Western Romance Conference – by Cynthia D’Alba

Cyndi Headshot #4I’m spending way too much time on Facebook these days. Yesterday and today, I have really enjoyed looking at all the pictures from the Historical Romance Conference taking place over the weekend. It looks like SO much fun. Have you seen the pictures and all the costumes?

I know there are a ton of Western Romance readers, both historical and contemporary western romance. In fact, this blog is only one of a number of online sites dedicated to readers of western romance.

So I’m putting this question out to the western romance readers…If there was a Western Romance Conference held on a dude ranch, or close enough that events could be held there, is this something that YOU would spend money and vacation time to attend? Would it maybe ruin the cowboy fantasy?

The blog is sponsored today by CADILLAC COWBOY   kindle-world-cover-for-cc

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You have no idea what my book is about? How about a blurb…

A Texas lawman finds more than fall foliage during a drive in an antique convertible Cadillac to his new home.

Newly-hired Texas cop Shade Gruber agrees to drive his grandmother’s prize car from Chicago to his new home in Big Branch. He expects some car issues. He doesn’t expect to pick up a runaway bride.

On the run from her mobster fiancé, Victoria Vaught dashes from the church thirty minutes before the I Do’s. Stranded in her bridal attire by an unreliable car, she starts walking, needing as far from Chicago as possible.

Their road to love is filled with twists, turns and bumps. Hanging on to the one you love can be roller coaster ride with surprising results.

Be sure to answer my questions above.
THANK YOU for coming by on Saturday.

Do you have a college team you are rooting for?
For me, it’s WOOOOOOOOOOOO Pig Sooie! 8ie6gxkbt


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Guest Blogger Maggie Carpenter – Tucker’s Justice



When hardened gunslinger Tucker Prescott is tasked with bringing law and order back to a town overrun by a gang of criminals, he quickly realizes that his biggest challenge wont be the villainous McGill brothers. The one who will truly put him to the test is Dolly Baker, the beautiful, feisty twenty-two-year-old daughter of the man who hired him.

From the moment she barges into his cabin uninvited, Tucker knows Dolly is going to be trouble, and it isnt long before she tests his patience one time too many and earns herself a sound spanking. The embarrassing chastisement gets her attention, but it will take quite a bit more than a few smacks on the bottom to teach her obedience, and the more he sees of Dolly, the more Tucker is forced to admit that he would love to be the man to properly tame her.

Tucker didnt come to Spring Junction to keep a woman in line, however, he came to deal with the McGill brothers and their gang. He has a plan to do just that, but it will depend on his quick wits as much as his quick draw, and despite his best efforts Tucker cant get Dolly off his mind. Can he bring the outlaws to justice and make her his bride before she drives him to distraction?

Publishers Note: Tuckers Justice is an erotic romance novel that includes sexual scenes and spankings. If such material offends you, please dont buy this book.



When Tucker had looked out the window and spied Rose cantering toward the cabin, he knew he had no time to don his disguise, but he lived his life being prepared for the unexpected, and he’d stepped out onto the porch to greet her. As she had pulled her horse to a stop and climbed from the saddle, he’d seen the confusion on her face.

“I’m looking for Father O’Brien,” she’d declared. “I’m Rose Gillings, I have a boarding house and he lodged with me last night, but he told me he’d be staying here. Did I misunderstand?”

“No, Father O’Brien is here, but he suffers from headaches and he’s restin’ right now.”

“Are you staying here too?”

“Yep, the name’s Tucker Prescott. The father and I work together, but I arrived a couple of days ago. I’ve been layin’ low waitin’ for him to arrive, but I’m not surprised he went into town before comin’ here. He does things like that. He likes to get to know a town without me interferin’. I don’t approve of him wanderin’ around by himself but he does it anyways.”

“You look a little like him,” Rose remarked.

“We’re distantly related,” Tucker said quickly. “You wanna leave him a message?”

“Yes, definitely, and I’m sorry to say it’s not good news. Several of the McGill gang came to my house looking for him just a little bit ago. I didn’t tell them anything, except that he’d gone, but they’ll eventually find out he’s here. I wanted to warn him. They didn’t seem like they’d come by for a friendly chat.”

“I appreciate the heads up,” Tucker said gratefully. “We’ll be ready for them.”

“I cannot tell you how relieved I am that Father O’Brien has someone to watch out for him.”

“That’s what I do,” Tucker nodded. “I watch out for people, and you’d best go. You don’t wanna be found here.”

“Heavens, no,” she said, quickly moving back to her horse and climbing into the saddle.

“If you go around the back and through that field, you can ride into town from the other side.”

“I know, and I will. I don’t want to run into them on my way home. Please give the father my regards.”

“I’ll be sure to do that, and thanks again.”

He waited until she had trotted away and was galloping across the field before moving back inside. He was grateful for the warning. Rose had placed herself in danger, and when things settled down he’d make sure she was amply rewarded for her courage. Now the only question was, would Father O’Brien meet the mob when they arrived, or would it be Tucker Prescott to welcome them?

* * *

Dolly watched the woman ride away, disappearing behind the cabin and into the open terrain, obviously heading back into town the long way around. It was frustrating, standing there out of sight and not knowing what was going on. Whatever it was, it was clear the woman didn’t want to run into anyone as she left. Did that mean she knew she might? What was going on? If she snuck down to the cabin, she might be able to overhear Tucker talking to the priest.

She knew she was wrong to even think of doing such a thing.

She knew if her father caught her, he might send back to the city to stay with her cousins.

She knew if Tucker discovered her, her bottom would doubtless be bared and he’d spank her into next week.

She knew it was foolish and disobedient, and she should absolutely turn around and go home.

She knew all those things, and yet…









Male dominance/ female submission. My passion. It is that which I write about, and my alpha-males range from down-home, hunky, spanking cowboys, to fantasy, sword-wielding, warriors, and of course, artful romantic Dominants who don’t need dollars to melt their sweet subs, (even if a few of them have mega-bucks).

There’s a little bit of me in all the stories, and The British Bachelor trilogy is based on a long-distance relationship I had with a British Dominant, James Collier. When he agreed to work with me on I AM A DOMINANT, I was absolutely thrilled. This book is a first-hand account of some of his more interesting experiences, including the amusing, and intriguing story of the first time he had a woman over his lap.

I am an old-fashioned romantic, complete with my own white knight fantasies, so a red rose and heart-felt sentiment is alive and well on the pages of all my novels. If you like to sigh, please, come on in.

Last but not least, I am blessed to share my life with a precious pup, and a gorgeous mare. All creatures great and small also live close to my heart.


WHEN A COWBOY LOVES A WOMAN (Contemporary Western)









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Three Paranormal Romances to Entice You! From Randi Alexander

It’s almost October, which means … It’s time for my annual ghost story! The Ghosts of High Paradise Ranch Series features a new ghost story each year.

Haunting a Cowboy Randi Alexander

The first book in the series, Haunting a Cowboy, is available in ebook and paperback now! Get your copy HERE

When ranch foreman Thad McCade’s life is disrupted by something supernatural, he reluctantly allows a ghost whisperer in to try to clear his home. But Madam Ruby is not at all what he expected. She’s actually Cheyenne Redford, wears a business suit, drives an expensive SUV, and Thad would rather have her whisper in his ear than whisper away the ghost that haunts him.

Unfortiven Spirit Randi Alexander

The second book in the series, Unforgiven Spirit, is also available in ebook and paperback now! Get your copy HERE

While investigating complaints in western Montana, government employee Susana Kader is run off the road by a bizarre glowing horse and rider. Following a strange glowing rider to a remote portion of the High Paradise Ranch, foreman Reede Munro finds Susana stranded. Unable to resist their wild mutual attraction, they spend a hot afternoon in his bed, but the ghostly presence is determined to meddle. When Susana’s secrets are exposed, she knows her days with Reede are over. Can fate intercede before Reede and Susana make the biggest mistake of their lives?

Ghostly Charades Randi Alexander

Book 3, Ghostly Charades, will be available October 14! Here’s a saucy excerpt for you.

Excerpt from Ghostly Charades: On the little kitchen table, Hart had set out some cheese, fruit, and nuts, and they stood and nibbled for a few minutes, talking about RosaLynn’s drive out from town and the location of the ranch. She took note of the new blue jeans and the long-sleeved plaid shirt he wore. He’d dressed up for this, and she’d just barely taken thirty seconds to choose a shirt.

“Let me show you around the house.” Placing his hand on her back, he guided her into the dining room, where the table was set with two places and a tall candle in the middle.

“This is nice. Did you decorate yourself?” She touched the sleek credenza in the corner.

“No, not me. When Reede and Susanna moved out, they took all the furniture, and replaced it with this. It’s called, um…” Hart squinted and held his breath for a few seconds. “Oh wait, it’s mid-century…” He looked at her, his lost expression pleading for help.

“Mid-century modern?”

“Yes. That’s it.” He touched the wildly patterned curtains. “It’s what would have been in the house when it was first occupied, according to Susanna and Cheyenne, but I can’t quite see a foreman decorating up the place like this, no matter what time of the century it was.”

RosaLynn laughed, so hard she had to set down her wine.

Hart laughed too, a bit self-depreciatingly. “I just speak out sometimes, a little too much truth and a little too little tact.”

“Tact is far too overrated, Hart.” She placed her hand on his bicep before she realized what she was doing, and they both froze for a few seconds. Taking a deep breath, she removed her hand and sipped wine. “It’s very nice, and these hardwood floors are gorgeous.”

He gestured for her to precede him into the next room. “Cheyenne bought me this creepy little vacuum thing, it’s like a big platter and it goes around the house by itself. Scares the shi… the crap out of me half the time.”

He sounded so flustered, she laughed again, shaking with the image of a robotic vacuum startling this big, macho cowboy. “Bet you’re tempted to put it outside some days, let it suck itself full of dirt.”

Hart laughed. “Actually, yes, but it bein’ a gift and all, I just couldn’t do it.”

The living room furniture was all very stylized and matched the curtains and rugs. Except for the overstuffed recliner and giant television screen. She patted the back of the recliner. “Your addition to the décor?”

“You know it.” He pointed to a hallway. “Wash room and bedrooms down that way.” He scuffed his booted foot on the floor. “I wasn’t sure how you wanted to do the stay-over part. I should alert Seneca if you’re thinking of staying at her place.”

RosaLynn should probably request the woman be here for the evening, and ask to stay with her at her house, but it didn’t feel right. Staying here with him did, and she’d learned the hard way to trust her intuition. “If it’s okay, I’ll just grab a nap here after…whatever happens happens, then head back to Libby.”

“Whatever makes you feel comfortable, RosaLynn.” His body seemed to grow larger, his presence taking up all the space in the room, sucking away the air. “And if you change your mind, we can make other arrangements with a moment’s notice.” He stuck his thumb in his belt loop. “I’m the boss around here, and whatever I say is law.”

She laughed once more, not even remembering how long it had been since she’d had this much fun with anyone. They wandered back to the kitchen where she sat at the table and nibbled on cheese while he regaled her with tales of learning to cook.

As he drained the potatoes and mashed them by hand with butter and cream, he talked about the day he was promoted from busboy to cook. “When the owner realized the cook had taken all the expensive equipment from the diner and wasn’t coming back with it, he yanked off my busboy apron and put me in a white jacket. From that day forward, I knew I wanted to cook.”

“How did you manage without the equipment?” She bit into a piece of brie cheese that melted like butter in her mouth.

“The owner made about seven trips to the stores in town before he had enough of the basics for me to get by.” He stopped mashing and stared out the window. “I’d cooked at home for my family, then after high school, had applied all over the region, but without a diploma from a cooking school, all I could get was that busboy job.”

“And it paid off.”

He gave her a half smile. “It did, and I miss it.”

“Of course, that begs the question, why are you a ranch foreman now instead of a chef?”

With a shake of his head, he set the potatoes on the stove and opened the oven door. “That’s a story for another bottle of wine.”

Elusive. She could sense him holding back emotion, choking back anger, too. “You said that was in Utah?”

He pulled out a big blue roasting pan, the contents steaming, and set it on the stove. “Yep. A little place north of Zion National Park.”

“Beautiful area. Do you get back there often?”

“No. It’s been a couple years.” Hart flapped the hot pads together and effectively drew her line of questioning to a halt. “Will you give me a hand?”

“I’m happy to.” They hauled platters and bowls to the table and RosaLynn gorged herself on the best meal she’d had in years. Her sighs and moans of appreciation started to sound more like bedroom noises, so she brought the conversation around to her family in California, and her masters degree courses in Arizona.

He got a few text messages during the meal, and excused his need to look because they could be ranch business, and she waved off his apology, understanding the significance of his position here on the ranch. They talked in detail about her new business and what she actually did, she gave his duties just as detailed a quizzing, then they talked about how they should really stop eating so there’d be some leftovers for them to snack on at midnight.

A banging sounded from the back of the house.

Hart’s eyes went wide. He swung around to look out the window at the pitch darkness. “Here we go.” He gulped down the last of his wine.


Be sure to grab your copies of Haunting a Cowboy and Unforgiven Spirit, then watch your in-box for release news of Ghost Charades!

Enjoy your early fall weather!
“Rode Hard and Put Up Satisfied”

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Stud For Hire: Stripped Down Cowboys #1 by Sabrina York #Giveaway


Stud for Hire by Sabrina York

GET IT NOW: http://www.amazon.com/Stud-Hire-Sabrina-York-ebook/dp/B018FM3F60/

Just south of Fort Worth, Texas, you’ll find a little ranch where the hot, toned cowboys are ready and eager to take it all off and make your naughtiest fantasies come true…

When her sister plans a wild bachelorette weekend at the Double S Ranch, Hanna Stevens is pretty sure she’ll just grin and bear it while the other women get their fill of hot cowboy strippers. After all, Hanna has never met a man who made her really want.

Zack, Hanna’s future husband, offered to marry her and save her family’s ranch from financial ruin, and while she accepted, it was never what you’d call a passionate affair. But when she locks eyes with Logan, Hanna is suddenly overwhelmed by the feeling she’s always craved and never experienced: Pure. Animal. Desire…

The first in a new series of Stripped Down Cowboys from New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author, Sabrina York

“Sabrina York can write a sexy cowboy like no other!” Susan Stoker, New York Times bestselling author


Read an Excerpt


Logan’s heart stilled and then shot into a rapid tattoo. He dropped the heavy bale on the ground. It landed with a dull thud and a plume of dust. Slowly, he turned, trying to ignore the shivers running over his skin at that low, sultry voice.

And yeah. There she was, backlit by the sun in the yawning barn door, a tantalizing silhouette.


He tipped back his hat so he could see her better. Wiped the sweat from his brow. Damn, she was beautiful. Her red hair was down, flowing over her shoulders like a rippling stream, teased by the breeze. The buttons of her plaid shirt strained against the curves of her breasts. He loved the way her skinny jeans clung to her legs, disappearing in a pair of well-worn boots.

She wasn’t supposed to be here. The women were supposed to be settling in, dressing for the evening’s festivities. A Hunky Hoedown. Logan was supposed to be preparing for that too—but he’d decided to work off his simmering energy here, in the barn.

He hadn’t really expected her to take him up on his offer and find him here. Never dared hope.

But…here she was.

His knees went a little weak. He tightened his muscles and forced himself to remain where he was, watching her every move. Every breath.

Though he suspected why she’d come, he wasn’t sure. It would be wise to let her make the first move.

God help him.

Because he wanted to pounce.

“So…” She wandered deeper into the barn, pretending to study the tools hanging on the wall. Her fingers drifted over a harness; the sight made a shudder walk through him.  When Gotham poked out a head and sprayed her with a welcoming snort, she patted his snout, but not like a city girl. Not with a tentative pat as though she were afraid he’d bite.

Logan swallowed the pool of drool in his mouth. He’d like to take a bite. Of that.

“So…” she repeated. “Is this a working ranch, or only a weekend bordello?”

Logan stiffened. If he wasn’t mistaken, that was a flirtatious tone. She flicked a look at him, from beneath amber lashes and his gut clenched. Shit. It was.

His heart lurched. His cock swelled. Sudden sweat beaded his brow.

This was Hanna. His Hanna—well, the Hanna of his dreams. The woman he’d wanted forever, the woman who’d never seen him.

And she was flirting. With him.

Inexorably drawn to her, he stepped closer. “Oh. It’s a working ranch.” A low rumble, infused with meaning. Yeah. He’d like to work her. Work her over.

“I see.” She leaned against the wall and crossed her arms. It took every ounce of concentration in him to keep his gaze on her face. Oh, it was a fascinating face, but the cleavage her action created was even more mesmerizing.

His brain fizzled and popped at that hint of a shadow. He said the only thing that came to mind—the only thing fit to say, at least. “Cody has over two hundred head.”

“I see. Do you…” Her attention trickled over his bare chest. He was covered in sweat and bits of hay. She didn’t seem to mind. Her lips pursed. Then she licked them. “Do you work here?”

He snorted. “No.” His days working as a cowpoke for Cody were long gone…unless he lost a bet.

“Ah.” Her gaze flicked up to his. The muscle in her cheek tightened. “I didn’t think so.”

The words skimmed over him in a hot rush, her tone, low and woven with implication. His breath hitched at the look in her beautiful eyes.

And then it plunged to his toes.

Because he could tell, from every line of her face, from the way she held her body, from the way she looked at him. She didn’t recognize him.

She had no idea who he was. No idea they’d gone to high school together. No memory of what he’d done, how he’d risked everything for her. And nearly lost.

Nope. She thought he was just a random stripper. Manflesh brought in for the sole purpose of providing pleasure to the lady guests.

On the one hand, that pissed him off.

But on the other hand…hell, she thought he was a stripper.  Probably one willing to make himself available to Cody’s guests should the right offer arise.

A mix of annoyance, need and lust warred within him.

Lust won.

Hanna Stevens, the prim and proper princess of Snake Gully, thought he was a stud for hire. And she wanted him.

This could be fun.

He stepped closer to her, adopting a gait, an attitude he assumed a man of lesser morals might employ. “I’m just here for the weekend, ma’am. Just here to make sure you ladies have a…good time.”

“I-I see.”

“My name is Logan.”


Yeah. He knew. He knew her name.

She tipped up her head as he neared. Her eyes went wide. Pupils dilated. Lips parted. Damn, she was a tiny thing. Heat gathered low in his belly. He fought back the urge to yank her into his arms and kiss the shit out of her. “I…ah…and…” She glanced away and then slowly forced her gaze back. “And what would that good time entail…exactly?”

Everything in him stilled.

First, because hell, was she propositioning him?

And second because, hell! She was propositioning him.

“That’s…negotiable.” He hated that his voice cracked on the words. But he really couldn’t help it. It was all he could do to keep control of his raging emotions. Okay. His raging lust. His cock was hard. Tight in his jeans. Thudding with every beat of his heart. And his pulse thrummed like an out of control jackhammer. “W-what do you like?”

He was pretty sure gentlemen of the evening didn’t stutter, but he couldn’t help himself. He held his breath, waiting for her answer. God, he wanted to know. He’d always wanted to know. Ached to know.

She drew her finger along the leather harness dangling from the wall and his cock jerked in sympathetic reaction. “I don’t know. Something…improper.” The look she flicked at him set his soul on fire. A dark wind screamed through him like a violent summer storm on the range.

“I can do improper.” Could he.

She stepped closer. Her scent engulfed him, clouded his brain. Something feminine and light, like powder. She tipped her chin and met his gaze as she set her palm flat on his chest. He nearly winced at the touch. Their first real touch. His muscles bunched at the effort to hold back that involuntary reaction. Her hand was tiny. She was tiny. He wanted to scoop her up, find a nice soft pile of hay and roll her in it. Hard.

Her lashes flickered. “Something…very improper.”

He swallowed. “I can do very improper.”

“Something naughty.” A whisper. As though some deep part of her was not allowed to hear.

“I can do naughty,” he whispered back. “I’m very good at naughty.”

A sizzling energy passed between them. She licked her lips again and this time he saw it for what it was. An invitation.

To take.

What he wanted.

What he’d wanted for years.


And he did.

He kissed her.


GET IT NOW: http://www.amazon.com/Stud-Hire-Sabrina-York-ebook/dp/B018FM3F60/



Read more about the Stripped Down Cowboys!


Stud for Hire by Sabrina York  08/16/2016

Cowboy to Command by Sabrina York 10/18/2016

Spurred On by Sabrina York  01/17/2017



The Real McCoy (Prequel #1) 

Come Hell or High Water (Prequel #2)

Protect and Serve–Cowboy Justice (Prequel #3)





Stripped Down Cowboys #Hot #ContemporaryRomance from @sabrina_york http://sabrinayork.com/books/



sabrina_head_logoAbout Sabrina York

Her Royal Hotness, Sabrina York, is the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author of hot, humorous stories for smart and sexy readers. Her titles range from sweet & snarky to scorching romance.  Visit her webpage at www.sabrinayork.com to check out her books, excerpts and contests. Newsletter: http://eepurl.com/bj8tKb.


Bookshelf! http://sabrinayork.com/books/

Newsletter: http://eepurl.com/bj8tKb

Website: http://sabrinayork.com/

Follow my Amazon Author Page: http://www.amazon.com/author/sabrinayork

Like my Facebook Author Page https://www.facebook.com/SabrinaYorkBooks

Follow me on Twitter @sabrina_york https://twitter.com/sabrina_york

Follow me on Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/5817917.Sabrina_York

Check out my Pinterest boards: http://www.pinterest.com/sabrinayork/boards/

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Join the conversation on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/SabrinaYorkChatAndContests/

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Hey ya’ll!

Hi there!

Two months in a row. I’m on a roll!

Just wanted to stop in and say hi. I’m writing my little heart out on my story for Desiree Holt’s Omega Team. It’s called SEALed by Love and features Colt Ryder and Sophie Nix. There is a scene I wrote the other day that is hilarious. I giggle every time I read it, but you will have to wait to see it.

I know. I’m such a tease!

That book should be out soon.

Anyway, this weekend I will be attending a signing at Opryland Hotel in Nashville. If you are in the area, please stop by. There will be approximately 75 authors there and lots of great books. It’s from 11-5 in the Presidential Ballroom. I would love to see you!

My KindleWorld book for Ruth Cardello’s KindleWorld Lone Star Burn is for sale now. It’s a great little piece featuring Brock and Libby, but also taps into Ruth’s guy Dean Carlton.

Check it out!




Brock Callahan has spent the last fifteen years in federal prison for a murder he didn’t commit. Hardened beyond redemption, he heads back to Bard Texas to find the person who framed him only to run into the one woman he hasn’t been able to forget. Today, his world began to turn again.

Libby Reynolds loved and lost at the tender age of sixteen when the man of her dreams was tried and convicted of murder. Unable to believe he could ever hurt someone, she’s always held out the hope that someday he would come back to her. That day is today.

Can Brock and Libby find their way back to each other when the truth is revealed? Murder, lies, and broken hearts are the name of the game when the sun sets and the web of corruption is exposed.

Until next time,


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By Sidda Lee Rain/Billy Storm

What a crazy summer it’s been. And, to tell you the truth I’m ready for fall. These mosquitoes need to die a cold hard death in my opinion. I’m looking forward to cool days, changing leaves, and hot cocoa. Kinda funny that hot cocoa popped in my head the other night while I was writing. It’s the silly little things we remember best I guess.

I’m not sure how many of you may know but I write under the pen name Billy Storm as well. The stories still have HEA’s (happily ever afters) but it takes them a bit longer to get there. The romance is far from traditional and sometimes takes a bit of a darker route. There may be cheating, there will be sexual situations leaning towards the taboo side of sex/relationships. But, there’s always love found in the end.

One reviewer summed up Billy’s work quite well when she said…

 I went from wanting to lick my kindle, to wanting to throw it against a wall, to crying big ugly tears all over it. I loved the honesty of the messy situation.” -Amazon Reviewer of ‘HATE Sex’ by Billy Storm.

I just started a new MC (motorcycle club) series with the first book just releasing a couple weeks ago. The IGNITION INFANTRY isn’t your normal mc series. The crew may revisit some dark memories from their time in the service but for the most part it’s a group of truly great men just trying to find their places among the brotherhood of the club after serving their country.


Some are ready to start a family and some will whether they’re ready or not. A few claim the bachelor life is for them but there’s no fighting your fate when the right woman comes along. Sure, sometimes they have to get their hands dirty because it’s just what needs to be done in the best interest of the club. In the end though? They’re good men who love hard—even if a bit unconventional.

Book #1 in the IGNITION INFANTRY ‘Combustion’ is AVAILABLE NOW!

Amazon link:

Combustion (An Ignition Infantry MC Heir Saga Book 1) by Billy Storm https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01KEANO58/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_dp_x_3n41xbRSXS6BM via @amazon

COMBUSTION has had some truly AWESOME reviews coming in. THANK YOU, Reviewers!


Book #2 in the IGNITION INFANTRY ‘Extinguish’ will be available in October!


A crossover book ‘Don’t Mess With the Bull’ will be available in Sable Hunter’s HELL YEAH Kindle World!

Bull is a patched member of the IGNITION INFANTRY who falls ever so reluctantly for Sissy. You might remember Sissy from Sable Hunter’s book BADASS. Yep, Miss Avery spent some time at the Shady Lady Ranch alongside Sissy. Their story will be coming this November!

*To WIN a FREE digital copy of COMBUSTION comment on what you’re looking forward to this fall!* 






My website:


Always remember…

        “If your knees ain’t dirty…

                   You ain’t doin’ it right!”


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Welcome back to End of the Line, Montana!

AM_AllIWantForChristmas_200x300Goodbye summer! Hello Autumn! (Okay, not really for a couple of weeks–Sept. 22– but I’m SO ready!!)

Newly released over Labor Day  weekend is a special holiday treat from End of the Line, Montana! ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS revisits some of your favorite folks from the small, historical mining town and introduces a couple of new faces to the community!! Heart-warming, funny, sexy—welcome back to End of the Line!!

Overview of All I Want for Christmas~

Persistence. Peril. Parenthood. Not necessarily in that order.

Rein Mackenzie is doing his darnedest to give Liberty her wish of starting a family. Ready for action every time his wife’s ringtone—Wild Thing—summons, the man is giving parenthood his best shot.

Liberty Mackenzie knows she and her husband have had their share of heartache in the baby department, but both feel certain it’s only a matter of patient persistence before they get what they want. And Rein, bless his heart, can be very persistent.

But just before Christmas, when fate offers them the chance to test drive parenthood with taking in a young boy to care for whose life is more complicated than it should be, they realize that having a child and raising a child are two very different challenges that every good parent faces.


The seductive sound of her ring tone teased his brain, inspiring thoughts of how else they could spend the quiet time. Empty house. Gorgeous wife. A noon quickie….

“You’re right, there’s plenty to do. Sorry for the whine. I guess I’ve gotten used to little boy noise around here.”

“I’d offer to come home and make some big boy noise, darlin’, but I’m afraid I wouldn’t want to come back to work.”

“Big boy noise,” she repeated, dropping her voice low. The seductive tone shot straight below his belt. “I like big boy noise,” she purred.

“Liberty,” he warned with a grin that slowly curled his lip. He glanced around to make sure no one was within earshot. They’d played this game before and with incredible success.

“Honey, I don’t want you to worry about me all alone out here,” she continued. “I’m just being lazy. Lying here on the couch in my yoga pants and one of your old flannel shirts that smells like you.” She chuckled softly.

His cock twitched.

“I’m hardly what you’d consider a bad boy’s fantasy.”

His body grew tense as he conjured the image of her doing a private dance for him. When it came to sex—phenomenal sex—she knew exactly what buttons of his to push. He eased himself behind a stack of cabinet boxes. “What are you wearing under that flannel shirt?” His heart sped up when he heard her sigh.

“Why don’t you come home and find out?”

Her voice pulled at his crotch. He squeezed his eyes shut, fighting the urge to unzip his pants and engage in a little old-fashioned phone sex with his wife.

Nope, not today. These little swimmers were currently a precious commodity. “I’ll be home in ten… make that eight minutes, which gives us about fifteen minutes before lunch break is over.” He was already walking toward the alley where his truck was parked. “I want you naked, wet, and ready for me, understand?” He saw Clay coming down the alley. “Be right back,” he called out. Got a baby to make. Rein heard a sigh and pressed the phone to his ear as he climbed in the cab.


“Don’t get too far ahead of me, sweetheart.” He disconnected and dropped the phone on the seat as he sped out of the alley, his mind decidedly on one thing and one thing only.


There’s much more to come from End of the Line, Montana!! And I’ve got other exciting news from Kindle Worlds coming your way in October and November! Stay tuned!!

Available A Kinnison Legacy holiday novella

Amazon Kindle Unlimited  http://amzn.to/2brqrMC


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Claimed by the Cowboy by Sarah M. Anderson + Giveaway!

Hi everyone! School started! Let me tell you, after a summer where I kept my Kid at home web-color--2(instead of at a summer day camp) I have never in my entire life been so danged happy for school to start. It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Last month’s winner of the cowboy prize pack is Martina L Arguijo! Congratulations Martina! Email me at message@sarahmanderson.com with your mailing address to claim your prize!

Also, have you signed up for my new-release newsletter? In the Oct. edition, I’ll be announcing the winner of my complete Desire backlist–British editions! So sign up at http://bit.ly/sarahalerts to be entered to win!

It’s September (see above re: school starting) which kicks off a super busy fall for me. I’ll have a new release very month for the rest of the year–and yes, it’s just as crazy as it sounds. (It’s pretty crazy).

First up in Claimed by the Cowboy! Claimed is part of the Dynasties: The Newports series. Here’s the blurb:

The reunion that pits city versus country…and turns old friends to lovers. 

Josh Calhoun escaped the rat race to run his family’s farming operation. But when he returns to Chicago to mediate an inheritance dispute, he’s confronted with the past: Dr. Lucinda Wilde. As his best friend’s old girlfriend, she’s always been off-limits. But his best friend is gone, and now the unavoidable attraction between them makes Josh think it is time to stake his claim…

Will being with the rugged cowboy feel like a betrayal of her sweetheart’s memory, or will his touch be this city girl’s long-awaited reawakening?

Claimed by the Cowboy buy links: Amazon | B & N | iBooks | Kobo | Powell’s | Indiebound | All Romance eBooks | Google | Harlequin

Sounds good, right? This story turned out to be really, really fun. But–true story–this book was assigned to me and the original assignment was…challenging. (I tell my Kid all the time–you’re not the only one who gets homework!)

The story is set in Chicago (I used to live there!) and Iowa (not far from where I live now) and there was supposed to be this tornado and…it was just really obvious that whoever’d come up with the original story was not a Midwesterner. Josh’s brother was supposed to call him home because they were under a tornado warning and when the tornado hit, it lasted until the next morning.

In other words, this person was thinking not of a tornado, but of a hurricane. Which hardly ever hit in Iowa. (Like, never. Ever.)

So I had a lot of fun remaking this story into something more…realistic (tornados, sadly, did not make the cut, so don’t worry about freak meteorological events!).


And now! Just for you guys, the super-hot excerpt from Claimed by the Cowboy!

Then he began to move. Because a man couldn’t get lucky if he stood by the door all night long. He splayed his hands over her ribs and began to stroke up, then down. “I want to take this off.”

“Please do,” she said, and underneath his lips, he could feel the pulse in her neck begin to beat faster.

He skimmed his hands up over her breasts to the buttons of her shirt. Slowly, he undid one and then the next until the entire shirt was open and he could slip his hands underneath. Her skin was warm to the touch—and touch it he did. He trailed his fingertips over her waist, over the smooth front of her bra. The whole time he stroked her, he kept his lips against her pulse and listened to her breath in his ear.

He wanted to make this all about her. Because this was Lucy. If all he cared about was getting laid, he could’ve accomplished that easily at any point in the last five years.

But he didn’t just want to get off. He missed making love.

So that’s what he was doing tonight. He was going to make love to Lucy with everything he had. They didn’t have to worry about dating and that awkward getting-to-know-you period, and they didn’t have to worry about long-term relationships. He already knew Lucy and he already liked her and he already loved making her gasp in that little way she was doing as he stroked her nipples with his fingertips.

“You like that, don’t you?” he asked as he felt her nipples stiffen under his touch. He began lightly pinching them.

“Oh, Josh,” she whimpered as he teased her flesh.

“Yeah, that’s it, babe.” One part of his brain wanted to remember that Sydney had always liked it when he played with her breasts, too, but he pushed that away. His wife was gone and he wanted to believe with all his heart that she would want him to do this. She would want him to grab a little bit of happiness, even if it was only for one night. Sydney would want him to find a piece of himself again with an old friend whom he could trust.

He relinquished Lucy’s left breast and began to slide his hand lower, over the soft planes of her stomach and then down over the front of her pants. She sagged back against him and he was happy to carry her weight. Earlier, on the couch, he had just wanted to make her come. It had almost been as though he needed to make her come to prove that he hadn’t forgotten how. But now he wanted this to be slow and sweet and so good that neither of them ever wanted it to end.

Her breathing got more labored as he rubbed slow circles against her sex. She clutched at his arms with her hands and shifted against him, the pressure of her bottom against his erection pushing any rational thought from his mind. This was what he wanted—not thinking, just doing. Just feeling.

Suddenly, she gasped and her fingernails dug into his arm. “Bed,” she ordered. “Now.”

“Yes, ma’am.” He half turned her and leaned down so he could sweep her into his arms. She’d always been a small thing.

“Josh!” she squeaked as he settled her against his chest.

He grinned down at her. Her cheeks were flushed, her pupils dilated wide—so wide, he almost couldn’t see the blue in her eyes anymore. “I’ve got you,” he reassured her as he carried her into the bedroom and over to the bed. He found the gap in the sheer curtain she’d hung around it and pushed it open. He sat her down on the bed and got rid of those doctor shoes she was wearing. Her socks quickly followed and then he took his time peeling her shirt off her arms.

“Look at you,” he said, his voice wavering as he stared down at her. Her bra was what Sydney had always called serviceably beige—a plain beige. It wasn’t all that sexy—but on Lucy? “I don’t remember you having this body back in high school.” He knelt on the bed so he could undo the bra.

“I didn’t,” she said, angling her body so he didn’t have to stretch as far. “I was the definition of a late bloomer.”

Josh was out of practice, so it took three tries before the bra hooks gave successfully. He tossed the bra to the side. “Wow, Lucy, your breasts were worth the wait.”

Because they were fabulous—full and rounded and high on her chest. He fell to his knees before her and just took a moment to appreciate the beauty that was the female body.

She reached over and started working the buttons on his shirt. “Your turn,” she said as she began to strip him.

She got his shirt off, but when she went for his jeans he pushed her hands out of the way. “Patience.” He didn’t know if he was admonishing her or himself.

“I’m tired of being patient,” she told him. “You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for this.”

Well! That’s just super hot–and it only gets hotter.🙂 Okay! This month’s prize question is this–tell me about a totally crazy assignment you got once and how you did or did not make it work! One lucky winner will get a print book bundle–Mystic Cowboy, Masked Cowboy, Nobody, and NotMy1stRodeo.com!

Have a great September, everyone!

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Say hello to Lazarus by Beth Williamson

Hey y’all, Beth Williamson here!

Hard to believe it’s September already, right? Time has flown past this year.

In case you missed it, I published my first contemporary novella of the Graham family descendants. The series is CIRCLE EIGHT MILLENNIUM. Laz’s story was in the Cowboy Justice 12 pack and is now released for your reading pleasure!

Lazarus Graham has always been the black sheep of his family. Leaving behind the ranch his family had owned for nearly 200 years, he lives life as a Texas Ranger. Tough, hard and inflexible, he has no time for life’s fripperies.

Beatrice Cartwright never expected to run into her childhood nemesis again. Yet Laz Graham sauntered into her store to investigate a crime nearby. Then the man had the nerve to not remember her.

Being a Graham isn’t easy, and it’s about to get a lot harder for one stubborn lawman and the woman who still owns his heart.

And now for an excerpt!!


Laz didn’t know whether to howl or curse a blue streak. Beatrice goddamn Carmichael. He should have remembered the store belonged to her parents, but since he and his sisters hadn’t frequented the gun shop much as kids, he’d rarely stepped foot inside. Until the moment he saw the girl who had hated him since they were eight.


“What the hell do you want?” Her sharp whiskey voice cut through him.

“I’m looking for the owner.” That sounded as stupid as a bag of hammers.

“You’re looking at her. Now get out.” She waved a ratty-looking flyswatter toward the door. “Two steps behind you.”


Her blonde brows went up toward that frizzy halo of hair. Freckles still smattered across her nose and cheeks. And the one feature he could never quite forget, those beautiful breasts, strained against a Firefly T-shirt that had seen better days.

Jesus please us. She was still a knockout, not that he would ever tell her that. Bea hated him almost as much as he disliked her. It annoyed the hell out of him that he found her hot and sexy.

“You do realize this is a gun store? I am armed.” She gestured to her waist. “At all times.”

Any Texan worth his salt had a gun handy, but she took it to another level. The woman knew more about guns, weapons, and their capabilities than any person in Brier Creek. She’d threatened more than once to shoot his balls off.

Laz needed to get control of the situation and his reaction. So he pulled out the only tool left in his arsenal, being a hard-ass cop.

“Miss, are you threatening an officer of the law? You do realize that’s a crime.” He put his hands on his hips. “I’m here to investigate. If you are the owner, then I suggest you work with me. I’m Ranger Graham.”

The shock on her face gave way to disbelief and then finally to cold anger. “Are you trying to tell me you don’t know who I am?”

“If you’re the owner of this shop, I suggest you enlighten me as to who you are.” He crossed his arms and widened his stance. Cool and calm on the outside, rioting emotions deep inside. He wouldn’t, couldn’t, let any of that out. He needed to do his job and get out of there as soon as possible. If his family knew he was in Brier Creek without stopping at the Circle Eight, the hell that would rain down on him would scorch the earth.

“You’re still an asshole, Lazarus Matthew Graham.” She slapped the flyswatter on her leg. “My name is Beatrice Cartwright and I own this shop. Somebody broke in, then proceeded to destroy every piece of glass and steal about five grand in stock.” She waved her arm at the visible damage. “If you’re investigating, then get it done then get the hell out.”

Laz touched the brim of his hat then pulled the notebook out of his shirt pocket. He walked around the store creating a diagram of the interior and noting the damage done. If someone could have flames shoot from their eyes, Bea would certainly have done it. His back burned from the heat of her gaze.

Or perhaps it was guilt.

The truth was, he had made mistakes from the time they had been children. She had always set him off balance and that pricked his pride. Therefore he’d acted like an ass. He’d never apologized for any of his stupidity, which just made things worse. In a perfect world, they might have been friends, or more. Instead they were two people who sniped at each other, never to be more than impolite strangers.

Too bad she was friends with all three of his sisters, particularly Rose. At least he thought they were still friends. Laz hadn’t been back to Brier Creek in almost ten years. Now he’d stepped into the past and opened himself up to a shit storm from multiple directions.

“What time did you close the store the night of the burglary?”

She harrumphed. “Same time as I always do. Six o’clock.”

“Do you have surveillance cameras?” He pointed at the obvious domes on the ceiling. “Or is that for show?”

Her expression hardened. “Yes, I have surveillance. I installed it myself.”

“I have the owner as Patrick Cartwright. Is he here to corroborate your information?”

Her mouth dropped open. “Are you kidding me? Are you fucking kidding me?”

Laz had deliberately closed himself off from Brier Creek and everyone he’d grown up with. He was the black sheep of the great Graham legacy. The rancher’s son who refused to be a rancher. Apparently he’d missed a few bits of information, such as what happened to Bea’s father.

“I’m going by the information the dispatcher had—”

“Shut up, Laz. Just shut up.” She ran her hand down her face and stepped around from behind the display. Bea wore a pair of shorts that revealed more than they covered. His attraction to her hadn’t disappeared and now it notched up even farther.


“If you had bothered to come home in the last decade, you’d know that my parents were killed in a plane crash. Both of them died when I was twenty. I’ve been the owner of this shop for eight years. Me. Your dispatcher is an idiot.” She walked through the dark blue curtain covering a doorway and disappeared.

Laz let out a long breath. He’d intended to do his job and leave. When he had been assigned to investigate the crime, which was a string of smash and grabs in the county, he had resisted. A lie. He hadn’t resisted, he’d refused. Then his boss told him in no uncertain terms, he wasn’t allowed to say no. So he had to drive back to Brier Creek, the town he’d avoided since he was eighteen.

Here Laz was, now distracted by a woman who hated him but whom he could spend a week in bed with, and the impending doom of his family discovering he was in town. It wasn’t a comfortable place to be.



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Saddle ready? Rhonda Lee Carver

Hi, y’all. Rhonda Lee Carver here.

I’m getting excited. Roman’s Choice (#1, Saddles & Second Chances) is releasing in 5 days! This is what early reviewers are saying…

“What a wonderful story! Love the characters in this!”

“This is such an amazing story. Roman and his brothers are so funny, and Pippa and Brie were so cute with their “makeovers”!! I couldn’t stop laughing at the line: “Sweetheart, it looks like a makeup bag vomited on your face.'”

“I laughed, cried, and almost peed my pants, and in this case it’s a good thing! Roman and Pippa are an amazing couple. And the sex, well, be prepared for a fire in your pants! Don’t miss this one, people!”

I hope you’ll fall in love with all five brothers…Roman, Hugh, Weston, Urban, and Penn. Each cowboy will have an amazing story of second chances and passionate love. With lots of heat!



SEVERAL ICED TEAS, elephant ears, and cheeseburgers later, Pippa dragged the sexy cowboy into the elevator and pushed him up against the mirrored wall, planting kisses on his jaw, his neck, and the top of his chest. She’d been wanting to do this all day. He’d given her enough heated looks and subtle touches that she was about to explode.

He sucked in a deep breath, threading his fingers in her hair. “Now what did you say your name is?”

She pulled back slightly, looking at him through the veil of her lashes. “Seriously?”

A smile broke out over his expression. “I’m only kidding. Pippa’s a name a man won’t forget. It’s different. I like it, and it suits you.” The tips of his fingers massaged her scalp.

“I like Roman too. Reminds me of a powerful crusader.”

He chuckled and it vibrated his chest. “You’re making my head swell.”

She brushed her fingers over the bulge in his jeans and moaned deep in her throat. “Now which head is swelling?”

“Damn. I’m about ready to burst through my zipper.” He smoothed his palm over her breasts. Her nipples puckered, wanting more without her shirt as a barrier.

“That would be a crying shame.” She rolled her tongue along the thick vein in his neck, resisting the urge to rip the buttons from his shirt. She’d have to, at least, wait until they were in the privacy of her hotel room. “Are we going too fast?”

“Do you feel like you’re being pressured?” he asked.

“No. I was worried that I was pressuring you.”

He laughed and it was one of the nicest sounds she’d ever heard. “Don’t worry about me, darlin’. I’m a go-with-the-flow type of guy and I like where this flow is headed.”

Got your copy Pre-ordered yet?

Roman’s Choice Amazon



From Friday, September 2nd at 12pm EST until Monday, September 5th  at 12pm EST, over 100 authors and blogs have come together to offer prizes on every page PLUS the chance to win part of the grand prize through the giveaway below.

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Most of all…have fun!

The Labor Day Hop starts here:Rhonda Lee Carver

Let’s connect!




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