Molly Ann Wishlade’s Wild West Series – Daughters of Deadwood

This summer saw an exciting triple release for me in the form of The Wild Wild West novella series with Carina UK.

I had ideas for three stories about young women living in Deadwood in the late 1800s; three daughters of Deadwood. The women are linked by their hometown but the novellas can be enjoyed as standalones.


In #1 – Bound – a mail-order bride gets more than she bargained for when she runs away with the groom’s money, in #2 – Scandal - an ex-harlot hopes to make a fresh start but unexpectedly falls for a local man and in #3 – Menage – a widow takes on two new labourers but finds them irresistible as they start to heal her body, heart and mind.

Here’s the blurb for Bound, the first novella in the series.

Runaway mail-order bride Layla Powell is terrified when she is captured by two powerful cowboys purporting to work for her fiancé – the mysterious Mr Jackman. At first Layla fights tooth and nail for her freedom, but Charlie and his lover Etu have their own erotic methods to subdue their feisty captive…

In fact Charlie is really Layla’s fiancé, she was supposed to be his wife in name only, but he and Etu like what they see. They are sure that just one night of being pleasured by them both will be exciting enough to convince Layla to abandon her plans to run and keep her in their bed forever!


In case that got you raising your Stetson, here are two excerpts for you to enjoy:

“Don’t you move a muscle!”

Layla stiffened as a hand covered her mouth. She blinked hard and tried to peer through the gloom.

Panic seized her. Where was she? What was happening?

Her arms were pinned to her sides. There was a weight crushing her chest, restricting her movement and her breathing. She wriggled instinctively, her mind still foggy with sleep.

She was trapped!

“Now listen up, missy,” the deep voice continued. “Stop your struggling! I’m gonna remove your Stetson but you better keep still, ya hear?”

That was why she couldn’t see! She had pulled her father’s old hat over her eyes so that she could get some sleep. The afternoon sun had been hot, even through the trees. But now…someone had discovered her.

Would he hurt her?

She squinted as the cover was removed from her face. It didn’t make much difference. It was pitch black. She must have slept through the whole of the afternoon. Darn it! She’d only intended on taking a quick nap. She tried to focus on slowing her breathing but she was only able to catch little breaths.

The man straddling her chest pushed Layla’s hair back from her face with a callused hand and she frowned. As her eyes adjusted, she could just make out the outline of his head, a dark silhouette against the stars above. He moved and the hand covering her lips exerted more pressure. Her teeth dug painfully into her lips. Her heart thudded against her ribs and she felt sure that he must be able to feel it hammering beneath his muscular thigh. Fear surged through her and a red haze flooded her brain.

She had to get away. She had to escape.

She forced her mouth open then bit down on the flesh of his palm. It was instinctive, a physical reaction to a physical situation. She was consumed by terror. If he was going to hurt her then she’d inflict pain upon him first. However she could.

He growled and whipped his hand away but his weight remained in place. Crushing. Constricting. Impossible to displace.

“Now then, missy.” He pressed his mouth against her ear. She winced, expecting to smell unwashed man and to feel his stubble graze her cheek but instead she smelt potash soap on clean-shaven skin. Even with her sleep-addled brain, the scent reassured her as it brought with it images of civilisation and safety. Of a long-ago childhood. So he wasn’t a bandit. He hadn’t been out here for days or weeks. Perhaps he was even respectable. But that was probably too much to hope for. And as she knew all too well, even a man who appeared to be respectable could be hiding a darkness. A hidden side that would lead to pain, degradation and heartbreak for a woman who fell for his charms.

“I’m gonna remove my hand from over yer mouth. But you gotta promise not to scream.” He laughed. “Not that it would do you much good out here…but, well, to be honest with you…I can’t abide a woman screaming. You understand?” His voice reverberated through her chest, tickling beneath her armpits like a feather and making her nipples turn confusingly into hard little peaks. She had hoped to disguise herself as a young man by binding her ample bosoms tightly and donning trousers but it seemed she’d fooled no one.

Layla nodded. She was stuck in a bad box, no doubt about it. She realised now that screaming would get her nowhere. Might even conjure up a few other wastrels who’d be intent on having their way with a woman fool enough to wander out into the Black Hills alone.


What had she been thinking? But she’d been lost, alone, without a choice. She had acted upon the instinct to flee, too afraid to stay and meet her fate. The fate that she’d played a part in arranging.

The man removed his hand and she moistened her lips with her tongue. She could taste wood-smoke and soap. This man kept himself clean. He’d also recently made a fire. Her belly growled and she silently cursed her human frailty.

“You hungry, eh missy? We’ll have to see about getting you some victuals in a while then. But you gotta promise to behave.”

“Who…” Layla tried to take a deep breath but the man’s knees crushed her sides.

“Who am I?” He finished her question. “Well that’s for me to know…and for you to find out.”

Layla gasped. “I…I can’t…bre…”

“Oh!” He jumped to his feet. “Sorry…Didn’t realise I was squashing ya.”

He grabbed her hands and pulled her upright.

“Now remember what I said…” He kept hold of her wrists.

“I remember,” Layla nodded. Black spots swam before her eyes and she staggered. The stranger caught her beneath her armpits with his large hands then scooped her up. She leant her head against his chest, momentarily too weak and dizzy to protest.

“Now I’m gonna take you back to where I’ve set up camp then we’re gonna have us a little chat. Understand?”

“Yes,” Layla whimpered. She cleared her throat. Better not to sound afraid. “I mean…yes, I understand.”

What on earth did he want? What if there were more men there and he intended on sharing her with them? She glanced around but the trees were thick and the moon was a sliver in the sky. She’d likely break her neck if she tried to run off and she felt too weak to even attempt it. Better to wait and see what he wanted to talk about and maybe get something to eat. Build her strength a little so she could think. Clear her head. Then plan.



Charlie had to stop himself from taking a few steps forward and grabbing hold of Layla. The sheer beauty of her naked form was playing havoc with his body and mind. Sure, he’d seen a woman’s body before, seen a few in fact, but none of them had been this perfect, this beautiful, this desirable.

He dragged his eyes away from her creamy flesh.

“Etu?” He nudged his lover’s shoulder but Etu didn’t move. He stood in front of Layla like a statue, his eyes glued to her body. He watched as Etu hovered his hands over her form, tracing her curves without actually making contact. Etu had fallen hard.

Charlie knew that he would have to take charge.

He grabbed the rope that Layla had escaped from and ran it through his hands. If he wasn’t so confused by the feelings running through him, he’d have found the situation funny. Here they were, the three of them, in the woods at night, naked. Charlie, his lover and their mail-order bride.

Who’d have thought that an advert in a paper would come to this?

He had to tie Layla up. He just had to. He couldn’t risk her escaping again. Especially now that she’d seen him with Etu.

“Put your hands behind your back, Layla.” He used the voice he reserved for calming a startled horse. Low, deep, commanding.

Layla opened her eyes and stared at him. She cleared her throat as if to speak. Her bottom lip quivered. He felt his gaze drawn to her breasts again then lower. Lower. To the auburn curls at the apex of her thighs. He knew that if he parted her legs he would see the shiny pink folds of her sex. Glistening. Inviting. Encouraging him to penetrate her feminine flesh.

Dammit! He had to stay strong here.

Etu turned to him. “Charlie…is this really necessary? She won’t try to run off now. Look at her.” Etu gestured at Layla and Charlie swallowed hard. He couldn’t stop looking at her. It was driving him crazy the way that her beautiful auburn hair fell over her shoulders and her green eyes shone. If he hadn’t known better, he’d have thought that she even looked aroused.

But that would be ridiculous, right?

He moved towards her and she stiffened. He pulled her hands behind her and looped the rope around them. This close, he could smell her sweet musky scent. It made him want to pull her against his chest. His whole body was responding to her proximity, her femininity. It was so different from Etu’s. It made him want to run his tongue over every inch of her flesh in order to taste her sweetness.

His erection brushed the backs of her thighs as he tightened the rope. She gasped. He bit hard on his lip and breathed deeply. He had to regain his control. But it would be so easy to press his cock between the soft flesh of her buttocks until he found a way inside.

“Now kneel.” His voice was husky. He ached with the strain of denying his desires.

He helped her to lower to the ground. Etu knelt also. Watching. Hardly blinking.

Charlie knew that Etu was overwhelmed too. It was as if something had sparked between the three of them and it wouldn’t take much to set the three of them on fire. But the ensuing blaze could make charcoal of them all.

He put his hands on Layla’s shoulders and pushed gently, to make her lie on her side. Her skin was warm and smooth beneath his fingers. It reminded him of velvet. He began to wind the ropes around her, tying her like a hog, all the while repeating to himself that she was a swindler. She was not the sweet, innocent young woman that her letters had suggested. She did not need his protection and a place in his life. She would not be good for him and Etu. It would not be wise to open her rounded thighs and to nuzzle her wet pink flesh, to suckle her bud until she shattered against his tongue. Time after time until his mouth filled with her heady juices and he found the ultimate fulfilment that he could now admit that he craved.

But as he moved his hands deftly around her flesh, accidentally grazing her as he did so, he realised that he was not fully convinced.

The softness of her skin. The fullness of her breasts. The soft auburn curls that covered her mound. Her sweet vulnerability that seemed to reach out to his protective instinct. Her scent, such a contrast to Etu’s yet just as good. Just as intoxicating.

All these things about Layla invited him to believe that she was who she had said she was. What he wanted her to be. All these things made him want to believe that she could be the woman to complete what he had with Etu. And all these things aroused him in a way he had never expected to be aroused around a woman.

There was something special about Layla Powell. No doubt about it.



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Your New Book Boyfriend (and a rafflecopter!)

Meet Damian–long-time bad boy, cowboy and sex therapist on The Boot Knockers Ranch. He’s also ginger-haired and has one of those smirks. You know the one–it turns you into a soaking, soggy, flustered mess in a heartbeat.


Oh, and did I mention he has a secret problem no one has ever been able to help him with?

BodyLanguage72lg (2)

Here are a few of Damian’s skills:

1. photography junkie–he’s self-taught and damn good at it. His skills come in handy on the ranch, and are especially beneficial in showing women how beautiful they really are

2. great at tossing bales of hay–Ruthie gets an up-close-and-personal experience as she watches Damian’s muscles with every slick, rippling movement

3. fan-f#cking-tastic rope tying–All cowboys are skilled with ropes, but can they perfectly align knots on a woman’s spine and settle one right between her legs? I think not.


Reasons you need to read The Boot Knockers Ranch series (Pushin’ Buttons and Body Language):

1. hot cowboys

2. hot sex

Enough said.


The Boot Knockers Ranch, Book 2

If there’s one thing that Damian Vince can do well, it’s read women. With his trademark wink and sexy drawl, he’s the most wanted cowboy on the Boot Knockers Ranch, a spa where sexually challenged women come to get charmed out of their uptight panties.


He’s also the ranch’s bad boy—he hates to admit he’s had his mug-shot taken more than once. But now he’s on the right path, ranching and fulfilling women’s desires.


Prim grade-school teacher Ruthie Johansson prays Damian will be able to fix her strict upbringing that’s left her leery of men and intercourse, though her body aches for both. Once she sets eyes on the muscular, auburn-haired Damian, she throbs only for him.


As they get skin to skin, her instinct touches something Damian’s been struggling to hide from his fellow Boot Knockers. A secret he’s spent a lifetime keeping buried beneath bar brawls and a bad attitude. But with Ruthie’s gentle coaxing, he just might give overcoming it another try—as long as they do their homework in bed.


Warning: Contains a bad boy with a vulnerable underside, a squeaky clean woman who wants to get dirty, and a secret shame only love and compassion can heal. Prepare to drool while he parses her sentences…one sexy verb at a time.







BUY PUSHIN’ BUTTONS book 1 of The Boot Knockers Ranch




Em Petrova

~hardworking heroes–in bed and out~




Amazon Author Page


FB Fan Page


RAFFLECOPTER going on now thru Sept 30!
a Rafflecopter giveaway



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Haunting a Cowboy – Randi Alexander’s New Release in the Tall, Dark and Paranormal Boxed Set

I’ve teamed up with fabulous paranormal authors Lori Handeland, Laura Kaye, Caridad Pineiro, Stephanie Julian, Opal Carew, Terry Spear, Paige Tyler, Sara Humphreys, and Judi Fennell in a 10-book paranormal boxed set.

Here’s an excerpt from Haunting a Cowboy, my ghost story in the Tall, Dark and Paranormal boxed set, available now for only $.99:


Excerpt of Haunting a Cowboy: Cheyenne Redford smiled at the tall cowboy in front of her. His dark hair ruffled in the soft breeze, his whiskey-brown eyes almost soulful in the yard light. But those eyes seemed older than the twenty-nine years he’d been on this planet.

His shocked expression was worth every penny of gas money she’d spent driving halfway across the state of Montana.

“You’re not what I expected. For a ghost whisperer, I mean.” His gaze shot to her feet then back to her face, taking her all in with one quick look.

Thad McCade’s dark T-shirt showed off strong pecs, a flat stomach, and work-toned biceps. He was a whole lot of sexy in one well-muscled package, but the attraction sizzling between them threatened to sidetrack her gift. “Before I get any more impressions from you, can I go inside, see what’s happening?”

He ran his hand over his goatee. “About that, I’d prefer if you would tell Sayde you tried but weren’t—”

Buzzing started at her right temple. Cheyenne held up her hand. “There’s something.” Something strong, that pulled her toward the house almost physically. She stepped around him and climbed the first few steps.

“Now, ma’am, wait just a second.” His voice sounded far away as she entered another realm.

She walked across the porch.

“Yeah, fine, please, go right ahead. Don’t mind me.” He laced the words with sarcasm.

Even focused on the entity inside, she had to smile at his tone.

She touched the screen door. Whoever was existing here on a different plane loved this door. Loved the view when they stood inside it. “A woman.” The thought went straight from her head to her mouth. Cheyenne opened the door, walked into the room then turned and looked outside. “Yes, it is beautiful.” The mountains stood dark against the inky blue evening sky.

Not only did she see pictures in her mind, but words popped into her consciousness. This was a very powerful being.

“Hold on a minute.” Thad sounded panicked as he took the steps two at a time.

“She stood here often.”

He stopped as if he’d hit a wall. “Who?” His eyes shifted around, as if he expected to see someone else besides the two of them.

Cheyenne pushed open the screen door to let him in, and stepped backward into the room. “Please, you’re needed.”

He grabbed the door and came inside, his boots loud on the blue floor. Slowly he let the screen door close. Silence dropped, heavy and expectant.

“She loved the sound of the screen door slapping shut. It told her you were home.” Cheyenne could almost see it happening over and over again, day after day.

He groaned as if in pain. “Where is this coming from? How do you know this?”

She looked around at the white appliances, the little things like the blue and white towels and the colorful magnets on the refrigerator that felt like a woman’s touch. Taking a deep breath, Cheyenne closed her eyes and opened herself to receive whatever information the spirit wanted to tell her. It took only seconds for her third eye to see.

“She’s so lovely. Petite with long black hair and hazel eyes.”

Thad grasped the top of a wooden kitchen chair. “You saw pictures of her. At Sayde’s house, right?”

Cheyenne opened her eyes.

He jerked as if struck. “Your eyes are…”

“Don’t be alarmed. It’s just something physical that happens to me when I’m reaching for another dimension.” She knew they’d turned nearly black.

“That’s a good trick, but it doesn’t prove anything.”

Cheyenne held up her hands. “I have nothing to prove.” She closed her eyes. The woman in her mind’s eye was holding something. Something small and… “A baby. She has a baby in her arms.”

“Ah Jesus.” Thad’s head dropped forward and he sucked in a breath. “Leave. Now. Please.”

She heard his words, but the woman in her vision was reaching toward Thad, crying. Wasn’t your fault. You’re my rock.

“It wasn’t your fault. She called you her rock.”

Thad pressed his hands to his temples. “Stop. You have to leave. Now.” He walked toward her, his eyes frantic, haunted. “Don’t say any more. Please.”

Cheyenne wouldn’t push him. She stepped to the screen door. The woman reached out, wanting her to stay, wanting to communicate with Thad. “I’ll be back,” Cheyenne promised her.

“No, you won’t.” He stepped around her and pushed open the screen door, his body vibrating with anger and fear.

A blast of despair washed through her, so strong it nearly made her throw up. Cheyenne rarely felt so many emotions coming from the living. Something in him touched her deeply. She walked out onto the porch and he let the screen door slam.

“I’m so sorry, Thad.” She sniffled then realized tears were pouring from her eyes. She’d connected with him on a spiritual level, and was experiencing his emotions.

He stared at her as he closed the heavy wood door. The lock clicked, shutting her out.



Get your copy for only $.99 for a limited time!

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An excerpt for you – hope you like it.

Cato watched Savannah and Patrick dancing, her head lying on his shoulder. How happy they looked. Swaying next to them were Beau and Harley. The big Cajun seemed so protective of his petite wife even though Cato knew Harley’s reputation as a bomb tech was legendary.    Both couples had traveled over from Louisiana together. Not too far away, Avery’s friend Tricia was dancing with another man who resembled the McCoys, but he wasn’t the handsome devil she’d spied earlier. Hmmmm, now where could he be? Her eyes perused the crowd, looking for him. Thinking about how broad his shoulders were and how she’d love to knead the hard muscles, Cato couldn’t be still. She moved a little bit to the beat of the music, aware of the vibrations from the drums and the bass guitar. Helping out was great, but she longed to mix and mingle. Darn, it was hot. She twisted her hair into a knot and secured it with a piece of blue ribbon she’d placed in the pocket of the apron tied around her waist, protecting the pristine gown from splashes of red punch.

Behind her, Heath asked, “Can I have something to drink, ma’am?”

Oblivious, Cato took a sip of the punch, smiling when she saw Patrick dip Savannah and then kiss her. She could still remember how Savannah had suffered when she’d thought Patrick had been killed in the war. His homecoming had truly been a miracle.

Hot and tired, Heath tried to get the woman’s attention again. He was beginning to lose his cool. “Hey! What does someone have to do to get a drink in this place?”

Happily Cato patted her foot, wishing someone would relieve her of punch patrol so she could kick up her heels.


A sudden jerk on her arm startled her and she swung abruptly around, the contents of her punch cup flying through the air and all over the face, jacket and shirt of the very cowboy she’d been mooning over. Kabluey!

“Oops. Oh, no!”

“It’s you!” Heath bellowed as red liquid dripped off his hat, down his chin and onto his white shirt. “Are you deaf?”

Cato didn’t need auditory skills to hear him that time. She was reading him loud and clear. An angrier visage she had never seen.


“Me, deaf? Yes, as a matter of fact, I am,” she answered defensively. This relationship wasn’t exactly getting off to the start she’d hope. “If you’d calm down a second and just let me ex—”

While she was trying to answer and pour him another cup of punch, the handsome jackass proceeded to lecture her on the techniques of proper punch distribution.

“If you’re going to take on a job, you ought to do that job and stop staring off into space like some wall-eyed owl.” Heath was voicing his objections so loudly, he’d missed what she said. He was about to ask her to repeat herself, but he didn’t get the chance.


The little vixen doused him again.

Cato lunged forward.

“What?” Oh, my God! She’d just baptized cutie-pie again. If she hadn’t grabbed the table, Cato would have fallen herself. Somebody had pushed her. Whirling around, she found three little girls in pink frilly dresses, giggling. They were running from a little boy and had used Cato’s wide butt as ‘home.’

“Sorry!” They chimed together and ran off.

“Shit. Shit. Shit.” Heath sputtered and spit as a fresh cascade of sticky drink poured off his face and clothes. “Why you little she-devil!” Heath growled.

“Oh, my goodness.” Cato grabbed a towel and came around dabbing at his body. She wiped his face, chest, stomach and was rubbing roughly at the stain on his crotch when she felt a tap on her shoulder. Jerking her head up, she saw him drawl.

“I think you got that spot.” She was still patting his growing erection when he snorted. “Now, look what you did.”

Cato glanced down, realized where her hand was and that the bulge she’d been cleaning was now considerably bigger. Good grief! Oh well, she could wilt from embarrassment or let the ‘new and improved Cato’ shine through. She opted for door #2.

“Is it like rubbing a lamp? Do I get three wishes?”

“Ha!” Heath threw back his head and laughed. “You might not be able to handle the genie that comes out of that bottle, baby.”

Licking her lips, Cato let out a long breath. “I’d like to try.” Gasping, she covered her mouth. This talking out loud business was gonna get her in trouble.

Heath groaned. “Damn, you and I need to have a private conversation…” If this little hell-cat was half as wild in bed as she was here, he couldn’t wait to get between her legs.

“You lead, I’ll follow, Sundance.” Impulsively, Cato stood on tiptoe and kissed his cheek, bold as brass. Lord, Edith Vincent would die the second time if she witnessed her handicapped daughter making such a spectacle of herself.

“Oh, you’re bad,” Heath whispered. This brown-eyed baby was as hot as a firecracker. “I think I need to turn you over my knee.”

“Bad?” Cato edged closer, just till the tips of her breasts grazed his chest. If she wasn’t mistaken, they both trembled. “Cowboy, if you give me a chance…I can be downright nasty.”

A bubble of joy erupted from her lips. Did she just say that? Honestly, the idea of being draped across his lap made her tremble.

Here he was, in an erotic Mexican stand-off with the little minx and she wasn’t backing down one iota. Passion fueled Heath’s blood. “I’m ready to go a good round with you anytime, anyplace. Just say the word.”

Her inner good girl was reminding her that perhaps it would be a good idea to be introduced before she drug him off to have her evil way with him. But who wanted to listen to her? She’d had her say too many times before.

“Word,” Cato said clearly and emphatically.

Hot-damn! He was about to throw her over his shoulder and stalk off into the sunset when Jaxson handed him a towel. “Don’t you think you ought to go change clothes?”

“What?” Hell! Heath glanced around and realized the whole assembly had their eyes on him and the little fox. “This isn’t over,” he promised her.

“I don’t want it to be over,” the juicy little doll answered with a hint of a smile around her pink bee-stung lips.

“I need to shower and change clothes, thanks to you,” he muttered as he held her gaze. Mercy! She was delectable, everything about her was perfect. Heath was starving to death. He ached to touch, taste and smell every inch of her.

Putting a hand on her hip, she let her eyes slide from his face to his dick, where she stared at him until he rose to the occasion. “Need any help, big boy? I’ve had experience, you know, I get myself all slick and slippery regularly.”

Cato was having a blast! Every sultry, seductive thing she’d ever wanted to say to a guy seemed to be tumbling out of her mouth.

“Oh, you’re something else, aren’t you?” His brother’s rumbling laughter behind him just egged Heath on. “I tell you what. You wait for me, right here. I’ll let you show me what all that experience has taught you.”

“Don’t get lost,” Cato called after him. As soon as he was gone and most everyone had turned around, Cato let loose. “Squeeeeeeeee!” Now, this was living!






















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L.C. Chase – It’s In the Name! – Enter for Your Chance to Win

G’day everyone! Welcome to my Pulling Leather blog tour and a peek into the world of rodeo cowboys. (The official schedule can be found here.) This wouldn’t be a proper tour without some prezzies, of course, so read on for giveaway details. Thank you to Wild & Wicked Cowboys for hosting my cowboys, and to all of you for hopping in the saddle to ride along!

* * *

Oftentimes people will ask where I got the idea for a book title. Sometimes I have the name rattling around in my head before I even know what the story is about. Sometimes the name gives me a feeling for what the story is about. Sometimes I change the name of the story midway, because a character says something that resonates. One thing I always try to do is make the title of the story somehow encompass what whole story is about in a nutshell.

My current release, Pulling Leather, had several title changes. The first title was The Bad Guy. That gives you an idea about the story, but how does it relate to cowboys? The Good, the Bad and the Ugly maybe? ;-) So I did some extended research on phrases and terms and slangs that related to rodeo and came across pulling leather. I liked the ring of it, and then I read the explanation. Pulling leather is a phrase used when a rider touches any part of the saddle with their free hand, also known as “grabbing the apple” (which I guess is a funny way of saying ‘grabbing the horn’ ;-) ) In the rodeo arena the rider who pulls leather will be disqualified. Another explanation for pulling leather is on the range. Cutting horses are quick to change direction when herding cattle and sometimes the rider gets thrown off balance and will need to grab the horn.
And that was it!

The main character, Scott, first made an appearance in book one of the Pickup Men series, aptly titled Pickup Men. In that story he very much was the bad guy. Somewhere along the way he got chatty though, and I realized there was a whole lot more to him than just being a d*ck.

In Pulling Leather, he’s admitted his issues and has been working toward being a better person and making amends to those he harmed in the past. The story really is about redemption, making amends, accepting your true self, and realizing you are worthy of love. Because of the steps he has to take to get there, and the person he finds himself falling in love with, he’s off balance often…and reaching for that horn so he doesn’t fall.

Will he fall off? Will he be disqualified? Well…you’ll just have to saddle up and take the ride with him to find out. ;-)


* * *

The Blurb:

 The toughest ride of his life is all in his head.

Bull rider Scott Gillard has a reputation for quick fists and harsh words. What no one knows is where that anger comes from. After a shocking incident sends him into a tailspin, he knows he needs help: he’s been fighting a battle he could never win. Now he’s trying to navigate a new life and embrace his true self, but some days are easier than others.

Pickup man Cory Ackerson has suffered his share of harassment, but his light still burns bright. He doesn’t let anything or anyone keep him down, so when he meets the rugged cowboy with a battered chip on his shoulder and regret in his dark eyes, all he wants to do is help.

As their unlikely friendship grows into something deeper, Scott must overcome his past to be the man Cory deserves, or lose his best chance at his own happily ever after.

You can read an excerpt and purchase Pulling Leather here!

* * *

About L.C. Chase:

Cover artist by day, author by night, L.C. Chase is a hopeless romantic and adventure seeker. After a decade of traveling three continents, she now calls the Canadian West Coast home. When not writing sensual tales of beautiful men falling love, she can be found designing book covers with said beautiful men, drawing, horseback riding, or hiking the trails with her goofy four-legged roommate.

L.C. is a 2014 Lambda Literary Award Finalist for Pickup Men; a 2013 EPIC eBook Awards Finalist for Long Tall Drink; and a 2013-2014 Ariana eBook Cover Art Awards Finalist. She also won an honorable mention in the 2012 Rainbow Awards for Riding with Heaven.

You can find out more about L.C., story extras, works in progress, and cover designs at her website, on her blog, or on Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads.

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The Big Tour Contest:

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1 – COWBOYS IN PIXELS: One ebook copy of any title in my backlist. Open to worldwide entries.

2 – COWBOYS IN PRINT: One signed paperback copy of Long Tall Drink, the extended edition, Pickup Men or Let It Ride. Open to worldwide entries.

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A little bit of Cat Nip from Gem

Hi everyone! My westerns set in the Old West walked on the paranormal side this year. Cat Nip, the first in my Jinx series is available now. Hunter’s Pride will release later this month. I guess you can take the cowgirl out of the country but you can’t take the country from the… My venture into fantasy is set in 1878 in New Mexico Territory and is about  a healer named Maggie Jenks.


Synopsis: Hunter’s Pride, Jinx 2

Cat Nip by Gem Sivad - Hunter's jaguar reflectionHis name is Hunter. He travels with men who possess extraordinary abilities they sell to the highest bidder. But when a new railroad line unleashes magic in New Mexico Territory, it brings Hunter not only a new job but also the scent of his rainha.

His twin soul is a healer named Maggie Jenks. The little witch offers to make his cat her familiar but has little interest in claiming his human side.

While Hunter is nursing his hurt pride and contemplating his peculiar mate, she suddenly needs his help. Maggie’s uncovered an evil so great it will take both cat and man to keep the devil in hell.

Cat Nip by Gem Sivad animated cover

Synopsis: Cat Nip, Jinx 1

They call her Jinx, an unlucky witch with a reputation for casting erratic spells. But there’s more to Maggie Jenks than meets the eye. She’s a vessel of unfulfilled potential, doing her best to sidestep evil as she uses her gifts for good.

Avoiding temptation gets trickier for the little witch who can heal others with her touch. A shape-changing predator has her in his sights, watching her days, protecting her nights, and stalking her dreams.


Horse and Carriage

Ahhhh yes… I pushed off from the side and swam to the center of the basin, where I tread with slow strokes barely causing a ripple. I turned in a circle, searching the area with my gaze as I tried to find what caused the tingle of unease in my belly. Assured that nothing lurked in the shadows, I gave myself up to the pleasure of sun, sky and water caressing my skin.

In spite of the sheriff’s earlier unpleasant visit, I didn’t want to leave this place. It was as close to home as I’d had. Refusing to give into anxiety, I discarded the idea of creeping away in the night.

I frowned, thinking of the jaguar I’d inadvertently changed into a man. I didn’t know what to do about that. Even if I could find him again, my spells were so poorly wrought, he might end up a toadstool the next time. Tired of my bleak thoughts, I closed my eyes and floated in the liquid heat.

Kee-eeeee-arr, kee-eeeee-arr… The sound pulled me back to awareness and I squinted at the chicken hawk gliding above. When it flapped its wings, even from this distance I could see the unbalance of its arc. Disinterested in healing another predator, especially one that might find my hens to its taste, I sucked in my breath and plunged beneath the water’s surface.

Moments later I reemerged to discover I wasn’t alone. I wouldn’t have to find the big cat I’d had my previous unfortunate encounter with. He’d found me. The sound of his purring reached me where I gawked at him from the middle of the pool.

He stared back from where he lay sunning himself on the rock next to my clothes. I didn’t know how long I could tread water or if the big cat could swim.

I either have to magic him away somehow or make myself invisible. I’d successfully used a see-me-not spell the night before. I felt certain I could do it again. Well almost certain. Since I’d dumped excess power on the saguaro cactus earlier, I might not have enough magic to sputter a flame to life let alone cast a spell.

I tread water analyzing the possibilities until my arms and legs felt like lead weights. I had to do something or I’d soon sink like a stone.

How smart is a jaguar? If I worked the spell right I’d be invisible but it wouldn’t keep drops of water from splashing on the ground when I walked past him to get to the cabin.

He doesn’t look fierce or hungry. Actually, if cats wore happy faces, it seemed to me he was smiling.

The problem with a see-me-not spell is simple. I can always see me and I have to judge the success of my incantation by the reaction of those I’m hiding from. Before I could change my mind, I whispered the words and lifted one hand, drawing symbols in the air with water wrinkled fingers.

Then I sank beneath the surface and swam underwater to the stone steps leading out of the basin. I had carried my new dress with me to the pool and left it with my other clothes, intending to try it on once I felt fresh and clean.

It was on the rock where the jaguar rested. I knew it was foolish, but I wanted my gift. I didn’t get many and I was determined to keep the one I’d just received.

Everything was going well. I crept up the steps, being careful to move silently. The jaguar tilted his head studying the water; it was obvious I’d fooled him. He thought I remained in the pool.

All I needed to do was touch the blue dress and it would become invisible too. I could carry it with me to the cabin and the cat would never miss it.

I moved on all fours, crawling low to reach the side of the rock where my clothes rested.

And then he turned his head, looked down at me, and covered the blue dress with a big paw.

Cat Nip, Jinx 1

© 2014 Gem Sivad LLC. All rights reserved.

Cat Nip now available here:



Barnes & Noble




Thanks for stopping by! 


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Let it all hang out at Rawhide!

You live in the Texas Hill Country, a fairly conservative geographic area. But your sexual preferences push the boundaries of what people accept. You want the extreme pleasures only found in a BDSM dungeon. So what do you do? You do what Reece Halliday and Clint Chavez did. You open your own very private BDSM club and you call it…Rawhide!!! You are selective in your membership, diligent in your supervisions, and extreme in your play. Here for your pleasure, in one convenient bundle, the first four Rawhide stories. For a limited time this bundle is available for 99 cents but time is short so get it now.

Crack the Whip 

When rancher Reece Halliday met the new manager of his fetish club, Rawhide, he was shocked to see Katie Warren, the woman he’d loved and lost because of his sexual preferences. But a lot of time has passed and Katie has discovered the lure and satisfaction of BDSM—including the pleasurable sting of the single tail whip. Will Reece be able to lure her back into his arms—and bed—when he cracks the whip during their private sessions?

Slapping Leather RawhideVolumeOne_9368_BoxedSet_750

Liz Gillibrand wants a man she can submit to in the bedroom but still keep her sex life a secret from the conservative ranching community. When she discovers her neighbor owns Rawhide, a private bondage club, she might have found the answer. But the first Dom she meets is Alex Wright, a man she’s already connected with physically and emotionally. Once before she tried to merge her private life with the lifestyle but with disastrous results. Can Alex be the one to finally free her from the past and give her the life she longs for?

Bite the Bullet 

Montana Steele hoped her new job was a new start. At Rawhide, the private bondage club, she would find willing subs who fit neatly into one compartment of her life. Clint Chavez, part owner of Rawhide, was determined to never again involve himself emotionally in a relationship. But neither expected the fireworks that erupted between them, nor the erotic attraction that would bind them together despite their best efforts.

Buckskins, Boots & Bondage 

Twins Justin and Tucker Davis only want one thing–one woman to share for the rest of their lives. Angel Cruz wants two men who will cherish her forever. Sex between them is hotter than the Texas sun in August as they play out their fantasies at Rawhide, the private bondage club. But when her job threatens their livelihood, will their newfound connection be strong enough to survive?





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A Brand New Story from Randi Alexander, Plus 9 Other Novels only $.99

Just in time for Halloween! Ten Thrilling Tales of Sexy Alpha Bad Boys – From some of the hottest names in paranormal romance, this $.99 limited-time boxed set has something for everyone, from werewolves to vampires, ghosts to demons, and witches to wizards. With over 825,000 words in these ten full-length novels, you’ll spend hours falling in love with each of these wickedly hot heroes.

CRESCENT MOON – From New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Lori Handeland comes an entry in her RITA award winning Nightcreature Novels – For a century there have been whispers of a werewolf in the Crescent City. The discovery of bodies in the swamp draws cryptozoologist, Diana Malone, to Louisiana. When her first guide turns up dead and former Special Forces officer, Adam Ruelle, offers his services, Diana accepts, though local legends label his Cajun family cursed, deranged, even mad. By night, Adam is everything she ever dreamed of in a lover. By day, Diana has her doubts. What is he hiding?

SPELLBOUND by New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Opal Carew, writing as Amber Carew – What is Lucinda, a tenth level wizard, to do when Destiny pairs her with a man who is utterly domineering, overwhelmingly masculine, incredibly irresistible and, according to her most trusted friend, extremely dangerous?

FOREVER FREED by New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Laura Kaye – When tormented, empathic vampire Lucien Demarco meets Samantha Sutton and her daughter Olivia and they befriend and accept him without fear, he hopes for a second chance at everything he once lost. As red-hot desire sparks between Samantha and Lucien, she tempts the forgotten man within. But as lies, revelations, and old enemies threaten everything Lucien holds dear, he will have to fight for Sam’s heart and her life to claim his last chance at a happy forever. Golden Leaf Award Winner for Best Paranormal Romance.

SINS OF THE FLESH by New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Caridad Pineiro – Mick Carrera is the kind of man people come to no one else could handle their problems because Mick either solves their problems or eliminates them. But nothing can prepare Mick for his latest problem: genetically engineered Caterina Shaw, a woman who is nothing like what he’s been told. Inhuman and yet beautiful, Caterina is determined to fight for her life. As passion erupts between them, danger threatens from those who would eliminate Caterina’s existence to safeguard their secrets.

SPELL BOUND by New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Stephanie Julian A warrior born to defend. A young witch who needs his protection. A dangerous desire neither of them expected. If the heat consumes them, it could destroy the very things they’ve vowed to protect.

HAUNTING A COWBOY – A Brand New Story from USA Today Bestselling Author Randi Alexander When ranch foreman Thad McCade’s life is disrupted by something supernatural, he hires a ghost whisperer to clear his home. But Madam Ruby is not at all what he expected. She’s Cheyenne Redford, she wears a business suit, drives an expensive SUV, and Thad would rather have her whisper in his ear than whisper away his ghost.

HUNTRESS FOR HIRE by USA Today Bestselling Author Terry Spear He’s a hunter turned vampire, she’s a huntress of vampires—he’s needs her cooperation to free his family; she’s trained to kill his kind. Rebel vampire huntress Rachael Bremerton wants revenge against Piaras, one of the most ruthless vampires in Dallas, for the murder of her parents. But when she’s lured by another vampire, Adonis, into the darkness—the same darkness she’s feared since she was a child—she’s torn between her huntress sensibilities and some strange desire to be with the creature she’s meant to despise and destroy.

DEAD SEXY by USA Today Bestselling Author Paige Tyler Can her love save him from a curse worse than death? Romance author Simone Kent thinks she’s found the most perfect guy in all of New York City—in bed and out. But Drake Parrish is far from perfect. Cursed by an evil Voodoo priestess, he’s lived like a recluse for eight years. Simone falls fast and hard for Drake, while he finds himself feeling things for her he hasn’t ever felt. But the Voodoo priestess is back, and determined he won’t have a future with Simone, even if that means killing both him and the woman he loves.

ASMODEUS: DEMON OF LUST by Bestselling Author Sara Humphreys Kai Kelly inherits her estranged grandfather’s estate in Bliss, Idaho, and life becomes anything but blissful. The discovery of a beautiful but unusual ring in the attic, leads to much more than she bargained for. When the other members of the brotherhood realize that Asmodeus has found the ring, they descend on Bliss, determined to get the ring from Kai at any cost. Asmodeus is faced with choosing between the brotherhood and his one true love and he quickly realizes that the battle for Hell is nothing compared to the battle for her heart.

BEAUTY AND THE BEST by Bestselling Author Judi Fennell Once upon a time…a long time ago, there lived a beast of a man, locked within a castle with no one to love him. This is not his story. This is the story of another man, locked within himself, and the Beauty who sets him free. Jolie Gardener’s new boss, reclusive widowed artist Todd Best, who hasn’t produced anything since the death of his wife, is an interesting guy. He a) shows up buck naked on her first day on the job, b) asks her to pose for him – in the nude! and c) discovers she’s an aspiring romance novelist who finds the tragedy of his lost love inspiring, thereby throwing her out of his house, his life…and his heart. What’s a girl to do? Fall in love, of course!

Available for pre-order at:


Pre-order now, or wait and get your copy on release day, September 16!

Hope you enjoy my haunted cowboy!

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My Books – read the first chapters and find buy links:
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Early Christmas? Hell yeah!

ChristmasThunderHorseI’m so very excited! You might know that I write as Myla Jackson, but I also write as Elle James. And yes, I write cowboys under both names.

For the longest time, I’ve wanted to finish up my THUNDER HORSE series with the last brother, Dante. My fans have been asking and I’m happy to say, it’s coming out in October! Woot! The stars have aligned! Don’t you love that my cowboy rides a snowmobile? He also flies a helicopter! Gotta love a man who knows how to get around. Check it out, it’s up for preorder and comes out October 1st. Nothing like an early Christmas present and story!


Christmas at Thunder Horse Ranch
Thunder Horse Book #4
October 1, 2014

Amazon | Nook| Kobo


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Not the Boss’s Baby is HERE!

photo (17)Happy Sunday!

First off, I want to introduce my newest writing companion–Rothchild the Barred Owl! Yes, he just showed up in the magnolia tree outside my office window–three days in a row. So I named him. I’d hug him and squeeze him, but I don’t want to be taloned, so I had to settle for getting as close as I dared to snap this picture. As you can see, Rothchild was not prepared for a papparazi encounter. He’s trying to catch the squirrel who lives in the tree, whom I’ve named Silky (for she is very sleek in appearance) but so far, Silky’s outsmarted Rothchild. It’s a tense daily battle of the wills thus far to see who’ll outsmart who! The tension is killing me!

Okay–confession time.Not the Boss's Baby FINAL

My newest release, Not the Boss’s Baby isn’t exactly a cowboy story.

Oh, it’s set in Denver and yes, there are horses that are an important part of the story, but they’re Percheron draft horses. And the story is about a wealthy CEO of a brewery and his available–and very pregnant–executive assistant. Not a single cowboy hat in sight.

But wait! Don’t go yet! Stick with me here!

Not the Boss’s Baby is the first book in the Beaumont Heirs and yes–future Beaumonts are, in fact, cowboys. So all hope is not lost!

Now, about Not the Boss’s Baby–here’s the blurb:

What the boss wants…

As the oldest son, Chadwick Beaumont has sacrificed everything for the Beaumonts’ company, but he swore he’d never follow in his father’s philandering footsteps. So, for years, he’s dutifully kept his distance from the temptation outside his office door—his beautiful secretary Serena Chase.

But now everything has changed. The family business is in jeopardy. His personal life is in shambles. And his sexy assistant is suddenly single…and flirting. Chadwick is tired of doing what’s expected. It’s time for him to go after what he wants. And what he wants is Serena—even if she’s expecting another man’s child.

And because I love you all, I come bearing an exclusive (and steamy!) excerpt!


He leaned down, his mouth against her ear. “I’ve been waiting for you for years.” The strain of the wait made his voice shake. He pulled her hips back again, the ridge in his pants unmistakable. “Years, Serena.”

“Me, too.” Her voice came out breathy, barely above a whisper. She reached behind her back and slid her hand up the bulge. “Is that for me?”

“Yes,” he hissed, his breath hot against her skin. One hand released a hip and found her breast instead. Even through the strapless bra, he found her pointed nipple and began to tease it. “You deserve slow and sensual, but I need you too much right now.”

As if to prove his point, he set his teeth against her neck and bit her skin. Not too hard, but the feeling of being consumed by desire—by him—crashed through her. Her knees began to shake.

“Slow later,” she agreed, wiggling her bottom against him.

With a groan, he stepped away from her. She almost toppled over backward, but then his hands were unzipping her dress. The gown slid off her one shoulder and down to the ground with a soft rustle.

She was extra glad she hadn’t gone with the Spanx. Bless Mario’s heart for putting her in a dress that didn’t require them. Instead, a matching lacy thong had arrived with the bra. Which meant Chadwick currently had one heck of a view. She didn’t know if she should strut, or pivot so he couldn’t see her bottom.

Once the gown was gone, she stepped free of it. Chadwick moaned. “Serena,” he got out as he slid his hands over her bare backside. “You are…amazing.” His fingers gripped her skin, and he pressed his mouth to the space between her neck and her shoulder.

Strut, she decided. Nothing ruined good sex like being stupidly self-conscious when he already thought she was amazing. She pulled away from him before he could take away her power to stand.

“This way,” she said over her shoulder as she, yes, strutted toward the bedroom, her hips swaying.

Chadwick made a noise behind her that she took as a compliment, before following her.

She headed toward the bed, but he caught up with her. He grabbed her hips again. “You are better than I thought,” he growled as his hands slipped underneath the lace of the thong. He pulled the panties down, his palms against her legs. “I’ve dreamed of having you like this.”

“Like how?”

He nimbly undid her bra, tossing it aside. She was naked. He was not.

He directed her forward, but not toward the bed. Instead, he pushed her in the direction of her dresser.

The one with the big mirror over it.

Serena gasped at the sight they made. Her, nude. Him, still in his tux, towering over her.

“This. Like this.” He bent his head until his lips were on her neck again, just below the dangling earrings. “Is this okay?” he murmured against her skin.

“Yes.” She couldn’t take her eyes off their reflections, the way her pale skin stood out against his dark tux. The way his arms wrapped around her body, his hands cradled her breasts. The way his mouth looked as he kissed her skin.

The driving weight of desire between her legs pounded with need. “Yes,” she said again, reaching one arm over her head and tangling her fingers in his hair. “Just like this.”

“Good. So good, Serena.” Without the bra, she could feel the pads of his fingertips trace over her sensitive nipple, pulling until it went stiff with pleasure.

She moaned, letting her head fall back against his shoulder. “Just like that,” she whispered.

Then his other hand traced lower. This time, he didn’t pause to stroke her stomach. His fingers parted her neatly trimmed hair and pressed against her heaviest, hottest place.

“Oh, Chadwick,” she gasped as he moved his fingers in small, knowing circles, his other hand stroking her nipple, his mouth finding the sensitive spot under her ear—his bulge rubbing against her.

Her knees gave, but she didn’t go far. Her wet center rode heavy on his hand as his other arm caught her under both breasts.

“Put your hands on the dresser,” he told her. His voice was shaking as badly as her knees were, which made her smile. He might be pushing her to the brink, but she was pulling him along right behind her. “Don’t close your eyes.”

“I won’t.” She leaned forward and braced herself on the dresser. “I want to see what you do to me.”

“Yeah,” he groaned, a look of pure desire on his face as he met her gaze in the mirror. A finger slipped inside. So much, but not enough. She needed more. “You’re so ready for me.” Then she felt him lean back and work his own zipper.

“Next time, I get to do that for you.”

“Any time you want to strip me down, you just let me know. Hold on, okay?” Then he withdrew his fingers.

She watched as he removed a condom from his jacket pocket. It wasn’t like she could get more pregnant than she already was, but she appreciated that he didn’t question protecting her.

He rolled the condom on and leaned into her. She quivered as she waited for his touch. He bent forward, placing a kiss between her shoulder blades. Then he was against her. Sliding into her.

Serena sucked in air as he filled her. And filled her. And filled her. In the mirror, her eyes locked onto his as he entered her. She almost couldn’t take it. “Oh, Chadwick,” she panted as her body took him in. “Oh—oh—oh!”

The unexpected orgasm shook her so hard that she almost pulled off him—but he held her. “Yeah,” he groaned. “You feel so beautiful, Serena. So beautiful.”

He gripped her hips as he slid almost all the way out before he thrust in again. “Okay?” he asked.

“Better than okay,” she managed to get out, wiggling against him. The boldness of her action shocked her. Was she really having sex with Chadwick Beaumont, standing up—in front of a mirror?

Oh, hell yes, she was. And it was the hottest thing she’d ever done.


Not the Boss’s Baby is available from these online stores: Amazon | Powell’s | Indiebound | B & N | HarlequinAll Romance | iBooks | Kobo | Google

 So, what do you think? I’ve got two copies of Not a Boss’s Baby, either ebook (as an epub) or print (with bonus goodies) up for grabs for those who tell me if they’ve ever ‘adopted’ a wild animal who just kept showing up. What showed up? What did you name it–and why? I want to hear all your cute animal stories!

All the best,


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