Summer conferences continue by Beth Williamson

Hey y’all! Beth Williamson here. Hard to believe half the year is gone already. Blink and another month goes by. We’re deep in the throes of conference season and I’ve got 2 more coming up in July and August just in time for book releases. Funny how that works out. ;)

In July, I’ll be in New York for the Romance Writers of America annual conference. There is a ginormous book signing that Wednesday, July 22, at the Times Square Marriott that’s open to the public. MAD. HOUSE. I can’t wait! Hope to see you there!

Coincidentally, my next (and final) Malloy Family series release, THE GEM, comes out July 21 in ebook. This is one of my favorite books because of the heroine, Charlie. The tomboy who everyone loved as a teenager is now a woman. Lovelovelove this one!

In August, I’ll be attending Authors After Dark in Atlanta. Registration is still open until July 20 so if you’re not signed up, now is the time! Sherrilyn Kenyon is the emcee – woohoo! Definitely going to be a great time – and that book signing is also open to the public on August 15th at the Sheraton in downtown Atlanta.

Another coincidentally, I have 2 books out in August. The first is the 12 ALARM COWBOYS, on August 4 which includes my novella, HIS FIREFLY COWGIRL. The first of the new Devils on Horseback: Millennium. Fun, sexy read with a firefighter cowboy. Yeehaw!

The second August release is August 18, the long anticipated CIRCLE EIGHT book 7, JAMES. I adore Catherine Graham and her view of the world. She’s the youngest Graham sister and her story is going to make you cry and laugh and squirm. Already planning the last book, Benjy’s… I know y’all are waiting on that. When you read Cat & James’ book look for Ben’s heroine. You’ll know her when you see her. ;)

That’s my summer agenda. What conferences are y’all going to?


Including links below for my upcoming releases!


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Some odds..

Hotel Rodeo is a sassy, sexy new  contemporary Western series set at a fictional Las Vegas Hotel and casino. The first two titles  (Hell on Heels and Two to Wrangle) center around Ty Morgan, a former rodeo stock contractor and Monica Brandt, a New York investment banker.  The third book in the series (Beauty and the Bull Rider) features Ty’s best friend, champion bull rider Zac McDaniel, and Ty’s ex-wife, Delaney McCall, a former Texas beauty queen. I think readers are really going to enjoy the naughty innuendo and spirited banter as well as the colorful characters.

Here’s just a sneak peek of what’s coming…


Excerpt: HELL ON HEELS (Hotel Rodeo #1) by VICTORIA VANE

Ty Morgan jammed the elevator button three times with his thumb, and then noticing he was alone, gave the steel door a solid kick with his boot. And then another just for good measure, curses flowing in a steady stream. He didn’t normally have such a short fuse, but he was so pissed he was seeing red. With Tom’s forced retirement, he knew there’d be changes, but this was just too damned much! The new boss was both clueless and color blind—to anything but red and black.

Sure the place wasn’t doing as well as expected, but all of Vegas was still feeling the pain of economic recession. These things didn’t fix themselves overnight. On top of that, the timing of everything had sucked, but with so much skin in the game, he and Tom would both lose their asses if they didn’t let it ride. Tom had understood that—even though he’d had the most at risk. But now Tom was out of the picture and his choice of replacement didn’t know her ass from a hole in the wall.


A dull throb had begun behind Monica’s eyes, no doubt a lingering side-effect of two weeks of sleepless nights camped outside the CCU at Desert Springs Medical Center. In desperation to ward off an imminent migraine, Monica snatched her Prada purse from the desk drawer and rummaged for an elusive bottle of Excedrin. She finally found the bottle and popped four, chasing them with the tepid dregs of a Starbucks triple espresso, not that she really needed the caffeine. She was already wired for a confrontation.

She flicked a glance at her diamond bezel Tag Aqua racer—her last birthday present to herself. The watch, the bag and even her Jimmy Choos, were all well-recognized power statements in New York, not that he’d know the difference. And he was now fifteen minutes late. She uncrossed her legs and then crossed them again, sounding her impatience in the staccato tap of a stiletto heel. Monica snatched up her phone, was about to hit redial and then threw it back down again.

She inhaled, counted to ten, and then exhaled with a huff of exasperation. Was this just some passive-aggressive strategy to unsettle her? Maybe. But then again, she was probably giving Ty Morgan way too much credit—the dumb cowboy probably didn’t know how to tell time.


Pre-order now for only $2.51 Amazon, Google PlayKobo, B&N

HellOnHeels_hires (2)

Some Odds are Meant to be Played…

The Hotel Rodeo in Las Vegas has seen better days, but managing partner Ty Morgan has come up with a way to return it to its former glory. His plan looks promising until the unthinkable happens. Suddenly Ty is working for the boss’s daughter. And Miss Monica Brandt, hot as she may be, doesn’t share his vision…

She left a fabulous career and a frustrated fiancé in New York to move to Vegas and save her father’s investment. But now Monica is locking horns with a sexy cowboy-turned-businessman. What does Ty think he can do that she can’t? All Monica knows is that she doesn’t dare trust him—or is it herself she doesn’t trust…

The battle lines are drawn. The stakes are high. And the attraction can’t be denied—especially the more closely Ty and Monica have to work together. Some odds are just meant to be played, and with chemistry this electric, it may be time to grab life by the horns…

Pre-order now for only $2.51 Amazon, Google PlayKobo, B&N

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Sweat, muscles and dog tags. And a GIVEAWAY! Rhonda Lee Carver


I spent a week in Georgia, temps at 100 degrees, surrounded by military men showing off muscles. Feel sorry for me? Didn’t think so…

My writer mind was going at all times. Every which way I turned there was another buff, sweaty shirtless male. And no, it wasn’t me staring out of the window as the man across the street washed his truck. I wouldn’t have any idea what he was wearing…especially no shirt, blue shorts, blue bandanna…nope, wouldn’t have a clue. I also didn’t see the soap slick and wet on coiled muscle. I stick by it, I am innocent.

At the grocery I stood in front of the coffee aisle, perusing flavors, little did I know I would be approached by a more interesting “flavor”.  I turned and ran smack dab into ABU covered iron chest. He smiled, showing off an even row of white teeth and flexed his biceps.  My gaze  might have shifted south, but I was only checking out his shoes. That’s all, I swear!

When I was asked by a young airman, Brad Pitt’s long lost brother, if I was the writer from “out his way” I didn’t have to pick my jaw up off the floor. And I didn’t act like a schoolgirl, giggly and flushed. Of course not. His wife, who is also from Ohio, reads my books. I’ll admit, I was riding the clouds for a long time. Even later while I was cleaning up the dog puke and scrubbing the Gatorade from the white carpet, I still felt pretty special.

Now I’m back home, neck-deep in a new story, In Knots, of a military man who meets the woman he’s dreamed of for two years. Here’s an unedited excerpt…

Gunnar recognized her immediately as the woman from the photo.  He was caught off guard and she was much prettier than the picture, but he could see the dark circles rimming her eyes and the absent color from her pale cheeks. She looked tired. Her long, flowing red hair hung in soft ringlets over her bare shoulders exposed by the nice fitting tank top. She had big blue eyes, but he knew that from the picture, surrounded by thick dark lashes. A splattering of freckles on her nose was the only thing that marred her skin.

She looked about as surprised to see him as he was to see her. She acknowledged him with a narrowed expression and motioned for him to hang tight while she finished her call.

He nodded. He wasn’t in a hurry. He was here now, and from here he wasn’t sure where he’d go.

Not wanting to it to look like he was listening to her conversation, he turned and examined the small space that smelled strong of soil and greenery. It seemed more like a maze, boxes scattered across the floor, and the walls were bare, except for a bulletin board.  He started to turn back to the woman when a familiar face caught his attention. He recognized the man in the picture as Pastor Trace. The man who’d brought him here…Grace’s husband.

GIVEAWAY!!!! An ecopy of one of my books, your choice (excluding Secret Pressure).

Comment below and I’ll choose one random winner. 






Rhonda’s Rowdy Readers Street Team


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Leah Braemel on Canadian Cowboys

Tomorrow is Canada Day — the day we celebrate the birth of our nation north of the 49th parallel. While a lot of people south of the border may not realize it, but we have cowboys up here, and not just in Alberta, either.  I’ll be going to a rodeo that’s held annually a few towns over in a couple weeks…gotta love summer and all those lovely denim clad cowboy butts!  Oh don’t worry, they have barrel racers and ropers too. There’s something for everyone.


To celebrate Canada Day, Kobo Canada (our main e-book provider over…well, that other major online store) is celebrating Canadian authors, and so from today until July 6th, they’re dropping the price on my No Accounting for Cowboys to just 99 cents.  Which means even more Canadians get to enjoy my fantasy cowboys and their tight jeans. ;)

**EDITED** No Accounting for Cowboys is now available for 99 cents at Kobo Canada AND Kobo US, as well as 

Buy from Amazon Kindle

Buy from Kobo

Keep an eye on this spot if you are Nook or iBooks user…coming soon to them too.

Promises-99-cent-saleSad because you’re in the States and can’t take advantage of this sale? Don’t worry, I’ll have you covered for your Fourth of July celebrations too. ;) Check back with me on the 2nd!

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Happy Monday by Marie Tuhart

Happy Monday!!

Wow, I can’t believe we’re almost half way through the year.

I’ve been keeping busy with writing and also fighting the heat.  Here in Western Washington mother nature decided to throw us one heck of a curve ball.  We had the mildest winter as far as snow pack.  Because there was so little snow pack, Eastern Washington is in a drought.

The summer decided to descend early – way early and with lots of heat.  Yep.  We’ve broke heat records already and will probably break more.  And I keep asking myself why I didn’t have air conditioning put in my house when I had the chance.

I don’t mind warm but when it gets hot it makes it hard for me to concentrate let alone function.  But somehow I’m surviving along with my puppy, Penny.

And with the time passing it means I’m that much closer to football season.  I love football and can’t wait for the pre-season to start.

Here’s a little eye candy to make you smile:

Hispanic man looking at laptop

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BY SABLE HUNTER – – Cowboys and firemen are both special breeds of men. Sexy. Strong. Put them together and what do you have? A hot-as-hell hero, one that will make you burn! 12-Alarm Cowboys is a boxset which includes a dozen smoking hot stories of cowboys who also brave the flames to come to the aid of those in need. These all new novels are penned by twelve New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors. For 99 cents, this is a steal of a deal. My contribution to this sizzling collection is called TEXAS WILDFIRE and here’s the cover.


I chose to set my story near to where I live, but I wanted some place special… and different. Compared to where I was born and raised, Austin is big-city living for me. I’m a small town girl and as I told you all in a recent blog I wrote about my friend, Jerry, the fire department that I used to help with was all volunteer. So, when I was hunting a locale to set my book, I decided to head west into the more rural part of the Hill Country and I found the perfect place – the Devil’s Backbone. It sits between Wimberley and Blanco and is just the kind of setting I like. It’s rugged, scenic and mysterious. This is how it looks.


There’s a serpentine ridge of the Balcones Fault which has reared its head up from the surrounding limestone, creating a high rocky spine that is graced on every side by tree-covered hills and valleys. Canyon Lake, the Blanco River and the Guadalupe cut through, dotting the landscape with vibrant blue. The trees are juniper and scrub oak, giving the area a particularly wild appearance. Not too many weeks ago, there was a devastating flash flood which crashed through, causing the Blanco River to rise 40 feet in just hours, sweeping homes away and uprooting trees, downing bridges and bringing devastation and destruction to many. I decided to write that into the opening scenes of my book, showing how the first responders were called upon to help their community. This area is also known for its wildfires, fueled by heat and drought, they can be sustained and heightened by the dry grass and the sap from the evergreen cedars and junipers which can be as flammable as turpentine. Not too many years ago, there was an outbreak of wildfires in the area, so what I’ve written is not only possible – but probable.

Another amazing thing about the Devil’s Backbone I discovered accidentally. One of my favorite movies was called that – the Devil’s Backbone – and it was a ghost story set in Spain during WWII about the orphans and the death of one of them and how he haunted the place. One day while browsing on Netflix, I saw the title, The Devil’s Backbone, and I clicked on it. What I found was not what I expected. This movie was called The Devil’s Backbone – Texas. I was intrigued and then amazed. The area they were talking about was at my backdoor, about thirty miles to the west. The story behind the movie, which was filmed in the same vein as The Blair Witch Project, was about this man and his family who were researching the death of their father, Bert Wall. Of course it was fictionalized to a degree, but Bert Wall was a real person from Wimberley who bought land there after divorcing his wife. It was sad. But the really intriguing part was that he wrote ghost stories about the Devil’s Backbone and these stories were not penned as fiction, but told as fact. The movie was a retelling of some of them and the family going back to the house and finding out there was something to the tales. I won’t spoil it for you. I don’t think it got great reviews, but it was low budget and fascinated me because it was filmed locally and introduced me to a whole new set of paranormal stories I could investigate to include in my books – which I did.

There’s the tale of a ghostly herd of horses whose hoof beats come right upon you in the dark, but there’s nothing there. There’s the story of a ghostly Confederate army brigade, still riding through the mists in search of the war. Pioneers and Indians have been seen – all in all, it was a SABLE HUNTER paradise, I tell you! TEXAS WILDFIRE isn’t a paranormal story, not by any means, but I did add a few tales for flavor and for atmosphere and because it makes me happy, I guess.

The main theme of Texas Wildfire is a man who loves a woman unconditionally. He longs for her, he lives for her, he dreams of her. The only problem is that she’s married to someone else – in this case, his Captain in the VFD. One day, Titan (look at that cover, look at those arms – isn’t that a perfect name? – ha!) finds out that Makenna is being abused by her husband – and all hell breaks loose. The story is their journey to one another and how they have to battle this man who not only abuses his wife but the trust his community has placed in him. Our hero saves the day – of course, but he battles hatred, unfairness and even her fears along with the hellish flames of the Wildfire.

I’ve woven hot sex into the story, as always. I do that to make me happy as well as you. This boxset is up for preorder right now. It will be for sale in early August, the 11th, I think. The authors who are with me are all fantastic. I am the least of these and it is an honor to be included.

I think you’ll like Titan, he’s my kind of man – powerful, gentle, loving and oh so damn lickable.

I haven’t held a contest in a while, so let’s do that. Comment and tell me which of my books is your favorite and if you’ve never read one – tell me that too. I’ll pick a random commenter to give a copy of my latest – YOU ARE ALWAYS ON MY MIND. If you’ve already read it, you can tell me so when you contact me – – be sure to watch the post on the 16th of July to find out who won.


Here’s a scene, a sexy one, for your reading pleasure from TEXAS WILDFIRE  – – don’t forget how the collection looks – its up for preorder on amazon –


Makenna could see the charred undergrowth. How could they fight such a big fire? On the way, she’d heard Titan put out the call for area help and as soon as they were parked, she could hear more sirens in the distance. The sound made her feel better, she wanted every precaution taken. Putting out the fire was important, but the safety of the firefighters was paramount also.

“You stay here, well out of the way,” Titan warned her, unrolling the hose. She gave him a smile, fully intending to follow his edict. There was a difference between orders given out of love and those given out of a need for control.

Climbing on the truck so she could see, Makenna watched their progress. The men used a combination of water and foam to fight the fire. Maverick climbed aboard the dozer and used the plow attachment to dig a ditch around the perimeter so the flames couldn’t advance. Even from the distance she stood, Makenna could feel the heat and her heart clenched knowing those men were right on top of it. She always worried about them, but being here and watching made her realize she’d never really understood what they went through to battle fires. When the mutual aid trucks arrived from neighboring communities, Makenna breathed a sigh of relief.

To help, she kept water ready, running to carry it to any man who neared. Keeping them hydrated was necessary and the least she could do. Whenever possible her eye was on Titan. The fire was fueled by rising winds and drought dried grass. Part of her wondered why they just didn’t plow the barrier and let it burn itself out, but she’d heard them discuss things like this at the meetings. People’s homes and properties were endangered, wildlife and nature were at risk. Controlled burns were one thing, but this was not that – this grass fire was dangerous and out-of-control.

At one point, things were looking up…until a call was received. There was another fire, a similar one about five miles south. Now, their resources had to be split.

Feeling helpless, Makenna watched the brave men fight, then go on to fight some more. She watched Titan like a hawk, nervous that fatigue would jeopardize his safety. After hours of heat, smoke and back-breaking labor, he was going to be dead on his feet. And all she could do was watch and worry.

When it was all over, the sun was down and the moon had risen. Fire had ate up the day and several dozen acres. The Fire Marshal was on the scene with Titan trying to determine the cause of the fires. They located the origin of the blaze but any evidence of how it was ignited had been destroyed. One thing was certain, however. The fires weren’t natural – someone or something had started them.


Makenna was glad she was with Titan. He was big and he was strong, but even he had limits. To think he might have had to go home alone, if she hadn’t been there with him was almost unthinkable. Once they were back at Skyview, Makenna pampered him. She fed him and after he showered, she tended minor burns and scrapes. And then she took him to bed. He was exhausted, but at least he was safe. So, she held him tight until morning broke.


Titan was restless. Tossing and turning, he seemed to fight the flames even in his sleep. Makenna watched over him. For most of the night, she kept her hand on him, wanting the connection as much for herself as for him. She felt no need to abandon the bed for the floor, rather she served as his guardian angel while he slept. Before dawn she dropped off, only to awaken with her head resting on his outstretched arm.

Studying his face, Makenna felt an overwhelming tenderness. He was such a good man. He groaned, bending one leg and shifting his body. When he did, she saw that he was erect. Awareness tingled through her pussy. He was big…bigger than…

Makenna refused to finish the thought.

Titan would never hurt her.

Yes, she was nervous. Sex for her had always been something to dread, just an act not a celebration. She never expected pleasure and usually received pain, for there had been no arousal and no affection. But this…this was something else entirely. Just lying next to Titan had her breasts throbbing, her nipples were pebbled so tight they ached. Makenna wanted him to the depth and breadth of her soul. She’d survived life with Damien by escaping in her mind to be with this man.

And here she was in the bed with him, wasting time by being afraid.

How silly was that?

Edging over next to him, she lightly placed her hand on his chest and waited. He didn’t move, he was still sound asleep. “Cowgirl up, Makenna, you can do this. You’ve rehearsed it a million times in your dreams,” she whispered to herself. Strategizing her moves, she eased over and touched her lips to his broad chest, sprinkling butterfly kisses over his skin. Her hand slid gently south, tracing his abs. Encountering the sheet, she slipped her fingers beneath it and tentatively continued her downward approach. Radiant waves of arousal surged through her body, making her clit swell and her skin flush with heat.

Would he welcome her? Every indication he’d given her told her he would.

Soft touch. Tender lips. His cock straining to greet the caresses that were coming so close to where he craved them to be. At first Titan thought this was another of his dreams about her. But when he opened his eyes, it was to find her kissing him, touching him – Makenna was making love to him.

Maybe if she hadn’t been so into what she was doing, his swift intake of breath and the tensing of his muscles might have clued Makenna into the fact that Titan was wide-awake and fully engaged. But she was busy with open-mouthed kisses on one flat male nipple and her fingertips brushing the very tip of his hungry cock.

“Morning, beautiful.”

Whoa! Her head jerked up, her hand jerked back and a surprised look came over her face like a little girl caught with her hand in the cookie jar.

“Oh, hi.”

Titan was thrilled. He wanted her so much, he’d been afraid he would let his desire override his restraint. Erring on the side of caution was preferable than making her uncomfortable. But now…now she was about to…take matters into her own hands.  “Please don’t stop.”

The almost desperate expression on his face obliterated any hesitancy she might have had. Sharing a bed with someone she didn’t fear was fun. “You have morning wood.”

Her slightly naughty comment took him by surprise. “I’m in bed with the sexiest woman in the world. Of course, I’m hard.” He ran his fingers through her hair, loving the freedom to touch her. “What should we do about it?”

“I was taught waste not, want not.” With a mischievous grin, she answered matter-of-factly, her questing fingers inching a few millimeters lower.

Jerking back the sheet and shucking his shorts, Titan invited her to do what she willed. “Far be it from me to contribute to an erection shortage.”

Makenna gasped. “There’s nothing short about your erection.” Quickly her eyes darted back to his, needing to remember who she was with.

Seeing her apprehension, Titan came over her, sheltering her body with his own. “You know I’d never hurt you. Never.” Cupping her face, he caressed her cheek with his thumb. “You don’t ever have to fear me. What you can expect from me is not pain, but pleasure.”

“I know.” She could feel the length of him pressing against her hip.

“You’re made for me. Never doubt it. You’ll fit me like a glove.” Makenna was holding him tightly, her palm flat on his pec, her fingers flexing and kneading like a little cat. Titan dropped his mouth to hers and claimed the kiss he’d been dying for.

“Titan, I want…” She gave herself over to him, allowing him to slip his tongue inside and taste her sweetness.

He was wound so tight, he had to fight to keep from revving the kiss up, but he knew she needed and deserved his patience. So for now, Makenna was in charge. Whatever she wanted, she’d get. They’d only go as far or as fast as she wanted to go. “What do you want, baby? Soon I’m going to take you in every way imaginable and you’re going to love every one of them. But for now, I just long to make you happy.”

“I want to touch you.”

Her breathy request almost made his heart stop. “Please do – however, wherever…”

When she pushed on his chest to get him back in a prone position, he followed her every direction. “Lie down and let me make you feel good.”

“I’m a ladies’ first kind of guy,” Titan protested.

“This is easier for me,” she whispered. “Let me do this for you.” Lying beside him with her head on his shoulder, her left leg hooked over his, the delicate weight of her body felt like heaven. She took him in hand, all nine inches and began to stroke up and down, and all he could do was close his eyes and enjoy.

At first, she kissed his neck and his chest while she fisted his manhood. Titan wasn’t still, every muscle was reacting to the hand-job she so willingly gave him. His breathing quickened, his heart hammered, and within the grasp of her palm, his cock swelled. Soon, she had to watch, needing to see how he looked as she jacked him off.

It was an incredible sight. He was so thick, she couldn’t reach all the way around. And he was hard as steel, yet the skin stretched over all of that rock-hard flesh was as soft as velvet. Makenna was amazed at the life she held in her grasp. He was so powerful, so commanding – yet here she held all of that primal maleness in the palm of her hand. Titan was totally at her mercy, open, unguarded and she wanted to be worthy of that trust. Between her legs, her sex throbbed and she could no more keep from pushing her hot core against his leg than she could stop breathing.

“Makenna, baby,” Titan moaned, feeling his hips buck helplessly.

He sought her lips and she kissed him, then decided it was time she kissed him somewhere else. With one last sweet layering of her mouth over his, she rose, and with the seductive look of Eve on her face, she went down on him.

Taking it slow, she licked her way down to his groin. Titan held his breath as she brushed her lips just above the base of his dick. Every cell in his body was begging for her, Titan was insane with need and anticipation. The moment Makenna’s lips circled the tip of his cock, his whole body tightened with ecstasy. Her eyes darted to his, seeming to seek approval. Titan gave it to her. “So good, your mouth is so sweet.” If he lived to be a hundred, he’d never take this for granted. Mesmerized, he ran his fingers through her hair as she took him deeper in a warm wet slide, the suction of her sexy lips was so much better than he’d dreamed. Reality was always better, he guessed. Dreams were only necessary when you couldn’t have the real thing.

And the real thing in this case was fuckin unbelievable.

Each time she bobbed her head, his hips lifted unwilling to give up paradise. She was kneeling between his legs, her fingers clutching his thighs as she drew him in, the tip nudging the back of her throat. Even at that, she couldn’t take him all. But that didn’t keep her from trying.

“So sweet, suck me baby.” Makenna’s eyes closed as she breathed through her nose, swallowing. Titan hissed when he felt her throat muscles kissing his shaft. This was the most exquisite pleasure he’d ever known. She let her lips glide back up again, licking every inch.  “Makenna, my Makenna.” He had to touch her, his hands sought to connect, rubbing her neck and shoulders.

With every bit of strength he had, Titan held still, letting her give to him. This was her gift. There was little doubt how difficult it must’ve been for Makenna to initiate this. And that fact made it all the sweeter for him. He savored the knowledge, letting his body bask in the pleasure. As she sucked and licked, he ached to have her. Titan touched every bit of her he could reach from the side of her neck to the delicate line of her collarbone. Beneath the soft material of the T-shirt, he could see her breasts sway and he lusted for them, wanting to mold and suck his fill. “Makenna, I need you.”

She heard him, for she acknowledged his words with a locking of their eyes. But she didn’t know he meant that he needed to hold her, fill her, please her. Instead, she tried to give more – sucking, licking, moving her hands to grasp his shaft and rub his balls. Titan could feel his orgasm building as she slid her mouth up and down his cock, her tongue teasing the underside. “Fuck, baby, fuck,” he groaned as his climax boiled up, exploding in her mouth. He should’ve warned her, should’ve pulled out – but God, it felt so good.

He arched his back, pushing his head into the pillow and still she didn’t stop, swallowing, sucking, worshiping every inch. Nothing and no one had ever come close to this and to Titan, that was no surprise at all. “I knew,” he whispered. “I knew it would be like this.”

Gently she let him go and sat up, staring at him with a look of wonder on her face. “Did I please you?”

She already knew the answer but he gave it anyway, knowing that her life had been a series of tests, most rigged so she would fail. “More than you’ll ever know.” He held his arms out for her and she came to him, giving him a contented smile. “Can I have you?” he asked, wanting to bestow upon her the same ecstasy she’d given him.

Makenna sank into his arms, commanding her body to calm down. Yes, she wanted him, she ached for him. But she was still afraid of doing something that would mess things up. So, she’d better stop while she was ahead. “Can this be enough for now?”

Titan held her, cradling her to him. “Yes, for now.” He kissed her face, her eyelids, before tenderly taking her mouth. “Know this, though.” He framed her face, making sure she heard every word. “I want you and I intend to show you how good it will be. You’re mine, Makenna.” With that announcement, he rose from the bed and walked across the room naked and her hungry eyes followed his every move.

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Sneak Peek at Her Volunteer Cowboy by Donna Michaels

HER VOLUNTEER COWBOY/Book 6: Tanner in my Harland County Series is my contribution to the 12-Alarm Cowboy boxed set releasing in August and up for Pre-Order now for just .99cents!

I’m so excited to be a part of this set and look forward to reading all the diverse firefighting cowboy stories! Here’s a little sneak peek at my volunteer cowboy/firefighter/guardsman, Tanner:


Cowboy Tanner Hathaway, part time firefighter and National Guardsman, is great at volunteering his time, never his heart, but when his Pocono one-nighter shows up in Texas to help a friend, sparks ignite a flame neither of them expect. Can the county’s bad boy, convinced the reforming bad girl she’s worth fighting for, or will she leave before he has the courage to volunteer his heart?


Unedited excerpt HER VOLUNTEER COWBOY/Harland County Series/ Book 6: Tanner by Donna Michaels

Harland County was hot. Sizzling hot.

Gwen Gablonski sipped a tall glass of iced tea as she stood quietly in a corner and silently approved of the gorgeous, southern, testosterone filling Texas Republic, the restaurant/bar that was her temporary place of employment. The honky tonk had a huge fire pit, stage, and dance floor, with netting, driftwood and seaside décor gracing the white clapboard walls, giving the place a warm, friendly atmosphere. The Tex Pub, as she heard it referred to, was currently the site of a going away party for the doctor she’d met last year at a wedding up in the Poconos of Pennsylvania where she had grown up.

Jace and his girlfriend Holly were leaving tomorrow for a stint with Doctors Without Borders, and judging by the packed room, the whole county was seeing them off.



The sexy-as-sin firefighter cowboy she’d spent a few hours with—naked hours—back east six months ago at that dang wedding. Gwen blamed that moment of weakness on her overloaded stress level at having returned home after a decade of modeling and traveling the globe. She’d had damage to repair in the Poconos. Attending the wedding of her sister’s best friend had been part of the mending process… and a little awkward. Okay, a lot awkward, considering she’d dated one of the bride’s brothers in high school, then dumped him a month after she’d left to model.

Not one of her finest moments. But definitely the first fence she’d mended. She and Ben weren’t exactly BFFs, but they were in a good place, which was important since her sister was now engaged to the man. Gwen smiled. She’d never seen Lea so happy. The two were perfect for each other.

Thank God she and Ben had never done the deed. Although, losing her virginity to him would’ve been a hell of a lot better than the asshat photographer she’d foolishly believed had loved her.

She’d been stupid and unwise, especially back then. Cripes. For as smart and successful as she had been with her career, her love life was a fiasco. The past decade had been one mistake after another. Too bad it had taken a tragedy to open her eyes. But, she finally got a clue, quit the business—retired Gwen Gable—and was trying to travel a better path, one that led to a better her.

She hoped.

First stop, Harland County.

The only downfall was Tanner. The brown-haired, brown-eyed, hot cowboy striding straight toward her, that sexy, kickass, eagle tattoo of his peeking out from under the edge of his short sleeve, making her want to push the material up and expose his muscled bicep to her tongue. But, she would behave. That was in the past, she reminded herself, watching him approach, dimpled smile absent from his handsome face. It didn’t stop her pulse from kicking up, or the strangle prickling of her skin as he neared.

“Hello, Gwen,” he said, voice a little deeper than she remembered. And sexier.

Damn him.

She lowered her glass and nodded. “Hello, Tanner.”

He cocked his head and eyed her closely. “What brings you to Texas?”

Apprehension tightened his features, and she knew exactly what he was thinking. Exactly what she feared he would think when he saw her in his town.

She couldn’t help but smile. He was such a guy.

“Relax. I’m not here because of you,” she informed with a shake of her head. “Jordan and Kerri McCall hired me to cook when Kerri takes maternity leave.”

Was it mean that she enjoyed watching surprise replace the wariness in his gaze as the cute idiot got a clue? Probably, but…oh, look at that, she didn’t care.

“Get over yourself, cowboy. Our time between the sheets was good, but not that good.”


12 Alarm Cowboys, Randi Alexander

12-Alarm Cowboy Boxed Set PRE ORDER Now while it’s only .99cents!

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He lives in Texas so he could be cowboy, right?

Joe Reilly isn’t exactly a full-blooded cowboy, but he is a Texan. He was born and raised in tiny Granite Falls, Texas,. where everything revolved around the high school championship football team. And if you know Texas, you know the only thing more religious than being a cowboy is being a high school football player. Man oh man, we live and breathe our athletes.

Gorgeous Joe Reilly was a star quarterback with golden hands, who spent weekends when he wasn’t practicing or playing hanging out at his friend’s ranch,. (See? cowboy, right?) Ph, and the story takes place in San Antonio, home of the top tier San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo. More cowboys.

(I imagined Joe Reilly as looking like one of my favorite former quarterbacks, Brian Griese.)Brian #3

Joe is the launch star of my Game On series about the Granite Falls, Texas Coyotes fifteen years after their final championship season. He’s now a sportscaster hosting a series about quarterbacks on Fox Sports Network. Although he will interview a running back from the Austin Mustangs (see? another horse, right?). And he’s discovered that his best friend’s skinny little kid sister who used to dog him like a pest has grown up to be a woman who makes his mouth water and other parts of his anatomy sit up and take notice, sometimes too obviously.

Forward Pass is the story of Joe and shay. A little taste of the book and an interview we did with Joe before he went out to buy a new pair of…what else…cowboy boots!

Forward Pass (Book One: Game On)

It’s never too early or late to play the game.

Shay Beckham grew up idolizing her brother’s best friend, star quarterback Joe Reilly. There was no one in their Texas town who had the moves to match Joe on or off the field. Years later, he’s still a player who has what it takes to drive any hot-blooded woman wild. But Shay isn’t a kid with a bad case of hero-worship anymore. She’s grown-up and independent, with her feet on the ground and a serious head on her shoulders. If she could just say the same for Joe.

ForwardPass2 copyIt’s been fifteen years, but Joe Reilly hasn’t forgotten the skinny little kid who used to follow him around like a shadow. What he can’t get over is that the skinny shadow has grown into one hell of an incredible woman. One any man in his right mind would kill to get his hands on. And one who seems to be completely immune to him. He knows he and Shay could have something special together. If he could only convince her he’s about more than just the game.

Cowboy Sports Interviews Joe Reilly (see? Cowboy!!!)

Welcome, everyone. Today we have hot former quarterback and ladies man Joe Reilly in the hot seat. We’ll talk about his second career as a sports reporter and analyst. We wanted to know how he got into it, how his show is doing, and mostly (wink!) how his romance with the sexy Shay Beckham is going.


So Joe, everyone is excited about your popular show, Inside the Helmet. How did you make such a smooth transition from the playing field to the studio?


People have always told me I like to talk a lot. (Pause for a chuckle.) I had an interest in transitioning to broadcasting and Fox Sports came up with the idea of a show about quarterbacks.


So it’s kind of a former quarterback talking to current quarterbacks?


That’s it. I try to get inside their heads and figure out what they’re thinking about the next game on their schedule.


It doesn’t bother you that they’re out on the field and you aren’t any more?


It is what it is. (Short laugh.) Blowing out my knee wasn’t exactly on my game plan, but I’m lucky to have another option that’s really exciting. I’m enjoying the work.


We don’t see you out on the party trail as much these days. Does this mean you aren’t out partying as much any more? That must make a lot of eager females disappointed.

Joe: (smile disappears)

I think my rep as a party animal was way overblown. These days especially I have time mostly for work and a few friends. I hope people get off that train pretty soon.


So I guess that means your free time is pretty much taken up by the very sexy Shay Beckham. How is it dating your best friend’s little sister? Someone you’ve known forever.

Joe: (Shifts uncomfortably in his chair)

It’s been a long time since Shay Beckham was a little girl. She’s a very talented, very attractive adult whose company I enjoy.


But aren’t you staying in the same house together while you’re in town? How does that work? (Interviewer grins.) Must make for some very interesting evenings. And nights.

Joe: (grin is back)

Actually we spend a lot of time discussing her real idol, Joe Montana, former 49ers quarterback.


So you have a rival for her affections? (grins) How does that work?


(laughs) I don’t think he’ll be much competition. I’m not too worried.


So where do you see you and Shay going from here?


I have my own ideas but you’d have to ask Shay about hers.


Sneaky, sneaky, sneaky! Maybe we can get her in for an interview. Thanks so much for stopping by, Joe. We’ll be sure to tune in to your show every week during the season.

Want to know more about Shay and Joe? Just click one of the links below.






Oh, and Forward Pass launches July 7 with a two-day Facebook Release Party. Lots of exciting authors and tons of special prizes. Hope y’all will be there.


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Firefighters and Cowboys! Oh My! by Cynthia D’Alba

D'Alba RT BooksigningThe last week has been filled with edits. Edits on Saddles and Soot for 12-Alarm Cowboys and edits on Texas Hustle, the sixth book in the Texas Montgomery Mavericks series (from Samhain.) I so excited to have both of these coming out this year.

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you must already be aware of 12-Alarm Cowboys. But just in case you’ve missed it, here’s the blurb we wrote this week for the collection:

Cowboys and firefighters are both special breeds of men. Sexy. Strong. Put them12 Alarm Cowboys, Randi Alexander together and what do you have? 12 Cowboy-Firefighters Hot Enough to Make You BURN.

12-Alarm Cowboys is a boxset which includes a dozen smoking hot stories of cowboys who also bra
ve the flames to come to the aid of those in need. These all new novels are penned by twelve New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors.

For 99 cents, this is a steal of a deal.
Pre-order your copy while the price remains SO ridiculously cheap!

Amazon | iBooks | Barnes & Noble

12-Alarm Cowboys will hit YOUR digital reader on August 4, so be with the in crowd and be ready to talk about all the hawtness!

AND just in case you haven’t seen all the individual covers, check them out below.

All covers for 12-alarm cowboys

Keep your eyes peeled for a release party announcement!

Until next month, cowboy up and ride!

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Good, Bad and Hunky by Em Petrova

Howdy, everyone! A lot has happened in 1 month. Most exciting was beating the pants off a certain popular author in Author Rankings on Amazon for a whole day!

Here’s the proof–and yes, i have 19 screen shots of that baby! I’m having it made into a wallpaper for my office soon.


Another thing that happened was my kids are home for the summer, which means I can’t write. So I’ve spent a week turning my hours around and I’m now NOCTURNAL!




And lastly, I’ve got NEW COWBOYS! Ty from Ropin’ Hearts is one helluva sexy-hot cowboy.

Ty’s top good things:

1. doesn’t mind getting dirty

2. good with his hands

3. excellent with rope

Ty’s top bad things:

1. ripped abs that look more like an 8-pack than a 6-pack

2. Texas drawl

3. doesn’t always shave


Read on for a scorching excerpt from ROPIN’ HEARTS, now available in ebook and paperback!


With Ty’s rough fingers blazing trails over and over Bree’s skin and his hard body glued to hers, she tried to make sense of what just happened.

He’d given her the best release of her life. But she’d been sex deprived for a while. Or it could have something to do with Stowe working her up first.

Or the way Ty commanded every part of me.

She felt him inside her head still, and she didn’t know if she liked him there. He’d torn down walls she hadn’t known existed. Making her hold his gaze, take his cock into her throat…

In the end she’d gotten him back a little, though. A bead of blood shimmered on his lower lip. He licked it off and gave her a warning look. “Don’t think you won’t pay for that.”

“You liked it.”

He rolled onto his knees then disappeared into the little bathroom. She watched his carved ass move away. When he returned, she admired his front more.

“What’s that look all about, huh, baby girl?” He hovered over her and stole her breath with his beauty. Arms rigid, brown hair tumbling into his blazing eyes. He shook it away. “I like you coming apart for me. And I did make a promise to claim your ass.”

Her stomach hollowed out, even as her pussy spasmed. “No you didn’t.”

“Maybe I only made the promise in my head. Either way. Roll over.”

When she didn’t move, his eyes glittered. “Not so brave, are you, baby girl?”

Oh hell no. He wasn’t calling her a coward, especially when it came to sex. She was more adventurous than any man had ever been able to live up to. She flopped onto her stomach. Her ass cheeks felt hot still. Were they red? A thrill traveled through her.

Ty grabbed a pillow and wadded it under her, hitching her ass higher into the air. Apprehension jolted her. What was he going to do? She grew wetter with every sweet tick of the minutes.

When he clamped his hands around her globes, she cried out.

“You sore?”

“You don’t have to sound so damn happy about it.”

“Oh, but I am. You can’t imagine the pleasure I get from spanking you.”

“You’re sick.”

He pinched one cheek and she reared. “Ow!”

“Stay down, stay still if you know what’s good for you.”

“You’re twisted, getting off on controlling me.”

“Damn straight. So are you. Otherwise why would you be so—” he eased his fingers into her pussy, “—fucking—” deeper, “—wet?”

She was. Drenched, gagging for this harsh play she found more arousing than anything in the world. She pushed backward, taking his fingers to the knuckles.

He fucked her pussy, making her writhe, the juicy noises clogging the air. When she started to squeak with impending release, he withdrew his fingers and painted the wetness over her pucker.

She tensed, heart pounding. The feel of him touching her there earlier still lingered. It drove her crazy. She bucked upward and met something soft and wet.

Mother of pearl, it’s his tongue.

Burrowing her face in the clean-smelling blankets, she lost herself to the taboo tonguing he was giving her ass. He ran the tip around every ridge, circling until she was rising off the bed to the rhythm he set. He teased the opening, parting her with his tongue then backing off.

She fisted the covers and begged with her body. Knowing he’d stop if she demanded more. Maybe if she begged nicely he’d give her what she really wanted. In some sick way, she’d be giving him something in turn—he obviously got off on having her at his mercy.

“Ty, please? Please make me come.”

He rumbled, and her heart hitched. She was right. He was actually fulfilling a need in him too. She gasped as he sank his tongue and wiggled it. Deep but not enough. She wanted his fingers and later his cock stretching her backside.

She wanted him to give up some control to her too, losing himself in this forbidden and exciting game.









Pushin’ Buttons book 1






Also in the Boot Knockers Ranch series:

Body Language

Reining Men


Thank you for reading! What are your top goods and bads when it comes to cowboys? I’d love to hear from you for a chance to win a signed copy of PUSHIN’ BUTTONS book 1 of the Boot Knockers Series!


Em Petrova

~hardworking heroes–in bed and out~



Amazon Author Page


FB Fan Page


Street Team

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