October Craziness

Usually the craziness of October doesn’t start until closer to Halloween but this year my October started off with a bang literally.  And the story does have a good ending :)

First off, Tuesday the smoke alarm goes off with it’s low battery sound. Ear piercing.  I can not reach the smoke alarm and I don’t climb ladders.  So I call my sister, who graciously comes out after she gets off of work with a battery and replaces it.

On Friday, the smoke/carbon monoxide alarm goes off with low battery.  I shake my head, okay maybe we should replace them all.  Since I have plans to go out with my sister that day, I’ll pick up batteries and she can do them all at once except the one in the family room because I need a bigger ladder.

My niece decided to join us on our day out on Friday.  I talked to my niece and she said her husband could come out and do the smoke alarm in the family room.  All is good.

So we drop my dog off at dog day camp so she can play while we’re all at the casino having fun.

About eleven thirty my niece came up to me and said “we have to go the Penny (my dog) has been injured.”

My heart dropped and I pulled out my cell phone.  Yep, I had messages.  So I go where I can hear and start listening to the messages.  My niece takes the phone number for me and calls the vet – this is not her normal vet but a critical care emergency vet.

Get as much information as I can, my Penny was bit by a bigger dog.  Now my Penny is a 4 pound, toy poodle.  She has puncture wounds, fractures and they need to make sure the lung isn’t punctured.  Over the phone I authorize everything and ask if I can see her.  Told yes come in and see her before we put her under.

We all pile into my car.  My niece knows where the vet is at so she gives me directions.  There’s road construction and a lane is closed.  I pull over into the other lane, stop, the guy behind me stops, we’re sitting talking.  My niece is telling me I need to turn when we get to the bottom of the hill and wham.

A big rig hit the car behind me which threw him into me.  My sister flew out of the car and I’m thinking “Oh crap.”  Then look in my rear view mirror.  The car behind me has been smashed and my sister (being a nurse) is rendering first aid to the couple in the car behind me.  None of us in my car are hurt.

911 is called, police, fire and ambulances all come out.  Statements taken, information given, witness information given.  Advised by first responders we will probably be sore but if anything feels wrong, get medical attention.  After about an hour and a half, we’re on our way to the vet.  My SUV is drive-able.

Get to the vets, my baby is in an oxygen cage, they have her bandaged up and have started her on pain meds and antibiotics.  Penny responds to my touch and voice, I talk with her and assure her she’s going to be okay.

Talk with the vet, they will put her under, check to make sure her lungs have not been affected, put drains in her and go from there.  She does have fractured ribs.  They will call me tonight with an update to let me know how she’s doing.  As for the oxygen, the vet thinks it was just the trauma of everything and fractured ribs.

We leave the vet and go to where I take her to dog day camp.  The manager is waiting, I had already called to let her know I was on my way.  I love the place I take my dog to.  They are very good with her and love her to death.

They are not sure exactly what happened, the manager was watching and for some reason a dog my dog has played with before and been around picked her up in his mouth.  They think the bigger dog was trying to play.  The minute they yelled at him, he let go of her but of course the damage was already done.  So the rushed Penny to the vet.  And I was not to worry they would be paying for all of Penny’s vets bills.  I thanked the manager and told her I’d keep her updated on Penny’s progress.

The vet called me that night, Penny came through everything very well.  Yes, fractured ribs, bruised lungs but no lung punctures, drains inserted to drain everything out.  But she was doing very well.  And they’ll call me between 6a-7a tomorrow morning with an update of how she did overnight.  If something happens they will call me right away.

Finally get home Friday night, my sister and I can’t find the battery in the smoke/carbon monoxide alarm.  She gets it reset and at least I don’t have to hear the loud noise from a low battery.

Saturday morning, I’m calling my insurance company to report the accident, and realized I handed the police department the wrong insurance card, so call them to give them the correct information.  Vet calls Penny is doing well and I can come visit.  Then the smoke/carbon monoxide low battery goes off again.  I text my niece and ask if her husband can come out this afternoon.  He can, so he comes out, we find the battery replace it and all the others in the house.

I visit my dog at the vet over the next 3 days, she improves each day.  On Monday they re-take xrays and her lungs are healing, and she’s finally started eating.  On Monday night they’ve had her off oxygen, her drains are pulled out and she can come home on Tuesday.

Tuesday I go get my baby.  She’s so happy to see me and I’m happy to see her acting almost like her normal self.

Animals are so resilient and bounce back.  Each day she’s improving, have to keep her from wanting to jump around, but she’s almost back to normal.  I see the vet again today to have her checked out.  But overall all is good.  My Penny will heal, my car will be fixed in a couple weeks and life is good once again.

Had a couple of crazy days, but life happens that way sometimes.

Here’s a picture of Penny right after I got her home:

Penny home from hospital 2


Maybe now I can get back to writing.


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sa_riverwalkI started my HEARTS & HEROES series with WYATT’S WAR set in San Antonio, TX where Wyatt Magnus meets Fiona Allen. As you might have already read, they have some troubles along the River Walk, but ultimately fall in love. Hey, it is a romance! Which brings the Magnus brothers together in Ireland for Wyatt and Fiona’s wedding.

Enter Mack Magnus, Marine, tough and fresh out of the sandbox of Afghanistan. He’s in no mood to be messed with, but he’s there for his brother’s wedding. When he meets Fiona’s Irish cousin Deirdre Darcy, he’s intrigued, all male and ready to tumble under the covers. It only gets hotter from there.

The photograph of the castle is a bed and breakfast where I stayed on my visit IMG_3340to Ireland and I based a setting in MACK’S WITNESS on that castle.

Join Mack and Dierdre in Ireland as they run for their lives and fall in love. Don’t forget to preorder your copy of MACK’S WITNESS coming out next week!

Leave a comment for a chance to win a download of WYATT’S WAR.


MacksWitness144x216 WyattsWar144MACK’S WITNESS


A red-hot fling leads to peril on the Emerald Isle…

Hearts & Heroes, Book 2

Tired of eating sand and dodging bullets, Marine Captain Mack Magnus is ready to relax and enjoy his brother’s Dublin wedding. If that involves a few pints in a quaint Irish pub and getting laid by a pretty Irish lass, all the better.

Instead he winds up getting ordered around by the cousin of the bride. Fed up with her mouthy attitude, he kisses her to shut her up. Now he has a new mission: get into the sexy redhead’s panties.

Busy international model Deirdre Darcy knows the six-foot-four Marine’s type: hit-and-run sex and off to the next port. Fall into bed with an arrogant bastard like Mack? No thanks. When she stumbles upon a couple of Irish gypsies leaving a murder scene, she must go into hiding or become their next victim.

His protective instincts kicking into high gear, Mack whisks Deirdre away to a small town where it’s easier to keep her safe. Except there’s no escape from their growing attraction—or from the one thing neither of them thought they wanted. Love.

Warning: Battle-hardened, ready-to-cut-loose Marine teams up with a stunning Irish lass who thinks she can handle him. You’ll need the luck of the Irish to hang onto your seat for this sexy, suspenseful race across the Emerald Isle.

Samhain Publishing
Barnes & Noble Nook
Amazon Kindle

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Tempted by a Cowboy is HERE! And baking. Mmmm. Baking.


Sarah M. Anderson–back with her hat again!

Hi Everyone! I’m back with yet another new release (that’s 3 in a row, if you’re counting at home) and a new super-steamy excerpt. But before we get to all that…

It’s fall! I have to admit that I do not cook in the summer. Like at all. No way, no how am I going to risk accidentally sweating indoors, you know?

But now fall is here and the house is cooler and suddenly, turning on the oven for an hour seems like a really great idea! I’ve been on a super-restrictive, dr.-ordered diet for about nine months now (feels like forever) and I’m just starting to figure out how I can bake things I want to actually eat.

Well, pumpkins to the rescue! Here’s something I made a few weeks ago that was really delicious, grain-free, sugar-free (I did not use any chocolate), and dairy-free (but not nut-free, so be warned) that came from Living Healthy with Chocolate:


From Living Healthy with Chocolate

  • 2 cups almond flour
  • ½ cup flaxseed meal
  • 2 teaspoons ground cinnamon (optional)
  • ½ cup raw coconut palm sugar
  • ½ teaspoon salt
  • 1 egg
  • 1 cup pumpkin puree
  • 1 tablespoon vanilla extract
  • ⅓ cup (or more) chocolate chunks
  1. mix together the almond flour, flaxseed meal, cinnamon, coconut palm sugar, chocolate chunks and salt
  2. in a separate bowl, whisk the egg, pumpkin and vanilla extract
  3. using a rubber spatula, gently mix dry and wet ingredients to form a batter being careful not to over mix or the batter will get oily and dense
  4. spoon the batter onto a 9-inch pan lined with parchment paper (I used this awesome silicone panbecause nothing sticks to it and I don’t need to use paper or grease the pan)
  5. bake at 350°F until a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean, approximately 25 minutes

They were so good! I’m going to make more this weekend and play around with the nut-to-pumpkin ratio. YUM!

Okay, now onto the steamy stuff–Tempted by a Cowboy is out! I adore Phillip–he’s easily one of the most broken heroes I’ve ever written. I love how Jo pushes him to be a better man than he ever thought he could be!

Here’s the blurb:

Available NOW!  Amazon | Powell’s | Indiebound  B & N | Harlequin All Romance | iBooks | Kobo | Google

Available NOW!

can she resist the cowboy’s smile when it promises so much pleasure?

Phillip Beaumont likes his drinks strong and his women easy. So why is he flirting with his new horse trainer, Jo Spears, who challenges him at every turn? Phillip wants nothing but the chase…until the look in Jo’s haunted hazel eyes makes him yearn for more….

Sure, Jo’s boss is as jaded and stubborn as Sun, the multimillion-dollar stallion she was hired to train. But it isn’t long before she starts spending days and nights with the sexy cowboy. Maybe Sun isn’t the only male on the Beaumont ranch worth saving!

And, because I love you all, here’s a super-steamy excerpt!

He leaned forward, letting his erection brush against her as he kissed the spot where he’d lost his head and bit down earlier. “Do you still want it a little rough? Or a little gentle?” Then he flicked his tongue over her earlobe.

She squirmed underneath him, which about drove him insane. “Both? Is that even an answer?” She tried to laugh it off as a joke, but he heard something else.

She was nervous. Well, he couldn’t blame her. Ten years was a long time.

He grabbed her hands and pinned her down. Much more of her body moving under his and they wouldn’t even make it to the memorable sex.

His arms began to shake under the strain of not plunging into her warm body. But he had to do this right for her.

“Both it is.” Soft and tough—just like she was.

He bit down on the spot that had nearly broken her earlier. She sucked in a hot breath against his ear, her hips thrusting up against him. Yes, he thought again.

He moved to the other side—the side where she wore her scars like tattoos. She tried to tilt her head to hide herself but he had her pinned.

He kissed down her shoulder until he switched to her breast—full and heavy.

He licked her nipple, blowing air on the wet skin to see it tighten up. Her hips shimmied beneath his. Not yet. Too soon. He had to kneel back to break the contact.

He kissed the space between her breasts and then used his teeth to leave a mark on the inside of the left one. She sucked air again as her body strained against his hands. “Okay?” he asked, just to be sure.

“Yes.” She nodded, but her eyes were closed.

“Then look at me,” he ordered. When she didn’t immediately open her eyes, he bit her again, his teeth skimming her nipple. “Jo. Look at what I’m doing to you.”

Then he fastened onto her nipple and sucked hard until her eyes flew open. There—the anxiety that had lurked there earlier was gone, leaving nothing but need and want in its place.

He let his teeth scrape over her, putting a hint of pressure on her skin. Not enough to hurt her, but more than enough that she wouldn’t forget this.

“Oh—Phillip,” she gasped out, tilting her hips up—begging for his touch.

He didn’t let go of her hands as he moved his mouth lower and lower. He pulled her with him until she was nearly sitting up. No way he was going to let her lie back.

“Keep your eyes open,” he told her before he pressed a kiss against her sex.

“Why,” she ground out through clenched teeth as he licked her, “why do you get to do this to me and I didn’t get to do it to you?”

It was a fair enough question. “You’ve been a very good girl,” he told her, keeping his mouth against her so she’d feel his voice more than she heard it. It worked, given the way she bucked against him, her body asking for more even if her mouth couldn’t. He looked up the length of her body—she was watching him. Good. “You deserve a reward.”

He filled his mouth with her, savoring her taste the way he’d savor a fine wine. Nothing was clouded by the haze of a wild night. This was just him and her and nothing in between them.

He was not gentle. It paid off. After only a few agonizing minutes of teasing her, Jo’s back arched off the bed. She made a high-pitched noise in the back of her throat before collapsing back against the bed, panting hard.

He kissed her inner thigh, then turned his head and bit the other one. His dick throbbed, but in a good way. “Memorable?”

“Unforgettable,” she said and this time, there was no hesitation in her voice at all. Nothing but a dreamy tone that spoke volumes about satisfaction.

“Good.” He swallowed, the taste of her desire still on his lips. “Now roll over.”

WHEW! I don’t know about you guys, but that’s pretty hot! Tempted by a Cowboy is available now! Amazon | Powell’s | Indiebound | B & N | Harlequin | All Romance | iBooks | Kobo | Google

Just a quick reminder–I’m going to be hosting a Books n’ Beer party on Oct. 25th in Schlafly Crown Bottleworks in St. Louis, MO from 7-10 p.m. It’s a casual get-together with books and beer available for purchase and I’ll have free bottlecaps for everyone! You can RSVP to the Evite invitation here–I’d love to meet some of you there if you’re in the area!

 I’m giving away a copy Tempted by a Cowboy to a lucky commenter who tells me what their favorite treat to bake is! Make sure to specify print or ebook in your comment–and leave your email!

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Say Howdy to Circle Eight: Tobias by Emma Lang

It’s finally here! Book 6 in the Circle Eight series, Tobias, is now available in both ebook and print! Huzzah!!

This book was an emotional roller coaster for me – high points and some really low points. Tobias is a very damaged hero, one of the top five heroes I’ve ever written who was so twisted inside. That’s like kryptonite to me – I cannot resist redeeming them. Perhaps because the redemption is that much sweeter.

This is book 6 in the series – there are only 2 more to write and then each Graham sibling has their HEA. When I see a series through to the end, I am always nostalgic long before I get there. The Grahams have become part of me and each book includes a large piece of my heart.

Rebecca Graham proved to be the strong, silent sister. A natural born healer with romantic tendencies, she works until there isn’t a smidge of effort left in her. She’s stubborn but willing to admit when she’s wrong. Not so much with Tobias. LOL

I hope y’all enjoy Tobias and Rebecca’s story!

A broken man. A woman who needs a hero. A love that should never have been.

Rebecca Graham always knew she was to marry a hero and leave home in blissful happiness. She chose that man when she was seventeen. Unfortunately, her family hated him. In a fury over being swindled by someone else, Tobias burned down the Circle Eight, her family’s ranch. He spent four months rebuilding alongside her family in penance. When he accepts her help to nurse his grandfather, she has hopes he will become the hero she envisioned. She was wrong.

Tobias Gibson never expected happiness for himself. His brothers, adopted by their patriarch Pops, were all that matters. After Pops dies while under Rebecca Graham’s care, he cannot forgive her failure to save his grandfather. He ignores his attraction to Rebecca. There is too much bad blood between them.

Life never rolls forward as expected however. Five years after he’d last seen her, Rebecca Graham reenters his life. Together they face the storm that sweeps across their lives. They have to rely on each other and ignore the growing love setting their souls and hearts on fire.

*** EXCERPT***

Rebecca didn’t blame Tobias for the fiasco in the tall grass so long ago. She made a choice and it turned out to be the wrong one. It was a harsh lesson a young, impressionable seventeen-year-old learned. Now she was older, wiser and in full possession of life experiences to make her decisions with more careful consideration.

At least when it came to men.

She hadn’t let any man close to her except for her family. No man held her interest. It didn’t matter if Tobias wasn’t the prince she wanted him to be. She wasn’t ruined for love, but simply chose not to fall into it again. Possibly ever. What had being in love brought her except for disappointment? Perhaps she’d been foolish, but no longer.

Taking care of the man who taught her about intimacy and how not to love was the last thing she expected to be doing. Yet she was because it was the right thing to do. She always had a choice to refuse to help someone, but she never had. And her past with Tobias wasn’t going to affect her devotion to healing people.

Rebecca had a few talks with herself over the first two days of taking care of Tobias. She wanted to walk away but she couldn’t. Both Will and Tobias needed her. She couldn’t treat one and not the other. Nor did Tobias deserve to be set aside because of an ancient history between them.

“You look vexed, Becca.” Each time Tobias used the shortened version of her name, she had to clench her teeth to stop the growl from escaping.

She stirred the poultice with a bit more force than necessary. “I’m not vexed. Now be quiet so I can treat your injuries.” She pulled the chair beside the bed and set the poultice on his chest. “Hold this.”

He frowned at the bowl. “I ain’t a table.”

“Shut up.” She spoke without rancor. “Your bruises are deep and the poultice will help heal them quicker. Your shoulder is also in need of poultice.”

“It smells funny.”

She rolled her eyes. “So do you. Now shut up.”

“You gave me a bath. It ain’t me that smells.”

Rebecca refused to look at his face. She didn’t want to be pulled into the debate with him. He was already confusing her, the last thing she needed was to interact more with him. She tested the consistency of the poultice with her finger and deemed it ready.

“Sit still while I do this. The poultice needs to set before I put a bandage over it.” She moved closer and removed the bandage from his shoulder. His skin had turned deep purple with shades of green on the edges. The boot prints were more pronounced on the side of his ribs.

“It’s warm.” He flinched when she started smearing the thick concoction on him.

“I used hot water. It helps to bind the ingredients together.” She was more comfortable discussing her work than focusing on his injuries. “This will help dissipate the blood under the skin, reduce the pain and speed the healing.”

“You do sound like a doctor.”

She managed a small smile. “I try to know as much as I can about the herbs and plants I use and how my patient will be effected.”

“Did you go to school?” He sounded genuinely interested.

She shook her head. “No, but I have read a great deal of books.”

He was quiet for a few minutes as she worked. For the first time in the last few days, she wasn’t fighting the need to run from the room.

“I can’t read much. That’s why that brother-in-law of yours swindled us. Pops could read but he trusted a handshake.” Tobias frowned.

Rebecca wouldn’t pity him for not being able to read. Lots of folks didn’t think educating children who worked on farms and ranches was important. Tobias didn’t have an easy life, that much she knew. His grandfather had taken him in after his mother abandoned him. Rebecca had been lucky to have parents who believed being educated was a strength and made sure all their children learned.

“Vaughn has apologized and made up for what he did.” She defended her brother-in-law. He had become a part of the family and her sister Elizabeth’s husband and father to their children. The Grahams protected their own just like the Gibsons did. It was one thing they had in common.

“That don’t make it right.” Tobias held grudges. That was obvious from the moment she’d met him.

“People make mistakes. We have to do our best to forgive.”

He pulled a face and then closed his eye on a grimace. “I ain’t never gonna forget. Good thing I don’t have to see that cheat.”

“You don’t have to be angry at the world, Tobias.” She wrapped his shoulder, pleased with the poultice and how well it set. “Life is easier if you find joy instead of darkness.”

His eye popped open and she felt the intensity of that gaze down to her marrow. She didn’t know his secrets or whether she wanted to hear them. If she were honest, she did want the Gibson brothers to repair their fractured relationship. She knew the importance of family; the older she got the more she understood the gift her parents had given them.

“I ain’t had nothing but darkness, Becca. I don’t know joy.” His voice had dropped to a harsh whisper.


Buy links:

Kindle: http://tinyurl.com/k7xcs6y
Nook: http://tinyurl.com/qhgkbma
Kobo: http://tinyurl.com/psy9twe
ARe: http://tinyurl.com/lnqlg3s
Smashwords: http://tinyurl.com/ks4zrre

Amazon: http://tinyurl.com/oquch94
Barnes & Noble: http://tinyurl.com/p7jacuj
Books a Million: http://tinyurl.com/qdn7h9r
Indie Bound: http://tinyurl.com/l9lte7l
Powells: http://tinyurl.com/q2aeqdv
Createspace: http://tinyurl.com/p2cpr8n

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Inspired Time of Year…

I know I have said before that I love this time of year, that I love Fall. The leaves change from green to gold and red and orange. Football is in full swing. The temperatures start to dip here in the South (though some areas down here are still a little too warm for my taste). And I start thinking of blankets and fuzzy socks and hot chocolate with marshmallows, and chili, and cinnamon spiced everything.

October thru December I usually spend a lot of time baking. Cookies and cakes, mostly. I start making homemade food gifts too. (Homemade vanilla extract, homemade Irish Cream, homemade Kahlua) Food has always been something I have felt comfortable doing and I know that I’m good at making it (as well as eating it). I know I talk a lot about food on my blogs and it’s because it serves as inspiration for me as well as a source of good memories. Many of my fondest memories from growing up happened around food. Special occasions were always handled around food. Holidays, food. Times of celebration or mourning, food. It draws many people together.

Last month, DH and I celebrated our 22nd anniversary. We spent an evening out in Greenville, South Carolina. Had a great meal and then drove downtown to take in the vibrancy of the area. Restaurant upon cafe upon coffee shop upon bar upon shopping. And seeing the beauty of the city streets, the togetherness of the people, the connection over food, a new book series idea came to me. When people gather over food, I see memories being made, friendships being shared, or relationships connecting. Food ignites our senses and and for some of us, it ignites our imagination.

The first story in this new series is titled Up In Smoke and will be part of the Five Alarm Alphas box set releasing on November 7th. (You’ll definitely recognize some, if not all, the names of contributing authors) It is up for pre-order now! Amazon | Barnes and Noble | All Romance eBooks


Up In Smoke blurb:

Half-brothers, Josh and Jay, share everything from a house, to a love of curvy, older women. So when their dream woman accidentally sets her kitchen on fire, they ride to her rescue, sirens blaring, promising to kindle flames that may never be extinguished.

So, now you know one of the things that inspires me, what inspires you?

Have a great weekend, y’all!



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Cover Reveal–Second Hope Cowboy


If you’re a fan of my Second Chance Cowboys, then hold onto your seats. I have a new cowboy and his name is Tucker Bailey. Remember him from Second Burn Cowboy…he was the sexy, sweet cowboy who needed a big hug because his heart was broke. Good news is, Tucker is coming…*tsk, tsk, I know where your head is.*

What do y’all think of this cover? Hot, huh?

I’m going to share a bit of Tucker with you. Below is an unedited excerpt from the first chapter.

Leave a comment, with your email and which cowboy you want included, and I’ll give one (1) winner their choice of any back copy of one of my cowboys from the Second Chance Series. Book 1 of the series is FREE!


SECOND HOPE COWBOY, BOOK 7, Second Chance Series. RELEASING October 15th


Tucker Bailey leaned his chair back on two legs, propped his booted feet on the top rail and cracked the lid off of the cold beer. He started to take a drink, but paused as headlights appeared at the crest of the hill.

No one ever came to the cabin.

And he never gave out any invitations. He didn’t want company.

Some folks got off the main drag and turned around on his narrow lane. Once they spotted the no trespassing sign wound in barbed wire, they didn’t take a chance on what they’d find further ahead. The middle of nowhere scared some people—that made him happy.

His grip tightened on the bottle and he held his breath, watching the lights.


The vehicle continued up the lane.

He didn’t like having his privacy invaded. It’d been a good three days—no distractions, no bother—until now. Tucker came to his home-away-from-home, drank a couple of beers, did some fishing and was feeling as good as new.

‘New’ was probably overshooting the truth a touch. Getting over his regret would take more than catching a few fish and a beer buzz.

He’d felt more emotion than he had in a long time when he’d opened the newspaper and found the engagement announcement for Hope Bailey and some rich doctor with a name that Tucker couldn’t even pronounce. His suspicion that his ex was moving on was confirmed.

He’d started working the land at Brooke Creek with his pal Deckland, and Tucker enjoyed it, until he started feeling like the weight of the world rested on his chest—the weight of a broken past. The small room in the hand quarters seemed to close in on him, beckoning him to get a grip on the loose threads of his life. He packed a bag i and headed to the only place where solace welcomed him like a warm hug.

Who dared disturb his peace and quiet? A jilted cowboy disturbed some time to gather his horses.

His mind reeled. There were only two people besides himself who’d ever been to the cabin.

His brother Cash knew better and wouldn’t come unannounced.

The other was—damn!

A knot developed in his throat.

He dropped his feet, the chair came down hard and his beer spilled on his lap, seeping through the material of his jeans. The sudden cold shriveled his jewels. “Double damn!”

The sound of tires on gravel made him forget the shrinking.

No way would Hope come all of this way. They’d divorced. She’d moved on, the proof had been the engagement picture in the paper. He’d never forget her smiling face, her twinkling eyes in print—a knife to his back.

His gut flip-flopped.

The car came to a stop along the edge of the grass and the engine died. The driver’s door swung open and the security light popped on, his breathing stilled.

The bottle slipped from his hand, fell to the wooden planks and the remaining contents puddled around his boots.

He didn’t give a damn.

Pushing his hat back on his forehead, he stared dumbfounded as his past came toward him wearing a plastic smile.



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Nothing like a singing cowboy

Back in July, even though my husband isn’t a fan of country music, my husband bought me tickets to Tim McGraw’s Sundown Heaven concerts in Toronto for my birthday. to be honest, it was the very first concert I’ve ever attended.

I’ve been a fan of Tim’s for years, and it was great seeing him. Even if he was far away.


Well, when I could see him. Because this happened.

concertnono_webNormally I’m a big fan of cowboy hats, but that hat was so not cool. Especially since the guy who took the seat wasn’t the seat ticket owner. He moved from a seat further back. And even when the actual seat owners returned to reclaim their seat, he refused to move, and the security just told the ticket owners to find another seat. Picture me totally baffled, because those seats cost over $100. If I’d been those ticket holders, I would have insisted security move him out. Yes, eventually he did remove his hat, but I missed most of seeing Tim any other way than on a television screen. Which I could have stayed home and done for a lot less hassle.

BUT what I really enjoyed was Tim’s opening act, Kip Moore. My latest cowboy book, No Accounting for Cowboys, features Jake Grady, a cowboy who escapes the drama of his family home by singing at not-so-local bars. During the course of the story, Jake and his band The Dirt Road Graduates are discovered by an agent and he hits the road with the band. One of Jake’s quirks is how he objects to his agent’s insistence that he wear a cowboy hat when he plays. Normally he wears a baseball cap. (I know, I know, how sacreligious for a cowboy not to want to wear a cowboy hat, right?)  So when Kip strode on stage, wearing his baseball cap and started singing, I sat up straighter and thought “That’s Jake!”




Kip rocked that stage, he had that hunger, that drive, and he thoroughly enjoyed the audience’s reaction in a way that didn’t come across with Tim. I assume it’s because Tim’s reached the star level while Kip is still hungry to be a headliner. Yup, I’d found inspiration for my Jake, albeit a little late considering the book had come out in May, LOL.

So the whole time I was watching him, rocking out, I was making mental notes for if I come back and write any of Jake’s bandmate’s stories. (Which I am considering. So many stories, so little time.)

Sang to her (edited)


Copyright © 2014  Leah Braemel

JT strummed a few chords on the guitar, then frowned and adjusted one of the tuning keys. After a few more tweaks, he nodded to himself and looked up again, his gaze roving over the crowd as if searching for someone.

Paige’s breath stuttered in her throat when their gazes met. One dark brow lifted, and his lips tilted up as his gaze raked over her. Her body reacted with a familiar tingle at his slow perusal. At least from that far away, there was no way in hell he could know how her heart raced. She smoothed her hands over her hips, wishing she could ease some of the ache settling there as he launched into Zac Brown’s “Keep Me In Mind.”

JT sure could sing. His rugged good looks—all broody, with that hard-working cowboy image—didn’t hurt either. All that was missing was a dusty cowboy hat.

When the song finished, hoots and hollers erupted around her, a pair of girls in the booth behind her whistling so loud Paige wanted to cover her ears. Once the applause died down, Cam whispered something to JT and grinned.

It may have been Paige’s imagination but she could have sworn JT’s shoulders relaxed. He took a deep breath and strummed a few notes as he settled in to another song, this one quieter. A few bars in, Cam blended his voice in harmony, not overpowering JTs.

No Accounting for Cowboys by Leah BraemelThis is what she’d wanted. Time to kick back, to unwind. Not worry about what tomorrow would bring. Just to exist, here and now. To have fun.

Forty-five minutes later, JT cleared his throat and downed the last half of the water in the bottle set by his stool. “Last one for me in this set.”

Ignoring the sounds of disappointment around him, he strummed the guitar and locked his gaze with hers once more. He launched into Blake Shelton’s “Who are You When I’m Not Looking.” As he sang, the lights on the rest of the band faded, until he alone was illuminated. Unsure if it was his singing or the lyrics that moved her, the hairs on the back of Paige’s neck raised, spread down her spine and along her arms. The clank and clatter of the other patrons faded away until it was just him, her and the music. As if he sang to her. For her.

His voice grew husky as he sang about wanting to get to know her better, about how she kept herself hidden. Fear that he might actually be able to see inside her welled along with the music.

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*HARLEQUIN COVER ART: Cover Art Copyright© 2013 by Harlequin Enterprises Limited permission to reproduce text granted by Harlequin Books S.A. Cover Art used by arrangement with Harlequin Enterprises Limited. All rights reserved. © and ™ are trademarks owned by Harlequin Enterprises Limited or its affiliated companies, used under license.

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NEW SERIES ANNOUNCEMENT! Dave Logan finally gets his book, and so do the men of Deep Six Security


I know y’all have probably been wondering what I’ve been working on. TILL DEATH (#1, Logan’s Lonestar Heroes) of course! This is the first book in a new *gasp* non-cowboy, western romantic suspense series called Logan’s Lonestar Heroes. TILL DEATH, which is Dave Logan’s story, will be released on NOVEMBER 10th, so please be looking for it! Dave Logan also has his own Facebook page where I’ll be posting teasers, excerpts, photos and who knows, Dave might even pop in now and again to ask and answer questions for you. www.facebook.com/loganslonestarheroes


Dave Logan, former recon marine and ex-cop is a man who lived inside the box of government restrictions and red tape for many years. When he had enough of seeing criminals and corruption continue despite his best efforts because of that red tape, he decided to do something about it. He assembled a group of likeminded men with unique skill sets, cowboys of a different sort, to combat crime in the new wild, wild west.

Deep Six Security exists to fill the gap between the right and wrong side of the law. The men of Deep Six operate just beyond the box. They are willing to do what it takes to keep their home state safe. They are patriots, rebels and most importantly renegades. They are as different as night and day, but they have one thing in common, their love of God, country and the great state of Texas.

If the six pack doesn’t work, there’s always a shotgun and a shovel…

Cover and promo photos by:
Don Allen Fitness Model and HeatherLynn Portraits

Background info on TILL DEATH:

Dave Logan, an integral secondary character in my Texas Trouble series, is in for a rough ride. I’ve paired him up with Susan Whitmore, former Special Agent In Charge of the Dallas FBI, who was also a secondary character throughout my Texas Trouble series.

Susan shows up on Dave’s doorstep at Deep Six Security and tells him it’s his fault she lost her job. She expects him to hire her. Dave knows it’s not his fault she got fired. It was a damned miracle she hadn’t been fired long ago for her infamous mouth. But then she tells him she’s paying her sister’s college tuition at a fancy private college, and doesn’t know how she’ll continue to do that with no job.

His white-knight inclinations kick in, and Dave feels sorry for her. He hires her against his better judgment, but not as an agent. He hires her as his secretary, but only temporarily, until she can find something else.

The question was could she rein in that mouth of hers and get along with his guys to last at Deep Six Security? That would have to be seen, but Dave didn’t hold out much hope.

Below you’ll find two short excerpts to kind of get a feel for the characters in TILL DEATH.

_____EXCERPT FROM TILL DEATH_____________________

Unedited excerpt from Till Death (#1, Logan’s Lonestar Heroes) (c) Becky McGraw, September 2014

“Did you hear? The Barracuda walked out of the Dallas Regional Office yesterday,” Slade said, leaning back in the chair across from Dave Logan’s desk.

Dave only half-listened to him. It looked to him like his friend and second-in-command was settling in for a shoot-the-shit session this afternoon that he just didn’t have time for right now. The email on his computer screen was much more important. It was from a high-powered Dallas attorney who wanted to hire the Deep Six Security Team to find a missing baby.

Well, not missing really. A baby that was undelivered to the wealthy, childless couple who had bought and paid for the child through a designer baby facility. Perfectly legal in today’s age, but the couple had spent nearly half a million dollars for the missing baby, yet they had absolutely no parental rights when the surrogate mother decided to take the baby shortly after birth and run.

Dave was certain the wealthy oilman client of the attorney also didn’t want this to become public anyway. The attorney who was contacting him knew that covert, confidential missions were Dave’s specialty. They had worked together before. But like a persistent fly buzzing around his head, Slade’s casually spoken words buzzed around in his brain for a second then settled. His hand froze on the mouse and he dropped it to spin in his chair to face Slade.

“Did you just say that Susan Whitmore quit the FBI?”

Slade grinned and reached down to scratch between his dog Lola’s ears. “Yep. Turned in her badge and walked right out the front door yesterday morning.”

“What happened?” Dave’s mind whirled with possibilities. The woman was so damned abrasive it was a wonder she hadn’t been fired long before now. He was sure she hadn’t just stepped on toes over there, she probably ground them into the floor under her ugly low-heeled agency-issued shoes. Susan was that damned mouthy. That woman had no filter whatsoever. How she’d gotten into that position as Special Agent In Charge of the FBI Dallas Regional Office at only thirty-years-old he didn’t know.

Yes he did. Despite her youth, her mouth, and shoot-from-the-hip style, Susan Whitmore was hands down the smartest woman he’d ever met. MENSA smart. She’d told him so when they first met, but he thought that was just arrogance talking. Working with her indirectly for the last six years had proven her words though.

Dave had developed a lot of respect for her intelligence, but none for her methods. The woman had zero people skills. She was one of those who didn’t care who she stepped on as long as she came out on top at the end of the game. She’d come very close to stepping on him a few times. Yeah, Dave respected Susan, but he didn’t like her. Not one bit.

Dave knew her men at the bureau felt the same way about her. Thus, the nickname they’d pinned on her. The Barracuda. It fit. Every damned word out of her mouth was sharp enough to slice a grown men into tiny, bite-sized pieces. Susan Whitmore was a man-eater. Her men, hell all men, mostly steered clear of her. But this business wasn’t about liking people, it was about getting the job done, and grudgingly, Dave had to admit she did that. In spades. That led him to wonder again what would have caused her to resign.

Dave might not like her, but he was definitely going to miss having Susan Whitmore as his contact at the bureau. She had always been open to working with outside investigators. Her replacement might not feel the same way. Some of the agents at the bureau resented having to deal with outside contractors. It would take time to establish a relationship with someone new. That could cause delays in the cases he took on from here on out.

Slade shrugged and pushed on the arms of the chair to stand. “I don’t know what went down. Carmen called me as soon as it happened, but she couldn’t talk. The walls over there have ears, so I’m meeting her for a beer at the Underground tonight to get the scoop.” Slade bent to take Lola’s leash, which Dave insisted he keep on her inside the office. Lola liked to sneak into the kitchen for a snack, which often included someone’s lunch they left out on the counter.

Dave spun his chair back toward the computer screen. He tapped his mouse to wake up the monitor. “Let me know what you find out.”

“You should hire her,” Slade said at the doorway.

Dave’s eyes shot back to him, with his eyebrows near his hairline. “Are you out of your fucking mind?”

Slade shrugged, and grinned. “She has a black belt in martial arts of some kind, and is pretty damned smart.”

Dave laughed. “She’s also a smart ass who would run off every man here, and probably half of my clients. Hell, I’d probably be running for the door too.” He shook his head then looked back at his computer. “I like my team just like it is. I don’t need drama, Slade.”

“But you do need more men, or women, boss man. As much as you hate to admit it, we’re spread too thin right now. It’s only going to get worse.”
“I’ll just slow down on taking new cases,” Dave grumbled, as he opened the next email in his inbox.

“So says the man sitting there staring at yet another case he’s thinking of taking on, right?”

Dave’s face heated and he glanced back at Slade. “I’m just reading my damned emails, and I could do that better if you’d leave me the hell alone.”

“How many are about new cases? How many of those will you turn down?” Slade pressed, probably knowing Dave wasn’t likely to turn down any. It was an addiction fueled by the white-knight complex he’d fought all his life. They both knew it.

Dave’s eyebrows slammed down over his eyes. “I’m not hiring Susan Whitmore. No way, no how. Not in this lifetime.”

“And you’re not hiring your sister when she comes back from the sandbox at Christmas time either, right?”

“No, I’m not hiring Cee Cee either.”

One of Slade’s eyebrows lifted along with the corner of his mouth. “You have something against women working with us?”

“Hell no,” Dave replied with a snort. There were a lot of capable women he’d hire. Just not those two.

“Looks that way,” Slade needled. “How many women have you hired?”
“Are you calling me a sexist?” Dave asked indignantly. He’d about had enough of his friend’s insinuations.

“If the sex fits,” Slade replied with a laugh of his own. “There are a lot of women in the service these days, and I’d serve alongside a lot of them.” Slade stood and had the audacity to wink at Dave. “Or under them.”

“And that’s one more reason I don’t hire women here. One comment like that around a woman would get me a lawsuit I don’t need. You guys are not used to being around polite company.”

“And you are?” Slade rolled his eyes and turned toward the door. “I’ll let you know what I get from Carmen tonight.”

“I’m not sure I want to know what you get from Carmen tonight,” Dave replied with a growl. “Just make sure she doesn’t get anything from you.”

Carmen was Slade’s friend with benefits over at the agency. The curvy brunette seemed to know everything that went on over at that big brick fortress, and had no qualms about spilling her guts to Slade given the right incentive. And his friend gave her that often.

The problem with people like that was they usually carried info both ways. He knew Slade wouldn’t intentionally give up confidential Deep Six information, but pillow talk was a dangerous thing. Slade’s beefy shoulders tensed and he swung back around with his eyebrows pinched together over angry blue eyes.

Dave held up his hands. “I’m sorry. That was uncalled for.” It really was. Dave trusted Slade implicitly, and it was insulting to his friend to indicate otherwise. He had more than proven himself while they served together, and even more during the six years they’d worked together at Deep Six.

Slade’s face relaxed, and Dave continued. “See if she’s heard anything about a designer baby factory working in the area.”

Curiosity quickly replaced Slade’s anger. “Designer baby facility?”

“Yeah, I got an email from an attorney,” Dave said with a nonchalant shrug.

“You got an email and are thinking about taking on another case you mean?” Slade corrected, and the frustration in his voice worked on Dave’s guilt.

Dave knew Deep Six Security was spread too thin, way past thin. But these paying cases were important. The money would definitely be welcome to pay off the new equipment he’d bought earlier in the year. If he turned down paying cases there were no guarantees there would be more there tomorrow to cover those hefty notes. Like his grandfather always told him, they needed to make hay while the sun shone. Keeping them cutting edge wasn’t cheap, and Dex was always coming up with a new gadget the team couldn’t live without. Taking on every paying case would also give them wiggle room to take on the cases they didn’t get paid for as needed.

But he didn’t owe anyone an explanation. Even Slade. Slade was his best friend, but he also worked for Dave. He needed to remember that. Dave was the only one who made the decisions for Deep Six Security. It was his name on those loans, and him who paid Slade and the other men’s generous salaries.

He tilted his chin up a notch, and fisted his hands. “Just ask her.”

Slade sighed, and it sounded like Lola did too. His friend stared at him for a second, before shaking his head and walking out of the office.

Once he was alone, Dave’s shoulders sagged. Slade was right, they definitely needed to hire more men. Dave had interviewed a lot recently, but he just hadn’t found the right ones to hire yet. Maybe he was just being too picky, but no matter how hard up he was, Dave was not just going to hire anyone. He needed to be able to trust every man he hired implicitly. The team needed that too to be effective. From his service in the marines, Dave knew the importance of a cohesive team. One bad apple could reduce the whole cart to splinters.

He’d worked too damned hard to let that happen.

_____EXCERPT #2 FROM TILL DEATH_____________________




Dave’s foot slid on the papers under his desk again, and he cleared his throat. This was the worst idea he’d ever had and he knew like hell he was going to regret it, but he couldn’t stop the white knight inside of him from laying his neck into the cradle of the guillotine. “Do you have any secretarial skills?”

Susan laughed loudly. “I’m a former federal agent with a master’s degree in criminal justice, have an IQ higher than Einstein, and a black belt in jui jitsu. You want to offer me a secretarial job?” she asked incredulously, in a tone that kind of indicated she thought he was a moron. That was the problem. Susan Whitmore thought everyone was in idiot except for her.

Dave shrugged, and leaned back in his chair to tent his fingers. “You walked out of a federal agency management job with no notice. I suspect that’s all you’ll be able to find immediately considering those circumstances.” And your attitude, he added mentally. “But I understand you’ll be looking for something else while you work here.” Leaning forward again, he propped his arms on his desk and pinned her with his eyes. “As long as you can manage to rein in your mouth and get along with the guys, it could be a mutually beneficial temporary arrangement.” Very temporary if she couldn’t manage that.

Susan pushed up to her feet and put her hands on her hips to glare down at him. “You’re an arrogant asshole, Dave Logan.”

Dave laughed. “Takes one to know one, sweetheart.”

Photo and excerpt from TILL DEATH (#1, Logan’s Lonestar Heroes) (c) Becky McGraw, 2014, all rights reserved. Photo may not be copied, reproduced, shared or used in any way without written permission.

You can find Becky McGraw on Facebook at www.facebook.com/beckymcgrawbooks

On Twitter @beckymcgrawbook

and on the web at www.beckymcgraw.com

To contact Becky, please email her at beckymcgrawbooks@gmail.com


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I name many of my books after Elvis songs, songs that have stuck with me from the time I listened to my mother playing them when I was a child. I have books by the names of: T-R-O-U-B-L-E, Unchained Melody, Forget Me Never, Burning Love, I’ll Remember You, and A Brown Eyed Handsome Man with Always on My Mind and Spanish Eyes in the wings – all Elvis music. But one song, which was not really a song, but a ‘guy-thing’, a chant, was called WOLF CALL. It was really about a man coming on to a girl that really turns him on, that throwing the head back and giving a primal yell of lust. Gave me shivers, I tell you. So, it wasn’t about wolves at all, but about attraction.
I’ve always written contemporary romance about cowboys and Cajuns and Texas good ole boys but I’ve always had that song haunting me. Wolf Call. And I thought…wow, I could do something with that – coupling the attraction with the shifting. So, I have. WOLF CALL will be in a collection for Halloween. It’s not real short, but its short for me and I plan on spinning it off, and making something more out of it for a series. This shifter, this wolf, will be as close to a cowboy shifter as I could make him.
I don’t read a lot of books about vampires and werewolves, I’m too busy writing. But I have published some for others. However, I haven’t studied them enough for the mythology that everyone uses to contaminate my thinking. Maybe. We’ll see – anyway I enjoyed this story, I think it’s different.
If you’ll tell me what characteristics a good shifter novel should have…I’ll enter you for a copy of HOW TO ROPE A MCCOY or any of my backlist if you have it.
This is what its about, not really a blurb – but you’ll get the idea.

Rafe Kenyon is Texas born and bred. He wears boots, a cowboy hat and owns a horse. He’s lived his whole life in the piney woods of East Texas, operating a hunting lodge and running a game preserve where he keeps exotic deer. His parents raised their son the best way they knew how, they were just average working people. But Rafe wasn’t – average, I mean. They had no real explanation for it, other than their paternal grandfather was also one. And then there were those strange family legends…
But Rafe Kenyon, Texas good ole boy is a wolf, at least part of the time.
A beautiful wolf. A huge grey timber wolf. Never does he feel more alive than when he discards the shackles of his humanity and runs the hills and valleys wild and free. Unfortunately there’s a problem; there are no more wolves in Texas, they’re extinct – decimated by the spread of civilization which grew faster than the mentality of its inhabitants.
Over the years, shifting has become more dangerous for Rafe. Game cameras and cell phones have complicated his life. And one day, as was bound to happen, someone sees his wolf and things go haywire – fast. Soon, a photo is on Facebook and everybody and their brother is out to find the monster wolf that’s running loose in their woods.
Rafe has lived his life fitting in, but it’s hard to mix the upstanding community man/volunteer firefighter/good-buddy persona with his wolf, especially when his own friends are the ones who are trying to tack his hide to a wall. And yes, it’s illegal to kill wolves in Texas, they’re protected, but something being against the law isn’t a huge deterrent to the average hunter who resides behind the ‘pine tree curtain’.
Dating is another matter for Rafe, although he loves women and sex, he has to be careful. Most women he knows won’t allow a big dog in their house, much less in their bed…which has led to him hooking up with girls at the local bar, who are out for a good time, just like he is.
Until he meets Karoline Durand, who has come for the same reason the hunters have come, except not to harm the wolf – to study him. They meet in a crowded bar and are instantly, overwhelming drawn to one another – guess you could call it animal attraction…until all hell breaks loose.
And lots of sex, of course. – Ha!

Rafe started to ask what the game warden had said about the wolf, but before he could there was a commotion on the dance floor and Doug elbowed him and pointed. He swiveled his stool to see what was happening. And when he did, his whole body reacted – Rafe stood up, letting out a long, low growl. A woman stood a few feet away. She had her back to him, but oh, what a sight it was. Her heart-shaped rear was cupped almost as lovingly by the tight blue jeans as he would’ve done with his own two hands. And her scent! Usually he could block most of the smells he came into contact with, if he couldn’t they would drive him mad. But tonight, his keen sense of smell picked up pheromones that called to the most basic part of him. His lips lifted in the predatory snarl of a pure male animal.
“Face me,” he whispered under his breath. As if she could hear him, the beautiful woman obeyed. When Rafe saw her face, it was as if he recognized her. His heart rate sped-up and an immediate violent hard-on filled his jeans. She was exquisite, high cheekbones, wide-set brown eyes and a long swath of dark hair with auburn highlights. Her ass was to die for, but he was a breast man and the pair of tits she was sporting made his fingers itch to cup and caress the full, round globes. The shirt she wore did little to hide their shape, their size or the fact that they were natural because the beat of the music was infectious and she was moving ever so slightly and the wave action underneath that lucky fabric was mesmerizing.
Rafe’s nostrils flared – he wanted, desired, craved. He didn’t believe in the idea of a mate, but something about this vision before him was fast changing his mind. Never before could he remember aching for a woman so fast. From deep within him, it rose. Throwing back his head, he gave voice to the primal urge overwhelming him – the wolf call.
For a moment everything stopped, the world tilted on its axis. The music, the dancing, the drinking – the whole kit and caboodle came to a halt as all eyes were on him and the woman who would be going home with him tonight, if he had his way. When they saw it was just a case of animal attraction, they went back to their business, this was fairly normal behavior for country boys after they’d had a few drinks.
Rafe took one step toward her, she held her ground. Brave woman. The corner of his lip lifted in a crooked, wicked smile. Another step. The music playing in the background had a seductive beat, it was like a soundtrack of lust. Her eyes were glued to his, Rafe could hear her breathing from where she stood. His hearing was acute and selective. He sniffed the air, she was aroused. Good. The urge to shift almost overwhelmed him, never had he been tempted in a public place. His mind warred with his instinct and he tamped it down. One more step and he held out his hand. “Dance?”
Karoline’s whole body tingled. Who was this guy? Sex on a stick, definitely. She’d seen good-looking men before, but her body had never lit up like it was doing now. Her breasts were throbbing, her sex was aching and she found herself moving toward him. When their fingers touched, she shook, it was like connecting two sources of high voltage. And when he pulled her body next to his, she trembled in his arms. “You come on strong.”
Rafe rubbed his nose in her hair. He was fully aroused and she couldn’t miss it, he was rubbing his cock against her belly with every step. “I know what I want.”
“And what would that be?”
Karoline swallowed. Had she lost her mind? Maybe too much time alone in the wilderness had robbed her of civilized behavior, but she found herself responding to this self-assured beast with the hard, buff body. “Don’t I get a drink first?”
“I’ll get a bottle of champagne to go. My place or yours?” Rafe was on fire. If he didn’t get inside this woman soon, he’d explode.
Okay, at least she could be a tad wise. “Mine. You’re not married or otherwise committed, are you? I don’t do that.” She didn’t do anything, really. Karoline Durand was a loner. Her occupation necessitated it.
“Footloose and fancy free,” Rafe mumbled. “And you?”
“Same.” She laid her head on his shoulder and groaned at how good her breasts felt mashed up against his hard chest. “Bring protection, I don’t know you.”
“No problem, you soon will,” he whispered in her ear with a low growl. “Cause I’m about to be all over you, in you and around you as soon as I get you to myself.”
A whimper escaped her throat and she felt moisture pool between her legs. “What’s your name?” She was trying for some semblance of decorum, but losing ground fast.
“Rafe. Your’s?”
“Karo, like the syrup.”
“And just as sweet, I bet.” He kissed her neck, biting gently. “I can’t wait to lap you up.”
Letting nature take its course, Karoline grabbed his hand and headed for the door, pulling him along. “Let’s go. I’m ready.”
Rafe followed where she led. He lifted a hand toward Calvin and Doug as he passed who gave him a thumbs up. “Should I follow you?”
“Yea, I’m at the LakeInn about two miles down the road.” She stopped at a silver Land Rover and sealed the deal. Stepping up to him, she grabbed his shoulder with one hand, clasped him around the neck with the other and pulled him down for a kiss. There was no preliminaries, as soon as their lips touched, she wrapped her tongue around his and began to suck on it. He responded by clasping her hips, hauling her closer and lifting Karo over his thigh so she could rub her pussy on the hard muscle.
Karo thought it was a fine idea. She rode his leg, rubbing herself up and down. “Oh, my God,” she whispered. “What am I doing?” With a jolt, she flew apart, climaxing almost immediately.
Rafe held her against him while she quivered, her small body convulsing in his arms. “Damn, I almost came in my jeans. You are a little bundle of dynamite, aren’t you?”
“Not usually,” she panted against his neck. “You do something to me, that’s all.”
“I want to do more.” Rafe was shaking with pure need. “Give me your key, I’ll drive. You can bring me back for my truck later. Or I’ll walk, it’s not that far.”
She dug her key out of her pocket and turned it over to him. He took control, opening the door, getting her in and fastening her seat belt. Before he shut the door, he kissed her hard and cupped her breast, kneading the soft mound. “I’m going to suck on these till you scream my name, begging me to fuck you.” Suckling on a woman’s tits was his weakness, he could do it for hours.
“I want that in writing.”
Rafe chuckled. He’d hit the jack-pot tonight. In seconds, he was out of the parking lot and on the road. “Get your key out, the first time is going to be fast. You’ve set off the launch sequence.”
Karoline smiled. She’d lost her mind, but at the moment she didn’t care. “As long as you make it up to me the second and third time.”
“My kind of woman.”
Thanks for sharing your time with me.

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Cowboy-Sexy is going global! Plus, new release news!

Hi, everyone!
September is a great month! Like Desiree, I received news that one of my Wild Rose Press books, from the Honky Tonk Hearts Series, is being translated into different languages! And of course it’s a cowboy. They are beloved worldwide. ☺

My former Navy SEAL, Lt. Cmd. Finn Brennan, with his hot body and miserable attitude is going global! I do love to combine cowboy and military. That’s double the hotness, and since Finn is an identical twin, I get to play with his Marine brother in the sequel.
Yeehaw-Oorah! It’s good to be the author. ☺

Cowboy-Sexy 200x300_Donna MichaelsFinn Brennan was used to his brother playing practical jokes, but this time he’d gone too far–sending him a woman as a ranch hand, and not just a woman, but a Marine.

When Lt. Camilla Walker’s CO asks her to help out at his family’s dude ranch until he returns from deployment, she never expected to be thrust into a mistaken engagement to his sexy, cowboy twin–a former Navy SEAL who hates the Corps.

The Corps took Finn’s father, his girlfriend and threatened his naval career. He’s worked hard for another shot at getting back to active duty and won’t let his brother’s prank interfere. The last thing he needs is the temptation of a headstrong, unyielding, hot Marine getting in the way.

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September is also the month I released the first book from my new Citizen Soldier Series (a Harland County spinoff series) WYNE AND DINE features the wedding of cowboy Kade Dalton and Brandi Wyne as I put her brother Ben through the paces. In this series, I get to play with some yummy PA National Guardsman, while in my Harland County Series, I get to play with those yummy cowboys. In this book, I play with both.
Didn’t I tell you it’s good to be the author? ☺


Lea Gablonski has two dreams: To work at a museum in NYC, and to gain other-than-sisterly attention from her best friend’s brother. So far, she’s 0 for 0. Though her MA in History is just a wall decoration at her family’s diner where she’s working while her dad recovers from surgery, she enjoys her visual encounters with the sexiest man alive—even though he would sooner pat her on the head than take her to bed.

Military born and bred, Battalion Supply Sergeant Benjamin Wyne thrives on order and control in his fulltime career in the PA National Guard, and in his personal life. But when he’s forced to ask his childhood sweetheart’s younger sister to pose as his girlfriend to thwart unwanted advances from his boss’ wife, his world turns chaotic. Lea is sweet and hot and tastes so damn good he’s addicted. When the attraction takes on a new level at his sister’s wedding, his carefully guarded heart begins to thaw.

But he’s seen many relationships go south. If he takes a chance and gives up control, will Lea be like her sister and leave him for a career in the big city? Yet, if he doesn’t, will the best damn thing to ever enter his life become history?


“So, why don’t you tell me more about your date with Clark last night?”

Lea silently cursed her friend’s sudden change of subject, no doubt due to the slipup she’d made at the beginning of the call, telling her about running into an old schoolmate. She should’ve known her astute confidant wasn’t going to let it go. She straightened back around in her booth—the one she and Brandi had shared so often over the years her dad had dubbed it the B/L booth—and she shrugged as if her friend were seated across from her. “It wasn’t a date. We met by accident at the Confection Connection and decided to share the Special of the Day since it was so dang huge.”

“Huge? What the heck did Jill come up with this time?” Brandi asked.

Jill Bailey, a New Yorker who knew her way around all things chocolate and decadent, wasn’t afraid to combine ingredients to create new desserts. Much to everyone’s delight—and their waistline’s dismay.

“A double-decker banana split. It was to die for.” Just thinking about it made her mouth water.

“And Clark didn’t mind sharing?”

“No” she replied, then lowered her voice when she heard customers settle into the booth behind her. “He was very generous.”

“Wow, Clark generous. That’s new. He was always so bossy.”

She laughed. “True, but not last night. He let me go first.”

“I’m shocked.”

“I know, right? He’s usually demanding, but this time I got to eat my fill, and let me tell you, I did.”

She could always count on Jill to take care of her chocolate fix. If only the woman had a recipe to satisfy her unreasonable craving for the unattainable Benjamin Wyne.


Full-time National Guardsman, Sgt. Benjamin Wyne slid into his usual booth across from his brothers, Keiffer and Mason, ready to order his usual breakfast and recharge his batteries from three days of training before he jumped back into the after-drill workload. He hated when people didn’t do their jobs and was tasked with picking up their slack, but sometimes it was as unavoidable as his after-drill headache.

He’d kill for coffee.

One thing he’d learned from eating at Gabe’s, the name he, his father and three brothers had come to call the Pocono Eatery, was he could always count on the delicious, homemade food to pull double duty in decimating his appetite and the pounding in his head.

Until today.

Until he heard his sister Brandi’s sweet, good-natured best friend Lea Gablonski talking about giving a blow job. What the hell was she doing talking about oral sex on the phone in her family’s restaurant? She knew better. She was reliable, responsible and…

And, why the hell was it turning him on?

That was sick. Lea was an honorary sister in the Wyne household. For over a decade and a half, ever since his father had married Brandi’s mother, and Ben had gained a step-sister. Brandi and Lea had been fast friends, and the little girl had practically become a fixture in their house. She’d been great for Brandi. Still was, just not so little anymore.

Or innocent, apparently.

He blinked, glancing past his smirking brothers and no longer seeing the little girl with long brown pigtails. The one who used to follow him and Ryder around, the sweet girl with big blue eyes. The one he used to help with homework, bait hooks and taught how to ride a horse.

No, the girl with her back to them, unaware of their presence, sighing seductively into her phone was definitely no longer a girl.

When the hell had Lea grown up? And how could he find a way to go back to thinking of her as a child?

“I explained to Clark that I don’t normally like them that big,” she continued, voice dropping an octave. “And believe me, this thing was huge. The girth was unbelievable. I never knew you could grow them that size, but darnit, it wasn’t just drizzled in chocolate. It was covered. And you know how I can’t resist chocolate.”

The image her words created should’ve induced bile; instead, the vision of her enchanting mouth working a certain kind of magic was testing not only his integrity, but the integrity of the zipper in his ACUs—his Army Combat Uniform.

“I kind of went a little crazy. Licked it clean. So clean it sparkled.”

She let out a throaty sigh that wiped the smiles off his brothers’ faces and sent heat skittering down his spine.

“I latched onto that sucker and didn’t come up for air until every last, delectable inch was gone.”

She had all three of them squirming. He wanted to alert the woman of their presence, clear his throat, cough, anything to give her a clue, but that would require control of his faculties…of which he had none. Somewhere between delectable and inch he’d lost the ability to breath. Now, his head was no longer the only part of his anatomy pounding in tandem.

“Man, you should’ve seen the look on Clark’s face when I lifted my head. It was priceless. And his eyes about bugged out when I licked my lips and told him I wanted seconds.”

God bless Keiffer.

And youth.

Or whatever the hell it was that gave his youngest brother the ability to snicker, because the woman stiffened and stopped talking.


Her mouth finally shut, and there were two things he no longer had to face. His honorary sister talking about lollipopping some dude, and the fact he wished it were him.

Both should be disturbing. They weren’t.

Now that was disturbing.


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