me ‘being bad’ – sex hot enough to melt concrete. FROM TEXAS WILDFIRE, part of the 12-ALARM COWBOY SET – on sale now, to be released on AUGUST 4th.

All covers for 12-alarm cowboys12 Alarm Cowboys, Randi Alexander



It wasn’t the way he looked at her, even though his intense gaze made her wet. It wasn’t the nice things he did for her, although his thoughtfulness made her feel important. She wanted Titan and the main reason was just…him. He was sexy, sweet, smart and hot as hell. By the time they were ready to go to bed, Makenna was so ready for him, she wanted to ride him like a horse. Her bold thought made her blush, but she just went with it. They’d been relaxing in front of the television. He’d been enjoying a glass of local Moscato, but Makenna had only taken a sip. Until she found out for sure about the baby, she wouldn’t risk alcohol.

But right now she wanted something more potent—him. Makenna took his glass from his hand and set it down. Standing up slowly, she walked to the door. It took a lot of courage, but she turned, giving him a heated glance. “Titan, I can’t wait any longer. I need you. In bed. Now.” Then, she just turned and walked to his room.

Titan didn’t delay long, only enough to come to his senses. He sprang from the couch, bounded up the stairs, kicked the door closed and ripped off his shirt in one mighty move. Makenna’s eyes widened, not only at all the muscle he’d exposed but because he was stalking her across the room like a great big cat. When he reached her, she kissed him right over his heart but eased away when he tried to catch her hand. “No, I want a chance to just…look at you.” Slowly, she started to circle him. “I’ve watched you, wanted you for so long. The day of the calendar shoot, I stood at the back of the room…and my panties got wet from looking at you. Just you. The only sex in my life that counted was what I’ve had with you.”

Titan went still. This was the sexiest damn thing he’d ever experienced. “You like looking at me about half as much as I enjoy looking at you.” But he wasn’t crazy. If Titan could make her a little crazier for him, he would. After all, he figured it would pay off—in bed. He tried to make it look natural, but he stretched a little, moved his body and flexed a muscle or two.

When Makenna came to his back, she gave in, using both hands to caress him from neck to arms, planting a kiss as high on his back as she could reach. And then she paused to skim her night shirt over her head, leaned in and rubbed on him, brushing her stiff hungry nipples back and forth across his back. As her face was pressed to his skin, she felt his chest rumble from a deep-throated growl. Wrapping her arms around him, she pressed against him, her hands beginning to move. “I want to be as close to you as I can get.”

Titan thought he could be still. He tried. Those small, soft hands of hers crept up from his waist and covered his pecs, rubbing, the palms caressing his nipples. He looked down. His cock was trying to push out of his pants. “You’re teasing the beast, baby.”

Makenna smiled against his skin. What was amazing about all of this was that he was powerful, a male animal in his prime. He could hurt her if he wanted to, but she had no fear whatsoever. Titan would cut off his arm before he would harm one hair on her head. “You’re so sexy, Titan. I’m wet for you.”

She didn’t make it around to his front by herself, she had help. He pulled her around, lunged at her mouth, taking both of her breasts in his hands. As he ravished her mouth, Titan tugged on her nipples. She arched against him, sliding one hand up his chest to encircle his neck. His mouth slid off of hers, spreading a trail of hot kisses over her throat and collarbone. She followed his lead, licking and kissing his throat, then his jaw. Her spare hand wasn’t idle, she teased his nipple, lightly scoring it with her fingernails. “Enough, babe, I’m dying.” With one easy move, he picked her up and carried her to the bed.

“Now the pants, cowboy.” She lay there, spread out and ready for him.

He wasted no time or movement, losing the jeans as fast as he’d lost the shirt. “Better?” He knew his cock was appreciative, it had been living in cramped quarters.

“Come lie on top of me. I need to feel your weight.” This she wouldn’t try to explain, but the sheer bulk of him on top of her made Makenna feel sheltered, enveloped—enclosed. No one could touch her when he stood between her and the world.

“Give me that mouth,” he growled, nipping her bottom lip, eating at her lips. Makenna reveled in his lust, clinging to him and kissing him back just as feverishly. When he pulled away, she thought she’d weep, but he moved down her body, ending up at her feet. Picking up one leg, he caressed the arch, kissing a path from ankle to knee. “Roll over.”

Makenna turned over so quickly, she hoped she preserved some sense of grace. She was so excited. Her arousal was flowing down the inside of her thigh.

“Up on your knees, face in the pillow.”

About two seconds after she’d done as he asked, she felt his mouth against her pussy. “Oh, yes, God, yes.” Not being able to see what he was doing just made it more intense. A lick from his talented tongue made her groan and when he spread her open with his fingers and buried his face in her sex she thought she’d black out. Makenna perched her ass in the air, pushing back, pressing her pussy into his face.

After that, all she could do was hang onto the sheet, because he made it his personal mission to make her scream—and he was very successful. Makenna came so hard she bit a hole in his pillowcase.

Titan couldn’t believe the sight before him. He’d hit the damn love jackpot. There was no sexier woman in the world. For him, she was it. Taking his engorged cock in hand, he fit himself into her cleft, sliding in her cream before pulling back and pushing the head into her opening ever so slowly.

Makenna almost said something about a condom, but she was weak. She was addicted to the feel of him. If something happened, it was on her. She wanted him, she couldn’t deny it. She wanted him forever. So, wanting his child was a natural extension. “More,” she whimpered and he worked his way in halfway. When he pulled back to thrust in, she countered his move, impaling herself on his big cock.

“Mercy!” he bellowed, as his body shook with the need to explode. “Hold on, I can’t stop now.” Grabbing her hips, he began to fuck her hard, covering her back, kissing her neck, grazing the soft flesh with his teeth. When she tightened down around him, milking his cock, Titan saw stars.

Taking her hips in his hands, he held her right where he needed her. Make no mistake about it, he might be on top, but she was calling the shots. At any time, if she gave any hint that she wanted him to let up, to stop, he’d cease and desist. Instead, she begged for him, “More, Ti, harder, more!”

Giving her what she needed, Titan hammered into her. Her little channel caressed him, milked him, burned him with her hunger. “Come for me, baby, I need you so much.” He slid his hands around to her front, one grasping a quivering globe, the other delving between her legs to find her clit.

Titan didn’t know if it was his words or his touch, but she bloomed for him, her body responding in the age-old way of a woman surrendering to a man. With a sexy cry, she came all over him, the pulsing spasms of her channel pushing him over the cliff—a stampede of sensation that kept his cock moving in and out of her long after the clasps of her pussy muscles had milked him of every drop.

Pulling out, he wrapped an arm around her and took her with him, him landing on his back and her spread on top of him like jam on toast. “Did I satisfy you, my Makenna?”

“Completely.” She sighed, relaxing fully against him. “Completely.”


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Volunteering a cowboy and a Rafflecopter, by Donna Michaels

Hi everyone,

I’m excited that Book 6 in my Harland County SeriesHER VOLUNTEER COWBOY is releasing 8/4 in the 12-Alarm Cowboy boxed set! The more I wrote, the more Tanner opened up, and the more I fell in love with him. Hope you enjoy him too!

Cowboy Tanner Hathaway, part time firefighter and National Guardsman, is great at volunteering his time, never his heart, but when his Pocono one-nighter shows up in Texas to help a friend, sparks ignite a flame neither of them expect. Can the county’s bad boy, convinced the reforming bad girl she’s worth fighting for, or will she leave before he has the courage to volunteer his heart?



If the glamour magazines could see her now, hair pulled back in a knot at the nape of her neck, no makeup, comfortable old NASCAR T-shirt and pair of cutoff shorts on legs she hadn’t shaved in two days…

“Don’t you look right at home?”

Gwen squeaked and spun around, clutching the sink behind her with one hand and her throat with the other as she faced her visitor. “Tanner,” she said, covering her pulse with her fingers in a foolish attempt to calm the rapid thumping. “You scared the hell out of me.”

If she hadn’t recognized his deep, lazy tone, her body’s reaction to his presence was a dead giveaway. Damn goosebumps raced down her arms and spine in unison. What was up with that? He was the only man ever to cause her skin to bump up.

“Sorry, darlin’. I assumed you’d heard me talking to Kerri before I came in.”

“No, I was too busy putting away pots and pans to hear you over the noise,” she told him, then added, “Darlin’.”

He chuckled as he stopped in front of her, one of the few men tall enough to make her need to tip her head to see his face. And what a handsome face it was, too. Strong cheekbones and jaw, all tanned and covered in a day’s growth of beard, dark lashes framing a brown gaze, warm…and heaven help her…heated.

“W-well, what did you want?” Even though she wanted to bolt, her stubborn side refused to let her move.

The right side of his mouth slowly tugged into a grin. “You always so testy?”

“You always so pushy?”

Now, the left side of his wicked mouth curved, too. “I’m not pushy,” he insisted, gripping the sink on either side of her, bringing his hard, muscled, black T-shirt and jean clad body to within a fragment of air from hers.

Which was a problem. A serious problem. Especially, considering just the simple act of walking and his solid frame moving made her body itch to ditch her clothes.

Not good.

His nearness fogged her brain, and heated her from the inside out. Or was that a Texas thing? She wasn’t sure. Only that he was so deliciously damn close she could see the golden specs in his eyes melt into a deep, decadent caramel blazing hot enough to evaporate her composure.

“Wh-what are you doing?” she whispered, wishing her stupid, stubborn side hadn’t butted in and she’d moved when she’d had the chance, because at the moment, she couldn’t feel her damn legs.

“Testing a theory,” he replied, his words as slow and deliberate as his movements.

And even though he’d given her plenty of time to push him away, she didn’t move a muscle. Just stood there, anticipating, and waiting for the sexy man to make a move. After several, long seconds, he leaned down and, oh God, she could feel the slightest brush of stubble against her neck as he slowly inhaled.

“Damn, no one smells as good as you, Gwen.”

He smelled pretty good, too. Damn good, and she could no more stop herself from inhaling his freshly showered, musky male scent than her eyes from crossing.

“Not good my ass,” he muttered, drawing back to stare down into her face.

She blinked, then smiled, her brain finally cluing in to what this was all about. “You’re sore about my remark yesterday.”

“Damn right.” He lifted a hand to run his finger from her ear to her jaw, lingering just below her lower lip. “What we did in the Poconos was better than good.”

True, and she even might have told him had she been able to draw air into her lungs.

Ah, shoot. He’d set his other hand on her hip and lightly squeezed while he leaned in to brush her jaw with his lips.

“Wasn’t it, Gwen?”

Her body strained closer to his and quivered when he nibbled on her ear.

“Say it.”

When she still didn’t respond, mostly because of the lack of air thing, he cupped her head and sank his teeth in the spot behind her ear that drove her crazy. Apparently, the spot had to be connected to her airway, because she was able to suck in a breath, and even let out a strangled moan. “Yes…

He continued to stroke and tease with his mouth and tongue while she slid her hands up his chest.

“I could have you crying out in less than five minutes,” he murmured, his words as hot as his breath on her skin and the bulge pressing against her low, and nearly on target.

She let out a needy little sound and fisted his shirt. Damn man was trouble.

When he drew back, eyes heavy-lidded and wicked, he glanced from her hands to her face. A slow, satisfied smile curved his sexy lips. “Not good my ass,” he repeated.

Part of her wanted to push him away and tell him to get the hell out of the kitchen, but another part, a bigger part, wanted her to start owning up. To be real with people. Not fake.

So, even though it was tough, she held her head high and smoothed out his shirt. “You’re right. It was better than good, Tanner. It’s just not the reason I’m down here.”

12 Alarm Cowboys, Randi Alexander

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To celebrate this 12-Alarm Cowboys boxed set, and some SEALs launching the same day in Cat Johnson’s Hot SEALs Kindle World, we’re holding a Rafflecopter!

Good luck!!


And if you’re in New Orleans next weekend, I hope you can drop by the Holiday Inn-Superdome for the Author/Reader Con Book signing! There’ll be some great authors, great swag, and even some cowboys!

You can find out more about me, my books, and all of the new releases I have coming up at:

As always, thanks for reading,


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Guess who’s coming August 4? In more ways than one! (wink!) – Desiree Holt

It’s the next Naked Cowboy!

Leave a comment for a chance to win one of the Naked Cowboy books.

Get ready for Naked Heat. Naked cowboys Book #7

Which burns hotter…their desire, or his need for revenge?

The hunt for the drunk driver who killed his twin sister leads Andrew “Mac” McDaniel to Saddle Wells, Texas. From the moment he buys the rundown Hannigan Ranch, he gets more help than he wanted or thought he needed from “the crew” of Saddle Wells. Including from the sexy realtor who sold him the place.

When Nida Beloit hands over the keys to Mac’s new ranch, electricity sizzles between her and the investment advisor who sold everything to focus on his independent investigation. Yet even as they indulge in nights of erotic sex, Mac’s obsession drags at what’s growing between them.

Nida wonders if she can bear to stand by and watch him destroy himself—especially when the end of his investigation sends him careening toward a potentially disastrous act of revenge.


Warning: Contains one hot property of a cowboy, and a lady who knows a fixer upper when she sees one. Question is, is her heart tough enough to take on the job?

“You’ve certainly got lots of sweat equity into this,” she commented.

“That’s the damn truth. And lot’s more to come.”

There was more silence. “I know you didn’t come here just to hide out in a rundown house,” she said at last. “When you’ve dealt with troubles, you can sense them in others.”

“Nida, listen. I—”

“I don’t want an explanation. Just know that if you need someone to listen, I’m here. And I don’t tattle.”

“I wouldn’t think you did.”

He turned toward her at the same moment she moved to look at him, and it seemed the most natural thing in the world to put his hands on her shoulders and take a good long look into those mysterious eyes. It seemed even more natural for him to cup her chin and tilt her face upwards. He was a bare whisper from her mouth when he stopped.

“I’m going to kiss you. Take a step back if you don’t want that.”

When she didn’t move, he lowered his head and pressed his lips to hers. Damn, she tasted incredible, hot and sweet at the same time. When she opened her mouth, he thrust his tongue inside and every nerve in his body fired. His cock, already throbbing with need, swelled even more, and his balls ached like a son of a bitch. Heat surged through his body as their tongues tangled and he drank her in. He could stay like this forever.

Breaking the kiss was one of the hardest things he’d ever done and took every ounce of his self-discipline. What he really wanted to do was carry her in the house, strip off all her clothes and run his tongue over every inch of her body.

“Nida, I have to tell you—”

She touched her slim fingers to his mouth. “You don’t have to tell me a thing. That is, until you feel you want to.” She took a step back. “Good night, Mac. It was great seeing you again.”

She gave him a smile that was half-shy, got in her SUV and drove down the driveway.

Mac stood there staring after her for a very long time.






Please be sure to drop by Saddle Wells, Texas, the home of all the Naked Cowboys. Meet the hot guys and even order your own Saddle Wells and Naked Cowboys merchandise.

Got a question? Contact me at

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New York! New York! by Cynthia D’Alba!

Howdy from the Big Apple! Home of consistent honky horns, sirens, and lots of blinking neon lights! I have discovered that I miss the quiet, the sound of wind through the trees, green grass, winding backroads and coffee that doesn’t cost $5 for a cup! As you can tell, I can NOT a big city gal! I’m here for the Romance Writers of American conference. I’m exhausted! If you follow me on Facebook, you saw my in-room dinner last night. Ahh. What a treat! (if you don’t, why not??)

I write small town contemporaries because apparently that’s the life I see as ideal but it’s certainly not for everybody! How many billionaire/big city books are out there? Lots! But give me a southern cowboy with a soft smile, a twinkle in his eye wearing a pair of Wrangles that hug him in all the right places! The most famous cowboy where I am right now is the Naked Cowboy (Google this if you don’t know who that is!) but trust me…ain’t nobody wantin’ to see that!

Tonight, there are LOADS of parties…I’m not going to any of them. :) BUT there is a cover model shoot at 7. I think that sounds MUCH more interesting, don’t you?

So, NYC…Your kind of town?

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Guest Blogger Maddie Taylor’s Smokin’ Hot Cowboy Erotica Saloon

I’m excited to be back for the third time on Wild and Wicked Cowboys. My visits coincide with a new release as always, but I also wanted to share about a new Facebook page I started called the Smokin’ Hot Cowboy Erotica Saloon. (link: )

Already 75+ member’s strong, we are a group readers and authors of western and cowboy inspired erotic and romantic fiction. We post, discuss, promote, savor and salivate over everything cowboy. Stop by, check us out, and join if you’re so inclined. We’d love to have you.

Now, let me introduce The Trail Master’s Bride with a clip.


Warning: there’s some good old fashioned over-the-knee justice dished out toward the end, (all adult) in the manner of John Wayne as McClintock, minus the fireplace shovel. Yikes! So, if you’re offended by such shenanigans, skip on past the excerpt to the blurb. J

Here we go…

As the guide and trail master, I have extra duties beyond what the other men have. I scout, guide the train, arbitrate disagreements, set the watch, and see to the safety of every man, woman, and child on this train. I also must ensure that we keep to a reasonable timetable so we don’t find ourselves in the middle of the Cascades in early fall with two feet of snow to deal with, which let me make perfectly clear is deadly. If that isn’t enough, on a daily basis, I get to deal with a bellyaching brat who was dumped in my lap. What’s more, she can’t seem to realize this isn’t Boston and the servants aren’t going to tote and fetch for her anymore. Now, I’ve set you a task and expect it done without any more lip. Understand?”

Before he said more or really lost his temper, he walked away without waiting for answer. He’d taken no more than three or four steps when something hit him square in the back with a thud, stopping him mid-stride. After a brief pause, he slowly turned back. As he did, another projectile came his way and struck him dead center in the chest. Gawking down at the dark brown smudge on his shirt, his eyes came up, absolutely amazed at her gall.

“Did you just throw dung at me?” He asked the obvious, completely flabbergasted that she would throw anything, let alone excrement at him.

“I want to make something clear to you, oh, mighty wagon master. Never in all of my twenty years did I imagine a life such as this, so excuse me if I don’t jump for joy at the chores you have assigned. Gathering animal dung on the prairie was not my lifelong dream. So if I’m irritable, or uncertain, or if I need a night off from blistered fingers while I cook for you, you’ll just have to put up with it and my bratty bellyaching.”

Unable to get over the fact that she had thrown shit at him—twice—he heard her words, but they didn’t register. “I asked a question, Mina. Did you just throw buffalo dung at me?”

“I did, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Have a good night.”

To his out-and-out disbelief, she walked away from him. He saw red. Just who did the little brat think she was, hurling shit at him? He was after her lickety-split, catching up with her at their wagon. Without another word, he propped his boot upon the wheel and pulled her face down over his thigh. As she kicked and screamed, he hauled up her skirt and petticoat, leaving her thin white drawers in place. Although fit to be tied, he noticed how the linen pulled across her hips and thighs in this position. Reminding himself why she was upended, for an excellent reason at that, he proceeded to wear her tail out.

Swatting her no less than thirty times, he paid no heed to her fussing and squirming. As the first ten landed, she cussed a blue streak. By the second set of ten, she was apologizing and pleading for him to stop. The last ten were accompanied by sniffles and promises to never do it ever again.

At thirty, his ire had abated enough to set her back on her feet, taking hold of her shoulders for two reasons: to steady her on her noodle-like legs and to keep her from running off if her temper returned. Tears glistened on her cheeks, which softened his heart, but by God, she’d thrown shit at him.

“Never again, Mina. If you dare repeat it, you’ll find me taking my time to pull down your drawers, bare your behind, and paddle your disrespectful bottom with the bread board hanging in the wagon. Am I making myself clear?”

She nodded.

“Not good enough. I want to hear it.”

“It’s clear. I promise I won’t ever do that again.” She tried to pull her face away, but he held firm. She closed her eyes tightly instead. Then she surprised him by admitting, “I’m truly mortified that I did that. I’m so sorry.”

“What possessed you?”

Her eyes opened and she looked up at him, admitting, “I have a quick temper, I’m sure you’ve noticed. Always have. For some reason, you seem to bring it out of me better than most.”

As he stared at her, he felt his anger melt away as pride welled up at her honest profession, as well as the burgeoning tenderness that seem to grow more every day, even though she’d thrown buffalo shit. He shook his head while laughing softly, the sound coming out in a disbelieving huff as he pulled her close.

“What am I going to do with you, darlin’?”

Buy links

The Blurb:

After being cast out of her childhood home by her horrid stepmother and forced into a marriage by her uncaring father, Mina Hobart reluctantly begins the journey west on the Oregon Trail, hating every minute of each hot, dusty day. Then tragedy strikes and Mina is left a widow.

The west is no place for a young, newly single woman, and the job of keeping Mina safe—and keeping her in line—falls to Weston Carr, the rugged trail master. Weston quickly proves more than ready to tame the feisty redhead’s careless ways and sassy tongue, even if that means taking her over his knee for a good, hard, bare-bottom spanking.

Unfortunately, even as Mina does her best to learn to cook over a camp fire, make coffee properly, and do the laundry in a creek, jealousy and gossip among the other wives quickly build into significant strife in the wagon train. To quell the gathering storm, Weston is forced to take matters into his own hands and make Mina his bride, whether she likes it or not.

Despite Weston’s rough ways and firm-handed discipline, Mina soon finds pleasure in his arms far beyond anything she has experienced before. But when a series of mishaps befalls the wagon train—incidents in which Mina is the prime suspect—the new couple’s growing bond is badly strained. Can Mina prove she is not at fault before things come to a head, and if she does, will Weston be able to protect her from whichever of their traveling companions is up to no good?

Publisher’s Note: The Trail Master’s Bride is an erotic romance novel that contains sexual scenes and spankings, including domestic discipline in a historical setting. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

Maddie Taylor Links

You can keep up with Maddie Taylor via her blog, her Twitter and Facebook pages, and her Goodreads profile, using the following links:

Thanks for letting me share and for stopping in. In a few months, I hope to be back with the third in my Silverbend Series; Wild Wisteria, which is Luke Jackson’s story and sadly the end of my trilogy.

Happy summer! Maddie J

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