Fall at Shadow Maverick Ranch

Happy Friday everyone! With the cooler weather sliding on in, it looks to be a great weekend here in the south. I hope the same can be said for where you are!

I love this time of year. All the beautiful colors as the leaves change, the cooler weather, the winter squash. And, of course, my homemade hot chocolate with a shot of Buttershots makes for a cozy evening.

At Shadow Maverick Ranch, fall is the time for fixing things – the seemingly endless lines of broken fence, the farm equipment in need of maintenance or repair, the roof of the barn. There’s always something to do on a ranch, no matter the time of the year.

Oh! I almost forgot! The most important thing happening at Shadow Maverick this November is the wedding of Gavin Mathis and Lauren Delgado – who readers first met in White Collar Cowboy. ;-) (I didn’t really forget.)

Here’s a sneak peak of the cover:









White Collar Wedding is an Amazon exclusive, bonus short story. Thanks to all the readers who requested this story!

Mark your calendars. You won’t want to miss this one for only $0.99!







Now let’s chat – what are your favorite things about fall?

Until next time,


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SABLE’S SWEETEST DAY SELEBRATION and a CONTEST Plus results from last post’s contest!

October 16th is the SWEETEST DAY. I’ve always loved it. Fall is here. I have my house decorated with mums, pumpkins, and orange lights. I’ve started my Halloween cooking, I make popcorn balls and fudge. So the sweetest day can be a time when I’ve licked the bowl and carried offerings to my friends and family, I want them to all be fat!
In my Hell Yeah! Series, October 16th is Aron and Libby’s wedding anniversary, so to celebrate that, Cowboy Heat will be free for the weekend – the 17th, 18th, and 19th.
Here’s the cover and the link – watch for it and tell your friends that I said Happy Sweetest Day and an early Happy Halloween.




The winner of last post’s contest is aime3. If you will email me at sablehunter@rocketmail.com and tell me if you’d like How To Rope a McCoy or any one of my backlist, I’ll be glad to gift it to you.

I also have a new book coming out with the Red Hot Treats. It was supposed to be live yesterday, but the creek rose at my house and I was up it without a paddle – the details are much worse and you don’t want to know. Anyway…
I did finish it and it will be released by the weekend.
The name of it is LOVE’S MAGIC SPELL
And here’s the cover –

followed by the blurb and an excerpt.

Now here’s the current contest – if you could cast a spell on anyone to accomplish anything – what would it be? I will pick two random winners for a copy of LOVE’S MAGIC SPELL!!!

There’s nothing like a lawman, a Stetson wearing cowboy who puts his life on the line to protect lives, to stand up for the less fortunate, to shield the ones he loves from danger. Meet Raylan West, sheriff of Redbone Parish and the woman who would give anything for one night in his bed – Tory Summers.
Here’s the blurb and the open fantasy.

Tory has one magical night to learn what love is all about.
Night after lonely night, she tosses in her solitary bed, longing to touch and be touched, to experience desire and rapture. Her body aches to know fulfilment – to be taken and possessed by a man, but only one man will do.
Raylan West is the man of her dreams and Tory Summers would give everything she owns for a chance with him. But it isn’t going to happen, a man like him is not for her. Unless…Tori finds a way.
Deep in the bayous of South Louisiana there are secrets, magical secrets. Hoodoo. Witchcraft. Will o’ the wisp floating over dark waters, lit by unearthly light.
Desperate for a chance, Tory places her faith in the supernatural. She travels deep into the swamp to acquire a love potion promised to bring Raylan under her spell for one night, one perfect moonlit Halloween night where anything is possible. For a few precious hours, Tory will be beautiful, desirable and sexy in Raylan’s eyes.
The only problem is…Tori wants the magic to last forever.


“Tory, I need coffee.” Raylan announced as he came through the door, locking it. He walked to her desk, took her by the arm and pulled Tory to her feet. “After I have you…”
Relief that he was safe swept over her body. “I’m so glad you’re back. I was worried.”
“Show me how glad you are,” he growled as he ran his fingertips underneath her shirt, pushing it up and over her head.
“Give me your hand, Sheriff.” He allowed her to guide his fingers between her legs. Even through the material, she knew he could feel her heat. “See how much I missed you?”
Raylan took advantage of where she placed his hand and he cupped her, massaging the soft place between her thighs, causing Tory to cling to his shoulders and go up on her tiptoes, wanting more.
““Have you been a good girl while I was gone?”
“No, Sheriff,” she drawled. “I’ve been a bad girl. I’m behind on my typing and filing because all I can do is fantasize about you.”
“Consider yourself under interrogation. What kind of fantasies?” While he spoke to her, Raylan was busy kissing her neck and backing Tori from her desk toward the jail cell wall.
“I feel so guilty,” she panted. “I’ve been plotting to get you into some…compromising positions. On top of me, under me, behind me…in me.”
Sheriff Raylan West chuckled. “I’m afraid I’m going to have to take you into custody.” He pushed her till her back was against the enclosure, then he lifted her hands above her head and fastened a pair of cuffs around her wrists, attaching them to the bars.
“Yea,” she moaned as he pulled her bra down and cupped her tits, squeezing them, lapping at her breast. “Oh, that’s good. I think you should…” she stopped talking because she couldn’t think while he was sucking her nipples.
“What should I do to you?”
“I think you should f…frisk me.”
He pushed aside her panties. “What is this I feel?”
“That’s my fleur,” she purred. “I had it trimmed especially with you in mind. You love the Saints and I love you.”
“Damn.” He traced the design with his finger.
Tory licked her lips. “I’m at your mercy, Raylan.” She whispered in his ear. “I think I’ve committed a penile offence.”
“Oh, really?” Raylan laughed.
“How about a full body search?” She suggested breathlessly.
“I’ll see what I can do.” Their lips crashed together, tongues tangling, gasping for breath. He pulled down her panties and tugged them off, tossing them to one side. “Spread ‘em sweetheart.”
Tory cooperated fully. Freeing his cock, Raylan placed a hand under each knee and lifted her, impaling Tory in one full, fluid thrust of his hips. “Yes, Raylan!” she cried as he began hammering into her soft, wet pussy.
“Harder, harder,” she panted, wrapping her legs around his waist.
Tori blinked, her daydream suddenly brought to a halt.
“Tory, I need coffee.” Raylan stalked into the front office, slamming the door. Tory didn’t jump, she was used to his grand entrances.
Pushing aside her sexy fantasy, she brought herself back to boring reality. “You need more than coffee, just sit down and I’ll bring you something.” As she brewed him a cup dark enough to be expresso, Tory warmed a beignet in the microwave and let out a long sigh of relief. He was back. He was safe. She could breathe again. “How did it go?”
“Rance Bertrand is crazy. How do you think it went?” Raylan sighed, sat down at his desk and propped his feet up on the top drawer which was open just enough to accommodate his size 12 alligator skin boots.
She sat the coffee and pastry on his desk in front of him. “Here, it’s hot. Be careful.”
Tory returned to her chair and watched Raylan gingerly bite the beignet so the steam wouldn’t burn his mouth. “I’m just glad he didn’t shoot you. The man lives so deep in the swamp, he thinks the long arm of the law doesn’t reach that far.” She tried not to let fear for his safety reflect in her eyes. Hiding the fact that she was in love with Raylan West was a full time job.



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Everything Cowboy!

I thought I’d share my two new releases with you today.

Kiss Me, Cowboy is the 6th in a the Cowboy Dreamin’ Series available now at all fine ebook retailers near you including Amazon, B&N, Bookstrand, All Romace Ebooks, Smashwords, Ibooks, Kobo, etc.

Kiss Me, Cowboy Cover


When Candace Alexander arrives in Bandera Texas, she’s there to visit an old friend, not find a boyfriend, but the moment she sets eyes on Joshua Young, she decides she wants to experience everything cowboy including anything and everything he can provide.

Joshua Young likes the looks of Candace the moment she spills beer down the back of his shirt. Red hair and bright green eyes drag him in and hang on tight. He can’t seem to get her out of his mind and when she askes him to help her experience everything to do with the cowboy lifestyle, he’s definitely intrigued.

Will life in Los Angeles drag her back to the real world before she’s ready or will the fascinating cowboy keep her tied up for a good, long while.


The second book released today which is a cowboy shifter piece called Cat on the Prowl available on Amazon.


Suzi is on the run from something or someone, she isn’t quite sure. Mitchell Cruz wants her dead if he can’t have her. His plan to dispose of her body in the middle of the dense forest seemed like he perfect way to make her disappear without a trace until she manages to cold cock him with a branch and get away

In her mad dash to safety, she stumbles across a lone cabin with an inviting light drawing her near. Hoping to find an elderly couple to give her shelter until she can find a way out, she knocks at the door to be met by only silence except for the rumbling growl of a mountain lion in the distance.

Gabriel is a shifter. Suzi is his mate and he’s bound by the laws of love to save her from the evil clutches of a wolf shifter intending on doing her harm. When she stumbles upon his cabin, he knows fate has brought her to him finally in her hour of need.

Can a shifter and a human find love amongst the tall trees, mountainous streams and softly falling snow?

This Halloween, something sinfully wicked is coming your way. Give yourself a Red Hot Treat this fall with ten spine-tingling stories sure to warm up your night. Scary just got sexy with Cat on the Prowl, part of the Red Hot Treats multi-author series (stands alone for reading enjoyment).

I hope you have a great Halloween and I would love to hear your thoughts on these two books, if you are so inclined. I do love to hear from my readers.

Until next month

~ Sandy

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Guest Blogger Merry Farmer – No Sin Stays a Secret

Everybody has secrets. You know, those little things in our past that we really, really hope no one finds out about? They’re so juicy and so scary. But there’s something about a hero with secrets that makes this reader’s heart go pitter-pat! The deliciousness of reading a book where the layers of mystery are slowly revealed to uncover things that the hero or heroine want to keep in the past is irresistible. You never know if the secrets are going to destroy the relationship that’s building between the hero and the heroine or whether they’re going to make it stronger.

My hero in Our Little Secrets, Michael West, has enough secrets to write a scintillating tell-all book. He may appear like a mild-mannered, upstanding frontier shopkeeper now, but let me tell you, there are some very naughty things in his past. Things he’s not proud of. Things that he’d rather forget. They also just happen to be some things that make him very, very good in bed. As in, he knows exactly what a woman wants and how to give it to her…and give it to her and give it to her.

Wait. That ordinary-seeming, ever-so-slightly reclusive shopkeeper who wears glasses? YES! Because as far as I’m concerned, the best secrets are the ones that you would never guess to look at someone. They’re like finding the surprise at the bottom of the cereal box. In Our Little Secrets, Charlotte definitely signs up for more than she bargained for…and all because of Michael’s secrets. Oh, but she had a few secrets of her own that will surprise Michael! But will all of these secrets come out in due time or when it’s least convenient? You’ll just have to read and see!



Michael West swore he would never fall in love again. So when the beautiful and wily Charlotte steps off the train looking for a new life he jumps at the business opportunity her search for a husband presents. Engaged forty-five minutes after meeting, married the next day, Michael thinks he’s found everything a respectable man should have. Except that Michael is as far from respectable as they come. They agreed not to ask questions about each other’s pasts, but when the past seeps into their present Michael suspects his passionate new wife is not who she says she is. But can he keep her at arm’s length when he’s already fallen in love with her?

Charlotte Baldwin has a secret. She fled Philadelphia to escape the sins of her past, but someone is following her. What better way to hide than by marrying Michael West, Cold Springs, Montana’s enigmatic shopkeeper? A new name, a new life, and am amorous husband is exactly what she needs to leave her sins behind. But when it comes to keeping secrets Charlotte may have met her match in Michael. And when a connection neither of them expects catches up with them, the shocking revelation means Charlotte may have run right into the arms of her enemy.

No sin stays a secret forever….


“Missing home?” Michael startled her by speaking immediately behind her.

She twisted to face him. He was inches away. Her pulse raced.

“Hardly! This is home now, after all.”

He nodded, glancing out the window himself before looking back at her. She could see the question in his eyes before he worked his way around to asking it. “Would you like to go to bed now?”

She took a deep breath. Every bit of cock-eyed advice she’d ever heard on enduring your wedding night flooded into her mind all at once. It was time to find out just how far she would go for a new life.

“If you’re ready,” she tried to sound casual.

He arched an eyebrow at her behind his glasses. “I think the question is are you ready?”

There was only one way to find out. “Yes. I am.”

“Come on.” He slipped his hand into her ringed one. “We’ll take things slowly.”

She wished she knew what that meant. She wished she knew a lot more things than she did.

He led her out of the kitchen and down the hall to the bedroom. Her heart quivered in her chest and butterflies swirled expectantly in her gut.

He brought her to the bed and sat on the edge with her. She knew she should say something but words failed her. All she could do was watch as he took off his glasses and laid them on the small table beside the bed. Her heart thumped out of control in her chest. Without his glasses he seemed even more of a stranger.

“I take it you’ve never been with a man before.” It was a statement more than a question.

“No, I haven’t,” she gave him an honest answer. Secrets or no, that much was important.

“Don’t worry,” he said. “My guess is that everything you’ve been told about it is completely wrong.”

Her eyebrows shot up and her heart hitched in her chest. “Really?”

“Probably,” he nodded. “Making love is one of the most enjoyable activities known to man. Or woman. If done right.”

“I hope we do it right then,” she blurted, cursing herself for her stupidity.

He chuckled. “Not to flatter myself, but I know what I’m doing. Do you trust me?”

She stared at him, lips twitching to a grin. “I married you. Let’s call that close enough for now.”

His grin widened. “All right. It’ll do.”

He bent forward.

“What are you doing?” she gulped.

“Taking off my shoes,” he laughed.

“Oh.” She felt ridiculous and laughed with a nervous hiccup. Her face burned bright pink. “I’m sorry.” She leaned forward to unlace her boots, hands shaking.

“Don’t be. I promise I won’t do anything sudden,” he chuckled as he untied first one shoe and then the other, lining them up neatly at the foot of the bed. He pulled his socks off while he was at it and folded them before tossing them to the chair on the other side of the table.

She was slower with her boots, but as she yanked them off he took them and lined them up beside his shoes. Her stockings were another matter.

“Allow me.” He pretended chivalry, reaching for her leg.

She let him lift her stockinged ankle onto his thigh, balling her hands in the coverlet behind her to stop them from trembling. He surprised her by slipping his hands up under her skirt, above her knee to the ties high on her thigh that held the stockings to her corset. The warm roughness of his fingers brushing against such intimate skin sent a giddy rush through her.

“It’s all about touch,” he explained as he dawdled with her stockings, stroking her flesh. “Intimacy comes from the simple act of touching each other in ways that we would never allow anyone else to touch us.” He glanced up and met her eyes, his gaze hot and vivid.

“I see,” she croaked and cleared her throat. She couldn’t focus on anything but the sensuality of his fingers where they shouldn’t have been.

His grin deepened. “Touching feels good.”

“Yes it does,” she blurted before she could stop herself. She was being a complete ninny, but what could anyone expect with his hands teasing her like that?

He finished unfastening her stocking and rolled it down, pulling it off over her tingling toes. She let out the breath she’d been holding. When he gestured for her other leg she offered it. He repeated the same heady mix of removing her stocking and stroking her thigh. Dear Lord, it was going to be a long night.


Buy Links:

Amazon – http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0087KI4T4

Amazon UK – https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0087KI4T4

Smashwords – https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/167282

B&N – http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/our-little-secrets-merry-farmer/1111649170?ean=2940033267514

iBooks – https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/our-little-secrets/id541823235?mt=11

Kobo – http://store.kobobooks.com/en-US/ebook/our-little-secrets

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A Cowboy and a Secret Baby – The Cowboy Earns a Bride, by Cora Seton

The Cowboy Earns a Bride is now available!



Wedding bells are ringing on the Double-Bar-K and Luke Matheson is determined to make his move on his favorite bridesmaid—sweet, sexy Mia Start. Though she’s shared his house for more than two months, she’s remained elusive. Luke’s ready to cross that divide, and win her love for good.

Mia would give anything to marry Luke, but he won’t want her once he knows the truth; she’s four months pregnant with another man’s child. It’s time to find a real home—and a real job—so she can raise her baby alone.

When a nosy neighbor exposes Mia’s pregnancy at his brother’s wedding, Luke sees his chance to finally get what he wants. He lays claim to the baby—and to Mia—but their happily-ever-after lasts barely a day. When Luke’s pride clashes with Mia’s need for independence, Mia calls their brand new engagement off.

Can Luke convince her to change her mind? Or will these wedding bells sound the death knell of their relationship?


“I want a baby with you, Mia. I want to marry you.” Luke knew this wasn’t the right moment for a proposal but here he was, jumping the gun, proposing anyway. He didn’t know what else to do. He’d tried to convince Mia to date him. He’d done everything he could to let her know how he felt. He’d wanted to make love to her for months. She’d been living right under his nose, tempting him with every sway of her hips as she moved about the house straightening up, every bounce of her breasts when she dashed up and down the stairs getting ready for a day’s work. But he wanted more than that, too. He wanted his ring on her finger, his name on her debit card and his baby in her arms. He wanted it all—everything that Ethan had with Autumn, that Ned was about to have with Fila. He wanted it all and he wanted it right now.

“Mia? Did you hear me? I want to marry you.”

She had gone as pale as the paint on the wall behind her. Her eyes were huge in her face and he wanted to kiss away the fear in them. What was she afraid of? Him?

“Say yes.” He took her hand in his. Tugged her closer. “Damn it, say yes, Mia.”

“I…” She couldn’t seem to answer.

“Stop thinking. Just say yes.” He bent down to kiss her, but she gasped and pulled back.

“I’m sorry.” Tears sparkled in her eyes. “I’m sorry! I tried to tell you!”

“Tell me what?” He refused to let her go. His arms tightened around her waist until they formed a cage she couldn’t break out of. Strength had its advantages. This time she wouldn’t get away. “What do you have to tell me?”

“I’m pregnant already.”


Available now:



Barnes & Noble


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Two kinky cowboys are better than one. Right?


Like hot sexy cowboys with a lot of kink? Then this is the book for you.

Two hot stories in one hot volume

Back In The Saddle

When Molly Hayes’ marriage fell apart, she ran home to Hayes Ranch to lick her wounds. What she really wants to lick is foreman Chance McDaniel, the star of all her erotic fantasies. But he had never given her the time of day. Why would he give her his nights?

Kink is a mild term for the kind of sex Chance McDaniel enjoys. But he’s learned the hard way not all women can handle his darker desires. He aches to give Molly the ride of her life but fears she’ll shy away from his wilder ways.

Will the past become a stumbling block or will both Molly and Chance, once wounded, climb back in the saddle?


Eight Second Ride

Jessie Wade is a tough as nails sheriff until bull rider Kyle Mitchell ends up in her jail. With his bone-melting good looks and seductive voice, he knocks Jessie’s defenses down one by one and awakens the sensuous woman she’s hidden beneath her uniform. But Jessie can’t afford to be soft. Or allow herself to fall for a cowboy who’s never in one town longer than it takes to ride a bull.

Kyle never backs down from a challenge, but after a passionate night with Jessie, he realizes there’s a hell of a woman behind the handcuffs and badge. Can Kyle convince Jessie he can take her for more than an eight-second ride?



Back in the Saddle

“Dance with me, Molly.”

Danger! Danger!

She opened her mouth to refuse him, but somehow instead, found herself rising from the booth and following him to the dance floor. Only two other couples were making use of the music. Chance tactfully led her to a corner where the lights didn’t hit them. She was stiff within the circle of his arms, moving like a windup doll, until one hand slid up her back to hold the nape of her neck.

“Relax, Molly.” His mouth was at her ear, his breath a warm breeze against her skin. “It’s just a dance. Sometimes it helps to shut out everything else and just fall into the music.”

She was trying, but his body was so warm against hers and there was no mistaking the hard thickness of his cock pushing against her through the denim of his jeans. His scent teased at her nostrils, a heady blend of something woodsy and the smell of leather and horses. She was sure he’d showered but somehow, for men who worked at ranching rather than playing, the aroma burned its way into their skin. She loved it. Always had. If she wanted to be truthful, it was almost an aphrodisiac. She pressed herself just a millimeter closer.

What she would have given all those years ago to be where she was right this minute. But a lot of water had washed over the dam since then, and the last thing she wanted was to have Chance McDaniel feeling sorry for her.

“I…haven’t danced in a while,” she said lamely as she tried to relax in his grip.

God. Could I sound any more idiotic?

He chuckled, a low rumbling sound. “I think it’s like riding a horse. You never really forget. I think you could probably say that about everything.”

His lean fingers massaged the knot at the nape of her neck, his arm holding her against him as they shifted their bodies minimally in place. The stroking of those fingers sent shivers down her spine, but they also coaxed her to relax and move in rhythm with him. She actually found herself leaning her head against his shoulder.

“That’s it,” he whispered. “I learned music can make you forget just about any damn thing.”


Eight Second Ride

Kyle Mitchell wanted to pry his eyes open but someone was pounding a drum inside his head so hard he was afraid to see daylight. Not only that, but whatever he was lying on was harder than a concrete floor and killing his back. He needed aspirin and coffee in large supply. He tried to raise his hands to press them against his aching temples but something jerked his right hand and prevented him from lifting it. Now he opened his eyes. And wished he hadn’t.

Unfortunately this wasn’t the first jail cell he’d been in, but he was pretty sure it was the worst. And he was pretty sure it hadn’t been modernized in the last fifty years. One wall consisted of the usual arrangement of bars with a portion of it hinged for a door. The sleeping arrangement, rather than a crummy cot that would have been a vast improvement, was a flat piece of wood with a mattress on it so thin he was sure he’d be able to see through it. And it was the kind that pulled down from the wall on chains.

And speaking of chain, he yanked at his right hand again and discovered he was handcuffed to one length of chain.

Damn! What the hell had happened? What had he gotten himself into now?

Squinting against the brightness of the light from the ceiling lights he looked down the length of his body.

Boots. Check.

Jeans. Check.

He clapped his left hand over his waist in a sudden panic.

Champion belt buckle! Okay! Check.

Shirt. Check.

He rubbed a hand over his square jaw, feeling the stubble of yesterday’s beard growth. Testing everywhere on his face he discovered his nose was tender but not broken, but the rest of his face felt as if a bull had stomped on it.

Wait. Was that what had happened? The last thing he remembered was lasting the full eight seconds on Sodbuster before landing in the dirt of the rodeo arena. Everything else was a blur.

“Well. It looks like you’re finally awake.”

The voice was pure music, soft, with a faint drawl. Squinting through the bars he thought for a minute his heart was going to stop beating. In the hallway looking in at him was about five-foot-four of the most breathtaking woman he’d ever seen. Dark blonde curls tumbled down to her shoulders, framing a lightly tanned face with emerald green eyes peeking out from thick, thick lashes. The stiff fabric of the uniform shirt she wore couldn’t conceal the lush ripeness of her breasts any more than the pants hid her mouthwatering curves.

But what really shook him up was the star gleaming from its place of prominence on her shirt, right over one of those nicely rounded breasts.

Holy hell! This was the sheriff?

He looked at her and something inside turned over. He had an urgent need to see this woman naked in his bed, but not the way he did with the usual women he rolled in the sheets with. Not an eight-second ride and done. No, even in his pitiful condition he could imagine making slow, soul-searing love to her. Everything from his balls to his brain went on instant alert.



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Cover Reveal! Randi Alexander’s Halloween Story All Flash No Cash

The Red Hot Authors bring you nine sinfully sexy $.99 books for Halloween – Red Hot Treats!


Available October 15. “Like” our FB Page or watch our Website to see all the cover reveals and find out where to get your copies.

Here’s the book blurb for my Red Hot Treat story All Flash No Cash: When bar owner CJ Overton hires Pete Gonally to paint a motorcycle for a charity giveaway, she expects him to do it her way. After all, he’s a small-time rancher, and graphic arts is just his hobby. But Pete comes back with his own ideas, and sparks fly as tension builds between them. The only way to relieve the pressure is one hot night in her bed. Just one. But Pete wants more.

Pete lets CJ think he’s just a farm boy, but working on the oil field for years, he’s accumulated a small fortune. CJ’s dream future includes selling the bar, leaving Deadwood, and traveling the world. Attaching herself to a hayseed like Pete would only ruin her chances. How can Pete convince CJ that falling for a “dirt-poor farmer” will make her happier than anything she’d ever find outside of her small town of Deadwood, South Dakota?

Ready for the cover?


And here’s a sexy excerpt for you!

“All I told your placement counselor was that your drawing was good, but it wasn’t what I’d asked for.” The elevator door opened and CJ stepped into her apartment, turning on table lamps as she walked through the living room.

Pete’s bootsteps followed. “You could have told me.” His voice was so quiet, she thought she might have imagined it.

She turned, searching for the words to explain why she hadn’t.

He held out the papers. “I redrew them. Just like you wanted.”

CJ took them and stepped to the dining room table. As she flipped on the light, she saw him shoving his hands into his front pockets. Damn. He wasn’t happy.

Using coasters to keep the drawing flat, she unrolled it on the table. Colorful scenes of the Badlands, Needles Highway, Mount Rushmore. And animals; buffalo, an eagle, a rattlesnake, all the animals she’d mentioned. But it looked kind of hokey. “Glad I didn’t mention coyotes and donkeys.” She tried to curve up her lips when she looked at him, but it felt uncomfortable.

Especially when he just stared at her with those dark, emotionless eyes.

His nostrils flared. “This project goes toward my final grade. If this drawing doesn’t work for you, I’ll keep drawing it until you’re satisfied.”

Her lips thinned. She hadn’t realized her comments to his school would affect his academic standing. “Let me think about it. I’ll get back to you.”

“Ma’am, with all due respect…” He took his hands out of his pockets, but they ended up in fists. “I’ll need to start painting this weekend if I’m gonna finish in time… I’ll go wait in the garage, if that’s okay, until you’re ready to make a decision.” With one hand, he gestured toward the drawing. “Whatever you decide, I’ll need to order the ink by tomorrow to make sure it gets here on time.”

Even though he’d started his speech saying with all due respect, she didn’t hear any in his tone, nor see any in his gaze. “Oh, okay, you’re just going to camp out here until I make a decision. Is that it?” She shoved her hands onto her hips. She really, really hated to be pushed. “Is that the professional way to do this? Is that how they taught you in art school?”

CJ stood her ground even though Pete’s eyes narrowed and his big body made her roomy apartment look small in comparison. How had he worked her up into such a temper? Even to her own ears, she sounded like a complete bitch.

His jaw clenched and he just breathed for a few seconds. “Perfect. You’re saying that because I want to make sure I can get the fuc…the darn bike painted in time, I’m unprofessional?” He took a step toward her. “In my book, ‘unprofessional’ is choosing to talk to your contract worker’s counselor instead of directly to him.” His voice rose with each word.

No one called her unprofessional. She gave her life for her business. “Bullshit.” She stomped toward him, one index finger leading the way. “My talking to your counselor was completely appropriate, and you know it.” CJ gave his chest a good poke. Then another. Then drew back to give him one more.

He grabbed her wrist. “I don’t know what kind of business school you went to, ma’am.” He said the word like it was sour milk. “But in the real world, people talk to each other. They don’t go whining to somebody’s boss.” His face and neck turned a wild shade of red.

Her heart beat fast, her breath puffing in and out. Holy shit, she wasn’t mad. She was hot and wet for him, her nipples puckering tight against the fabric of her bra, and between her legs, her sex pulsed, quick and achy. She didn’t like the feeling of losing control over her own body. “Grow up, Pete. This is how the real world runs, and if you’re too sensitive to take it, maybe it’s time you get out of it and go back to farming.”

Heavy breaths raced in and out of his mouth, his grip on her wrist tightened, and he leaned in, way inside her personal space. “You have no idea what goes on in the real world, lady. Holed up here in your bar—”

“You gonna be the one to show me?” She didn’t know where the words came from, but once the challenge was out of her mouth, she desperately wanted him to do it.

His body jerked once, his head tilting like he wanted to kiss her, to shut her up with his mouth.

And, oh God, how she wanted him to. Her brain misfired, sending shimmers of lust along her spine and down to her pussy.

He grabbed the brim of his hat and tossed it to the floor. “You want me to show you?” His eyes had turned more green than brown, and he stared into her eyes. “Just say the word, CJ, and I’ll give you whatever you want.”

He pushed too far, too hard. “Asshole.” She raised her free hand to strike his cheek.

Pete didn’t move, didn’t try to stop her, as if he welcomed the hit, wanted her to stop this raging fire building between them.

Instead of smacking him, she clasped her hand to the back of his neck, feeling his soft, blond curls. “I want it.” She tugged him down as she went up on her toes and smashed her lips to his.


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October Craziness

Usually the craziness of October doesn’t start until closer to Halloween but this year my October started off with a bang literally.  And the story does have a good ending :)

First off, Tuesday the smoke alarm goes off with it’s low battery sound. Ear piercing.  I can not reach the smoke alarm and I don’t climb ladders.  So I call my sister, who graciously comes out after she gets off of work with a battery and replaces it.

On Friday, the smoke/carbon monoxide alarm goes off with low battery.  I shake my head, okay maybe we should replace them all.  Since I have plans to go out with my sister that day, I’ll pick up batteries and she can do them all at once except the one in the family room because I need a bigger ladder.

My niece decided to join us on our day out on Friday.  I talked to my niece and she said her husband could come out and do the smoke alarm in the family room.  All is good.

So we drop my dog off at dog day camp so she can play while we’re all at the casino having fun.

About eleven thirty my niece came up to me and said “we have to go the Penny (my dog) has been injured.”

My heart dropped and I pulled out my cell phone.  Yep, I had messages.  So I go where I can hear and start listening to the messages.  My niece takes the phone number for me and calls the vet – this is not her normal vet but a critical care emergency vet.

Get as much information as I can, my Penny was bit by a bigger dog.  Now my Penny is a 4 pound, toy poodle.  She has puncture wounds, fractures and they need to make sure the lung isn’t punctured.  Over the phone I authorize everything and ask if I can see her.  Told yes come in and see her before we put her under.

We all pile into my car.  My niece knows where the vet is at so she gives me directions.  There’s road construction and a lane is closed.  I pull over into the other lane, stop, the guy behind me stops, we’re sitting talking.  My niece is telling me I need to turn when we get to the bottom of the hill and wham.

A big rig hit the car behind me which threw him into me.  My sister flew out of the car and I’m thinking “Oh crap.”  Then look in my rear view mirror.  The car behind me has been smashed and my sister (being a nurse) is rendering first aid to the couple in the car behind me.  None of us in my car are hurt.

911 is called, police, fire and ambulances all come out.  Statements taken, information given, witness information given.  Advised by first responders we will probably be sore but if anything feels wrong, get medical attention.  After about an hour and a half, we’re on our way to the vet.  My SUV is drive-able.

Get to the vets, my baby is in an oxygen cage, they have her bandaged up and have started her on pain meds and antibiotics.  Penny responds to my touch and voice, I talk with her and assure her she’s going to be okay.

Talk with the vet, they will put her under, check to make sure her lungs have not been affected, put drains in her and go from there.  She does have fractured ribs.  They will call me tonight with an update to let me know how she’s doing.  As for the oxygen, the vet thinks it was just the trauma of everything and fractured ribs.

We leave the vet and go to where I take her to dog day camp.  The manager is waiting, I had already called to let her know I was on my way.  I love the place I take my dog to.  They are very good with her and love her to death.

They are not sure exactly what happened, the manager was watching and for some reason a dog my dog has played with before and been around picked her up in his mouth.  They think the bigger dog was trying to play.  The minute they yelled at him, he let go of her but of course the damage was already done.  So the rushed Penny to the vet.  And I was not to worry they would be paying for all of Penny’s vets bills.  I thanked the manager and told her I’d keep her updated on Penny’s progress.

The vet called me that night, Penny came through everything very well.  Yes, fractured ribs, bruised lungs but no lung punctures, drains inserted to drain everything out.  But she was doing very well.  And they’ll call me between 6a-7a tomorrow morning with an update of how she did overnight.  If something happens they will call me right away.

Finally get home Friday night, my sister and I can’t find the battery in the smoke/carbon monoxide alarm.  She gets it reset and at least I don’t have to hear the loud noise from a low battery.

Saturday morning, I’m calling my insurance company to report the accident, and realized I handed the police department the wrong insurance card, so call them to give them the correct information.  Vet calls Penny is doing well and I can come visit.  Then the smoke/carbon monoxide low battery goes off again.  I text my niece and ask if her husband can come out this afternoon.  He can, so he comes out, we find the battery replace it and all the others in the house.

I visit my dog at the vet over the next 3 days, she improves each day.  On Monday they re-take xrays and her lungs are healing, and she’s finally started eating.  On Monday night they’ve had her off oxygen, her drains are pulled out and she can come home on Tuesday.

Tuesday I go get my baby.  She’s so happy to see me and I’m happy to see her acting almost like her normal self.

Animals are so resilient and bounce back.  Each day she’s improving, have to keep her from wanting to jump around, but she’s almost back to normal.  I see the vet again today to have her checked out.  But overall all is good.  My Penny will heal, my car will be fixed in a couple weeks and life is good once again.

Had a couple of crazy days, but life happens that way sometimes.

Here’s a picture of Penny right after I got her home:

Penny home from hospital 2


Maybe now I can get back to writing.


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sa_riverwalkI started my HEARTS & HEROES series with WYATT’S WAR set in San Antonio, TX where Wyatt Magnus meets Fiona Allen. As you might have already read, they have some troubles along the River Walk, but ultimately fall in love. Hey, it is a romance! Which brings the Magnus brothers together in Ireland for Wyatt and Fiona’s wedding.

Enter Mack Magnus, Marine, tough and fresh out of the sandbox of Afghanistan. He’s in no mood to be messed with, but he’s there for his brother’s wedding. When he meets Fiona’s Irish cousin Deirdre Darcy, he’s intrigued, all male and ready to tumble under the covers. It only gets hotter from there.

The photograph of the castle is a bed and breakfast where I stayed on my visit IMG_3340to Ireland and I based a setting in MACK’S WITNESS on that castle.

Join Mack and Dierdre in Ireland as they run for their lives and fall in love. Don’t forget to preorder your copy of MACK’S WITNESS coming out next week!

Leave a comment for a chance to win a download of WYATT’S WAR.


MacksWitness144x216 WyattsWar144MACK’S WITNESS


A red-hot fling leads to peril on the Emerald Isle…

Hearts & Heroes, Book 2

Tired of eating sand and dodging bullets, Marine Captain Mack Magnus is ready to relax and enjoy his brother’s Dublin wedding. If that involves a few pints in a quaint Irish pub and getting laid by a pretty Irish lass, all the better.

Instead he winds up getting ordered around by the cousin of the bride. Fed up with her mouthy attitude, he kisses her to shut her up. Now he has a new mission: get into the sexy redhead’s panties.

Busy international model Deirdre Darcy knows the six-foot-four Marine’s type: hit-and-run sex and off to the next port. Fall into bed with an arrogant bastard like Mack? No thanks. When she stumbles upon a couple of Irish gypsies leaving a murder scene, she must go into hiding or become their next victim.

His protective instincts kicking into high gear, Mack whisks Deirdre away to a small town where it’s easier to keep her safe. Except there’s no escape from their growing attraction—or from the one thing neither of them thought they wanted. Love.

Warning: Battle-hardened, ready-to-cut-loose Marine teams up with a stunning Irish lass who thinks she can handle him. You’ll need the luck of the Irish to hang onto your seat for this sexy, suspenseful race across the Emerald Isle.

Samhain Publishing
Barnes & Noble Nook
Amazon Kindle

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Tempted by a Cowboy is HERE! And baking. Mmmm. Baking.


Sarah M. Anderson–back with her hat again!

Hi Everyone! I’m back with yet another new release (that’s 3 in a row, if you’re counting at home) and a new super-steamy excerpt. But before we get to all that…

It’s fall! I have to admit that I do not cook in the summer. Like at all. No way, no how am I going to risk accidentally sweating indoors, you know?

But now fall is here and the house is cooler and suddenly, turning on the oven for an hour seems like a really great idea! I’ve been on a super-restrictive, dr.-ordered diet for about nine months now (feels like forever) and I’m just starting to figure out how I can bake things I want to actually eat.

Well, pumpkins to the rescue! Here’s something I made a few weeks ago that was really delicious, grain-free, sugar-free (I did not use any chocolate), and dairy-free (but not nut-free, so be warned) that came from Living Healthy with Chocolate:


From Living Healthy with Chocolate

  • 2 cups almond flour
  • ½ cup flaxseed meal
  • 2 teaspoons ground cinnamon (optional)
  • ½ cup raw coconut palm sugar
  • ½ teaspoon salt
  • 1 egg
  • 1 cup pumpkin puree
  • 1 tablespoon vanilla extract
  • ⅓ cup (or more) chocolate chunks
  1. mix together the almond flour, flaxseed meal, cinnamon, coconut palm sugar, chocolate chunks and salt
  2. in a separate bowl, whisk the egg, pumpkin and vanilla extract
  3. using a rubber spatula, gently mix dry and wet ingredients to form a batter being careful not to over mix or the batter will get oily and dense
  4. spoon the batter onto a 9-inch pan lined with parchment paper (I used this awesome silicone panbecause nothing sticks to it and I don’t need to use paper or grease the pan)
  5. bake at 350°F until a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean, approximately 25 minutes

They were so good! I’m going to make more this weekend and play around with the nut-to-pumpkin ratio. YUM!

Okay, now onto the steamy stuff–Tempted by a Cowboy is out! I adore Phillip–he’s easily one of the most broken heroes I’ve ever written. I love how Jo pushes him to be a better man than he ever thought he could be!

Here’s the blurb:

Available NOW!  Amazon | Powell’s | Indiebound  B & N | Harlequin All Romance | iBooks | Kobo | Google

Available NOW!

can she resist the cowboy’s smile when it promises so much pleasure?

Phillip Beaumont likes his drinks strong and his women easy. So why is he flirting with his new horse trainer, Jo Spears, who challenges him at every turn? Phillip wants nothing but the chase…until the look in Jo’s haunted hazel eyes makes him yearn for more….

Sure, Jo’s boss is as jaded and stubborn as Sun, the multimillion-dollar stallion she was hired to train. But it isn’t long before she starts spending days and nights with the sexy cowboy. Maybe Sun isn’t the only male on the Beaumont ranch worth saving!

And, because I love you all, here’s a super-steamy excerpt!

He leaned forward, letting his erection brush against her as he kissed the spot where he’d lost his head and bit down earlier. “Do you still want it a little rough? Or a little gentle?” Then he flicked his tongue over her earlobe.

She squirmed underneath him, which about drove him insane. “Both? Is that even an answer?” She tried to laugh it off as a joke, but he heard something else.

She was nervous. Well, he couldn’t blame her. Ten years was a long time.

He grabbed her hands and pinned her down. Much more of her body moving under his and they wouldn’t even make it to the memorable sex.

His arms began to shake under the strain of not plunging into her warm body. But he had to do this right for her.

“Both it is.” Soft and tough—just like she was.

He bit down on the spot that had nearly broken her earlier. She sucked in a hot breath against his ear, her hips thrusting up against him. Yes, he thought again.

He moved to the other side—the side where she wore her scars like tattoos. She tried to tilt her head to hide herself but he had her pinned.

He kissed down her shoulder until he switched to her breast—full and heavy.

He licked her nipple, blowing air on the wet skin to see it tighten up. Her hips shimmied beneath his. Not yet. Too soon. He had to kneel back to break the contact.

He kissed the space between her breasts and then used his teeth to leave a mark on the inside of the left one. She sucked air again as her body strained against his hands. “Okay?” he asked, just to be sure.

“Yes.” She nodded, but her eyes were closed.

“Then look at me,” he ordered. When she didn’t immediately open her eyes, he bit her again, his teeth skimming her nipple. “Jo. Look at what I’m doing to you.”

Then he fastened onto her nipple and sucked hard until her eyes flew open. There—the anxiety that had lurked there earlier was gone, leaving nothing but need and want in its place.

He let his teeth scrape over her, putting a hint of pressure on her skin. Not enough to hurt her, but more than enough that she wouldn’t forget this.

“Oh—Phillip,” she gasped out, tilting her hips up—begging for his touch.

He didn’t let go of her hands as he moved his mouth lower and lower. He pulled her with him until she was nearly sitting up. No way he was going to let her lie back.

“Keep your eyes open,” he told her before he pressed a kiss against her sex.

“Why,” she ground out through clenched teeth as he licked her, “why do you get to do this to me and I didn’t get to do it to you?”

It was a fair enough question. “You’ve been a very good girl,” he told her, keeping his mouth against her so she’d feel his voice more than she heard it. It worked, given the way she bucked against him, her body asking for more even if her mouth couldn’t. He looked up the length of her body—she was watching him. Good. “You deserve a reward.”

He filled his mouth with her, savoring her taste the way he’d savor a fine wine. Nothing was clouded by the haze of a wild night. This was just him and her and nothing in between them.

He was not gentle. It paid off. After only a few agonizing minutes of teasing her, Jo’s back arched off the bed. She made a high-pitched noise in the back of her throat before collapsing back against the bed, panting hard.

He kissed her inner thigh, then turned his head and bit the other one. His dick throbbed, but in a good way. “Memorable?”

“Unforgettable,” she said and this time, there was no hesitation in her voice at all. Nothing but a dreamy tone that spoke volumes about satisfaction.

“Good.” He swallowed, the taste of her desire still on his lips. “Now roll over.”

WHEW! I don’t know about you guys, but that’s pretty hot! Tempted by a Cowboy is available now! Amazon | Powell’s | Indiebound | B & N | Harlequin | All Romance | iBooks | Kobo | Google

Just a quick reminder–I’m going to be hosting a Books n’ Beer party on Oct. 25th in Schlafly Crown Bottleworks in St. Louis, MO from 7-10 p.m. It’s a casual get-together with books and beer available for purchase and I’ll have free bottlecaps for everyone! You can RSVP to the Evite invitation here–I’d love to meet some of you there if you’re in the area!

 I’m giving away a copy Tempted by a Cowboy to a lucky commenter who tells me what their favorite treat to bake is! Make sure to specify print or ebook in your comment–and leave your email!

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